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[OT] 21th Century  18th 1 21th 83
[OT] Gear supplier **HELP**  4th 1
[OT] Gear supplier THANKS!  5th 1
[OT] IR Security Camera ideas  6th 1
[OT] LM324's (was need 10V D/A from PIC  11th 1
[OT] Maxim Switchers gurus?  22th 1
[OT] Recycling PIC plastic tubes  3rd 1
[OT] Sound Quality. Was ==> What is a good GP scho  22th 1
[OT] Spanish translator required.  27th 1
[OT] speech synthesis  23th 1 24th 41
[OT] What is a good GP schottky diode to stock?  22th 1
Battery Power Supply?  25th 1, 21
Best way to interface a 12 pos rotary switch  24th 1
Bigger Tables  28th 1
cheesy IR: PIC to laptop  9th 1, 2
Digital control for Power supply?  29th 1
Hi Temp servos  29th 1
IR functions  28th 1
Long, accurate times...  8th 1 9th 104
Motor Speed Control  28th 1
OEM Pressure Sensors  6th 1
PIC-based Barometer and other Weather sensors  8th 1
Piezo beeper, volume too low  7th 1, 53
software PLL  29th 1
World wide single chip power supply  29th 1

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