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(PIC) c program
: most convoluted way to enter a program into a PI
[AD] 12 x 2 LCD displays with backlight. For sale.
[AD] 12C671 / 12CE671 Windowed Parts For Sale
[AD] For Sale: 20 common-anode 4-digit clock displ
[AD] hi, I am selling Cylinder Li-ion battery.
[AD] I have 280 of 122×32 graphic LCD.
[AD] I have 300 Li-ion cylinder battery, 2000mAh.
[AD] new 300 Li-ion cylinder battery, 2000mAh. 7$/
[AD] New PICs supported by ProProg and EasyProg
[AD] New RC Servos for sale
[AD] PIC Microcontroller 64 & 80 pin TQFP adapter
[AD] qty 20 PIC18LF452 TQFP, usa
[AVR] AVR USB STK500 compatible open source progra
[AVR] winavr assembler vs Atmel assembler...
[Bulk] Re: [EE] Speedometer for the model railroad
[BUY] Local electronics store in Boston area
[BUY] Unix printer driver support in Hawaii
[EE:] Bell 103 protocol over CDMA phone possible?
[EE] RFID breakthrough
[EE] "Desktop" room temperature nuclear fusion con
[EE] 2cell (AA) boost to 5V (TH)
[ee] 3904 base resistor
[EE] Accelerometer to measure rotation?
[EE] Accelerometer to measure rotation? NO!
[EE] Anticollision algorithm
[EE] Arrays of FETs in a single package?
[EE] Backup of live repositories
[EE] Bargain EL wire sources?
[EE] Battery suggestions?
[EE] Best way to test an alternator
[EE] Brightest LED and best wavelength seen by vid
[EE] Carbon film vs Metal film resistors
[EE] Circuit design & drawing way back when
[EE] Creepage/clearance for 415VAC
[EE] Design of a dimmable fluorescent light contro
[EE] Distance Measurement
[EE] Distance Measurement KISS
[EE] dmx512 based design work [i need some explena
[EE] Driving LED matrix displays?
[EE] Dumpster Diving
[EE] Eagle Layout Editor - Creating Schematic Symb
[EE] eagle searchable archive?
[EE] Eagle3D visualisation software
[EE] Editor under Cygwin
[EE] Finer syringe tips for soldering paste
[EE] Handlebar mounted switch for Bike, Moped, Mot
[EE] Handling SMT components
[EE] IE textRange guru needed
[EE] If it is possible put a switch power's output
[EE] LEDs as lighting
[EE] Linear power supply blowing it's diodes
[EE] Looking for manufacturing contacts in China
[EE] Low-noise/vibration stepper motor driver
[EE] Metric units
[EE] microcontroller with built-in RS-485?
[EE] Multi point simultaneous contact "touch scree
[EE] Multi point simultaneous contact 'touch scree
[EE] need suggestions for low-force double pole sw
[EE] New Additions to Freescale Accelerometer g-Se
[EE] New TI $20 USB-based MSP430 development syste
[EE] New USB chip from Maxim
[EE] New USB OTG AVR MCU from Atmel
[EE] OpenTherm Protocol
[EE] PCB Layout - Dos and Do nots
[EE] PCB traces as fuses?
[EE] power supply question
[EE] Prototype Board Thru-hole & Surface Mount?
[EE] Re: C or asm?
[EE] Re: trouble while driving power leds
[EE] Reducing Stepper Motor Resonance
[EE] Request for Source for Laser diode or module
[EE] RFID breakthrough
[EE] RS-232 optical isolation
[EE] Schema PCB by Omation
[EE] scope current probes
[EE] selecting the right C++ STD library memory bu
[EE] Shock the kitty
[EE] SMT mouting and repairing
[EE] Socket for AC light bulb
[EE] Socket for AC light bulb]
[EE] Speedometer for the model railroad - RF or IR
[EE] Stirling Engine regenerator thermal analysis
[EE] The plastic computer is back ...
[EE] Tin Whiskers
[EE] Transient Suppression
[EE] Transient Suppression - was Re: [ee] 3904 bas
[EE] trouble while driving power leds
[EE] trouble while driving power leds (OT topic ha
[EE] Variable Bandpass Filter
[EE] WAS : 2cell (AA) boost NOW - building SMT
[EE] Wood powder fuelled 35 kW CHP Stirling system
[EE] Wood powered gas turbine
[EE] World's worst backlight circuit~~?
[EE]: looking for cheapest 4M digital camera
[EE]: $10.99 USB dev system
[EE]: ? to circuit design
[EE]: [PIC]: Hard drive Oscilloscope/LA
[EE]: AC adapter spec lying
[EE]: ARM7 Divide
[EE]: Distance and height measurement.
[EE]: does anyone sell a cheap logic analyzer ?
[EE]: Eagle connection problem
[EE]: Eagle copper pour question
[EE]: Eagle missing power connections
[EE]: Eagle newbie library question
[EE]: Eagle power connection problem
[EE]: Fast 2GHz Amplifier suppliers
[EE]: loran C
[EE]: Solder paste in Canada?
[EE]: Solder smoke absorber
[EE]: URL for free space laser communications emai
[EE]Breath airspeed measurement
[EE]CAN Protocol wiring
[Fwd: [PIC] Divide by 10]
[Fwd: Re: [OT] Best way to get started with roboti
[gnupic] Re: [PIC] piklab now supports ICD2 and PI
[OT:] Lifters and homemade capacitors
[OT] Warp Drive Patent Rejected
[OT] [wanted] Old EPROM burner that will R/W 2716
[OT] [wanted] Old EPROM burner that will R/W 2716,
[OT] 10,000 year clock project
[OT] Acer computers
[OT] add a counter on labels
[OT] Assessing tone of textual conversations
[OT] Automatically moving junk mail with Thunderbi
[OT] Automation (was...You gotta read this...)
[OT] Backup WinXP Desktop?
[OT] Best way to get started with robotics
[OT] Best way to program a OTP EPROM PIC
[OT] Cheap programmer interface, was noob's 1st qu
[OT] Cleaning fluid
[OT] Cleaning fluid- was PCB Layout - Dos and Do n
[OT] Computer build using relays
[OT] Computer built using relays (with link this t
[OT] Digikey to charge sales tax?
[OT] Do Not Drink
[OT] Do Not Drink (was PCB Layout - Dos and Do not
[OT] Dumbest Circuit I Ever Built that Worked (Was
[OT] Dumbest Circuit I Ever Built that Worked(WasY
[OT] Free Visual Studio "express editions"
[OT] FS: Original Intel 8008 Assembly Language Pro
[OT] Glitchbuster
[OT] Good site for MP3 music downloads?
[OT] Help locating mystery building
[OT] homebrew engine 'superchips"
[OT] Homebrew fountain help
[OT] Interesting dental reference site
[OT] iPOD video
[OT] Is DDE possible with VB 6.0
[OT] Ladder logic programming?
[OT] Lifters and homemade capacitors
[OT] Looking for a smallish 4 digit LCD for clock
[OT] Looking for a stepper motor kit w/PC interfac
[OT] Mechanical Strength of a Bolt
[OT] Mind control parasite
[OT] Multiply by 1???
[OT] Olimex
[OT] Pretty Suit-Sat picture
[OT] Quantum computer works best switched off
[OT] Shock the kitty
[OT] Stupid "stupid" again
[OT] Subliminal virii
[OT] There's no such thing as at innocent query
[OT] Thought for the day
[OT] trouble while driving power leds
[OT] What to download (Bndwdith by 28TH)
[OT] What's a way? and a place?
[OT] You got to read this in Microchip Forum
[OT]: Domain names for evil patents
[OT]: Domain names for evil patents KILL THREAD
[OT]: Poll: Jury duty attitude
[OT]: Poll: Jury duty attitude PIC AGSC
[OT]: agency approval for battery device?
[OT]: Domain names for evil patents
[OT]: Hacking the iPod
[OT]: looking for quote from developer TSFR
[OT]: Nice macro high speed photography setup
[OT]: Optimus "mini three" keyboard is in producti
[OT]: Photo classification using face recognition
[OT]: Poll: Jury duty attitude
[OT]: while looking for electric cycles I found mo
[OT]: Wow, gcc for TI calculators
[OT]:Intel XEON IA64 processor big or little endia
[OT]:Open Source favorite language
[OT]Introducing myself
[PIC:] 12F638 on PICALL programmer, is it possible
[PIC:] 12F683 on PICALL programmer, is it possible
[PIC:] How much can a PIC do?
[PIC:] PIC and lcd with ttl or lvds
[PIC:] Tiny PIC Bootloader and 18f2620
[PIC] Problem with RB3 & RB4 on 16F628
[PIC] (was [AD]) New PICs supported by ProProg an
[PIC] - dual loop servo control of telescope mount
[PIC] PICtail Ethernet Board schematic?
[PIC] - Selling my programmer
[PIC] Table organizing
[PIC] - Wiegand HID PIC project
[PIC] [EE] [OT] Parallax bluetooth module
[PIC] [EE] USB in a nutshell
[PIC] [gnupic] noob's 1st ques
[PIC] 16F877A and DS1302 interfacing trouble
[PIC] 18F452 to ds30F3013 translator
[PIC] 18F4520 RA4 question
[PIC] 18LF6722 SPI Problem
[PIC] 2 questions about 18f4550
[PIC] 2 questions about 18f4550.
[PIC] A dsPIC30F programming question
[PIC] A question about C compilers for the old-tim
[PIC] A question for the dsPIC experts amongst us
[PIC] accurate delay routines
[PIC] accurate delay routines - Standard embedded
[PIC] ADC problem reading lower byte in 12F683
[PIC] another newbie: 1 wire bus concept
[PIC] Any good PIC ICD2 clones?
[PIC] Best PIC for App
[PIC] Best way to program a OTP EPROM PIC
[PIC] boot loader
[PIC] C18 versus HiTech compiler?
[PIC] CCP2 PWM problem
[PIC] Cheap programmer interface, was noob's 1st
[PIC] Cheap programmer interface, was noob s 1st q
[PIC] Cheap programmer interface, was noob's 1st q
[PIC] Comments on keypad design?
[PIC] comparison
[PIC] Config Bits Puzzle
[PIC] Configureable programing software for PIC18F
[PIC] DC Motor Control = PWM + Hall Sensor
[PIC] Divide by 10
[PIC] DIY ICD2 Clone
[PIC] Driving LED's (newbie ?)
[PIC] EEPROM info in the HEX file and Wisp628/XWis
[PIC] Errors in the ASM30 manual (DS51317D)
[PIC] How do you report an error in the manual to
[PIC] I2C missing first character..
[PIC] I2C missing first character...sometimes
[PIC] I2C missing first character...sometimes. loc
[PIC] Leave JDM2 ICSP cable attached when power ap
[PIC] Looking for windows programming software for
[PIC] Low voltage pic programming
[PIC] Macros won't work
[PIC] Microcontroller Reliability ?
[PIC] Microprocessor Benchmarks
[PIC] Microsoft scrolling mouse
[PIC] MP3 Player was [OT] You got to read this in
[PIC] NASA Releases SuitSat-1 with PIC18 Microcont
[PIC] need PIC programmed with DIYKIT 128 firmware
[PIC] New electronic projects site (Schematics onl
[PIC] New PIC18F45J10 series of PICs
[PIC] Noob questions (PIC16F684)
[PIC] Old PICStarts (Was: Best way to program OTP
[PIC] or [EE] or [OT] HP-IL interface
[PIC] PIC based OBD II for J1850?
[PIC] PIC RS232 Parity adder
[PIC] picdem fs usb schematic ?
[PIC] piklab now supports ICD2 and PICkit 2 progra
[PIC] PORTE problems on18F8x22
[PIC] PORTE problems on18F8x22, SOLVED
[PIC] Problem with RB3 & RB4 on 16F628
[PIC] Programming newer devices with homemade prog
[PIC] Question about a/d converter
[PIC] Question about IP stack
[PIC] Question about LAT registers
[PIC] Question about pic as hid device
[PIC] Question about picdem fs usb
[PIC] question from someone new to the list
[PIC] Questions about PICDEM FS USB
[PIC] Random numbers revisited
[PIC] Re: PIC Windows to Linux Transistion
[PIC] Re: timer interrupt using PIC12F508/509
[PIC] Sale on PB containing parts
[PIC] Serial Bootloader / Debugger Combo
[PIC] Serial Bootloader / Debugger Combo was [PIC
[PIC] Serial Bootloader / Debugger Combo was [PIC
[PIC] Serial Bootloader / Debugger Combo was [PICC
[PIC] Simulator for PIC development
[PIC] Software UART routines for PIC18
[PIC] something else
[PIC] Survey on PIC usage.
[PIC] Table organizing
[PIC] Testing the listserv, please ignore
[PIC] timer0 interrupt accuracy problem
[PIC] Tutorial on using C30
[PIC] Tutorial on using C30]
[PIC] Very low output on ccp1 for pwm1
[PIC] Warning message with student version of C30
[PIC] Windowed Parts FS on AD
[PIC]: 18F pure asm USB HID driver
[PIC]: 18F452 - 18F4520
[PIC]: Clock Jitter on INTOSC
[PIC]: Getting started with USB
[PIC]: Microchip website malfunction?
[PIC]: most convoluted way to enter a program into
[PIC]: MPLAB SIM - green arrow on left margin miss
[PIC]: MPLAB SIM - how does the Sim Logic Analyser
[PIC]: PicStart plus supports 18f[2,4]550?
[PIC]: putrsUSART() breaking DataRdyUSART()
[PIC]: QT113H emulation
[PIC]: Vol vs Iol
[PIC]: Vol vs Iol (Microchips reply)
[PIC]Menue system, or do I need to reinvent the wh
[PIC]Microchip original programmers
[PIC]pic16f737 and max7301ANI problems
[PIC]Programming failure with ICD2
[SX] (11) SX Ethernet Stack Kits and (5) SX Modem
[SX] (No Topic)
[SX] 35 Free I2C / UART Evaluation Kits
[SX] 40.00 KHz
[SX] 50MHz Murata Resonator
[SX] An 8bit byte plus parity. How?
[SX] Anyone having success with USB to serial conv
[SX] Application Notes
[SX] Assembly Language across different microcontr
[SX] Audio playback with SX & EEPROM
[SX] basic question
[SX] Best way to pick up Tach signal from Car
[SX] Byte(2) variable and UNKNOWN COMMAND: LET
[SX] C Compiler for the SX: Parallax has a solutio
[SX] Capture/Compare on the SX-28
[SX] CASE statement for SX/B?
[SX] Complex SX math (is this possible)
[SX] Crystal switchout
[SX] Data statements
[SX] Difference between the operation of SX on pro
[SX] Digital Sine wave...
[SX] DS1307 Demo
[SX] EMC failure with SX52 @ 50 MHz
[SX] Err on the side of fewer or more NOPs?
[SX] Exact timing with RTCC
[SX] Getting started
[SX] HCMOS TTL Crystal Oscillators
[SX] I2C comment
[SX] Incorrect wakeup - WKPND_B ?
[SX] IRC is a few cycles short
[SX] Is faster really more problematic?
[SX] LCD Problems
[SX] LCD Template
[SX] Linux SX Development Tools
[SX] losing lsb w/ tlc0831 a TI adc
[SX] LTC1298 AD chip SX assembly language troubles
[SX] Mode no mode or what.... :)
[SX] Need Debounce for SX/B Matrix Keypad code
[SX] No more whining about the cost of SX programm
[SX] OneWire timing in SX/B
[SX] Open Source SX Keyphone Project
[SX] Overclocking SX52
[SX] PIC Replacement
[SX] pjv's RTOS adapted to preemptive single main
[SX] prescaler syntax ok?
[SX] Presents some sites from Vietnam-Do you want
[SX] problems debugging sxb
[SX] programming the sx
[SX] pull-up resistor mode?
[SX] Quadrature encoder SX/B example not working
[SX] Radio Control Encoder from an SX
[SX] Re PIC Programming
[SX] Reading the SX48 Timers ?
[SX] RTCC Interrupts
[SX] SED1335 (S1D13305) Interfacing with SX
[SX] Serout freezes everything
[SX] Shortening redundant code
[SX] starting to work with the SX's....what's bett
[SX] Sx 28 and the PINK. IS IT POSSIBLE?
[SX] SX chips talking - stategies
[SX] SX Interrupts
[SX] SX power supply
[SX] SX Sim truncating
[SX] SX Video board DIM settings
[SX] SX/B program question
[SX] SX/B RAM to RAM move
[SX] SX/B Shiftin/Shiftout SPI
[SX] SX18
[SX] SX28 chip data save
[SX] SX28 programming.
[SX] SX48 and PC RAM?
[SX] SxKey Error Vpp
[SX] SX-Key failing with added subcircuit load?
[SX] SX-KeyRing now shipping for $9.95: build a 3.
[SX] SXSim for MS Windows
[SX] The Zen of the 1-Wire Protocol
[SX] Transmitting a keypad signal from an SX-28 to
[SX] Using SX Tech board with StampInClass tutoria
[SX] VP Dual 115200 Uarts
[SX] Weird SX use, need help
[SX] Welcome
[SX] Wierd interrupt behavior: pins set up for int
[SX] X-10 commands
[SX] XS 48/52 Proto Board How To
{PIC} PIC based OBD II for J1850?
~~ Re: [EE] World's worst backlight circuit~~?
Anticollision algorithm
AW: [PIC]: MPLAB SIM - green arrow on left margin
Big power supplies (was [EE] Linear power supply b
C or asm?
Circuit help please
DIY ICD2 Clone
Eagle copper pour question
Microcontroller or Robotics Club in San Francisco
newbie with mplab
PC Keyboard -> Serial converter
PIC RS232 Parity adder
PIC Windows to Linux Transistion
PIC12F675 NOT going into Debug mode
Poll: Jury duty attitude PIC AGSC
Question about IP stack
Re[2]: [EE] Anticollision algorithm
RES: [OT]: Poll: Jury duty attitude
RES: [PIC]: QT113H emulation
Robotics Community
timer interrupt using PIC12F508/509

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