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- Off topic posts : Solution at last!
- Off topic posts : Solution at last! - OT
"Cracked" Software (Re: CAD electronic software)
"New! MPLINK, MPLIB, MPASM tools from Microchip"
"New! MPLINK, MPLIB, MPASM tools from Microchip" -
$15 WayFinder compass
$15 WayFinder compass - alternative system
(not pic related) Intel Hex Format info needed
*.COD file format
*.COD file format why I want it
.40 processor
[2] Re[2]: C compiler
[Fwd: Re: backlighting LCD's]
[OT] Re: CAD electronic software
[PIC] Re: *.COD file format why I want it
[Q]: C-source serial input (only) ?
[SPAMTRACE] Re: Free Pictures Of Hot Girls !!!
1 Second Timer Interrupt
12c508/9 OTP ?
16C63 / C73 - I2C SLAVE
16C65/65A UART fault
16C71 & 16C55 OT
16C73 Port A problems
16c84 OTP ?
16c84 stack
16F84 and unexpected EEPROM writes
16F84 availability through digi-key
16x16 multiplication
18.99 MHZ clock
18.99 MHZ clock solved
24xx00 serial EEPROM, where to get?
32 Khz and 200 Khz Operation
32 vs. 16 bit O/S code [Was: MPLAB with HP Palmtop
32/16->32 divide
7 segment pins ..
A programmer question
A Request: PORTB And Interrupts
About how to display binary numbers
About MIME formats
About TV and VIDEO signals
Access Control - Proximity Tokens/ Touch Memories
Addendum to PORTB and interrupts
Alternative part for serial input latched driver
AMD 186
AMD186 mistake
AN589 Programmer
analog delay
Announcing F2PIC V1.01
Another Power Supply Issue - reliability thinking
another test message
App. notes AN0001,AN0004
Art of Electronics - edition?
Asynchronours Serial I/O - AN555
ATMEL AVR (was Re: Low Cost Pic Programmer (Kit or
Audio Delay Unit
backlighting LCD's
Battery Charging Techniques
Battery Charging Techniques - Reply
BCD Thumbweels
BCD Thumbwheels
Best FREE, fully functional 16c84 emulator..
Bit Banging Beckoning
brownout (was Hung-up PIC (was WHAT IS THIS?))
Brownout circuit
Bulk Email For Profit
C compiler
'C' compiler
CAD electronic software
Calls and 16C84
CCP device and port C data
Ceibo device
Cheap Reset Circuit
Cheap Reset Circuit -- With slowly rising Vcc (Bat
Circuit Board Trace thickness
Classic Programmer
commercial 16C71's
communication with a pc through RS232 using a pi
Computer voltage control
Concerning the problem of leaving the PICLIST
Configuration bits trick
Crystals for PICS
C-source serial input (only) ?
Datasheet for PIC16F84 wafercard
dc flag
DC FLAG..?..on topic
dc flag..d/s error
Debounce question
debug using MPLAB ?
Decoding MSF Rugby (England) standard time transmi
detecting modem calls
Difference between 16C84 and 16F84
Digital Cameras
Digital pot
DIY Emulator
Driveway loop
DS2430 1-Wire EEprom with pic ?
DTMF code
easy pic'n
Eight-Digit LEDs
embedded conference
embedded control conference
Embedded Systems Conference (was: "Re: embedded co
Embedded Systems Position
Engineers are good thinkers
EPIC Pocket Plus PIC Programmer
Every bit of the whole is Great
Fixed - "Message not deliverable" to Microchip
Flash parts (was Yeeeeha....)
Float point routines
Floppy Drives and pics
Free Pictures Of Hot Girls !!!
Free Pictures Of Hot Girls !!! I'm a victim too.
frying a PIC
Function Generator
Futaba J-connectors
Get a decent book!
Get a decent book! and education
Getting HiRes stills from a camcorder ?
Giant UPC stickers
Good grief!!! Re: I want off list!!
GUI with a 17C44 and LCD
handheld PC-comp. device (off topic)
Has to be..magnetic card reader.
hc11 instruction on pic
Heating strips
Help - I2C eeprom & write protection.
Help on Fader task
Help Regarding AN578 I2C
Help with EE writes in 16C84
Help with MPLAB simulator
HELP! UART on 16C74 Receive
HiRes stills from a camcorder ? (+)
Hitachi LCD Supply Voltage
Hi-Tech Pic C-Compiler
Hobby vs Production Programmers (ON Topic!!)
how to display 14 bit data
How to program EEPROM on 16C84
How to seperate 14 bit data
humidity and barometric sensors
Hung-up PIC (was WHAT IS THIS?)
I goofed (was Re: SMD Soldering witha miniture blo
I want off list!!
I2C for medium distance comms; was: Re: Heating st
I2C for the PIC16C6X
ICE for sale
IIC interface - was Re: Heating strips
I'm Outta Pins! (was BCD Thumbwheels)
Impossible to connect PIC directly to a monitor (w
In regards to you piclist post
Intel Hex format
Interfacing DS1821 to PIC
InterProcessor communication (was Asynchronous Ser
Interrupt priority levels
interrupt problem - correction.
Is BRGH=1 reliable now?
Is there an easily accessible archive of this list
ISD3300 and SPI Question
isr / Interrupt problem - correction
key matrix scanning
key matrix scanning.
Kiwis - OFF TOPIC (see, I do follow that thread)
Kiwis -Reply
Kiwis -Reply [ot]
Kiwis -Reply [ot] -Reply
LCD and 16C74 Data lib required
LCD and Schematic info needed
Lemmy Syntax Highlighting for 16c74a PIC assembly
Live from Mars!!
Long, PIC controller, 24VDC sensor loops
Low Cost Pic Programmer (Kit or Built) now Availab
Low-cost Schematic Capture programs (off-topic)
Ludipipo PIC Programmer
Ludipipo PIC Programmer ...
Ludipipo PIC Programmer ... -Svar
Ludipipo PIC Programmer ... Thanks
LUDIPIPO Programmer
Macro label problem
Macro label proglem
Magnetic card reader.
Masking the High Bit (was: "Re: MPASM bug ?")
MAX232 Problem
Maxim home page (off topic)
Maxim Site
MAXIM's Serial ADC's multichannel 10 and 12 bit
Measuring Conductivity w/ 16c54
MEL Basic and matrix keypad..
Microchip web site missing some important docs?
Morality -- Re: CAD electronic software
More on Embedded C++
More on the Embedded Systems Conference
MoRe: MAX232 Problem
MoRe: Steppers
MoRe: WARNING virus info and NOT $1 Programmers
Mpasm ('DT" directive)
MPASM bug ?
mpasm question
MPLAB on Libretto (was Re: MPLAB with HP Palmtop w
MPLAB programming directives
MPLAB with HP Palmtop windows CE
MSF Rugby ...
Multiple communications
Need 12C508 chips fast.
Need 12c508 to parallax PIC16CXX programmer pinout
New Embedded C
New PIC Book - FYI
New PIC technology wish list.
New Pics - FLASH....
New PICs and Architectures
New! MPLINK, MPLIB, MPASM tools from Microchip
NEW! True Realtime Virtual In Circuit Emulator - "
NEW!Virtual In Circuit Emulator - VICE- ala Electr
News Groups
Nigel Goodwin's F84 programmer software.
Non-pic >>
Now it is on topic (was : out of topic)
NT 4.0 and Promate II
off toPIC
Off topic - Burr Brown Manufacturer
Off topic -- dup messages
Off Topic - test message
Off Topic (Modem to speaker/mic)
Off toPIC : FRAM : Ferroelectric
OFF TOPIC : Some embedded humor...
Off topic posts
OFF TOPIC RE: Morality
OFF TOPIC!!! Reliability thinking and risk assess
OFF TOPIC!!! RE: Reliability thinking and risk ass
Off topic: Engineering practice for PIC programmer
Off Topic: Morality
Off topic's
OffToPic erase, B/W Monitor X rays - ltuae
optical encoders to PIC to LPT port adv
OSCCAL and UV erase
Oscillator types: HS or XT?
OT - Off topic posts
OTP erase
OTP erase - X-RAYS
OTP erase, B/W Monitor X rays
OTP erase, B/W Monitor X rays - ltuae
OTP erase, need DIY X-rays machine help
out of topic
Out of topic again - entry systems at subways
Out of topic: C compiler
Out of Topic: Calcomp 960
out of topic:echo
Output frequency
Parallax to MPlab
Parallel port influence on 16C64A
Pascal compiler for PIC
PC Cards; offtopic
PC Prototype Card. OFF TOPIC.
PIC 16C84 to PIC16C620/621
PIC 16F84 Availability
pic based alarm..
PIC core for gate array
PIC damage?
PIC Gotcha's - OUCH!
Pic interface to Internal modem.
PIC Newbie - requires some help!
Pic prices
Pic Prices / Resonators
pic scale
PIC Scale -
PIC space ship (how to live longer?)
PIC: fluxgate compass
PIC14000 temperature sensor problems.....
PIC14000 temperature sensor.....
PIC1684 smart card
PIC16C77 programming
PIC16C924 LCD question
PIC17C42A PORTB questions
PICBUSTER=$0.40c [Was AMD186 mistake ]
Piclist Archive Website updated
PICList Web Archive
Picmaster problem
Picmaster reliability
PicNPoke Multimedia 16C84 Simulator
PICPAR 9600 baud modem
PIC's are HIP
PICSTART 16B-1 programmer and 16F84
PicStart Plus Updated...
Pioneer remote control using PIC16f84
Please Help - I2C problem on Port A
Please help me
Plutonium Injections
Pointer to "Unsubscribe" Info
PORTB interrupt on change etc.
Ports And Clocks Inputs
POSSIBLE- Solution to UnSubscribing delema?
Power conservation
problem with pic outputs
Problem with pic outputs (piezo buzzer)
Prod, prod (was : embedded control conference)
Product Testing
Program counter / interrupts. Help needed.
programmer ?
Programmer Idea
Programming Challenge results
Project: Any Ideas?
PROPIC problem
Protel ISA-board pcb-drawing????
PSP timing
R/C RF scanner design. Suggestions?
Re calcomp drivers
Re[2]: Asynchronours Serial I/O - AN555
Re[2]: Battery Charging Techniques
Re[2]: C compiler
Re[2]: Cheap Reset Circuit -- With slowly rising V
Re[2]: New Embedded C
Re[2]: PICBUSTER=$0.40c [Was AMD186 mistake ]
Re[2]: Yeeeeehah! - 50MHz 16C5X clones !
Real Time Clock
regarding unsubscribing (funny)
Regular FAQ pointer required?
Reliability thinking and risk assesment
RePost: PIC17C42A PORTB questions
Resetting a PIC (was :Re: Parallel port influence
Reusing Subroutines --
RMS - slightly off topic
RMS power - off topic
Samsung lcd
Samsung lcd (SMC - 2024A.)
Scenix chip
Scenix Microcontroller Architecture
SDI-12 and ANDY
SDI-12 Interface
Self-calibrating L/C Meter
Serial transmission
Shock sensor
Sim UART problem
Slightly Offtopic, but PIC related.
Smart cards
Smart cards - FerroElectric - Aye ?
SMD Soldering with a miniture blow torch?
SMD Soldering witha miniture blow torch?
Software for PALS/GALS
Software Protection laws
Some funnies
Someone interested in getting into PICs.
Sorry for the mis-send
sorry..lost the link..help?
Sort of on topic (Engineers' Terminologies)
Sory, 8088, out of topic...
Source Code of PICPAR9600???
Specs for NJU6355ED
Square root (oh no, not again)
Steppers (not really off topic)
STOP IT! (My OS is better than yours!)
suggestion as to Re: UNSUBSCRIBE
Switch 8 (?) Help(!), info please?
Switch Mode supply reliability [Was FAQ pointer]
Test - please ignore
Thumb Wheels Decoding
tips for consultants
Too Much Garbage
Touch Memory or iButtons
Transistor H parameters
TRICE with MPLAB 3.22.02
TRIS support
Turning back the clock
two mpasm questions
UART on 16C74
UART on 16C74 -Svar
UART problems
uCont with 12 PWM channels...
unsubcribe [OT]
Unsubscribe info
Up/Down Scroll Rate
Using whois (was Re: Maxim Site)
UV Question - slightly off topic
Wanted: PIC based PC Keyboard
Wanted: PIC programmer, immediately
WARNING virus info
WARNING virus info (ad naseum)
WARNING virus info and $1 Programmers
WDT IN 16C84
WDT IN 16C84,RE:Bob
Weird problems
What about the PIC's?
What use is 32 bits ? [Was MPLAB Win CE]
What's the administrative adress please ?
Where are the archives from last spring?
WHERE TO COMPLAIN: Re: Hot Girls !!!
Winbond chips
Windows 32 bits (was re MPLAB on Windows CE)
Yeeeeehah! - 50MHz 16C5X clones !
Yeeeeehah! - 50MHz 16C5X clones ! (getting [OT], t
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