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[AD]: [OT]: Battery surplus
[AD]: Auctions
[AD]: Battery surplus
[AD]: FOR SALE PIC Millenium board starter kit
[AD]: Good Deal on a New Picstart Plus
[AD]: Having more fun than allowed
[AD]: Need some FPGA work done..
[AD]: new Basic18 Version Released
[AD]: new version of picall software
[AD]: PICSTART For Sale c/w assorted PIC's
[AD]: PicStart Plus
[AD]: Portable PicMaster setup.
[AD]: Promate-II on eBay
[AD]: Prototype Pocket Program auction supports pi
[AD]:PICMASTER for 16C6x,7x, and 16F8x PICs
[AVR]: Simple serial port project?
[AVR]: AT90S2313 supply
[avr]: Avr studio 3.2
[AVR]: Change over from HC811
[AVR]: Is this channel DEAD?
[AVR]: Is this channel DEAD? Take #3
[AVR]: Which file for 908515 flash and EPROM?
[BUY]: 16F628
[BUY]: PIC programmer wanted
[EE:] Reflective opto sensor suitable for bar code
[EE] : Wanted info: a USB -> PIC-based RS232 (+5V
[EE]: Need some switch ideas
[EE]: Free assembler for Dallas 80C390.-
[EE]: Seperating grounds
[EE]: +-15V Square Resistor value?
[EE]: 0-5V Air Flow Sensor
[EE]: 200V DC ps help sought
[EE]: 8088 system
[EE]: A five-to-one RS 232 - cruncher - anyone ?
[EE]: ADC Selection
[EE]: Anybody has the datasheet/manual for EPSON E
[EE]: Are there other equations...?
[EE]: Best way to level shift
[EE]: C++
[EE]: Chemical etching?
[EE]: Controlling multi-boards with RS232
[EE]: Current monitor for battery controller
[EE]: D101A Datascope info? (Spectron/Northern Tel
[EE]: Datasheet of OPTREX LCD module wanted...
[EE]: device for writing to Award flash bios chips
[EE]: Difference between LM565 and 4046?
[EE]: Distortion of FM radio which close to PC
[EE]: Do you know the LM-16151 LCD.
[EE]: DSP Algorithms
[EE]: Electret Microphone and Phototransistors
[EE]: Etching tank from Dyna-Art - WaveMaster
[EE]: Evaluation boards for 2.5GHz frequency synth
[EE]: FET switch
[EE]: FR4 UK supply?
[EE]: Generating Tone Sequence or Playback of Stor
[EE]: GPS guided rover
[EE]: Gyroscopes
[EE]: HC08 timer programming
[EE]: Help Needed
[EE]: Help! Need a sot-23 reset supervisor
[ee]: how to calculate time constant
[EE]: how to capture serial port data
[EE]: How to convert Resistance to digital data di
[EE]: How to get a low power factor
[EE]: hyper terminal in Win 9x Please help
[EE]: Is there any home-brew programmer for CY7C63
[EE]: Keyboard decoder chip
[EE]: Kinder, Gentler Etchants
[EE]: LCD Help
[EE]: Linear and angular acceleration sensors
[EE]: Microprocessor internal reset circuitry.
[EE]: o/c 4094 shift register - exist ?
[EE]: OKI M6222 LCD controller
[EE]: OKI M6222 LCD controller - thanks
[EE]: Parallel ROM
[EE]: Phone standards information
[EE]: PIC16f877 (robot vision systems)
[EE]: Please compile.. C++ ALOHA Simulation
[EE]: Position-in-room measuring
[EE]: Pressure/Mass sensor pad/mats
[EE]: Programming 16F84 with the ALL07
[EE]: Programming EEPROM
[EE]: PS+ Power Supply
[EE]: Recipes for electroplating?
[EE]: RFID & other new Philips stuff
[EE]: RMS vs Average voltage?
[EE]: Round control ?
[EE]: Searching for RF Transceiver modules to impl
[EE]: Semiconductor Datasheets
[EE]: Seperating grounds
[EE]: Slotted ALOHA
[EE]: SMT package markings
[EE]: Surely not..
[EE]: Taking reading from 7-segment BCD (TC4511)
[EE]: theory question on phase control dimming
[EE]: Training kits
[EE]: Transient response of a thermistor...
[EE]: Voice synthesis
[EE]: What is chopper-stabilization technique?
[EE]: What is chopper-stabilization technique?]
[EE]: Why Steinhart-Hart equation...?
[EE]: Why Steinhart-Hart equation?
[EE]: WWVB outages
[EE]:battery capacity reading
[EE]:can hyper terminal in Win 9x can display spec
[EE]:EDS protect for PC16C63
[EE]:Kinder, Gentler Etchants
[EE]:LCD data
[EE]:Replacement diode
[EE]:Torque... on a battery??
[EE]:Visual Basic serial interface
[OT]: Environmental Health & Safety site
[OT]: Looking for 3D modeller
[OT]: Re: Where can I get motorised faders f
[OT]: #3's books
[OT]: [ADMIN] FW: Duplicate Posting problem
[OT]: [ADMIN]: FW: The Natural Life Cycle Of Maili
[OT]: 3-wire and SPI: What's the diff?
[OT]: 3-wire and SPI: What's the diff?
[OT]: a little translation help, please
[OT]: A WOK stand in the UK?
[OT]: ALL07 programmer hookup
[OT]: Any Amateur Radio operators local to MA
[OT]: Anybody want a couple of puppies in the San
[OT]: Attention Matt Bennett
[OT]: Beginner C question
[OT]: Bolt & Fastener Design Site
[OT]: Cascade two HC165?
[OT]: Cheap wireless modules (like Oregon Scientif
[OT]: Choice of microcontroller, microprocessor an
[OT]: Coding style
[OT]: Com port base address
[ot]: compactflash socket source
[OT]: Competitions..
[OT]: Conductive thermoglue
[OT]: Cow Breed
[OT]: EPE July 2000
[OT]: Eudora - viewing by thread?
[OT]: Eurospeed
[OT]: fine print Was: Rounding to closest 1's mult
[OT]: Fluke 12 meters - was Testers - was competit
[ot]: Fw: A C/C++ Book recommendation...
[OT]: gloalstar
[OT]: Good Black Friday excursions / Things to see
[OT]: Help decoding PPP protocol
[OT]: help on underwater switches
[OT]: IBM PC chip
[ot]: ignore - testing
[OT]: Info for the pinball wizards out there...
[OT]: Internet Payment options - survey
[OT]: Is thermoglue condictive ?!??
[OT]: Keil C51 compiler and the new Dallas DS89C42
[OT]: laser print -> copper board PCB transfer
[OT]: LCD in 4 Bit mode
[ot]: little help finding a socket for a PLQFP 64
[OT]: Long range position feedback anyone ?
[OT]: Looking for an IC in Pioneer VSX-7500S
[OT]: Looking for Conexant datasheets
[OT]: LSi logic
[OT]: Many standards on the web
[OT]: Matlab books
[OT]: microstep generation [was: Competitions..]
[OT]: Modeling Tools
[OT]: Motor Control
[ot]: MSP430 ice
[OT]: multitasking/multithreading was Com port bas
[OT]: Napster, was Pocket Socialism?
[OT]: NE2000 net card drivers for Solaris 8/i386 n
[OT]: New phone-web terminals in Brazil: What OS?
[OT]: Oscillator books
[OT]: Oscillator books..
[OT]: PC104 recommendations
[OT]: PCB chemistry
[OT]: PCB mount BNC jacks
[OT]: Perl Programmers? Filter a list?
[OT]: Pocket Socialism?
[OT]: Project management software
[OT]: Protel Libraries for PIC's
[OT]: Punch Cards
[OT]: Re unscribe
[OT]: RE: [PIC] 12C508A T0CKI Schmitt trigger or n
[OT]: Re: help on underwater switches
[OT]: Re: Need some switch ideas
[ot]: Re: xcelite pliers
[OT]: Real Computer Alert
[OT]: Semiconductor tester [was Competitions]
[OT]: serial i/o
[OT]: Shelling in VB
[OT]: sockets
[OT]: Some stupid questions for HC11 users
[OT]: something for a cold, rainy day
[ot]: sorry all forgot the OT above...
[OT]: Stepper motor sequence question
[OT]: Syntax highlighted cut and paste into Word?
[OT]: Syntax highlighted cut and paste into Word?
[OT]: Syntax highlighted cut and paste into Word?
[OT]: Syntax highlighted cut and paste into Word?
[ot]: test to see if post shows up - ignore
[OT]: Testers - was competitions
[OT]: Testers - was competitions and going on into
[OT]: The age of things :o)
[OT]: The value of a donation
[OT]: Tjaart?
[OT]: Urgently need inductors-within Australia
[OT]: Virus Again
[OT]: Virus Again - header
[OT]: Virus Again - yes
[OT]: Voice
[OT]: Voice Recognition
[OT]: Voice synthesis
[OT]: Way OT! Document numbering/naming system?
[OT]: We are the Borg of Pentium ...
[OT]: What is available at piclist.com.
[OT]: What makes an engineer
[OT]: What makes an engineer - oh the shock of it
[OT]: What makes an engineer (also long)
[OT]: What makes an engineer (long winded)
[OT]: What makes an engineer (long winded) - very
[OT]: What makes an engineer (now jokes...)
[OT]: What starts Boogie Bass?
[OT]: Where to get IC samples?
[OT]: Which Amateur Radio License for 2.4gHz ?
[OT]: Which Oscillator in a Rocket?
[OT]: Windows Tcpdump "viewer"?
[OT]: Wireless door bell
[OT]: www.ieo.com
[ot]: xcelite pliers
[OT]: xcelite pliers
[OT]:Attention Matt Bennett
[OT]:book on serial comms for PICs
[OT]:Borland C/C++ 4.X or 5.X
[OT]:Current Sensor
[OT]:Current Sensor - current breaking (long-winde
[OT]:FCC regs
[OT]:How to make a dictionary/notepad using PIC
[ot]:mp3 recorder...
[OT]:Technological Sanctions
[PIC]: Binary Number Representations in mpasm
[PIC]: ICSP and PIC Start Plus
[PIC]: LCD From 16F84 to 16F877
[PIC]: Measuring weight
[PIC]: new CVASM16 releases
[PIC]: new releases - URL correction
[PIC]: (semi) annual Picksters at ESC
[PIC]: [BUY]: need F876 SO
[PIC]: [EE]: Microprocessor internal reset circuit
[PIC]: [EE]: robot programming
[PIC]: 12 bit ADC on PIC16F84?
[PIC]: 12c509 versus 12c509a
[PIC]: 16-bit 16c7xx comparison code
[PIC]: 16C73 vs 16F873: stability and timing
[PIC]: 16C73 vs 16F873: stability and timing (repo
[PIC]: 16F84 I2C with TSA5511
[PIC]: 16F84A programming problems ...
[PIC]: 16F877 ADC Noise
[PIC]: 16F877 ADC Probs
[PIC]: 16F877 ADC Probs (What will it measure)
[PIC]: 16F877 to Texas Instr TLC1518
[PIC]: 2's comp 16 bit additon!? Help!
[PIC]: 8088
[PIC]: 8743 Peripheral Controller & PIC
[PIC]: 877 + portC
[PIC]: A C preprocessor question
[PIC]: A C tutorial for a complete beginner...
[PIC]: Annoyed at MPLAB
[PIC]: Antijitter digital display filter
[PIC]: Any clever implementations of rounding out
[PIC]: Assembly Language for PIC16f877
[PIC]: Averaging 10 16bit values? !
[PIC]: Averaging 16 bit values. Code?
[PIC]: Bank bit, FSR and INDF registers
[PIC]: BCD question
[pic]: beginning assembly question
[PIC]: Best C programming book for a beginner...
[PIC]: Biometric sensors
[PIC]: C17/C18 Linker
[PIC]: CALL instruction?
[PIC]: Calling subroutines in a 16C57 Paged Memory
[PIC]: Changing RB0 INT edge trigger
[PIC]: Charge pump for LCD Vlc ?
[PIC]: Cheapest PIC ??
[PIC]: clever rounding out there ?
[PIC]: Compare 4 numbers method. Please help!
[PIC]: Compare 4 numbers method. Please help!
[PIC]: Copying a bit must be so long ?
[PIC]: CORDIC Arctan Function?
[PIC]: DC Motor open-loop control stategy
[PIC]: Difference between 16F87x and 16F87xA pics
[PIC]: Does DECFSZ...?
[PIC]: Easy ambient temp measurement
[PIC]: Erasing last LCD character - how?
[PIC]: F877 A/D coding detail
[PIC]: Fast goto??
[PIC]: Flash device code
[PIC]: Flashing a LED
[PIC]: Floating point or fixed point routines?
[PIC]: FR4 UK supply?
[PIC]: Free picstart (old version) to a good home
[PIC]: GPIO setup
[PIC]: Has ANYONE interfaced to PSX2 memory card (
[PIC]: Having 16f877 talk to each other.
[PIC]: Help -- 12C509A Won't Start
[PIC]: Help -- 12C509A Won't Start -- SOLVED
[PIC]: help about UltraEdit -> MPLAB
[PIC]: Help Please - Problem with Psf23000.hex
[PIC]: Help the metric man
[PIC]: help with serial comms bwtn PICs
[PIC]: Help! Gotta a bug!
[PIC]: Hitech C and unsigned types
[PIC]: How does ICD communicate?
[PIC]: How to compare two 8 bit values fast
[PIC]: How to master PIC MPASM language
[PIC]: How to program a pic with a pic????
[PIC]: I need some help SLEEPing
[PIC]: I2c comm between pics
[PIC]: I2c Different Speeds
[PIC]: i2c_demo
[PIC]: ICSP w/ PIC16F877
[PIC]: ICSP w/ PIC16F877 - problem solved
[PIC]: If Then Subroutine
[PIC]: Increment
[PIC]: Inductive sensor & Coins
[PIC]: Input Resistors
[PIC]: Input Resistors Again
[PIC]: interrupt handling on B0 (thnx 4 array siz
[PIC]: Interrupts in a PIC16F84
[PIC]: IR protocols
[PIC]: Is is possible using TMR0?
[PIC]: just wanna be sure: programming the 16C505
[PIC]: Keyboard decoder
[pic]: LCD mystery
[PIC]: LCD From 16F84 to 16F877
[pic]: LCD mystery
[PIC]: Linux-based PIC Development Tools
[PIC]: Lost Interrupts using TMR0 receiving serial
[PIC]: Maths on a 16F876
[PIC]: Measuring RPM
[PIC]: Measuring weight
[PIC]: Memory Block Copy for PIC16F877
[PIC]: more on MPLAB -> ICD hex code programming
[PIC]: MPASM include files
[PIC]: MPLAB 5.20 SIM problem
[PIC]: MPLAB Compatability
[PIC]: MPLAB full path in titlebar
[PIC]: MPLINK questions
[PIC]: Multiedit and HT-PIC C compiler
[PIC]: Navigating in big tables
[PIC]: Need more info about ... How to program a p
[PIC]: need short (& simple...) code for I2C
[PIC]: Need some help with a PIC monotoring system
[PIC]: Need some switch ideas
[PIC]: new Jal version
[PIC]: New to PICs and in need of some help
[PIC]: Newbie - RC receiver to 2xPWM outputs with
[PIC]: NiMH battery chargers
[PIC]: now branching out...
[PIC]: On the shelf
[PIC]: Page management
[PIC]: Page Switching Problem
[PIC]: PC104 recommendations
[PIC]: PCI card to PIC
[PIC]: PIC C source codes for beginners
[PIC]: pic changing program speed ?
[PIC]: pic controlled power supply
[pic]: pic controlled power supply
[PIC]: pic controlled power supply
[PIC]: PIC Handy Board???
[PIC]: PIC Millenium board for sale
[PIC]: PIC PCMCIA interface
[PIC]: PIC16f877
[PIC]: PIC16f877 (robot vision systems)
[PIC]: PIC18 configuration words
[PIC]: PICSTART + chips for sale UK
[PIC]: PicStart Plus Firmware
[PIC]: Pin impedance
[PIC]: Pin impedance SOLVED
[PIC]: PLL with a PIC
[PIC]: Pocket
[PIC]: Pocket Prototype
[PIC]: precise interrupts
[PIC]: Problem with Psf23000.hex
[PIC]: Program Memory Paging
[PIC]: Programming hex code using MPLAB
[PIC]: Pullups
[PIC]: PWM filter
[PIC]: Random delay w/out using TMR0
[PIC]: RE: [jallist] nmea repeater (fwd)
[PIC]: reset problem (stack underflow)
[PIC]: ROMzap
[PIC]: Rounding to closest 10's multiple, code enc
[PIC]: Rounding to closest 1's multiple, code encl
[PIC]: Sample serial data
[PIC]: Scrolling LED display interface question
[PIC]: Searching the Dallas 1-wire bus
[PIC]: Serial differences on 16c773 real vs. emula
[PIC]: Setting up Timer 2
[PIC]: Setting up Timer 2 (Sorry 1)
[PIC]: Some questions
[PIC]: Some questions about MPLAB
[PIC]: Some questions answered
[PIC]: Sony memory stick interfacing
[PIC]: SPI on 16F84(a)
[PIC]: SPI routine for 16F84 slave mode
[PIC]: Spurious Reset on 16F873
[PIC]: Thank you...=)
[pic]: Timer0 problem
[PIC]: Tips on how to debug SLEEP with MPLAB-ICE?
[PIC]: tmr0 on 16F84 interrupt period
[PIC]: Toy cars for robots?
[PIC]: Trouble w/multiple AD inputs (F877)
[PIC]: two bit checksum
[PIC]: UltraEdit & MPLAB again...
[PIC]: Urgent need to have a 16F84 programmed in N
[PIC]: usart autobaud routine
[PIC]: Using large table to store/display graphics
[PIC]: Using PWM to piezo for sound..
[PIC]: verifying the 16C505 - weird...
[PIC]: Voice synthesis
[PIC]: what about C2C 4.0 compiler
[PIC]: What happens if MOVFF POSTINC0,POSTDEC0 is
[PIC]: What LCD
[PIC]: Where can you buy antistatic cases for ICs?
[PIC]: Which Oscillator in a Rocket?
[PIC]: Which programmer would you reccomend?
[PIC]: Xtal capacitor values
[PIC]: ZIF socket in EC + oscilator problem
[PIC]:: neural networks on a PIC
[PIC]:16bit/32bit Replacements for PIC16c7xx serie
[PIC]:16F874 problem
[PIC]:16F877 Interupt probs
[PIC]:8bit by 8bit fixed point division
[PIC]:BCF/BSF pairs and read-modify-write (was LCD
[PIC]:bondout pic
[PIC]:c code
[PIC]:C code
[PIC]:C compiler
[PIC]:Differences between 24lc65 and 24lc64
[PIC]:Help the metric man
[PIC]:how to disable the WDT on PIC16C76 in Hi-Tec
[PIC]:How to do 24bit Signed Addition/Substration
[PIC]:How to make a dictionary/notepad using PIC
[PIC]:How to use PIC16F876 (bis)
[PIC]:Interrupt Problem in ICD -Newbie
[PIC]:Newbie Circuit Question
[PIC]:P16PRO programmer
[PIC]:PCLATH still not working..code review?]
[PIC]:PCLATH still not working..part 2
[PIC]:rmw problem with a/d port?
[PIC]:SPI code for 16F84 IC needed!
[PIC]:time limited polling ?
[PIC]:ultrasonic range finder
[PIC]:Voice synthesis
[PICLIST] (PIC): calculator anyone?
[PICLIST] : [AVR]: AT90S2313 supply
[PICLIST] [[EE]: Transient response of a thermisto
[PICLIST] [ADMIN]: Bouncing from Texas again?
[PICLIST] [AVR] Change over from HC811
[PICLIST] [AVR}: Is this channel DEAD?
[PICLIST] [EE] A five-to-one RS 232 - cruncher - a
[PICLIST] [EE] Battery tester
[PICLIST] [EE] can hyper terminal in Win 9x can di
[PICLIST] [EE] How to convert Resistance to digita
[PICLIST] [EE] Pressure/Mass sensor pad/mats
[PICLIST] [EE] three-phase power measurement,
[PICLIST] [EE] three-phase power measurement, and
[PICLIST] [EE}: Re: Need some switch ideas
[PICLIST] [OT] Virtual wind tunnel?
[PICLIST] [OT] a little translation help, please
[PICLIST] [OT] ADC Selection
[PICLIST] [OT] Anyone got data for SCHENK AS-030 a
[PICLIST] [OT] Anyone have some 150pcs. of DS1820/
[PICLIST] [OT] Cheap wireless modules (like Oregon
[PICLIST] [OT] Disposal of used PCB fabrication ch
[PICLIST] [OT] PCB fabrication - broken copper tra
[PICLIST] [OT] Port Expander IC
[PICLIST] [OT] Re: Need some switch ideas
[PICLIST] [OT] Reuse of Photo Resist Developer
[PICLIST] [OT] See message body
[PICLIST] [OT] serial i/o
[PICLIST] [OT] Software
[PICLIST] [OT] Superchips
[PICLIST] [OT] Superheating water in a microwave
[PICLIST] [OT] test sent at 1:45 CST
[PICLIST] [OT] the pinball wizards :o)
[PICLIST] [OT] UV light for photo-positive PCB
[PICLIST] [OT] What is Silicone Conformal Coating?
[PICLIST] [ot]book on serial comms for PICs
[PICLIST] [OT]Controlling multi-boards with RS232
[PICLIST] [PIC] (semi) annual Picksters at ESC
[PICLIST] [PIC] 12C508A T0CKI Schmitt trigger or n
[PICLIST] [PIC] 16C73 vs 16F873: stability and tim
[PICLIST] [PIC] Code Protect on a 16F628
[PICLIST] [PIC] Errors suddenly appearing in ICD -
[PICLIST] [PIC] Flow measurement: Was: [PIC]: Indu
[PICLIST] [PIC] Measuring RPM
[PICLIST] [pic] pic16f84 rs232 10Mhz crystal
[PICLIST] [PIC] Sony memory stick interfacing
[PICLIST] [PIC] usart autobaud routine
[PICLIST] [PIC] what about C2C 4.0 compiler
[PICLIST] [PIC]How to use PIC16F876
[PICLIST] [PIC} page management
[PICLIST] [Re: (PIC): calculator anyone?]
[PICLIST] [Re: [EE]: What is chopper-stabilization
[PICLIST] [The value of a donation]
[PICLIST] ]PIC[: Navigating in big tables
[PICLIST] +AFs-EE+AF0-: 0-5V Air Flow Sensor
[PICLIST] +AFs-PIC+AF0-: PIC Handy Board???
[PICLIST] 24Bit Up/Down Counter at 40 MHz
[PICLIST] 2-Compliment Addition/Subtraction. (fwd
[PICLIST] 2-Compliment Addition/Subtraction. Ques
[PICLIST] 8 buttons and 8 LEDs
[PICLIST] 8088 computer
[PICLIST] all: [ADMIN]: DNS change for PICLIST.COM
[PICLIST] All: bouncing messages
[PICLIST] Award Flash Bios?
[PICLIST] Bit Banging SPI
[PICLIST] bouncing messages
[PICLIST] D101A Datascope info? (Spectron/Northern
[PICLIST] EE: Capacitor Voltage Sensitivity
[PICLIST] Employment
[PICLIST] Fw: unscribe
[PICLIST] Fw: unscribe [OT]:
[PICLIST] FW: (No subject)
[PICLIST] Fw: [PIC]: Some questions
[PICLIST] Fw: Returned mail: see transcript for de
[PICLIST] gloalstar
[PICLIST] Help needed
[PICLIST] Help! Gotta a bug!
[PICLIST] How does ICD communicate?
[PICLIST] how to calculate time constant
[PICLIST] how use capacitor to keep Vcc to run 1-2
[PICLIST] I need help
[PICLIST] Increment
[PICLIST] Interfacing to Playstation Memory Cards
[PICLIST] ISD5008 help
[PICLIST] Keyboard decoder chip
[PICLIST] Measuring RPM
[PICLIST] more on MPLAB -> ICD hex code programmin
[PICLIST] MPLAB -->was [PIC]: Tips on how to debug
[PICLIST] MPLAB programming hex file
[PICLIST] MSN Messenger transmitted virus.
[PICLIST] Need some switch ideas
[PICLIST] null
[PICLIST] Pemakanan Islam
[PICLIST] PICLIST Digest - 2 Apr 2001 to 3 Apr 200
[PICLIST] Polaroid i-Zone Webster mini-photo scann
[PICLIST] Programming EEPROM
[PICLIST] Re :Re: [EE]:Kinder, Gentler Etchants
[PICLIST] Re [PIC]: ZIF socket in EC + oscilator
[PICLIST] Representing Binary Numbers in mpasm
[PICLIST] software morals (was about donation,
[PICLIST] Switching off interupts
[PICLIST] The value of a donation
[PICLIST] The value of a donation [OT]:
[PICLIST] theory question on phase control dimming
[PICLIST] Training kits
[PICLIST] Transformerless Power Supply
[PICLIST] unscribe
[PICLIST] unsubscribe
[PICLIST] what about C2C 4.0 compiler
[PICLIST] Who's Number 1? was [OT]: Choice of
[PICLIST] Who's Number 1? was [OT]: Choice of mi
all: [ADMIN]: DNS change for PICLIST.COM, use PICL
All: bouncing messages

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