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(OT) ALDL information?
[AD] Hardware (boards) for Nigel Goodwin's tutoria
[AD] SATA power cord and data cord
[AD] UK - Hauppauge PVR-350 and MediaMVP
[BUY] RFQ Pocket PC/Palm programmer w/ serial port
[BUY] RFQ Win32 system tray code assist.
[BUY]: USB device ID
[EE:] Detecting a blown lamp
[EE] "What should be in the compiler" was calcula
[EE] "What should be in the compiler" wascalculat
[EE] (Fwd) [Keelynet] DIY supercapacitor as a 9VDC
[EE] 4066 help
[ee] A/C 120VAC traces on PCBs
[EE] Anyone with access to Euras ?
[EE] Archimedes Palmpsest
[EE] Basic oscilliscope question
[EE] Battery choices
[EE] Battery Magic - improved NimH - 1 minute char
[EE] bulk erase of 18F parts when running at 3.3V?
[EE] calculation accuracy in compilers
[EE] Capacitors for MC33887 or in general
[EE] connections at 77K
[EE] Cute little 4-digit display...
[EE] Detecting/Calculating battery capacities
[EE] Digital camera sensor sizes
[EE] Download speed
[EE] Eagle - turning off thermal reliefs
[EE] Eagle part with multiple, identical purpose p
[EE] Easy-PC PIC Component Libraries
[EE] Economical SMT IC prototyping
[EE] ENC28J60 Samples
[EE] Explaining WiFi to the technically challenged
[EE] Fabric keyboard material - Rollable/crushabl
[EE] Far more than you knew that there was to know
[EE] fast differential in-out amplifiers
[EE] FCC Part 15
[EE] Feedforward noise reduction for power supply
[EE] Free Windows DDK download from Microsoft
[EE] gEDA Circuit Design Tools Experience?
[EE] Genetically Modified peas cause allergic dama
[EE] Giant advances in camera sensor technology
[EE] Good power supply under $300
[EE] how much you can adjust output V of a switch
[EE] Increasing laptop lcd brightness
[EE] Insulated TO220 OK for CE marking?
[EE] Integrator circuit
[EE] IR detector interface
[EE] leading power correction
[EE] LiniStep query
[EE] LM380 power amp, how to use?
[EE] Looking for opamp
[EE] Looking for opamp - Resend
[EE] Maxim MAX7300 I2C port expander
[EE] Mercedes Benz vegetable oil conversion
[EE] Mini-DVD disks as video game backups
[EE] MSG-2 Space Craft
[EE] New FTDI USB to 232 and Fifo chips
[EE] New Scientist rolling 'special' report' on ge
[EE] Noisy Dell laptop supply?
[EE] ONSEMI switching power supplies for LEDs - id
[EE] Outstanding Pinout Reference
[EE] PC board needed
[EE] PC construction questions
[EE] PCB design packages towards Medium End
[EE] PCB Track Width ?
[EE] PCB's, Olimex, Gerber ~~ et al
[EE] PDA serial port voltages
[EE] plastic mould and ultrasonic welding
[EE] PNP transistors
[EE] Polarity of electronic capacitor when using b
[EE] Popular general purpose USB MCUs for hobbyist
[EE] Power supply question (Class 2 adapters)
[EE] Powering a circuit from a rechargeable coin-c
[EE] Programming style
[EE] Questions on QRD1114 interface again
[EE] recommended anti-virus packages
[EE] selecting capacitors for Max232, and in gener
[EE] Simple to use 650nm (red) laser diode modules
[EE] Sizes, was Digital camera sensor sizes
[EE] Soldering nichrome wire
[EE] Solid state can crusher
[EE] Stabilising an el cheapo IC driven alternator
[EE] Suggestion for robot vision camera
[EE] Suggestion for robot vision camera. Know what
[EE] Superb introduction to the basis for Nuclear
[EE] Supplier of washers for toroids?
[EE] Testing capacitors
[EE] The 12 bugs of Christmas
[EE] Triac as relay slave, production worries
[ee] UC3844 switching PS repair
[EE] Use 405x instead was 4066 help
[EE] VPN solution wanted
[ee] What's a reliable high-current connection?
[EE] X10
[EE]: has anyone used the nRF24Z1 2.4GHz wireless
[EE]: 0V-5V controlling -600V circuit...
[EE]: Advanced Circuits and panelizing
[EE]: ALDL information?
[EE]: anyone used a Holtek HT9200?
[EE]: High voltage switch -- KV range AGSC
[EE]: HP logic analysers - IAs and utils?
[EE]: LM380 power amp, how to use?
[EE]: need circuit for generating 60Hz sine wave
[EE]: need simple amplifier circuit
[EE]: PCB design resources
[EE]: PIC based NiMH charger
[EE]: Polarity of electronic capacitor when using
[EE]: Standard power transformer sizes and pinouts
[EE]: Start and Terminate Internet Explorer
[EE]: Testing capacitors
[EE]: The hot 100 products of 2005
[ee]: UC3844 switching PS repair
[EE]: Using GerbMerge
[EE]: Wafer vs. die IC package
[EE]: Wafer vs. die IC package (oops - dice)
[EE][OT] Tektronix 465M Service Manual
[EE][PIC][OT] Excelent Site full of links (mostly
[EE]Battery choices
[EE]Detecting a blown lamp
[EE]PDA serial port voltages
[EE]where to buy GSM modules ???
[OT:] Adware Aggrevations
[OT:] Impressive lighting effects
[OT:] Impressive lighting effects. LED lights
[OT] USB Example code?
[OT] [EE?]where to buy GSM modules ???
[OT] Battery question
[OT] Brilliant DIY Camp Stove
[OT] Cellular Telephone Adapter for Standard Phone
[OT] Classics "reading room"
[OT] Comparing PIClist and Microchip Forum on PIC
[OT] correction
[OT] Cutting PCB
[OT] Disk imageing software
[OT] do you digg the PICList?
[OT] Download speed
[OT] f877 bank selection problem
[OT] Fast Return Usage? -final...thread done...fi
[OT] Fast Return Usage? KILL THREAD
[OT] Fisher & Paykel appliances
[OT] FreeBSD 6 release install problem
[OT] Front Panel Construction
[OT] Hacker's Diet as Systems Engineering?
[OT] Hacker's Diet as Systems Engineering? (was: S
[OT] happy new yaer 2006, in NZ comes first !
[OT] How NOT to ... whatever
[OT] IE6 - How to open more windows at once
[OT] Impressive lighting effects
[OT] IR-sensor
[OT] Is the repairman scaming me?
[OT] Lament for the Soviet Union
[OT] laptop batteries
[OT] Lest we forget - Wayback Machine September 11
[OT] List server hiccup
[OT] measurement accuracy and such
[OT] Medium level DSLRs (Re: [EE] Digital camera s
[OT] Mobsync
[OT] newbie question on timing
[OT] No postings since yesterday?
[OT] Non-Disclosure, Non-Compete, & Inventions Agr
[OT] Off-topic moderation
[OT] Only 2 weeks to Christmas !!!!
[OT] OPENSUSE 10.0 - Need to add mp3 and other pac
[OT] OSS (was: [PIC] USB Resources.)
[OT] OSS (was: USB Resources.)
[OT] Outlook and Firefox - Help!
[OT] ping
[OT] ping to check subscription status
[OT] Ping! is Piclist up?
[OT] POLITICAL ORATORY formerly(newbie question on
[OT] Posters with English as 27th language
[OT] posters with english as 27th language
[OT] Posters with English as 27th language
[OT] Quiet List?
[OT] Re: ALDL information?
[OT] Re: Choice of a Microcontroller
[OT] Recruiters and contract-to-hire agencies
[OT] remote controlled cars stop thieves
[OT] Resume help for person out of field for 8 yea
[OT] RGB from bayer mask
[OT] Right email client to read PIClist
[OT] Salvagable parts on working MRI?
[OT] Scales (not that sort)
[OT] Searching for circuits
[OT] searching for circuits
[OT] Searching for circuits
[OT] sent by Nabble.com?
[OT] Sleep wizard - anti snoring aid
[OT] Smoke Cloud, Re: was Use 405x instead was 406
[OT] Source for a Tektronix 2235A manual
[OT] Stem Cell fraud - No Nobel Prize this year fo
[OT] Subscribed to digets mode. Cant read digest c
[OT] Technical discussion of MR2SC supercharger
[OT] Test
[OT] Test of mail address change
[OT] test pls ignore
[OT] Them colored stripes
[OT] Theremins
[OT] Ubuntu 5.04->5.10 upgrade problem
[OT] US$100 MIT notebook possible?
[OT] Weather
[OT] Weather (was Writing a wmv file to a DVD di
[OT] Weather (was: Writing a wmv file to a DVD di
[OT] What's a commerical domain name worth?
[OT] When is a function not continuous?
[OT] Wikipedia accuracy
[OT] Writing a wmv file to a DVD disk
[OT] Y2K38
[OT] Yet another How to crack a PIC request.
[OT] yet another untrimmed message
[OT].Knoppix Password
[OT]: About CO2
[OT]: Embedded Free License (was : OSS)
[OT]: ENC28J60 help
[OT]: ICS over Incoming Connections
[OT]: Looking for infrared thermometer.
[OT]: Penguin + Lithium batteries + Human Pilot =
[OT]: Price of 535 (new)
[OT]: remote controlled cars stop thieves
[OT]: topcoders: competition among coders
[OT]: When is a function not continuous?
[OT]: wonderful GM plants
[OT]: Worth getting 187?
[OT][WOT] 89MR2SC Tires ~~ final call for input :-
[OT][WOT] Kwestion for the Kiwis
[OT][WOT] Russell McMahon's email woes - alternate
[OT]Non-Disclosure, Non-Compete, & Inventions Agre
[OT]Re: [PIC] 12F675 strange project
[OT]Resume help...
[PIC] book details (was: "Myke's McGraw-Hill pa
[PIC] MPLAB 7.30 and ICD2 Debug Problems
[PIC] Sleep while using MCLR as alternate functio
[PIC] [ADMIN] Piclist Mailman upgrade on Sunday
[PIC] 12F675 strange project
[PIC] 16F88 I2C Master
[PIC] 16F914 using MCLR pin as input
[PIC] automatic code banking(in an assembler or li
[PIC] Bank confusion.
[PIC] C18 Fun! :(
[PIC] C-Compiler: One's complement of unsigned cha
[PIC] Comments on keypad design?
[PIC] Comparing PIClist and Microchip Forum on PIC
[PIC] Configuration Word
[PIC] constructing a 32 bit timer
[PIC] Convert ASCII string to variable for compari
[PIC] Easy RS232 Debug
[PIC] EasyProg with dsPICDEM 28 pin board to progr
[PIC] ENC28J60 PIC firmware driver?
[PIC] f877 bank selection problem
[PIC] Fast Return Usage?
[PIC] Fast Return Usage? KILL THREAD
[PIC] How do I get to use all the data memory on a
[PIC] How to get Win XP to associate MPLAB 7.2 pro
[PIC] How to interface a PIC with a digital phone
[PIC] ICD2 and 18F1320 using the int osc
[PIC] ICD2 on eBay
[PIC] Input on RA3 power the unit?
[PIC] Internal clock
[PIC] looking for 28 pin skinny DIP ribbon header
[PIC] Looking for a PIC pcb
[PIC] Need Minneapolis/St. Paul Store
[PIC] Need Minneapolis/St. Paul Store - Digi-Key
[PIC] Need simple schematic for 16f648a
[PIC] Need simple schematic for 16f648a - It Works
[PIC] newbie question on timing
[PIC] Open source core for PIC18 from Shawn Tan
[PIC] PIC and Wonderware
[PIC] PICkit 2 applet modification
[PIC] PICkit 2 was Re: OSS
[pic] PICNIC
[PIC] Programming PIC16F716 on Winpic
[PIC] Programming problems
[PIC] Programming...
[PIC] PWM-> Circuit ?-> 2.4 to 2.6 VDC
[PIC] Question about 20 MHz Xtal
[PIC] RC Servo control with PIC
[PIC] Real time clock and I2C question
[PIC] retfie not working
[pic] RS232 booster for laptops
[PIC] Select a chip and programmer for first proje
[pic] select a chip and programmer...
[PIC] Simplest Design Tool
[PIC] Some questions about 18f4539 and ProMPT moto
[pic] Some questions about I2C Master/Slave Modes
[PIC] Table Read Confusion
[PIC] test
[PIC] to use ICSP or not for mass production
[pic] UPS / APC Smart Protokoll
[PIC] USART loading
[PIC] USB Example code?
[PIC] USB Ground Loop
[PIC] USB Keyboard Modifier keys?
[PIC] USB Resources.
[PIC] USB Resources.(/PICkit2)
[PIC] using the TMRx to capture pulse trains
[PIC] Watch window - Out of Scope?
[pic] water level sensor
[PIC] Whats happened?
[PIC] Which style encoder?
[PIC]: ICD2 programming failure: ICD0083: Target
[PIC]: CCP "special event trigger" mode on a PIC16
[PIC]: how to use parity checking without effectin
[PIC]: I2C Master Mode Read
[PIC]: I2C Master Mode Read,Now with comments and
[PIC]: JAL doesn't like Wisp628 firmware
[PIC]: PIC based NiMH charger
[PIC]: Piclist HW/SW Change
[PIC]: Super DX receiving using SDR receiver
[PIC]: Using ICD with newer versions of MPLAB
[PIC]: Which microchip dsp to start with?
[PIC]: wireless ... bluetooth ??
[PIC]:([EE]need circuit...)
[PIC]:18F compare routines
[PIC][EE] Voltage Reference for HD44780 LCD displa
[PIC]628 to pc and 12f dice
[PIC]correct info about op drive of pic ADC
[PIC]easypic and dsp...
[PIC]have a look this guy
[PIC]ICD2 programing failure
[PIC]Iovine project book code
[PIC]MPLAB C30 beginners question
[PIC]multiple timer functions on a 16F877
[PIC]NMEA capture
[PIC]PIC and Wonderware
[PIC]Pile o Links
[PIC]usefull site,in french
[SX] (No Topic)
[SX] .SRC file is where?
[SX] 1-Wire and SearchROM
[SX] 28 dip vs 20 ac/ss
[SX] A Lurker Comes out...
[SX] Any chance of seeing an SX48 con carneF=3F?=
[SX] Anyone willing to share an Eagle-drawn SX des
[SX] C programming for SX
[SX] Can .lst files be converted to .scr files
[SX] Can someone prove me wrong on thisF?=
[SX] Combining hardware and software on 2 or more
[SX] Controlling AC load with SCR
[SX] Debugger Lock-up
[SX] Display code not working.
[SX] Does SX/B support IF x THEN y ?
[SX] Downloading Probelm
[SX] edge detection
[SX] EEprom in sx for saving data
[SX] Electronics Workbench
[SX] Error 44 , how to prevent it
[SX] FTDI and SX Questions
[SX] Happy Holidays
[SX] Has any one adapted or rewritten the code for
[SX] Hex &gt; Dec
[SX] High Speed Issues
[SX] How much DATA can be used in SX/B
[SX] How to adapt a SOIC chip to DIP (for a RAMTRO
[SX] How to test your SX-Key
[SX] Interfacing with a Sony Playstation 2 Control
[SX] Invalid number of parameters error
[SX] is M reg saved across interrupt ?
[SX] Is this baudrate string right ?
[SX] Max6953 LED Matrix Controller
[SX] Maximum speed with SXKey
[SX] ntsc video
[SX] Open Source SX Keyphone Project
[SX] OR gate
[SX] Out of Space!!!
[SX] PLP_A + Dipswitch
[SX] Power supply for SX48 proto board.
[SX] Printing on an IR printer
[SX] Problems with Linux/SX28AC i2c interfacing
[SX] Progress on parallax supported CF=3F?=
[SX] Provider of Parallax SX chips and protoboards
[SX] radiowave
[SX] RoHS Certification for SX Microcontrollers Av
[SX] Serial IO & SX
[SX] SERIN from BS2
[SX] slight bug in SXSimF?=
[SX] Slight Problem
[SX] Suggestion for next version of teh IDE
[SX] SX and 16Byte (Word) Variables
[SX] Sx and video capture.
[SX] SX asm IRC_CAL Snippet
[SX] SX ASM question
[SX] SX asm snippet
[SX] SX FAQ and other things
[SX] SX ISP protocol F?=
[SX] SX SX/B Freq and crystal changes
[SX] SX/B and a Parallax Serial LCD
[SX] SX/B IR remote control
[SX] SX/B IR Remote control revisited
[SX] SX/B pulsin command
[SX] SX/B QTI sensor
[SX] SX/B SX52 device settings
[SX] SX/C Documentation and Code Examples for your
[SX] SX28 LED Moving Display Sign (ported from a B
[SX] SX28 Oscillator/Resonator DEVICE info F?=
[SX] SX28 Supply Current
[SX] SX28 with USB port !!!
[SX] SX48 and ExpressPCB
[SX] SX52 75MHz
[SX] SX52 and SRAM problem...kinda long
[SX] SX52 End of Life: buy your inventory now, ple
[SX] SX52 heatsink for a PENNYF=3F=3F?=
[SX] SX52/75 with CF/HDD Examples
[SX] SX-Key Debugger problem with running (v3.10)
[SX] SX-Key IDE Run
[SX] sxlist
[SX] SXSim for MS Windows
[SX] Thank you SXSIM! (Günther)
[SX] This may be a bug in SX-Sim.
[SX] VP user manual
[SX] What devices use the SX?
[SX] Which RAM for a small frame buffer (8KB)
[SX] Why do people think it's dying?
] Detecting a blown lamp
] Impressive lighting effects
ALDL information?
Cheap but functional oscilliscope
Choice of a Microcontroller
Computers, electricity, and you
EE: Sanyo LB1836 dual H-bridge
ENC28J60 help
ENC28J60 samples
External clock on an PIC16LF73
FCC Part 15
First foot - 2006
Framegrabber application wanted
ICD2 question
JAL doesn't like Wisp628 firmware
LiniStep query
Logical Devices "Shiooter"
low end power laser was [EE] Simple to use 650nm (
need circuit for generating 60Hz sine wave
need simple amplifier circuit
NMEA capture
NMEA capture, translation, and display
Nordic nRF2401
Penguin + Lithium batteries + Human Pilot = high p
Polarity of electronic capacitor when using both p
Price of 535 (new)
Programming PIC16F716 on Winpic
Programming problems
Re[2]: [OT] Salvagable parts on working MRI?
Re[3]: [OT] Salvagable parts on working MRI?
Re[4]: [OT] Salvagable parts on working MRI?
RES: [OT:] Impressive lighting effects
Some questions about 18f4539 and ProMPT motor kern
Table Read Confusion
Tektronix 465B Oscilloscopes need a home
UC3844 switching PS repair
Use 405x instead Re: [EE] 4066 help
Use 405x instead Re: [EE] 4066 help
Wafer vs. die IC package

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