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"Programming and Customizing the PIC Microcontroll
"Tiny Chip embodies TCP/IP protocol in silicon"
( OT ) I have had enough of the Kennedy's
(OT) circuit board router
(OT) Questions with Comparators (LM311)
(OT) Unknown EEPROM
(OT) Who is the manufacturer?
[ADMIN] Messages Resent
[Fwd: MPLAB download]
[Fwd: PIC16CE674: Want2C the A/D conversion]
[OnT] I have a project idea...
[OT long] overclocking PICS, now beomes testing
[OT] IR LED's That Produce a Beam
[OT] Obsolete Chips....or brokers? online?
[OT] PICFlyer Help and Interests
[OT] - Religion,
[OT] - Religion, believes & respect (sorry guy's,
[OT] sound cards, spdif, etc
[OT] *** New Zealand unveils Y2K cockroach
[OT] [Way-OT] Technicians versus Engineers
[OT] 2 Questions on 8051 serial and parallel port
[OT] A little help? or.... something else?
[OT] A little help? or.... something else? - Tinse
[OT] Batteries
[OT] C compiler for 8051 series controller
[OT] Cannot identify IR receivers.HELP!
[OT] choo choo signals (was RE: Car LED lighting s
[OT] Connecting multiple Vdd or Vss pins on SMT ch
[OT] Crimp headers and flat ribbon cable. Trick Qu
[OT] Data sheet
[OT] Driving LCDs directly with an 16F84
[OT] Driving... was LED...Bulb Filament...and othe
[OT] DS-1982 help
[OT] Failsafe Design - was : How many Pics to sav
[OT] HD44780 based LCD Display
[OT] Help needed: PIC-programmable power supply
[OT] How many Pics to save JFK jr.[OT]
[OT] How to Stack Boards
[OT] I2S vs I2C
[OT] IDE or Memory Card use for high speed data s
[OT] I'm baaaaaack!
[OT] I'm baaaaaack! Now politics and presedents et
[OT] Impulse radar micropowered for sensor apps
[OT] IR LED's That Produce a Beam
[OT] Just had to relate this..
[OT] linux with spice
[OT] Logging systems
[OT] Looking for an Assembler Editor
[OT] Medals. Temporary Pukelist Signoff
[OT] Metric Conversions
[OT] Next evolutionary steps - was [OT] I'm baaaaa
[OT] ource for Small Ferrite Transformers for ligh
[OT] Pager Receiver
[OT] PC Programming Tool question
[OT] Please supply source of $87 GPS unit
[OT] Problems with optical encoders and TTL chips
[OT] Questions with Comparators (LM311)
[OT] RE: Car LED lighting system
[OT] Re: Car LED lighting system; PIC filament mon
[OT] Re: CD-R Supply in 1 Mil copies
[OT] RE: I have probs. with monitoring debug info
[ot] Re: I'm baaaaaack! and life in SA
[OT] Re: Internet Cleanup Message
[OT] Re: seiko G121CB1PC 128x128 graphic display
[OT] Re: Traffic Lights (Was Car LED lighting etc
[OT] reading HTML with MACs
[OT] Rechargeable Battery Backup for PIC
[OT] resistor value specification
[OT] Right to Listen
[OT] Right to Listen (Was: Traffic Lights (Was: Ca
[OT] self-oscillating magnetic buzzer
[OT] sensor source
[OT] Siberia: Re: TMR1 on fly reading
[OT] Software emulation of hardware indicators wit
[OT] Spanish translator required.
[OT] Speed Sensor
[OT] Speed Sensor (way out of the pic topic)
[OT] Summer "Clearance Sale" of misc. gunk <G>
[OT] Temporary Pukelist Signoff
[OT] Thanks for answering
[OT] The bathtub challenge
[OT] theengine
[OT] things orderd on the internet (was Re: DV LCD
[OT] Traffic light colors
[OT] transponders
[OT] UK Schematic Markings
[OT] Way OT, Supplies of 6811 chips, OZ only.
[OT]Doppler Ultrasound
[OT]Home made sound devices (was Re:sound cards, s
[OT]Honeywell Microswitch cross
[OT]-ish, BG Micro GPS card (was Re: 2.4 Ghz anten
[OT]Re: ANNOUNCE gpsim-0.0.15
[OT]RE: Leak Detection...
[OT]Re: OT Threads
[OT]Re: OverClocking a PIC
[OT]RE: Traffic Lights (Was Car LED lighting etc .
[OT} Strange Domains
[PICList Admin] Mail routing problems (Was Re: Mai
[product line overview]
[Q] production programmer
[Re: [Re: DTMF - how fast]]
[Re: Confusion on PIC part numbers]
[Re: DTMF - how fast]
[Re: MPLAB compatible programmer]
[Re: Resend?]
[Resend?]Software SPI Code
[Supper OT] Re: CD-R Supply in 1 Mil copies
[Way Way Way-OT] Engineering Education
[Way-OT] Engineering Education
<OT> test equipment for sale
12C508 and 12C671 browouts
16c84 / 12c508 dissassembler
16F84 with two serial channels
16F877 and CCS Compiler
16F877 Evaluation Boards
16F877 Evaluation Boards ( [OT] Pic prices)
16F87X development board
16F87X Series Evaluation / Training Board Spec
1X8 char LCD modules $2.95
2 nybbles ( HELP )
2 Questions on 8051 serial and parallel port
2 wire SPI?
2.4 Ghz antennas
2106A PMOS transistor?
3V power switcher
6 BCD divide by 5 = 16 bit
A PIC vs a pile of components - a true story
Accurate time delays
ADC multiplexing
Adventure in realtime: PIC and the lost register
ALICE CAMPBELL: the Project that Ate my Brain
An alternative editor
analog switch
analog switch bias solution
ANNOUNCE gpsim-0.0.15
Antwort: Re: Antwort: Re: MPLAB download
Antwort: Re: MPLAB download
Any compiler vendor
Any MAC users here?
Any MAC users here? & MPLAB on Mac
Anyone Using the CAN Interface?
ASIN in assembly
Assembler,Simulator, and home brew programmer
AT90S2333, AT90S4433 and Stuttgart
Atmosferic pressure sensors
AtoD sampling
AW: newbie timer question
Barometric pressure sensing stability
Battery Backup of PIC RAM
battery life
battery life - Surprise!
Battery Switch
Bit Banging Serial Routines - The Latest Rentron A
boot loaders already installed?
break on RAM bit change
Can anyone help with a French to English translati
Candle Flicker Effect
Car alarm
Car LED lighting system
Car LED lighting system [OT]
Car LED lighting system; PIC filament monitoring
Car LED lighting system; PIC filament monitoring [
car window project
car window project - [OT] safety
CBLOCK query
CBLOCK query (II)
CCS and "Unused fragments" in code space
CCS and unused fragments
CCS C Examples
CCS C Pic Programs?
CCS compiler Swap
CCS- Viewing Variables
CD-R Supply in 1 Mil copies
CE Testing
Central America
Charging a Pb acid battery
Cheap LCDs
Circuit Challenge - was Re: [OT] A little help? or
CMX602A CID to PIC code available?
Code efficient square root
Code protection
computer splitter box project
configurable assembler?
Configuration bits/word help needed
Confusion on PIC part numbers
connectors on SMT boards
Copy bytes(block) program memory for data memory ?
Copying Memory
Correction: FCC Labeling?
crystal resonators
Current sensing again
DAC to control VFD using 0-10V output
Data into F84 eprom
Debugging Embedded Systems Article.
Decimal to BCD
Determining polarity of electrolytic capacitors
digital audio again (less vague)
Digital filter (IIR)
Division by Constants
Driving a high voltage H-bridge from a PIC
Driving LCD modules
DTMF - how fast
DTMF decoder
dynamic RAM
Eagle-friendly Board House
Easy PIC16C84 programmers.
EEPROM macro
Embedded processor Internet interface (YAEPII?)
Engine Programmer
Engine programmer
EPROM was Re: Confusion on PIC part numbers
Even more list problems...
Extra GPS receivers?
FCC Labeling
FCC Labeling?
flash mem
Floating POINT Math routines help needed!!
Followup: Re: Best way to interface a 12 pos rotar
Fr. Tom's PIC CAP METER files now available
Free "almost production" programmer for PIC16x84
FREE STUFF AGAIN (you pay shipping)
From slashdot- TCPIP on a PIC
Fw: Re: [OT] I'm baaaaaack!
Fw: Re: connectors on SMT boards
Garden/Greenhouse control
Gardening/Greenhouse automation project
Generating clock signal
Generating sequential serial-numbers using MPLAB &
Give me all the pros/cons on the Scenix chips!
GPS help needed:raystar 920
Grich RC Inc PicC C-Compiler
H2571 LCD
Half Right [OT] Crimp headers and flat ribbon cabl
HCMS-29XX displays and the PIC
heftier 16F84
Help Researching
Help Researching Galvanic Skin Response Circuit D
help wanted on detection loop
Help with David Tait's 16F84 Programmer
HELP::Getting a 16F877 up and running
HELP::Getting a person up and running now [OT]
Hey Myke! Web page update
High Current Stepper Motor Controller
High Level Language for Upper-Mid-Range PIC's
Historic resistor color codes
HiTech manual
HiTech manual in PDF format
Hitech PICC with Codeview?
hmmm... old post messages?
Home made pro audio gear
Hoping someone will help - about this project....
How many Pics to save JFK jr.[OT]
How many Pics to save JFK jr.[waaaaay OT]
How many Pics to save JFK jr.[waaaaay OT] Oops
How many Pics to save JFK jr.[WOT]
How to connect to a PC port?
how to invert hardware uart output in software?
How to Stack Boards
I have probs. with monitoring debug info via rs-23
I2C bus master using PIC16C7X?
IC for Vpp switching
IC Temperture sensor
ICD problems
IDE Interfacing
IDE or Memory Card use for high speed data storag
IEE VFD Model 03600
Illegal???? Micon Knockoff of PICs -
I'm baaaaaack!
im thinking of a project for my degree help!
In Circuit Programming question
Increment/Decrement "w" - Zero Register
input clamp vs output current
Interesting Project
Internet Cleanup Message
Interrupt Driven Serial Routine For PIC16C7x or F8
IR Communications Project
IR communications project
IR functions
IR interface
ISD series library for Eagle
IVEX WinBoard RJ-45 Design?
Just another FREE window based programmer
Just test code please ?
lamp dimmer suggestions
Lamp Dimming, DAC's and other Jiggery-Pokery
lcd info
Lead Acid Battery rejuvination (was: Charging a Pb
List of PIC Related Web Sites
List problems?
Long-term timer
Looking for a set of Liquid Crystal Display and Co
Looking for an In-circuit serial programmer for th
Looking for LC Display
looking for LCD
Looking for starting point.
Looking of simple PIC / dialer circuit
lotsa newbie questions
Low Cost "C" compiler for Scenix Chips
Low cost OEM GPS receiver
Low cost Sigma Delta Analog to Digital Converter -
manufacturing costs
Math Routines
Maxim RS-485 Drivers
MegaMax and PIC12C508
Memory Modules
message # 311
Micro Air Vehicles - Aviation Week - July 12, 1999
Microchip Assembler- WDT default setting
Micro-controller NEC D8749HD (8048 family) - Info
Microcontroller Survey
Micropower radars
Microprocessors and Spacecraft design.
Miss alignment of source high-lighting and the Pro
Modular simulation: Thoughts of a drunken programm
Modulation ?
monitoring current
MPLAB and 3rd party programmers(was MPLAB download
MPLAB and Linking
MPLAB and Make/Build
MPLAB and multiple source files.
MPLAB compatible programmer
MPLAB download
MPLAB ICD Problems
MPLAB keyboard template
MPLAB with IAR compiler
MPLAD Directive Question
MPLINK error (with MPLAB)
MPLINK error reporting in MPLAB
MPLINKD and lots of files
Multiplexing Questions
Multitasking without interrupt ?
Myko Predko or anyone with experience with TMR0
New MPLAB [was Re: Newbie intro]
New Version of WinFC84
Newbie code doesn't seem to work - please take a
Newbie code doesn't seem to work - please take a l
Newbie code doesn't seem to work - Please take a l
Newbie code doesn't seem to work - please take a l
Newbie code doesn't seem to work - please take alo
Newbie intro
newbie q's
newbie timer question
N-Flop: Re: QUIZ MASTER ( Who is the first?)
Off Topic Serial Ascii Keyboard
Off Topic Serial ASCII Keyboard
oops...now what do i do?
oops...now what do I do?
oops...now what do i do?
Open Drain Pullup
Opto isolated RS-232, finally :-)
Opto protected output?
Orcad Library
Oscilator problem
Oscillator problem
OT determining amount of cells
OT scope
OT Threads
OT Threads [OT]
OT: Looking for small 2.4 GHz TX RX pair
OT: R/C servos
OT: Video detection
OverClocking a PIC
OverClocking a PIC (& getting it to work!)
Overclocking over and over...
P2C Compiler
PBP V2.2
PCLATH on interrupt
People with too much time on their hands...
PIC & Maxim485
Pic basic-- osc type
Pic Basic Pro V2.2
PIC Compiler/Programmer for WinCE
PIC countersurveillance [was Re: pic16c5x busting
PIC ICE wanted.
PIC Power Supply
pic programming using PIX
pic programming using PIX (but not PIX)
Pic to Gameboy
PIC14000 SMB
pic16c5x busting
PIC16C73B vs. PIC16C73A
PIC16CE674: Want2C the A/D conversion
PIC16F84 4Mhz up to 20Mhz ?
PIC16F87x and 84 proto boards.
PIC16F87x proto boards.
PIC18C452 questions
PIC74 / Basic Compiler / promate II
PICALL Programmer and AVR Micros
PIC-based TCP/IP source
Piclist Guidelines (was: 'Resend?')
PIClisters in the Santa Clara at ESC west
PICMicro ring master /helper
Picstart+ Command sequences ?
piezo audio transducer driving
please respond
Printf in HI-Tech C
PRIVATE Re: [OT] Summer "Clearance Sale" of misc.
Problem with .COD file
problems with ICE & interrupts
product line overview
programmable sinewave generator chip?
Programming (COM84 PIP-02 the like)
Programming 16F87's with PS+
Programming PICs with PICs
Project Design .
Project Design: TICkit?
Prototype with 74JW , program with 64A
Q: Fuses on 12C508
QUIZ MASTER ( Who is the first?)
Radio Shack, electrolytic caps
Radio Shack, electrolytic caps, polarity,
Radio Shack, electrolytic caps, polarity, poor lab
Radio Shack, Fast becoming how much are we like sh
random newbie question
Re : PIClisters in the Santa Clara area?
Read a value on PORTB
REAL current draw at 32KHz
Real time clock code
results: the Project that Ate my Brain
results: the Project that Ate my Brain
return instruction on 12-bit core
Reverse Polarity Protection for 3V PIC Circuit.
RFM modules
Rif. : Re: OverClocking a PIC
Roll-yer-own Magnetics [OT]
RS485 with a little PIC'up <g>
RŽf. : Re: OverClocking a PIC
Scheme for Board of Project
Scott edwards Source code
seiko G121CB1PC 128x128 graphic display help...
Serial programming
serial servo controller
Serial Servo Controller (was: Hey, Myke! etc)
Sigma delta A2D update
Sigma Delta Converter
Sigma Delta converter
Sigma Delta Converter
SIMM Memory and Pics
Simple communication
Sinchronizing 232 readings
Sinchronizing 232 readings. Thanks.
Single switch, two functions
slot car lap counter/timer
Small motor controller
Software emulation of hardware indicators with Act
Software SPI code
Something else about the web "Server"
sound cards, bitrate, and mp3
sound cards, spdif, etc
sound cards, spdif, etc [OT] (or at least heading
sound cards, spdif, etc [OT] (way off topic now)
Special switching device?
Step to the Stepper Motor Boogie
Still having problems downloading to ProMate
Stimulus files
Strange behavior with ICE
Strange MPLAB-ICD behavior
Suggestion to list admin:
Surveying. (sas: Extra GPS receivers?)
synchronous comm
synchronous data transmission....
Terminal Bases (RE request by Anne Ogborn)
test code to PIC16F84-20Mhz ?
test post
Thanks for all help!
Thanks for manufacturer and more.
Thanks for the translation help people!
Thanx for Single Switch solutions!
The biggest tragedy since the Titanic sunk??
The Engine
There Is No Winner! Re: QUIZ MASTER ( Who is the f
TMR1 on fly reading
To Get Yer Own Messages
Tools For 16F87x.
Traffic Light Heads (was Car LED lighting system
Traffic Lights
Traffic Lights (Was Car LED lighting etc ...)
Turbo Pascal and Turbo C available for free
unable to erase 16F84's
unable to erase code protected 16F84's: works fine
Unsubscribe for a week , how??
Unsubscribing: Directions
USB PICs (or Digital Audio via USB & MCU)
User RAM and Watchdog reset
Using a 12C671
Using ISD sound chip with PIC
Vector math in simple mic
Vector math in simple micros
Very Low Power Brodcasts
VK2BZC de KC5LHH, And the PICFlyer
voltage sensing
Watch variables in ICEPIC
WAY [OT], Atmel AVR mailing list please...
Well done!!!
Where can I find 16F877 in UK
Where can I find a LCD Controller T6963C?
Where to find 16c505
Winters in Siberia
Winters in Siberia [OT]
Y' canna break the laws of Physics :-) / DO try th

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