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PICList Thread
'"Re: Information as per your request."'
1995\08\21@141546 by Sheldon Ward

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Please, when posting a reply to a message, DO NOT quote the entire message!
IF the message you are replying to is old, please summerize the orginal or
quote a SMALL amount.  Others do not require the entire orginal message to
understand the answer.  And if they do need more from the orginal they can
always check back in their mail for it or get it from the archive.

Don't be lazy and quote the entire message.  Quoting the entire message also
just adds to the internet volume and the more volume the slower it gets.  If
it is a 1k byte message for example and it is sent out to the PIC-List with
1000 readers, the server has the send out 1 MB of messages!  (Colin's 1 line
reply to the spam was almost 15KB in size)  Also, each subscriber has to
download the message which takes time (thus money!)

Here is a quote from Markus Imhof's message to Tony Sorgi about how to reply
to a message:

"                    Summarize What You are Following Up.

When you are following up someone's article, please summarize the parts of
the article to which you are responding.  This allows readers to  appreciate
your comments rather than trying to remember what the original  article
said.  It is also possible for your response to get to some sites  before
the original article.

Summarization is best done by including appropriate quotes from the
original article.  Do not include the entire article since it will  irritate
the people who have already seen it.  Even if you are responding to the
entire article, summarize only the major points you are

                      When Summarizing, Summarize!

When you request information from the network, it is common courtesy to
report your findings so that others can benefit as well.  The best way of
doing this is to take all the responses that you received and edit them into
a single article that is posted to the places where you originally  posted
your question.  Take the time to strip headers, combine duplicate
information, and write a short summary.  Try to credit the information to
the people that sent it to you, where possible. "

Note that I did not quote the entire message just what was relevant.

Happy PIC'ing,


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