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(OT) LCD information
(OT) Piezo Kynar - PVDF Film
*.asm to flow
.hex file for ICD
[[OT] Syntax Highlighting in MPLAB
[Admin] [OT] Spamming and Spamcop/Samspade
[ADMIN] Bouncing messages from roland.wintsch@port
[ADMIN] Marking subject lines
[Admin] piclist thread ordering
[Admin] Re: Todd is SPAMming us was[OT] To those l
[admin] repeated posts
[Admin] Watch the HTML, folks!
[admin] www.piclist.com down?
[ADMIN][OT]Todd is SPAMming us
[basicstamps] Re: Circuit for 0-1 amp variable cur
[Becoming OT] Don't use Microchip's FFT
[Fwd: MITServer is down? or I was kicked out again
[Fwd: No April fools joke here...] WORM virus unle
[Fwd: Simple problem? (Long post - code enclosed)]
[OT ] Problem turning off a solid state relay
[OT ] Problem turning off a solid state relay
[OT[ Fax wirng
[OT[ Fax wirng or shall we SAT [OTT]
[OT] PDF versus GIF
[OT] Re: DWG file viewer!?!?! [OT] sort of..
[OT] Solution to "Re: No Mail this week" try thi
[OT] VC++
[OT] VC++ --> ++Java
[OT] windows protection error
[OT] "Best" Editor
[OT] "Best" Editor (was: "Syntax Highlighting in M
[OT] ... those were the days ...
[OT] ... those were the days ... old 3.5" disk-dri
[OT] [Easter] - NOTselling religion BUT please ign
[OT] [EE] 24-bit A/D. Are We in the Twilite Zone H
[OT] [EE] PCB Issues
[OT] [OT] Photo Radar Buster PRB
[OT] [Spamming] Ho do we prevent people from minin
[OT] [way OT!]"Best" Editor (was: "Syntax Highligh
[OT] [way OT!]Emulate the 4004 with a PIC
[OT] 180mA to300mA circuit
[OT] 234/422 CONVERTER
[OT] 32-bit Serial-Input Confusion
[OT] 8088 based system using 2764 Eprom
[OT] Ah yes those were the days (but this is now).
[OT] Alternative Parts (voltage regulators)
[OT] Alternative Parts and really,
[OT] Another language (was New Stupid PIC Trick)
[OT] Apology Re: [OT] Professional Complainer
[OT] Are We in the Twilite Zone Here?
[OT] Argentinian piclister ?
[OT] Argentinian Piclister ?
[OT] Argentinian piclister ?
[OT] Attention to all Cebuano PICLISTER
[OT] backlight
[OT] BS2 and PC
[OT] Can I use a 900MHZ ISM transmitter in the UK?
[OT] Capture Printer Port ...
[OT] Constant-current cap charging
[OT] Controlling LED brightness
[OT] Data sheet on MC44145 sync stripper /pixel cl
[OT] Decoupling Query
[OT] Eagle Schematic
[OT] Easy C Compiler for general use
[OT] electronic question, and not about spam
[OT] Embedded Software Developer Required
[OT] Engineer's Creed
[OT] Evolution & Creationism
[OT] Evolution & Creationism [ADMIN][KILL THREAD]
[OT] External Printer Buffer ...
[OT] Fax wiring
[OT] Free full version of Delphi 3 Pro
[OT] From: Fire in the Hole - Tantalums
[OT] Genetic Algorithm Bugs (was: POR)
[OT] Help with IR detector!!!
[OT] HP HEDS shaft encoder module replacement ?
[OT] Humidity Sensor Interfacing
[OT] I2C LCD driver
[OT] Identify LCD module?
[OT] Latest Delta Sigma converter from Burr Brown
[OT] Latest Philips semiconductor products
[OT] LG Electronics GP40M Handheld PC
[OT] LiDar FAQ
[OT] Life of CDR recordings - Beware! - was Re:
[OT] Life of CDR recordings - Beware! - was Re: [O
[OT] Looking for engineer in Sao Paulo, Brazil
[OT] Looking for PS/2 mouse protocol documentation
[OT] malaysian piclister ?
[OT] MAX232
[OT] MERCOSUR Piclisters?
[OT] Micro Based Web Server
[OT] MIT Flea market
[OT] MIT Flea market (oops)
[OT] More on piezo-electric generation please
[OT] MOSFET paranoia
[OT] Motor ware
[OT] Need IC Pin out
[ot] need part number for a power plug
[OT] Need source for small white LEDs
[OT] New Stupid PIC Trick
[OT] New Stupid PIC Trick - Plastic stuff
[OT] NZ recipients only - looking for large mains
[OT] Opto output question
[OT] or not [ot] which controller is the question
[OT] OS security (was Re: Serial Commnuications)
[OT] Parallel Port Programmers
[OT] PDF to HTML, how to?
[OT] PDF to HTML, how to? Plus PDF2TXT
[OT] people detector, cheap, low consume,
[OT] people detector, cheap, low consume, and esay
[OT] Personal Optical Resolution
[OT] Personal Optical Resolution -> Evolution Theo
[OT] Personal Optical Resolution, even more [OT]
[OT] Photo Radar Buster PRB
[OT] Photo radar buster PRB
[OT] Photo Radar Buster PRB
[OT] Photo radar buster PRB
[OT] Photo Radar Buster PRB
[OT] Production Company for PCBoards
[OT] Production vs. Development programmers and tr
[OT] Professional Complainers
[OT] RE: Korg disk drive
[OT] RE: Audio DAC Accuracy [Tech]
[OT] Re: Fire in the Hole!!!
[OT] Re: Fire in the Hole!!!---->concrete
[OT] Re: Interface to ROMzap
[OT] RE: Korg disk drive
[OT] Re: Micro based system
[OT] Re: PIC:LIST Digest subject line -- sorry fol
[OT] Re: Question: C vs Asm
[OT] Re: Serial communication
[OT] Re: Virus Warning
[OT] Resistance
[OT] RF Project
[OT] RF Project...Now insults [KILL THREAD]
[OT] routing 0.250 traces to pins on 0.100 centers
[OT] RV: FW: Colud you help me Jim?
[OT] Samsung Parts
[OT] Samsung Parts (voltage regulators)
[OT] Samsung Rubbish
[OT] Security Access Devices.
[ot] Sending 9 bit data
[OT] Serial class for C++ (was: VC++)
[OT] Serial DTMF transeiver
[OT] Serial or Parallel interace for a DAC? or A
[OT] Serial or Parallel interace for a DAC? or A t
[OT] Slightly: Schematic needed for an LM211 LCD
[OT] SMP with pic driver
[OT] Software Random function
[OT] Software Random function... M sequency
[OT] Source for Holtek HT12D and HT12E ?
[OT] SP0256 speech processor info
[OT] Stirling Engine micro-tutorial
[OT] Stupid P16Pro Programmer Software Question
[OT] Superb freeware image viewer (and much more)
[OT] SX-Key Clock Configuration
[OT] Tantalum crowbars
[OT] Tantalum Heat Sensitivity
[OT] Testing piclist
[OT] testing spam weakness
[OT] Thanks to All
[OT] TIL32 and TIL78
[OT] Tinnitus sound cancellation
[OT] Tinnitus - was "INVERTE THE WAVE"
[OT] Tinnitus sound cancellation
[OT] To those looking for 7-segment drivers and ke
[OT] Todd is SPAMming us.
[OT] Transistor array advice please
[OT] Transistor H-Bridge
[OT] VB and the real world (was: Question: C vs As
[OT] VC++
[OT] VFD info
[OT] Video ADC problem
[OT] Virii (was Re: Serial Communication)
[OT] Virus warning [Humour]Fw: [AR] Fw: work
[OT] Visual Basic
[OT] web PCB format?
[OT] What is a Sigma-Delta AtoD converter? [EE]
[OT] Where to get surface mount 8 PIN dip sockets?
[OT] which Parallel port card
[OT] wire
[ot] wire wrap socket
[OT] Word 97 to pdf format?
[OT] ZIP backup system
[OT]: Anyone have troubles bulk erasing AT28HC256
[OT][EE]{WKB] Speedwire Prototyping system--lookin
[OT][EL] Other mcu list..
[OT]Delphi 5
[OT]How many monitors?
[OT]Re: Fire in the Hole!!!
[OT]Re: OT'ish: IR LED Comms
[OT]scratch pad RAM
[OT} Re: Interface to ROMzap
[WKB] Need help converting 16C57 to Scenix chip
<private>Re: Todd is SPAMming us was[OT] To those
12c508 57600bps
12C508 examples?
12V inductive load switching with MOSFETs?
13 bit DAC
16c74 ADCON1
16C74->16F874 portability problem (?!?)
16C76 as I2C bus master
16F84 FLASH write cycles?
16F873 simple program
16F874 PIC Refuses to Start Up [code attached this
16F874 PIC Refuses to Start Up?
16f877 porta blues
16F87x code security
16F8XX RAM map
24bit to ASCII(true) with dp, any suggestions for
32khz osc problems
500kHz ceramic resonator or 4MHz quartz crystal?
509 vs 509A
50MHz Scenix crystal source?
50MHz Scenix crystal source? [OT]
5C gets resett when driving load
5x7alfanum led problem
68-pin PLCC adapter wanted
7 Segment LED Driver
720k floppies
720k floppies [OT]
74B vs. 74A
8243 hard to find
A real C compiler
ABOUT 16F877
Access ID bits?
ADC0804LCN sampling freq
Air powered *, Thanks & report
Air powered electronics
Air powered electronics [OT]
Air powered electronics, going [OT]
A-law or mu-law to linear conversion.
Alternate part for MCM6830 ROM? [OT]
ANNOUNCE gpsim-0.19.0
Anyone try and put Caller ID information on a FAX
Anyone uses Seiko S807/S808 voltage detectors (muc
Archives for newbies??
Argentinian piclister ?
Argentinian piclister ? very: [OT]
ASCII Ribbon Campaign [OT]
ask for Hi-Tech C for 16F8xx programming guide and
Ask for more Programmer
ASk for the instruction set documentation for Hi-T
ATX power suply - very [OT][EE]
Audio DAC Accuracy [Tech]
AutoCad drawing viewer
Automatic telephone dialer (remote tone generator)
Automotive generator output voltage regulation
AW: CODE and DATA allocation of Linker
AW: Optimized math routines
AW: Optimized math routines. Debugging...
AW: RS232 / Comm problem with PIC16F877
AW: Syntax Highlighting in MPLAB
BCD Subroutine
Books on doing floating point in asm sans coproces
Building Adapters for EPIC Plus Programmer ????
C compiler study.
C program
candle flame flicker
Can't get MK41T56 to oscillate
Cap recommendations [OT]
CCS Output Determination...
Charles Manning's PIC Programming
Choice PIC...
CODE and DATA allocation of Linker
Code suggestions
COM84 programmer
command interpreter
Command interpreters
Connected PIC processor to INTERNET
Connecting a PIC to a PC
Current measurement [OT]
Development system
Different speed parts
Digital Answering Machine
Digital FM Tuning using PIC 16F84
Digital I/O and A/D Card for PC ? [OT]
Disable Interupts While Accessing Bank 1,2,3 Ram ?
DMX-512 devices based on the PIC ... has anyone do
Don't use Microchip's FFT
Don't use Microchip's FFT [OT]
Driving Vpp.
DS1620 code, anyone?
DTMF DECODE!!!!!!!!!!!
DTMF DECODE!!!!!!!!!!! now: Piclist people [OT]
Dual PWM's?
DWG file viewer!?!?! [OT] sort of...
Easy '877 EEPROM question...
EEPROM with two (or three) wires interface...
elementary MPASM bug1
Elementary MPASM's bug !
elevator controller using 16F84
Emacs for PCs...
EMAIL from a PIC
EMERGENCY!! Output Problem
Emulator for 16C716
Engineer's Creed
Engineer's Creed [OT]
ETN21 and MPLAB-ICD firmware version 2.04
Even more [OT] Personal Optical Resolution
Even more [OT] Personal Optical Resolution
External EEPROM Choices
External EEPROM Choices (Revisited)
faulty ATX power suply - very [OT]
Favorite C Bugs (was: "Re: Question: C vs Asm")
Favorite C Bugs (was: "Re: Question: C vs Asm") [O
Fire in the Hole!!!
Fire in the Hole!!! [OT]
Fire in the hole!!! [OT]
Fire in the Hole!!! [OT]
Fire in the hole!!! [OT]
Fire in the Hole!!! [OT]
Fire in the Hole!!! -Light Brite Episode
Fire in the Hole!!!, fence charges, and the like [
For Sale Clearview Mathias, and separate gang prog
Fr. Tom's UART Tutorial Now Available
Framming error
free 16Xxxx series programmer
Free book on DSP, FFT, CFT, etc
Free PIC-related URL Redirection / X24C16,ST24256,
Frequency Conversion
Frequency Conversion II
From Peru
From Peru Virus
From Peru Virus [ADMIN][VIRUS]
From Peru Virus [OT][VIRUS]
From Peru Virus [OT][VIRUS][ADMIN]
FS: Parallax PIC16C5x-EMU Emulators
Fw: [OT ] Problem turning off a solid state relay
Fw: [OT]Eagle
Fw: [PICLIST] [OT] Measuring Peak to Peak
Fw: 50MHz Scenix crystal source?
Fw: From Peru
FW: New Communications Program
Fw: Parallax programmer
Gang programmer for 12CE518 parts?
Gang Programmer for 12CE519, Crownhill Associates?
Graphic LCD Design Software [Tech]
Graphics displays to PICs
Happy Holidays[OT]
hardware lock
Have you seen this problem with the ICD?
hd61105 datasheet [ot]
Headphones changing pitch automagically [OT]
help for:how can I connect the 32Mbits OR 64Mbits
help me choose the best emulator
Help me PIC16F87X programmer
Help w/first LED program -It works!!!
Help with first LED program
help with frequency counter with pic from om3cph
Help!- Parallax PIC-16c5x-EMUlators cabling
Help!- PICbasic Pro
HELP:Conversion integer to binary floating number?
Help:Floating point number division of 2 bytes
Hi-Tech C standard library
Home automation terminal [HAT] Updated - Ver 0.1.1
how can directing connect the 24LC65 to PC LPT????
How to convert HEX to ASCII
How to program a PIC
How to re-target processor
HOWTO control a 1.44 FD with a PIC???
I like to use C (Ganahan ko mogamit ug C)
I put 16C76 code in a 16C72A - Should I worry.
I/O Port questions, some [OT] stuff
I2C - compatibilty Issues
I2c iplementation
ICE 2000
ICE 2000 How does it work
IC-PROG and PIC Programmer-2
ide asm
ide asm - full code here
ide interface offer
Image Compression Algorithm
Implementing RS-232 serial with 16F876 UART
Infra Red Eyes...
Infra Red Eyes... [OT]
Initializing EEPROM at program time ??
Interface to ROMzap
Interfacing TI calc to PIC
Interfacing TI Calculator
interfacing with a hard drive.
Interpreting C and Z flags when doing comparisons
inverters for EL backlight
IR Capture
Is CCS C compiler able to generate .ASM file MPASM
ISD33000 - reading MISO?
Isolated serial to RB0 interrupt...
It has been solved!
Just brain training. Rotating nibbles inside of by
Korg disk drive [OT]
Languages VB and the real world[OT]
LCD Driving Routine working on 16C63, but not 18F8
LCD Osciloscope
LCD Osciloscope [OT]
Leaching PIC power from RS-232
Linking PIC to MCS51
Linux [OT] on a PIC
Loading Hex files PICALL
Logic driven H-Bridge
Looking for a signed addtion routine
Looking for OpSrc/OpHrdw solution to program ispLS
Looking for Toshiba TCD142D CCD data sheet [OT] [E
low cost eprom programmer for 2764 (to all Bisdak
Low Cost PIC programmer
Low Voltage 16LF87X?
macro mania
Magnetic Stripe Encoder HELP !!!!!
Me again, or another RADIO problem..
Micro based system
Micro based system [OT]
Microchip seminars
Minature Data Loggers
Minature Data Loggers,
Mining Lists [OT]
mistake in AN526
MK41T56 timekeeper
Modify prog.....serial com
MOSFET paranoia
MP3 & Wav Formats [OT]
MPASM inlude - path
Mpasm Question ...
MPLAB install problems
MPLAB install problems.
MPLAB Pin Stimulus
MPLAB, Watch window results to file.
MPLABC17 Price?
MPLAB-ICE and windows NT4.0
Multi Access protocol
need PIC16F877 in SF Bay area (10-12 April) !!!
New Code Generator (was Another language (was New
New Communications Program
New Features(Editor) in MPLAB
New uP with 4 Channel hardware PWM - was 8 channe
newbie SPI hardware use question
No Mail this week
No More Reps for MicroChip
number representation in PICs
Object ASM Blues
OK, I'll Try Again!!
Old SiStudio SimmSticks PICmicro proto PCB's.
Old Vs New
Optimized math routines
Opto output question
oscillator strangeness
OT Total Combinations Possible
Other Lists
OT'ish: IR LED Comms
OT'ish: IR LED Comms [OT]
OT'ish: IR LED Comms {OT]
OT'ish: IR LED Comms[OT]
P16PRO for windows
P16Pro Programming problem
P16Pro Programming problem - New Info
P16Pro Programming problem - Update
Page Boundary macro's, if anyone is interested
Page Limit?
Pagesel ? Was 'Program over 1k with 16F877'
PAGESEL problem with MPASM (16C74)
Patuck T-8 [OT]
pcb engraver & circuit layout site [OT] [EE]
pcb engraver & circuit layout site [OT] [EE] repos
PCLATH lowest three bits ? never changes ?
peak detection / testing for a bit change
peak-to-peak voltage in ISP signals
Perhaps a Peaceful Ending? [OT]
PIC 16f84 Interrupt
PIC 16f84 Interrupt [Thanks]
PIC 16F84 Programmer
PIC and images [OT]
PIC clocking fm. ext. signal
PIC code required
Pic Exe Help
PIC getting stuck?
PIC power supply
pic programmer
PIC PSK31 modules
PIC smart card and embedded reader for PC.
PIC SOFTWARE for window9x platform
PIC STV5730A prototyping board
PIC STV5730A prototyping board
PIC to change Code as it runs?
PIC to change Code as it runs? Endurance issues.
PIC to DS1307 RTC problems
PIC16C74 Built-In UART Routines Needed.
PIC16C74 UART Program/Tutorial Now Available
PIC16F627 / PIC16F628 ...still in prototype??
pic16f84 & speed sensing
PIC16F877 programming question
PIC17C42A Disassembler code
PIC17C42A disassembler code
PIC17C42A Disassmbler
PIC17C42A Disassmbler... Now: Any PicMicro code du
PIC17C44 USART Problem
PIC18C452 Adaptor for PICSTART PLUS
PICC-Lite - a freeware PIC16x84 compiler from HI-T
PICLIST Digest - 24 Apr 2000 to 25 Apr 2000 (#2000
PICLIST Digest - 25 Apr 2000 to 26 Apr 2000 (#2000
PICLIST Digest - 6 Apr 2000 to 7 Apr 2000 (#2000-9
PicList en espa–ol
Piclist, code generator by Nikolai Golovchenko whe
Piclist, code generator by Nikolai Golovchenko, de
PICMaster Parts for Sale
Picstart 16B1 and phoenix.hex
Picstart 16B1 update?
picstart lite
picstart on USB serial ?
Picstart/ICD on USB
PID re-visit/PICLIST
piezo-electric generation, etc.
Pioneer/Sony CD serial data
Pix Start up directory
Plain Text Settings
Problem about delay of PIC16F84
problems with ICD
Production vs. Development [ADMIN][SPLIT THREAD]
Production vs. Development programmers
Production vs. Development programmers and tradema
Program over 1k with a 16F877
Program over 1k with a 16F877 [OT]
Programmer for code development
Programmer idea?
Programmers WISP
Programming the PIC16F877
Proof of Concept( Custom Duty Cycle Serial Port )
Protecting Memory with Windowed Device
Protocol A or EXECUTIVE
pulling outputs to 5 volts?
pulling outputs to 5 volts? - what about SRAM DQ'
pulling outputs to 5 volts? ...
pulling outputs to 5 volts? and what about SRAM DQ
PWM-Duty cycle of 100% at 10Bit resolution
Q: 16C76 as I2C bus master
Q: ICD answers
Q: ICD questions
QL Arrggghh Why don't ICDs come with power supplie
Question about Programmers
Question: C vs Asm
Question: C vs Asm [ADMIN][KILL THREAD]
Question: C vs Asm [OT]
Questions about SPI port
RCTime Data
re ide asm
Reading LCD busy flag w/4bit interface
Reading Pot with Sigma Delta - was : What is a Si
Relative Humidity
Relay failure modes [OT]
Repair services for PICMASTER
Replies are coming direct to me!!!!!!
RES for DS, what about DBIT ??
RF transmitter
RMS calculations
ROMzap + freebie
Romzap freebie
Rookie of Hi-Tech C for 16f84 want to ask for more
rotating two logical ones in porta
Routine for Integer to Exponent numbers!!
RS232 / Comm problem with PIC16F877
RS-232 on the 12C508
RTCC sample code
Rules for using Carry and Zero flags don't work wi
Scrolling LED Display
Sending 9 bit data
Serial communication
Serial communication and [OT] attachments.
Serial communication Now:attachements [ADMIN][MARK
Serial or Parallel interace for a DAC?
Serial or Parallel Interface for a DAC?
Share me a 16F877 PIC programmer (Hatag ug
Share me a 16F877 PIC programmer (Hatag ug 16F877
Share me a 16F877 PIC programmer (Hatag ug 16F877
Shifting in Software
Simple problem? (Long post - code enclosed)
Simultaneous Interrupts
Simultaneous Interrupts [OT]
Slow down!
SmartMedia Interface?
Solvent Danger was Re: Re: [OT] New Stupid PI
Spam tools: Sam Spade is working now. [OT]
SPI mode - please help
SPI Questions
Store data in rom (f877)
Stray Capacitance and Resistor Arrays...
Stray Capacitance and Resistor Arrays... [OT]
strength Problem with loockuptable.....
String parse sample in C (pic to palm pilot)
Surge current testing Re: [OT] From: Fire in the H
Syntax Highlighting in MPLAB
Tables and flags with C.
telemetry trans & rec
Thank you Alan!!
The best of Micro...
TI calc/PIC interface
Timing Loops, Please help
Todd is SPAMming us was[OT] To those looking for 7
Todd Peterson's Apology - NOT! [ADMIN][SPAM VOTE]
Todd Peterson's Apology [OT]
Totally [OT]
trace problems
Trashing the stack
Trig math routines, arcsin (asin) and/or arctan (a
Two ASCII bytes to one Hex byte?
unscribe piclist
Use of TMR0 as a counter
Use of XORWF instruction
Variable PWM Output
Verifying software rev in production
very [OT] Photo Radar Buster PRB
Virtual Car
Virus Warning
Visual Basic (was C vs ASM) [OT]
Visual Basic Thanks [OT]
Vref gaffe
Vref on PIC 16C74
VSync with STV5703A[OT]
Waking the 16F877 after EEPROM write
Wanted: Microchip's "The truth about AVR"
Warning[219]: Invalid RAM location specified.
Watching serial port I/O - free program found
Weak pullups PORTB
What is happening?!
Where is the f*&!@#$ 24C65 datasheet? [OT]
Where to buy Resonators w/ built in caps...
White LEDs needed
Why isn't my crystal oscillating?
Why isn't my crystal oscillating?--Hi Freq/Low vol
WLoader: 16f877 application loader (bootloader)
Won't interrupt on change
Won't interrupt on change- FIXED
X10 "Firecracker" hacking..
xtal testing information
Yeehaw!, er, Yahoo!
Yet another hard to find bug
Zero Ohm Resistor [OT]

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