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[EE] Batteries that have memory  3rd 1
[EE] Fuel economy measurement across the globe  10th 1, 5
[EE] Implementing OOP features in C  4th 1, 29 8th 429
[OT] Access cygwin through a C# application  7th 1
[OT] Cat hair question  7th 1
[OT] Connecting a TV aerial  17th 1
[OT] Why do car batteries go dead?  31th 1
[PIC] 18F4550 does not respond to interrupts at al  31th 1
[PIC] Make PIC C use all available memory banks  14th 1
[PIC] OK to operate at the absolute max rating?  14th 1
[PIC] Starting with C  23th 1, 4
[PIC] Will 'btfss RXREG, n' make 16F628 USART RGRE  14th 1

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