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[AD] STM4100 -- Bluetooth to UART module
[AD] wanted: 10 cell NiMH charger board
[AD]: Looking for computer/micro job in WNC
[AD]Job Firmware engineer - Sydney, Australia
[aprssig] Longueuil Hamfest - Saturday,October 27t
[ARM] Chip-flash help
[AVR] Freeduino Board (was kicad autorouting)
[BUY] Explorer 16 board, ICD2
[BUY] Looking for 16F84
[BUY] Small solar cell distributor in UK
[BUY] web site graphics work
[BUY]: looking for bluetooth module and serial L
[BUY]: looking for bluetooth module and serial LCD
[EE:] FSK for model railroad,WAS: Simple digital F
[EE:] Miniature 3-phase motors
[EE:] Simple digital FM transmitter/receiver pair
[EE] "All electronic devices must be switched off
[EE] [OT]Hotmail spammer control
[EE] 10,000 mcd green LEDs
[EE] 1080p Televisions interfacing to PCs
[EE] 2D graphics: Drawing thick lines?
[EE] 5-phase steppers?
[EE] 6 wire interface
[EE] 8 pin mcu from freescale.
[EE] Additional Part Grab Bag Sources
[EE] Adobe Reader/Foxit Security leak
[EE] Alpha detector based on pin photdiode
[EE] Amplified diode regulator
[EE] Are you or your company use these contract ma
[EE] Atmel AT25640A for Eagle Library
[EE] Battery Shelf Life Testing?
[EE] Big holes in PCB causing emission problems?
[EE] Bistable Displays
[EE] Bray's terminal emulator with USB-Serial cabl
[EE] Brush DC motor PWM methods
[EE] Bulging capacitors
[EE] C macro renaming of a function to facilitate
[EE] CAN bus information (was CAN on linux)
[EE] CAN on linux
[EE] Canbus sensor adapter for $
[EE] Cheap / shareware / freeware PCB layout softw
[EE] Chopper in front of LDO?
[EE] Cleaning PCBs
[EE] comparing radiant output of LEDs and IREDs
[EE] Connector technology ??
[EE] CPLD/FPGA for samll commercial or hobby proje
[EE] CPLD/FPGA for small commercial or hobby proje
[EE] Crystal ID
[EE] DC Power jacks
[EE] Definitive guide/s to power cable selection?
[EE] Detecting open/closed circuit over long dista
[EE] Digikey UK
[EE] Eagle vs. ? (was Atmel AT25640A for Eagle Lib
[EE] Embedded FreeBSD/NetBSD
[EE] Embedded OS Usage
[EE] Engineering Books To Keep in a Small Com
[EE] Engineering Books To Keep in a Small Company
[EE] Engineering salaries -- survey
[EE] Ever feel like this?
[EE] Eye-Fi SD flash + automatic WiFi
[EE] flash endurance
[EE] Free Hex Editor - Today only!
[EE] Getting started with FPGA
[EE] Global variables in projects with many C file
[EE] Help writing a PIC job ad
[EE] IC Pin Piggyback clips?
[EE] IGBT driver ?
[EE] Inexpensive low-qty (100-250ish) assembly sou
[EE] J1939
[EE] J1939 (CAN bus monitor systems)
[EE] J1939 (contract work)
[EE] J1939 (was Re: [EE]you can build & host your
[EE] J1939 (was Re: [EE]you can build & host your
[EE] J1939 (was Re: [EE]you can build & host youro
[EE] J1939 (was Re: [EE]you can build & hostyourow
[EE] J1939 (was Re: [EE]you can build &hostyourown
[EE] J1939(Proper documentation)
[EE] keepout / restrict / stop / other
[EE] Kicad auto-routing
[EE] know anyone looking for a job/Toronto area 16
[EE] Line-oriented text based protocols
[EE] Linkman addiction gadget
[EE] Linux then Windows, or Windows then Linux?
[EE] LiOn Batteries - damaged if voltage goes too
[EE] logic level triacs vs opto/triac pair
[EE] looking for a molded plug..or one that can be
[EE] Looking for docs for an ancient Analog Device
[EE] Magnetic driveway monitor
[EE] Magnetic driveway monitor - vehicle security
[EE] Microchip forums vs PIClist
[EE] Microchip forums vs PIClist,was Microcontroll
[EE] Microcontroller programmer == terrorist devic
[EE] Modifying PICKit 2 Host Application
[EE] Mostek MK5371 info needed please
[EE] Motherboard recommendations
[EE] Neon lamps
[EE] Ovened Oscillator information request
[EE] PC switchers
[EE] PCI Bus
[EE] PCI Bus--POST card?
[EE] PHY interfaces - MII vs RMII
[EE] PIC-triggered flash
[EE] Piklab 0.15.0
[EE] Programmer's fonts (was: C macro renaming of
[EE] Programming languages / complicated GUI progr
[EE] Programming languages / complicated GUI progr
[EE] Programming languages / complicated GUIprogra
[EE] Programming languages / complicatedGUI progra
[EE] Programming languages / complicatedGUIprogram
[EE] Programming languages / complicatedGUI progra
[EE] Programming languages /complicated GUIprogram
[EE] Programming languages /complicated GUI progra
[EE] Programming languages /complicatedGUI program
[EE] Programming languages /complicatedGUIprogramm
[EE] Programming languages/ complicatedGUI program
[EE] Programming languages/complicated GUI program
[EE] Programming languages/complicated GUIprogramm
[EE] Programming languages/complicatedGUI programm
[EE] Programminglanguages / complicatedGUI program
[EE] Programminglanguages /complicated GUI program
[EE] Programminglanguages/complicated GUIprogrammi
[EE] Python experience (was [EE] Language suggesti
[EE] Python experience (was [EE] Language=?utf-8?b
[EE] Python experience (was [EE] Languagesuggestio
[EE] Python experience (was [EE]Languagesuggestion
[EE] Python HID wrapper for Win32
[EE] Quasi Sound Card
[EE] Reading an LCD
[EE] Salary vs hourly pay
[EE] SCR trigger
[EE] Shiny heat shrink tube
[EE] Simple fuel-saver, so they say
[EE] Simulating keyboard & mouse on Windows
[EE] SMT Microscopes
[EE] Soldering Stations
[EE] Talking to Sharp LQ022B8UD05
[EE] Test for embedded developer candidate
[EE] TMP12 airflow/temp sensor
[EE] TSSOP Packages
[EE] uController recommendation please
[EE] Unified "universal" Log-in for web server wit
[EE] USB driver reloads: bug or feature?
[EE] USB monitor
[EE] USB to BT dongles, Class 1, FCC certified
[EE] UWB kits?
[EE] vacuum tuber getter
[EE] Vectorworks vs. Solidworks
[EE] virtual ground or regulator
[EE] VMware results
[EE] VPN help
[EE] was Magnetic driveway monitor - now car alarm
[EE] Well Depth Monitor - Winter Project
[EE] what's inside a lithium-ion battery?
[EE] Winding transformers
[EE] Wire strippers for RG-188 coax
[EE] Wireless Audio
[EE] Xilinx has CPLD kits half price
[EE] XP PRO - Is hard drive going bad??
[EE] XP PRO - virtualization, was - Is hard drive
[EE]: Best place to weaken a beam
[EE]: Best place to weaken a beam kaboom
[EE]: I am dissecting a Motorola TracPhone
[EE]: Is anyone doing an open source handheld DMM
[EE]: Luxeon K2 heat problem
[EE]: (bio-EE) fuel from algae
[EE]: *cool* model *steam* engine
[EE]: 1986 Truck voltage regulator
[EE]: Best place to weaken a beam
[EE]: can someone identify this cell phone RF conn
[EE]: Component stock database - test version read
[EE]: Component stock database update...
[EE]: Conditioning =?utf-8?b?Y29udGFjdHMsCXRlcm1pb
[EE]: Conditioning contacts,terminations etc with
[EE]: Does my custom-built kiosk need FCC or other
[EE]: duh I searched the archives for "bluetooth
[EE]: eagle - text upside down
[EE]: FAT32 root directory info
[EE]: Getting started with FPGA
[EE]: H Bridge chips
[EE]: Identify this crimp terminal, please
[EE]: Is anyone doing an open source handheld DMM
[EE]: Luxeon K2 heat problem
[EE]: Mcmaster-Carr
[EE]: Moderate speed easy connection to PC?
[EE]: Mouser preferred
[EE]: Organising stocks of components
[EE]: PCB East (RTP area)
[EE]: Power supply for small microcontroller
[EE]: Power supply for small microcontroller load
[EE]: RE: Bang!
[EE]: Replacement for Intersil ICL8038
[EE]: RFID and tag readers exempt from EMI radiati
[EE]: Small prismatic lithium batteries
[EE]: Small reflow ovens -- source
[EE]: Tar/gz unlimited
[EE]: Tek TDS2000B series scopes - anyone got one?
[EE]: thermal analysis on heat sink
[EE]: Using a Peltier to heat water
[EE]: Version Control SW?
[EE]:: "Today, the spaceship was born"
[EE]:: Adobe Acrobat Reader malicious code exploit
[EE]:: Boost converter challenge.
[EE]:: Comet 17/P Holmes
[EE]:: Global Warmimg - Al Gore
[EE]:: intels "Classmate PC" - competitor to OLPC
[EE]:: Looking for an LED cionduction metaphor
[EE]:: Micropower generation
[EE]:: Recharging multiple "One Laptop per Child"
[EE]:: reference designator "IP" on strange compo
[EE]:: reference designator "IP" on strange compon
[EE]:: References sought for Russell McMahon :-)
[EE]:: Ringing choke converter
[EE]:: Roll your own Li Ion batteries - literally
[EE]:: Tektronix to be bought out
[EE]:: Uber capability LED
[EE]:: USB 3 plans
[EE]what's the cost of a bluetooth module these da
[EE]you can build & host your own web at home, wit
[EE]you can build & host your own web at home, wit
[EE]you can build & host your own web at home,with
[OT] NICAD zapping.
[OT] yet another freeware license ... ;))
[OT] "124CANON", date format for Canon DigitalRebe
[OT] [Fwd: Intelligence test...]
[OT] About mobile phone unlocking in the US: Class
[OT] AdvanceWare inventory management software --
[OT] Audiophile Mania?
[OT] BasicA and GW-BASIC Fun Time
[OT] BSD vs GPL licenses, how they tangle
[OT] CityPass in San Francisco
[ot] compressing pdf files with linux?
[OT] Cost of Living Charts?
[OT] EN standards: Trade Barrier or Good Rules
[OT] Engineer as a profession
[OT] Engineer/Doctor/Dentist as a profession
[OT] Free PDF Editor or Touchup Utility under Linu
[OT] FreeBSD users here
[OT] Getting your foot into the door
[OT] Global Warmimg - Al Gore
[OT] Hiring
[OT] Hiring Trends
[OT] Hiring Trends (was: Re: [EE] Programming lang
[OT] Hiring Trends (was: Re: [EE] Programminglangu
[OT] How do you survive as an independent consulta
[OT] How to find pending patent?
[OT] How to Get Rich selling a dummy PCB, a ferrit
[OT] How to Get Rich selling a dummy PCB,a ferrite
[OT] Imprinted Calendar (or other) Ideas
[OT] Internal NASA Reports Explain Origins of June
[OT] ITS Introduction?
[OT] JOKE: WWV Taken Over By Clear Channel
[OT] Kenny Wong (Was Re: [PIC] ICD2 Istallation Di
[OT] Las Vegas Broadband?
[ot] Link Farms?
[OT] Micro loans
[OT] Microchip partners
[OT] Microcontroller programmer == terrorist devic
[OT] Microsoft to 'open up'
[OT] NICAD zapping.
[OT] Non-degree holders as an engineer
[OT] Non-degree holders as an engineer (Chris Smol
[OT] Ocean high water data.
[OT] Old warhorse flies again.
[OT] Open Source Embedded Software License
[OT] Open Source Embedded Software License (#2.0)
[OT] Outlook Express search utility
[OT] Palm and Smart Phone
[OT] parasitic turbine cowhorn refocusing
[OT] Patent suit, why so often now
[OT] pyusb license changed from GPL to BSD
[OT] random numbers
[OT] Re: [EE]:: Global Warmimg - Al Gore
[OT] Real Programmers Don't Use Pascal (was Re: [E
[OT] Real Programmers Don't Use Pascal (was Re:=?u
[OT] Saudi king gets galactic welcome
[OT] Skype overhyped?
[OT] SoCal is burning... again...
[OT] Sparkless Light Switches
[OT] test
[OT] Test
[OT] test
[OT] Test post, ignore
[OT] The attack of the giant PL lights from h <at>
[OT] The attack of the giant PL lights from h@ll -
[OT] Tools to capature audio from a VCD
[OT] Ubuntu 7.10 released
[OT] What is trying to kill me? was: Extermination
[OT] What, I cannot join the mile high club ???
[OT] Why so many locked phones in US
[ot] Yahoo Email is non-conformant with the mail s
[OT]: CO2 peak may lag warming by 800 years ? *.ed
[OT]: Global warming/cooling: how many degrees ?
[OT]: Looking for a source for live Rhodiola Rosea
[OT]: Looking for a source for live Rhodolia Rosea
[OT]: Reference for Russell
[OT]: The attack of the giant PL lights from h <at
[OT]: The attack of the giant PL lights from h@ll
[OT]: US healthcare revisited
[OT]: US healthcare revisited (was: "[OT] Non-degr
[OT]: Which way is up? (Was:Total Lunar Eclipse)
[OT]:: Amazon "one click" patent largely voided by
[OT]:: Amazon "one click" patent largely voidedbyL
[OT]:: Amazon "one click" patent largelyvoidedbyLO
[OT]:: And the sun comes up like thunder
[OT]:: Cuba flies lone flag for sustainability
[OT]:: Ecological footprint quiz
[OT]:: Full scripts of many Start Trek movies
[OT]:: Google patents years ol NZ technology
[OT]:: Unsubscibble rides again
[OT]:Exporting to Russia
[OT][EE] Cold electricity
[OT]California wild fire
[PIC] CLKOUT signal on PIC12F629
[PIC] Talking PIC's !
[PIC] udata not recognised by linker for 16F874
[PIC] [EE] Microchip selling off PB parts
[PIC] [Fwd: Re: mixed types multiplication bug V2.
[PIC] µC for 12V?
[PIC] 15(fifteen) 7-Segment LED display
[PIC] 16F877 fails programming when cold
[PIC] 16F88 program memory state (Was: Re: Basic M
[PIC] 16F913 usart issue
[PIC] 18F4550 USB problem
[PIC] 18F45J10 - causing a short on the board?
[PIC] ADC conversion clock query
[PIC] Advice needed for University Project: Blueto
[PIC] Assembly language problem - reading EEPROM -
[PIC] Basic MPASM Questions
[PIC] Bluetooth solution for serial communications
[PIC] Bootloaders for PIC
[PIC] C compiler comparison
[PIC] C++ problem to build pk2cmd under Linux
[PIC] C30 Macros
[PIC] Can anyone explain this 16F88 behavior?
[PIC] Comparison of cheaper USB PIC programmers
[PIC] ENC28J60 Magjack set up for spare pair PoE
[PIC] FAT filesystem driver for PIC 24*?
[PIC] filesystem for EEPROM
[PIC] Generic ADC conditioning circuits for PIC
[PIC] Good dsPIC assembly tutorials
[PIC] GPIB to USB Interface
[PIC] High Voltage series
[PIC] How to test
[PIC] I2C lock up
[PIC] ICD2 Command Line Host Application
[PIC] Internal RC Osc. Accuracy 16F627
[PIC] Looking for MPLAB ICE2000 module & device ad
[PIC] movff ignores banksel, correct?
[PIC] MPLAB 7.4 PageSel Problems again??
[PIC] MPLAB 7.4 Trace Buffer Clear
[PIC] Multichannel VU meter chip?
[PIC] Nice USB Sound Card Project
[PIC] PIC PLCC 44 prototype board.
[PIC] PIC18 C compiler comparison
[PIC] PIC18 holding own /MCLR low ?!
[PIC] PIC18FxxJxx output voltage drop specificatio
[PIC] PIC24 On the Radar Screen of Cortex M3 MCU V
[PIC] PICkit 2 Command Line Application Released b
[PIC] pk2cmd ported to Linux
[PIC] Power down mode and nano-watt technology on
[PIC] Program CRC checksum in PIC18FxxJxx
[PIC] Project working only if at least 1 second sp
[PIC] question regarding pic18f4620
[pic] Re: [OT] How to Get Rich selling a dummy PCB
[PIC] Re: mixed types multiplication bug V2.3
[PIC] RF Transceivers.
[PIC] rotary encoder interface
[PIC] Sleep problem in 18F1320
[PIC] Spoiled with 18F parts...FSR on 16F
[PIC] Table writes past 0x3FFF
[PIC] Talking PIC's !
[PIC] THVP (and maybe TLVP) and Linux (picprg)
[PIC] tUM=for 12V?
[PIC] udata not recognised by linker for 16F874
[PIC] USB cable detect (was USB PIC related Links)
[PIC] USB PIC related Links
[PIC] Viewing ADC data
[PIC] Weird Problem when comunicating 2 pics troug
[PIC] Weirdness with 16F628A
[PIC] You take on AVIX-RT
[pic]: Add 8bits value in CCPR1L:CCP1CON<5:4>
[PIC]: MicroChip forums down?
[PIC]: Need suggestions for off board programmer
[PIC][AD] PIC18 C compiler comparison
[PIC][adv] Enhanced PICkit 2 schematic for open-so
[PIC]3V LCD operation
[Sell] Electric Welder - Bedford, MA aread
[SX] (No Topic)
[SX] 8x8 LED Matrix
[SX] Accurate timing... without timer? [Query]
[SX] Adding a Background UART to SX/B?
[SX] Ambient RGB LED Lamp
[SX] Are SX register values lost after sleeping an
[SX] BANKS directive not changing FUSE settings on
[SX] Basic Stampable?
[SX] C4SX: New Release of C4SX Version 0.3
[SX] Can SX be used to detect vehicles
[SX] Create your own video game with the SX-Tech o
[SX] Cross reference utility?
[SX] DATA @ not available in SX/B only PBASIC ?
[SX] Debug Windows Not Working Properly (run, step
[SX] Designing a board with an sx48
[SX] Do you need a KEY
[SX] Does (SXC) the C compiler from CCS a good cho
[SX] Draft posted of Practical SX/B Parts I & II
[SX] Error 30 .scr file
[SX] Help with Code for Hall-Effect Rotation Senso
[SX] How many cycles does SX need to wake up?
[SX] I2c Pull Up resistors
[SX] i-button problem
[SX] If Then doesn't compile corectly
[SX] IGBT knowledge
[SX] Infaread LED & Detector System
[SX] internal or external oscilator
[SX] Interrupt timing calculation made easy
[SX] IR receiver circuit.
[SX] matrix orbial vk204-25 lcd display
[SX] Model Railroad Fast Clock
[SX] Need help with a little optimization
[SX] New to the Forum
[SX] No joy with a USB to DB_9 to SX-Key tool chai
[SX] Noisy input sersor
[SX] Operations on Port Registers
[SX] optimizing memory reads
[SX] Pic assem to sx assem error
[SX] PICs in BASIC vs SX/B / PBASIC - good story
[SX] power invertor with SX Chip
[SX] PowerUp and Reset Code in SX/B, RTCC interrup
[SX] problem using 24LC64 with SX/B
[SX] problem with ds1621 sx/b code
[SX] Problem with SX48 Timer1|2
[SX] problems coding for MCP23016 expansion chip
[SX] PS/2 mouse
[SX] Relay coil power consumption
[SX] RTCC interrupts in SX/B (but not ASM), Global
[SX] SASM.dll error when running SX-Key in Windows
[SX] scaling an encoder
[SX] Sharing a Serial output (logic level) to one
[SX] SLEEP - longer sleep periods
[SX] Slow power supply voltage rise
[SX] SparkFun Large RGB 8x8 LED Matrix & Controlle
[SX] SRF08 Ultrasonic sensor and SX/B
[SX] SX 3 axis (soon to be 4 axis) CNC mill 0.0005
[SX] SX and RF
[SX] SX Key Editor - Problem in finding port
[SX] sx key pc communication error; sx key not fou
[SX] SX Protoboard Supply Voltage
[SX] SX RS485 Communications
[SX] SX sounds great, can I ....
[SX] SX/B and SX as a PID?
[SX] sx/b compiler bug?
[SX] SX/B SHIFTOUT for multiple cascaded SPI type
[SX] SX28 and Hex D Flip Flops
[SX] SX28 Proto Board
[SX] SX48 Proto Board
[SX] SX48 want sleep
[SX] SX-Multi Board USB
[SX] Touch Sensor
[SX] Using ASM cribbed from NV143 -- C vs. /C -- a
[SX] vpp generation failiure
[SX] Writing to an indirectly addressed register u
] FSK for model railroad,WAS: Simple digital FMtra
=?UTF-8?Q?Re: [PIC] =C2=B5C for 12V=3F?=
Astronauts wanted
Audiophile Mania?
AW: [PIC] µC for 12V?
Colorado (Was: Re: [OT]: US healthcare revisited)
Conditioning contacts, terminations etc with incre
Dirt Cheap (but production available) displays.
eagle - text upside down
Hiring Trends
Hiring Trends (was: Re: [EE] Programming languages
How to Get Rich selling a dummy PCB, a ferrite cho
Longueuil Hamfest - Saturday, October 27th - The S
Looking for computer/micro job in WNC
Luxeon K2 heat problem
mixed types multiplication bug V2.3
Open letter to Russell M
Organising stocks of components
OT: just a test
PIC USART - async, RX flag RCIF not reliable to de
PIC18 holding own /MCLR low ?!
Piclist Digest, Vol 39, Issue 38
Piklab 0.15.0
Programming paranoia, MPLAB and ICD versions
Replacement for Intersil ICL8038
Small reflow ovens -- source
Standalone Programmer
The Shoppe will be at NEAR-Fest
This is actually quite neat... Translate simple wo
Using a Peltier to heat water
UWB sensors?
Version Control SW?
yet another freeware license ... ;))

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