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!!!!!!!!! SPEEDOMETER PROJECT !!!!!!!!!!
"Easy" program conversion
"overhead" of melab's pbasic pro
(no subject)
(OT) Wafer Scale products and 17C4x
(OT) AC Signal Control
(OT) ANNOUNCE parser
(OT) RPM/Speedo using instead analog F/V convertor
(OT)Filtering signal from telephone lines
(PNP) highside Mosfet with PIC ?
(sorry if duplicate) Need to protect TX/RX lines
(Where can I get more info your project)Pic to Pal
.COD file format
[ANN] PICBots: A Robotic Simulation
[Fwd: failure notice]
[Fwd: Re: Is it right to supply 5Vdc.?]
[OT....a joke actually] +5V from 120 VAC power
[OT?] External A/D jitter
[OT] CO sensor to interface to PIC
[OT] 4 bits encoded as 7bits ISO 5
[OT] A few good jokes
[OT] A/D Jitter follow-up
[OT] Audio IC help needed
[OT] calculators
[OT] Calculators
[OT] Choice of Major
[OT] Confused about error rate:
[OT] DCF 77 Decoding Scheme
[OT] DCF 77 signal decoding...
[OT] Dog Collar, was white LEDs
[OT] DX1000 LCD display
[OT] Emulating Floppydisk
[OT] Ethernet electrical characteristics
[OT] External A/D jitter
[OT] Good way to measure resistance
[OT] HP calculator
[OT] HP calculator subject to EMP!
[OT] Hub or Concentrator??
[OT] Humidity Sensors
[OT] Loquaciousness !
[OT] MC1723/LM723 Odd Problem
[OT] Medium temperature sensor
[OT] microsoft outlook users
[OT] Mist maker
[OT] More debouncing info
[OT] More Power Switching Info
[OT] Mr. Zhu was:Good news: compatible microchip's
[OT] Museum Boxes
[OT] mutilated digest
[OT] Need to build a high voltage spiking circuit.
[OT] op amps
[OT] PC Expasion ROM Identification
[OT] PC keyboards
[OT] Power Switching
[OT] Pushbutton toggle
[OT] Questionable quality of knock-offs
[OT] RE: Command Parsing
[OT] Re: Pic to Palm Pilot
[OT] Re: Speedometer Project
[OT] Re: Test
[OT] Re: Test -> erasers
[OT] Re: Top Piclisters
[OT] Really good joke
[OT] Silicon Systems Site?
[OT] Sinking, sourcing, NPN, PNP sensors and switc
[OT] Solution of sin(x)=ax + b
[OT] Tektronix TDS-210
[OT] Test: ignore plse
[OT] User Bits, & Crystal8412
[OT] white LEDs --- Caving Lamp Details
[OT] white LEDs, was Re: Strobes
[OT] X-Tal question
[OT]: Internet taxes:
[OT]: loquaciousness is...
[OT]: Wanted any info on NEC B562 prescaler
[OT]assembly links (Re: PIC and other MCU.)
[OT]Good news: compatible microchip's products ava
[OT]Re: Command Parsing
[OT]Referbishing solid gel type batter for robot p
[OT]SAW Resonators?
[OT]Very low power comparators search
[PICS] Strobes
[slightly OT, longish] Forward Converter Help?
+/- 0.5 volt signal --> PIC A/D
+5V from 120 VAC power
+5V from 120 VAC power,err is human
What´s the most usual way to view
12C508: no interrupts.
12C509 clock out question
12C509 in a Toy Train How-To
12C509 to drive 12V latching relay from 24VDC?
12C509 to MOSFET H-Bridge ... how to avoid shorts?
12C509 WDT Wake
12C671 /JW at Digi-Key
12c671JWs @ digikey
12Cxxxx Serial
16c84 & 10Mhz Xtals
16C84 Instruction Set Errata?
16C84 VS 16F84
16F84 10MHz Accuracy/Trim
16F84 and I2Cbus devide simulation software
16F84 Programming Time
16F84 to 16C5X OTP ?
16X16 Array with interpolation
17C756 or 68HC11?
18 pin zif socket
2 different I2C addresses with PIC
230VAC->5Vdc without transformer
2K+ serial SRAM
4 digit auto-ranging frequency-meter.
5V low dropout regulator???
9V battery powered PIC
a special to IMRE.................
A Test?
A/D & I2C
A/D & I2C & PIC
A/D converter problem
A/D filter
A/D for a Audio Mixer?
A2D problem?
Advice about mag strips
Alarm Clock
Andy's space shuttle, was Re: [PICS] Strobes
Another Test
Another way to do BCD
Another WDT problem
Answering machine chip
Anti-Pirace code for PIC12c508 ?
Anybody used MAX111 a/d?
Anyone want a PicStart 16B or C?
ASCII Programmer
ASCII Schematic Tools?
ascii to binary converter
asm code for pumpkin
Assembly Language Books
async serial tolerances (was Re: ceramic resonator
Audio Tachometer
Auto Reset magic
Autoincrement and Indirect addressing in 17CX4 fam
Auto-reset magic?
Basic compiler
BCD Counting Techniques & Examples
Beginner needs help
Best free programmer
best RS232 solution?
Binary to BCD
Binary to BCD (16, 24, 32 bit)
Build Your Own UV Eraser
bus i2c
Byte serial output through RA0
C compiler
C compiler for PIC
C Compiler Wanted
C compilers for high end PICs!
Caller ID project
Caller ID Recorder System
Can I use RS485 or RS422 with a PIC
Can I make a macro to specificy (a bit within a by
Can I use RS485 or RS422 with a PIC
CCS C Compiler I2C Slave Mode
ceramic resonator
Christmas Festivites
Circuit Cellar Ink Service
circuit simulaion & electronic design software
cmos camera modules
CMOS video camera modules
Code for 4094 shift register!
Code protecting bits in 16F84
Code Protection
Command Parsing
Common Schematic Capture/Board Layout Questionnair
Computer Services
Convert byte to ascii
Converting code from16c54 to f84
CRC error detection code for PIC16F84
Crystal Tutorial
Crystal Tutorial - PDF File
Crystal Tutorial URL?
Crystal Tutorial; RC+crystal combination idea
crystals again!
D.Tait parallel programmer and Pentium II
DAC & Int help
Data switch schematic
Defining Variables
Dial, talk, recognize DTMF
Difference between PIC16C54 and PIC16C54A
Difference between the 16C84 and the 16F84?
Digest truncated.
Digital Frequency Synthesis
display routine
Distance measuring
Distance Meter implemented with a PIC - Try sonar
Distance Meter implemented with a PIC?
driving bargraph LED with PIC16C54A
DTAIT and Pentium
DTMF signal generation with PIC, how ?
Dual-Axis Tilt-Sensors
Eady programmer
Eagle Library w/ 16F84?
Easy PIC programmer
ECP port interface
EEPROM To 16F84 (follow up to follow up)
EEPROM To 16F84 (follow up)
Effects of RF on PIC16C84?
Effects of RF on PIC18C84?
Email from a pic
Embedded assignment
Embedded ethernet pointer
Embedded System show in san jose
encoders and servo with the pic
epic windows and 12c672 OTP 10 MHz problems
Example C code for using Sleep and WDT?
FAQ on subscribe/unsubscibe
Fault in the 12c508/9 fabrication proccess ???
Firmware question
for wolfgang willenbrink
FORTH / Expression parsing
Four free programmer kits.
Free '98 EEM
Free Shopping Cart For Your Website!
freq meter
frequency counter
Frequency shifting question
FW: [OT] white LEDs, was Re: Strobes
Fw: PicBasic Pro with MPLAB??
Fw: Renewal of your subscription to the PICLIST li
FW: Renewal of your subscription to the PICLIST li
Fw: Software Burner
Getting Microchip CDROM in Germany
Getting started with PIC - need help!
Global search of the piclist archive
Good news: compatible microchip's products availab
Graphic LCD help
Ground Systems (was [OT?] External A/D jitter)
Has anybody got 16c71-04 surplus
help ! pinouts for telefunken prescaler
Help for begineer PIC programmer
Help on DP Treadmill
Help on FREQUENCY measuring
Help on measuring speed
Help Truncated PICLIST Digest - 11 Oct 1998 to 12
Help with arrays
Help: Sandisk MMC interface (or Sony's?)
Hey! turn off your message acknowledgement!
Hi Temp
High temperature sensor
how to become a member ?
how to compare number - (DS1624)
How to drive a crystal?
How to filter out signals from Telephone lines
how to filter surounding light
how to read 24LC01 with PIC16C74/PICDEM2 using HT-
How to subscribe INDEX file
How to subscribe/Unsubscribe
How to use varible to replace DEFINE?
HP48 programming tips
Humidity sensors
Hurrican Georges
Hydrocarbon Sensor
I2C 24C02 problems
I2C & LCD modules at 12 o'clock
I2C Master
I2C Serial EEPROM Problem...
I2C slave SSPAD
ICSP of PIC 12C508 micros
Ideas to use a RTC module
Identifying Bingo Balls
If Intel, why AMD or Cyrix?
Ignition System with a PIC.
I'm a beginner....
I'm new in microcontrollers
in-circuit assumptions
in-circuit assumptions and ZIF sockets.
in-circuit assumptions was: in-circuit programming
in-circuit programming 16F84
Inductive kickback diodes, etc.
injection molding was:Anyone want a PicStart 16
Intel Hex File Format
Interfacing PIC to industrial automation
Interfacing to Benchmarq's BQ2050
Internal Usart problem using interrupts
Internet acces and control with PICs
Interrupt handling
Interrupts for a DAC
Inttrupt routine & another inttrupt?
IQ Systems Chip interface
IQ Systems Chip interface(Long Sorry)
IR data transfer
IR Data Transfer, Cont!
Is it right to supply 5Vdc.?
Is ITU Tech Defunct?
ISD Chip Corder
ISD33000 Control
It's wrong. 5Vdc supply
Job offer 2: PIC-programming person needed for med
Job offer: Person needed for small programming pro
John Leonard's PICk your brain rocket launcher
Kontakt Chemie Photopositiv: board coting & dust
Laser Diode driving cct
Laser Diodes and Driver Circuits
Latest Microchip info?
LCD Article
LCD Character Modules !
LCD Contrast Control
LCD Contrast Drive: Marx Version
LCD Contrast Drive: What is the simplest way...
LCD drive with 16C65A
LCD drive/ contrast adj voltage generation
LCD Problem
LCD Problem II
LED output for O2 sensor
leds in pumpkin "for kids"
Light / Lamp dimmer
linearization of table
link to freq meter english text
Loads of LEDs back from the dead.
Logical Shift Right
Looking for circuit to power PIC from 120Vac
Looking for circuit to power PIC from 120Vac.
Looking for laser diode drive circuit
Looking for positions that require microcontroller
Looking for short range RF TX/RX for data, cheap c
low power oscillators
Low Price for PIC16C54 and PIC16C56
magic wand
Median Filter Code
MetaURL page for PICList updated
Microchip repairs
Microchip Web Page annoyance!
Microchip Web Page annoyance! (Why)
Microstrip calculator in java
MIDI and PICs?
MIDI timing chip
Monitor signal switching
More giveaways - 8MHz ceramic resonator
More possibly interesting bits from edtn...
moron Not read: [slightly OT ... etc.
moron Not read: [slightly OT,
moron Not read: [slightly OT, longish] Forward Co
Mouse signals
MPASM help
MPLAB 3.99.23
MPLAB 3.99.23 and PBP. Aiuto!
Mplab C17 - Information
MPLAB command line format?
MPLAB does'nt find .hex file ??
MPLAB problems....
MPLAB- setting the memory to be programmed
MPLAB SIM basic query
Mplab tutorial
MP-Lab Versions
MPLAB--> PIC Start Plus & NT?
mplab3.99.23 problem
MPLABC --- How is it in comparison to the others.
MPLAB-C cost $$
My earlier Wafer Scale enquiry
Myke's book (was PicMicro Compatibles)
Myke's book (with PicMicro Compatibles) and My Web
Myke's book: wher to order?
NC on WIN3.11 hangs after .bat files
NEED C Compiler for PIC
Need help on an OMRON Optical Sensor, EE-SY310
Need help unprotect a codeprotected 16C77
Need pressure sensor for gasoline
need Simple Serial EEprom read/write tools
Need theory information of power transformers and
need V.22 & V.22 bis info/consultant
New PICs
New ProPic 2 has arrived
Newbies call for help on what is the differntce be
Not read: [slightly OT, longish] Forward Converter
Odd PCL behaviour on 16C84
Odd PCL behaviour solved
Off to PIC: What to do with 1802CPUs etc
OFF TOPIC - 80C166
Old 8748 to PIC- which one?
Option & Tris instructions.
OSD with PIC
OT Friend to start with BSII, best place/price
OT: 50 Mhz Frequency Synthesizer card.
OT: education: engeneer vs. univeristy degree?
OT: Help indentifying memory chips
OT: Kontakt Chemie Photopositiv: board coting & du
OT: Need datasheet for a Toshiba TLC-501 LCD displ
OT: Re: Microchip Web Page annoyance! (Why)
other pic mailing lists
Over Voltage on 16C71JW
Overclocking PIC's
Parallel Port Connection and PICs.
Parallel Port contention and PICs
PBP and MPLAB 3.99.23 empasse. Aiuto!
pc clock and movement detection
PCB Issues
PDF Request
phoenix(c) upgrade "picstart C"
PIC / MM525X code???
PIC <----> ISD 3300 via SPI port?
PIC -> ega/cga/hercules/printer
PIC 16C63 Resetting itself
Pic 16C84 irq-driven serial-out ?
PIC 16c923/4
PIC 16F84 Power-Up Problem.
PIC and other MCU.
PIC based Spread Spectrum Radio
Pic basic compiler PRO
PIC controlling PWM
PIC driving a relay
PIC for metal detection?
PIC from 9V battery
PIC games
PIC pcbs for free
PIC Programmer and Kits
PIC Start Plus NOT using MBLAB?
PIC Start Plus Programmer
Pic to Palm Pilot
PIC to PalmPilot
PIC_k You Brains
PIC_k You Brains; RF PIC_k-up
PIC16C505 status
PIC16C84 problem
PIC16C84 problem, again
PIC17C44 Source code example
PicBasic Pro with MPLAB??
PICBASIC programs.
PICk your brain rocket launcher
PICLIST Digest - 12 Oct 1998 to 13 Oct 1998
PICLIST Digest - 26 Oct 1998 to 27 Oct 1998
PICLIST Digest - 29 Sep 1998 to 30 Sep 1998
PICLIST Digest - Measuring Speed
PICLIST Digest - Picstart 16B or C
PICLIST Digest - Rockets
PICLIST Digest - Roket launcher
piclist search
PICList Web Archive
PicMicro Compatibles
Picn up the Pace Q2
PicnupPace Q1
PICProg: Non-commercial PIC programmer designs pag
PICs and IDE drives
PID Control with PIC
Port expansion on 16F84
Porting code.
Possibility of using the PWM output ...
Possibility of using the PWM output as a
Possibility of using the PWM output as a proportio
power glitchs & hard/software execution
power glitchs & software execution
Power Line Interface
Problems Programming 16F84
problems writing internal 16c84-eeprom
programming a ln function
ProPic2 programmer
protecting a PIC microcontroller's serial port lin
Protecting ADC i/p's - Thanks guys
Protecting ADC inputs
protecting the RX and TX serial port lines from ex
Pulse Measurement Loop
Quadrature Encoder
R: [OT] PC Expasion ROM Identification
R: Microchip Web Page annoyance!
R: Re: USB specification
Radio Shack WEB page
Rail to rail Op Amps?
Re[2]: FORTH
Re[2]: Job offer 2: PIC-programming person needed
Re[2]: Possibility of using the PWM output as a pr
Re[2]: Recocatable table read with 16x84 (not a fa
Read: [slightly OT, longish] Forward Converter Hel
Receipt of 10/23/98 7:49 AM message
Receipt of 10/26/98 1:45 PM message
Receipt of 10/26/98 2:52 PM message
Receipt of 10/26/98 4:07 PM message
Receipt of 10/28/98 12:29 PM message
Receipt of 10/28/98 4:11 PM message
Receipt of 10/29/98 10:37 AM message
Recocatable table read with 16x84 (not a faq!)
Recognising commands from serial port.
Recognizing commands from serial port.
Recommendation of a good PIC package.
Relocateable jump table (was: Odd PCL behaviour so
Renewal of your subscription to the PICLIST dingba
Renewal of your subscription to the PICLIST list
Renewal of your subscription to the PICLIST list -
Repeated instruction, confusing
RF modem that work at 900 MHz?
RMP Project (Was Speedometer)
rocket launcher
RS232 LCD Adapters
RV: Ideas to use a RTC moduleII
sample source code
SCI routines for the 16c73A
SCRs question ???????
Search piclist?
Second pass programming OTP's
selling picmaster emulator for half price.
semi [OT] STAMP Mailing List
Sensor for Speedometer
Serial EEProm Datalogger
serial in
Serial LCD Interace using 16F84
Serial LCD interface boards available
shift registers
Should a beginner use MPLAB?
show in san jose
Simple PIC signal generator
Simple programmer
Simple question
Simple RB0/INT setup question.
Simple Serial PIC16C84 Programmer
Simplest way to drive LED from mains 230V
Sin leer: [slightly OT, longish] Forward Converter
Single chip MP3 decoder IC
Single LCDs question (beginer)
Sleep mode of PIC16C54
Software Burner
Software request
Solid state relay
Sony Remotes...
Sort algorithm ?
Speedometer Project
Speedometer Project (16F84)
SPI on the 16C65
Spontaneous reset
SS Rafdio
STAMP Mailing List
Starfire and PICMicro "Compatibles"
Still new and need help
Strange ADC behavior?????
Stupid question
Stupid questions
Supplier of PICSTART programmer in Canada?
Switch statements (was: Odd PCL behaviour on 16C84
TDE 4.0 & HTC 7.73pl4
Telephone Delay
Temperature Measurement with DS1820
Terry Weeder Frequency Counter
Terry Weeder Track down
TEST from PostMaster
Threaded PIClist?
Top Piclisters
Top Piclisters (212)
Top Piclisters [OT]
Truncated digests
TTL controled light bulb
Ultrasonic transducers
UMPS - Is there a free trial demo?
Update Re: Audio Tachometer
USB info
USB specification
use PIC16c54 to control MB1511
using the PWM module
UV Erase
VB serial
Video Project Idea
Video Project Idea: CCD Method
video subcarrier recovery (was Re: Crystal Tutoria
Video Titles
Voice Activation: a new way to automation!
wafer scale
Wafer Scale products and 17C4x
Waking up due to an external interrupt.
Wanted: PIC EPROM Linux Programmer?
Wanted: programmer!
WDT problem with application of PIC
WDT vs. MCLR resets
weird behaviour of a 16C84 ...
What«s the most usual way to view A/D
What's the difference between d and f?
Where to put CRLWDT?
white LEDs
White LEDs
Why Flash instead of EEPROM in PIC16F84?
Win98 DDK - FOC
Windows 95/NT PIC16x8x Programmer Software
Word (or more) subtract on 16F84
Xtal Tutorial
Y2K - Real world example

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