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(Fwd) Re: Questions from a beginner...
[Admin] For anyone moving from one ISP to another.
[ADMIN] Question
[ADMIN] Question [OT]
[Fwd: Help!]
[Fwd: newbie : wireless I2C?]
[GTOGJ] Re: [OT][JOKE][L.S.M.F.T.][Ornaments]
[JOKE] [OT] Tech site
[OOPS][OT] Christmas Coil post
[OT?] Memory ID + Type
[OT] Hamfests (was Re: [OT] Old Computers)
[OT] - PID stand alone control IC wanted
[OT] Propane versus Nat Gas
[OT] 1% Regulator
[OT] 1% regulator
[OT] 1% Regulator
[OT] 120 Volt ac detection
[OT] 8088 KIT
[OT] A Remarkable Gift
[OT] Anyone know RS232 pinouts for Tek THS720A DSO
[OT] ATtiny 10/11/12
[OT] basic electronic question
[OT] Basic electronic question
[OT] basic electronic question
[OT] Bill Gates increses dexterity
[OT] Bug ? Bug shmug
[OT] C Compilers
[OT] CD Writer Panasonic 7501 burns only Verbatims
[OT] CodeWright keyword file
[OT] Cold Cranking Amps
[OT] developing photosensitive boards
[OT] dos version of ZIP?/ Telemagic
[OT] Excuses from Telesystems
[OT] F4 Phantom II
[OT] FAT32 driver for embedded system
[OT] Generating a hex dump from win98
[OT] gerber format
[OT] HOLTEK decoder/encoder
[OT] Home made Drum trigger
[OT] How to desolder old components?
[OT] hysteria about email
[OT] I killed a 128x64 LC display...but how?
[OT] i2c pcf8591 quad ADC one DAC question
[OT] INTERCAL and C Compilers
[OT] Interesting discrete device?!
[OT] Jim's on deck
[OT] LAN video
[OT] Lighting Controller
[OT] Lighting controllers
[OT] LPT in EPP mode
[OT] making pcb's
[OT] Mars Polar Lander
[OT] Mathematical question
[OT] Medium range data RF modules
[OT] Microchip Database?
[OT] Old Computers
[OT] Old Computers to get outlet
[OT] Old Computers Y2K
[OT] Organic LED's ?
[OT] PCB Dilemma
[OT] PCB newbie question
[OT] PCB Solder paste flux cleanup
[OT] PCB vias
[OT] Politically correct Holiday Greetings!
[OT] Re: 1st foot
[OT] Re: dephi and serial com
[OT] Re: FSK signals and ISDN
[OT] Re: Fwd: Re: Basic Stamp divided by four sour
[OT] Re: Servo control signals to analogue voltage
[OT] Re: Yap components - My Being Quiet
[OT] RF interference problem in a palmtop's IR inp
[OT] Rotary Encoders
[OT] RS485 article in recent magazine--lost the re
[OT] Sicos DMS 2000 Cable
[OT] Smart cards
[OT] Sockets/bodies sources for PCMCIA, CF cards?
[OT] Sony Memory Stick
[OT] Sony Memory Stick & IP
[OT] Spam from Telesystems?
[OT] Speakers (off list)
[OT] Suggestion please - FPU for PIC
[OT] switching DC/DC converters (was capacitive sw
[OT] Switchmode current source
[OT] Tech site
[OT] the largest serial ram on the market
[OT] To Kestas Biliunas
[OT] Transmitter key
[OT] UM3750AD / NT3750AD
[OT] URL links from VB4
[OT] US Feds raid hobbiest FM bug maker [OT]
[OT] Video on a LAN cable
[OT] Video on a LAN cable <-better balanced
[OT] Why to Kay
[OT] win32 SDK versus MFC
[OT] World's first flight was - A Remarkable Gift
[OT] Y2K First Aid Offer on IBM Mainframes
[OT] YM3623B, CS8412, CS8414 - where to buy
[OT]: 1 Hz Frequency Generator with NE555
[OT]: 1Hz frequency generator with NE555 timer
[OT]:Debouncer chips and Key switches
[OT]? Lighting Controllers
[OT]? Lighting Controllers - Same Question New Det
[OT]Caller ID chip source
[OT]Caller ID simualtor
[OT]Holtek's HT8950 voice modulator
[OT]I'm back
[ot]Rotary Encoders
[OT]Thermocouple tips?
[OT} Active Filter design handbook.
[Re: [OT] Mars Polar Lander]
[Re: Strange PIC 16F84 I/O problem...]
[Tech]PLCC Prototyping
{OT} Rotary encoders
12C508 Again!
12C509 FSR used for direct addressing?
12c671 I/O problem
16C/F84 OTP version
16C63A Programming
16C71-04/P status
16C84 , 16F84 , 16F84A
16f84 move to 16f873
16F84 RBPU Port B Weak Pull-ups
16F84 to 12C509 Porting Checklist (Rev E)
16F874 ADC snippet wanted.........
16f877 a/d external circuitry design
16f877 vs linux
16F877-Best way to use in system programming
16F87X RC-Oscillator
16F87X Socket for the Pro Mate 2.
1st foot
1st foot [OT]
20MHz 16F84A
2nd foot [OT}
509 flasher
509 JW osc location
74LS244's are not free, MAX232's are!!!
876 A/D with 10 bit required
a 'REAl MANs' burner
A/D conversion
Abou the Sony play station joy stick.Can someone h
about interrupt vector and 2 more Q
Access to 64k external eprom with PIC 17c44
ADC in PICs without ADC
Advanced TransdATA ICE?
Advertising on the PICList [ADMIN]
Advice Needed. Which Chip?
All the best everyone
Amateur Restructuring [OT]
Announce: picprg.2.2 patches for 12C508/12C509 (Li
Anyone used EMIT ?
Arbitrary Waveform Generator
Arbitrary Waveform Generator - 2
ASCII to Binary was Re: Could you give me some poi
assembler just for 16F84
ATA Flash Card (PC-Cards)
Australian contract rates
AVR sources and PIC C Compilers.
AW: TCP/IP stack for 16F84
AW: What happend when a PIC goes to heaven...
Backing up [Way OT]
Bank Usage message from mpasm
basic electronic question [OT]
Basic Stamp and Variables
Basic Stamp Club's emulator,
Basic Stamp divided by four source code
Basic Stamp divided by four source code (LONG)
BEI shaft encode
Bitscope [OT] (well, there's a PIC in it anyway ;^
BoardMaker PCB SW!!
C2C and working register
can you tell where can I download all about the te
Canon E77
Capacitance on input pin
Capacitor Design Stuff
CCS C Compiler's ENABLE option
CCS compiler
CCS Compiler file...
CCS PCM PIC-C compiler
CD Writer [OT] - Power Supply
CD Writer[OT]
challenge - which number is higher
Christmas greetings from the start of the day [OT]
Code differences between 16F84 and 12C508
Code differences between 16F84 and 12C508??
Com 1 and Com 2 PIC Programmer Problem
communication btw 2 modems
Communitary Programmer
Communitary Programmer (was 16C63A Programming )
Community Programmer Engine
Compiling CCS C source in MPLAB
Complete idiot
Could you give me some pointers?
counting pulses
Credit card reader
cs8900[a] nic chips - sell me a few?
CVASM & 12C508
CVASM v5.8 - Can't Program the PIC16F877
Debugging with Hitech C in MP-LAB
Defacto ICSP header connection standard?
dephi and serial com
Desperate need of help...
didactic kit
Digital sampling
digital sound
digital sound -twist it
Digitizing video with PIC
Disconnecting Xtal from pic16c84
Driving joystick port with PIC
DTMF decoding application
DTMF, Dialing a phone number
EIB European Interface Bus - Home Automation
En: didactic kit
Engine controller HC11 vs PIC
Estatic Discharges
Ethernet LAN
Ethernet LAN Part II
External memory from 4K to 8k
f877 + usart + interrupt = headache
F877 routines
FAQ: UV Erasure Time, 12C509-JW
Fast byte to BCD routine!
Finding a beginners PIC programmer
Finding a beginning PIC programer
flash mem
Flash Mem
flash mem
Flat Panel Displays available for projects
Flat Panel Displays site; VGA LCD Interfacing?
floating point routine errors
floating point routine errors[OT]
FP data table
FSK signals
Fuzzy programming
Fuzzy programming [OT] [Humour]
Fuzzy programming [OT] for James
FW: [OT] Excuses from Telesystems
Fw: [OT]Light Bulbs
Fw: Re: [OT] Spam from Telesystems?
Fwd: MPLAB stimulus file input...
Fwd: Re: Basic Stamp divided by four source code
Gameboy camera to P(i)C interface???
Gameboy camera to P(i)C interface??? [OT]
Generating a Sine wave with a PIC
Good Source for Enclosures?
Greater or less then?
GSM flasher hobby project [OT]
Happy 2K
Happy New Year !
Happy Xmas and New year!
HAPPY Year 1900 to everyone!
Help -- Load Caps for osc
Help -- series resistor for low freq osc
Help beginner programmer
HELP INTERFACE VFD. Do samsung exist ?
help Mpasm
Help Wanted: PIC Based Christmas Tree Ornament
Help Wanted: PIC Based Christmas Tree Ornament [OT
Help with my delay routine
Hi does anyone have....
Hi From Bulgaria
hi mark me again..........
High Freq Transmitter
Hitachi URL
How can I connect DTMF transmiter/receiver to tele
How to use Pin Stimulus files in MPLAB
I2C noise?
I2c rutine
IDE control
In Circuit Serial Programming (ICSP)
Indirect Study
instruction set
in-system programmer questions
Interfacing an External Ram to 17c44
interfacing pic16f84 to ADC and DAC
Internet & Ethernet interface
interrupt 0x04 vector problem continue
Interrupt driven serial transmit with CCS C Compil
IR Temp sensors
Is This Fuzzy Logic?
JDM serial programmer, algorythms wanted
Jim @ Newfound
laser diode
LCD Module question
Leap Beyond W2K [OT]
Leap Beyond W2K [OT] [silly]
LED displays
led won't turn on
Light chaser
Logic Level HEXFET's
Look for CORDIC methods... Re: [OT] Mathematical q
Looking for a few good people??? [OT]
Looking for DTMF generator for PIC
Low down on the 555
LRC-Longitudinal Redundancy Check
LTC2400 or SPI to Maxim UART/Driver examples
Making Sound!
MC145026 emulation ?
ME Labs EPIC and P16PRO
Memory datasheet um61256ak-15
Merry Christmas and happy new year
Merry Christmas and happy new year 2000
Microchip App Note Dimmer Problem
Microchip Appnote Dimmer Problem.
Microchip Appnote Dimmer Problem. [OT]
Microchip Stock [OT]?
MIDI reference design
mine too [was: led won't turn on]
mine too [was: led won't turn on][OT]
Mini piezoelectric angular ceramic sensors (Gyros)
Motor driver
Mpasm #*!!***!?'? {MPAsm Help needed here}
Mpasm #*!!***Á?'À
MPASM #** Thanks
MPLAB and the beginner
MPLAB stimulus file input...
natural logs
Need another set of eyes for MOSFET capacitive swi
need help on usart routine with PIC16F877
New Flash parts and ITU
New P16PRO PICmicro Products and Prices Announced
New PIC visual development
New PIC visual development [OT]
New project: PIC based DAQ system with Ethernet li
New version of PIC software for Aisin_GPS
New Warp-13/MPLAB tool; Testers wanted
newbie : wireless I2C?
Newbie question
Next Step
Not really PIC but 68HC11 related.
NTC thermistor using...
OLD PIC Programmer I would like to buy
old version of PBC
Ornaments are Off Topic??? [JOKE] [OT]
OSD (On screen display) via I2C line
OSD (ON screen display) via I2C line
ot.shuttle launch
OT: Fast single side and double side PCB prototype
OT: Is there a cheap source for DB9 DB25 etc. punc
PC I2C routines [OT]
PC Serial Port monitoring software [OT] (I'll use
PCB Dilemma [OT]
PCB Solder paste flux cleanup
PCB Solder paste flux cleanup [OT]
Philips electronic newsletter
PIC - endurance test
PIC - endurance test [OT]
pic and ground
PIC and Rs-232
Pic BasicPro
PIC EEPROM(internal) access
PIC help file posted
PIC i/o interface controller
PIC Project: Cable Testing Tool
Pic questions
PIC stand for ?
PIC Table Read and Compare Questions
PIC12c508 problem
PIC12cxxx neophyte artist-programmer lost at C
PIC1670 : Archeological trivia :)
PIC16F84A-20/P Programmer
PIC16F877 return instruction does not return prope
PIC17Cxxx Urgent HELP!!
PIC17Cxxx Urgent HELP!!( A suggest from Ismael )
PICLIST Digest - 11 Dec 1999 to 12 Dec 1999 (#1999
PICLIST Digest - 7 Dec 1999 to 8 Dec 1999 (#1999-9
PICSTART PLUS upgrade necessary??? (I hope not)
PICStart+ and NT
postscript visualizer/printer [OT]
PowerLogic Attribute and $
printers [OT]
Problem with 16F877
Problem with 93c46
Problems with MPLAB
Problems with the Fosc of my Pic16F84
Programmin F877s
PWM behavior
Q: Any luck with a 25LC640?
Q:Microchip Stock [OT]?
Questions from a beginner...
Radio Shack
RC Time Question
re P16pro
Reading ID bytes from my program.
Ref : [OT] PCB Dilemma
ReMapping Ports
Request for MPLAB project info
Reset, repeat PLEASE!!
Reset, repeate PLEASE!!
Reset, repeated PLEASE!!
Resisting temptation, sorta [OT]
RF Interface
Rookie needs help with opto-isolator (YAP programm
Rotary Encoders
rs-232c interface to a pic16c73
Ruggedised PC sources [OT]
Running 16C57 at 20 MHz and 3.5 volts
Running a pic at 3.3 volts and peripherals at 5 vo
Safety Warning - was Re: Microchip Appnote Dimme
Sample routines for 16f84
Searching friends for build a PIC & WEB based proj
serial com
Serial comms - hex viewer
serial communication
serial receive with parity
Servo control signals [OT]
Servo control signals [OT] Was: to analogue voltag
Servo control signals to analogue voltage conversi
Silicon Sam's Technology Resource
Simple serial keypad/display
SIT Tones & Telemarketing
SIT Tones & Telemarketing [OT]
SMT Document Revisited
SMT Mounting information
SMT Mounting information-different document ?
SMT Users Guide
SMT User's Guide -- US Server
Solution: RE: PIC16F877 return instruction does no
Specifing EEPROM contents win MPASM
SRAM for PIC rocket
sRAM--need BGA Package or very small module
Stamp clone project?
Stamp like software for AT89C52???
Standard LCD Routines
Still a Problem-->Com 1 and Com 2 PIC Programmer P
Still no led flash 509
stupid question about sink/source
Subject: Re: Microchip Appnote Dimmer Problem.
switching Banks
synchros, selsyns, resolvers
TCP/IP stack for 16F84
Tempted by the dark side, AVR sources [OT]
test routine
Text companding / remote updates via email
thanks for info on Indirect study
thanks to
Thanx for the programmer recomendation
Thanx: Disconnecting Xtal from pic16c84[OT]
Theoretical problem with interrupts?
Thermistors on a PIC A/D input.
TI joins the ranks of PIC wannabees [OT]
Timing issue
TMR0 and prescaler
TMR1 on a 16F877 - doubt
TMR1 Problem on 16c74a
Transistors [Not OT :^]
Transmission of data
transmitting serial data from a PIC to a PC
trapping serial data in W95
trapping serial data in W95 [OT]
Two PICS on one Max232
Two PICS/one clock
Unknown IC's
USART Recive (16C63)
Using demo board design for PIC 17 demo board in a
Video on UTP [OT]
voice direct
Want 16-bit math stack based
wanted digital metronome
wanted digital metronome schematic
Wanted: Bipolar stepper motor drive
Wanted: PicMaster probe for 16C63
Was RE: [OT]? Lighting Controllers, now What's Zer
WAV and MP3 playback from a PIC
What happend when a PIC goes to heaven...
what to know before programming 12c671/JW
Why 2 Kay
Why my 16F84 blow after erase ?
Wildly [OT]: Defective USB hardware.
Worked Examples for PIC17CXXX
Worst BIN2BCD routine!
Worst BIN2BCD routine! (OT)
Yap components
Yap components - My Being Quiet

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