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"help me please!!" UPDATE.
"MCLR" Issues
#define routine!
$85 Kit117 vs. Assembled $89 Warp-13
(MP3 Decoder IC) NZ sources
(ot) coils color codes
(OT) Division of polynomials/easy way or in mathCA
(OT)Re: Re: Hard Drive Interface
[FS] PicMaster
[GOTCHA]Re: RB Change Interrupts
[OT ]contractor needed
[OT[ Web Hosting / ISP's - whg.org
[OT] Mod-bus protocol spec?
[OT] Off Topic Ethernet Question.
[OT] PIC to generate sync for VCR to record data
[OT] Re: [AR:] Lathes and Lasers
[OT] Recording radio on a video recorder.
[OT] wav-files via the PC sound card
[OT] 2SC4641 Transistor
[OT] 3d chopper
[OT] 7 segment multiplexed digits
[OT] Accepting credit cards for PIC contract work
[OT] Accounting program??
[OT] ADC recommendations please.
[OT] Another MP3 idea!
[OT] Any experiences with FreeHDL (Free VHDL imple
[OT] Anyone from Tech Tools Still Monitor this Lis
[OT] Asian Companies - was PICLIST Digest
[OT] Asking the gurus
[OT] Asking the gurus @ Test-equipment@gth.net
[OT] Asteroid Rendezvous [OT]
[OT] Atmel 89xxxx programming Feature
[OT] Atmel Programmers
[OT] Atmel«s 8051 mailing list
[OT] Binary bits in excel
[OT] Buzzer device?
[OT] BYF 407 data ?
[OT] Capacitor Heeeeeeeeeelp!
[OT] CCD Cameras
[OT] CirrusLogic - Crystal LAN CS8900A
[OT] Client needs a Manufacturing Engineer/Manager
[OT] Connectors to TO-92 devices
[OT] continued questions from RC servo accuracy
[OT] Crime Doesn't Pay
[OT] d'101' Ways to Express a Number
[OT] Design Idea
[OT] Designing power supplys
[OT] DIMERA 3500
[OT] Does anyone know of a Bidirectional RS-232 dr
[OT] Don't change "Subject" for a new posting
[OT] DTMF receiver to telephone line without trans
[OT] Electronics books
[OT] EMI filters
[OT] Eprom Burner
[OT] EPROM burner modules
[OT] Filter calculations
[OT] Filter Design Software
[OT] Filtering received PICLIST messages
[OT] Flash Roms
[OT] Funny mnemonics
[OT] Funny mnemonics = HCF
[OT] Funny mnemonics = HCF Byte mag
[OT] Futaba VFD voltages (model M202SD08FJ)
[OT] Going mad - email dials automatically [OT]
[OT] good books
[OT] Hewlett Packard site
[OT] How stuck is that PICcy in the window ?
[OT] How to measure snowfall or rainfall?
[OT] How to measure snowfall?
[OT] Info on CD File System
[OT] IP Masq / IPChains (was Internet Toaster)
[OT] Is it an interesting question?
[OT] ISD 5008 Speech Chip
[OT] ISD 5008 speech chips
[OT] Last resort...need source for NT exportable v
[OT] LCD Display TrueType font
[OT] LCD's
[OT] Linux & PIC's
[OT] Logic types
[OT] Magnetic sensors, compass sensors
[OT] Mail header jokes?
[OT] memset
[OT] MPSIM yet another gotcha
[OT] MPSIM yet another gotcha. More whining
[OT] MuRata and Tokin Gyros
[OT] need information on RFdata company
[OT] Networking in Visual Basic 6.0
[OT] Op-Amp Capabilities
[OT] Opto recommendation
[OT] Oscar the wannabe code protection violator
[OT] P Channel FETS for lv load switching.
[OT] Parallel ECP (Extended Capabilities Port)
[OT] PIC Sound to Light?
[OT] PIC Sound to Light? Patlex & patents
[OT] PIC Sound to Light? Polygon mirrors
[OT] PIC to generate sync for VCR to record data
[OT] PIR - Extended
[OT] Pleas if anybody know...
[OT] Protel 99 SE *OR* OrCAD9.1 ?
[OT] Protel 99 SE *OR* OrCAD9.1 ? or EWB or Circui
[OT] Radio over telephone line
[OT] Rainfall - woz RS232 works thanks to Rudy Wie
[OT] Re: 16F877 ROM protect
[OT] Re: Binary bits in excel
[OT] Re: How to write bad code - was Re: C vs. ASM
[OT] Re: ICE 2000 16F87* Processor Module
[OT] RE: Internet Toaster
[OT] Re: Motorola M*Core
[OT] Re: Price and availability of PIC parts
[OT] Re: Price range of design/program services.
[OT] Real-time video on internet, how?
[OT] Recording radio on a video recorder.
[OT] Recording VCR or Camcorder needed.
[OT] resonant frequency determination
[OT] Rockwell's ConfigurACE
[OT] Sample ftp source code
[OT] Sample ftp source code -> Perl
[OT] Signal Amplification
[OT] Simultaneous keypress detection (was:
[OT] Simultaneous keypress detection (was: XY
[OT] Simultaneous keypress detection (was: XY posi
[OT] Small delays
[OT] Solenoid Driver
[OT] Solenoid driver
[OT] Solenoid Driver
[OT] Solenoid driver
[OT] Solenoid driver - need a few good ideas
[OT] Solenoid Driver - Need a few good ideas...
[OT] sound files!
[OT] Strange Optrex display!?
[OT] supplier for moulded audio cables
[OT] Talking about GPS...
[OT] terminal program
[OT] terminal program - Get 'em here!
[OT] Test Equipment
[OT] Time & Date (Common) Sens(e)ing
[OT] TIPL790
[OT] Tokin and MuRata Gyros
[OT] Unidentifiable display
[OT] wav-files via the PC sound card
[OT] Weather Stations and Meteorological
[OT] Weather Stations and Meteorological Info Upda
[OT] Web Host - NT Hosting
[OT] whither non-volatile LCD?
[OT] Windows and the Parallel Port
[OT] windows icons
[OT] windows icons -- HOWTO
[OT] Would it be weird?
[OT] XY position determination
[OT][only sort of] Latest news from Philips
[OT]Hooking un an Electret Mic to a tape recorder
[OT]Motor and cap
[OT]MP3 files
[OT]On-Screen Display (STV5730)
[OT]probably - EROS Asteroid Site - pictures etc
[OT]Re: Anyone have anything they want to sell?
[OT]Re: Home Automation with PICs
[OT]RE: Parallel Port access via C.
[OT]Re: Price and availability of PIC parts
[OT]Re: RS232 works thanks to Rudy Wieser!
[OT]RE: TI "next generation" DSP intro
[OT]Re: UV
[OT]Re: where to buy pics
[OT]Simulation of Flash
[OT]Tempus Fugit...
[OT]Web Hosting / ISP's - whg.org
[OT} Re: Oscar the wannabe code protection violato
[OT-ish] EEprom programming X2444
[pICLIST] Warp13 programmer ...
> < Problems
12C57 at 20 MHz and 3.5 volts---Anyone done it--or
12C672/JW availability?
16 bit PIC math question on subtracting
16B1 phoenix upgrade
16B1/16c pgmr phoenix upgrade problems
16Bit subtracting
16Bit subtracting (giving back what was once recei
16c5x parts
16F877 A/D Example
16f877 and SPI problem ...
16f877 bootloader
16f877 programing hardware question
16F877 ROM protect
16F877 x 2
16F877-ICD speed.
16F87X - 10bit number A/D
17C766 Programming
32K crystal on T1 oscillator
38kHZ IR
4 Digit 7 Segment LCD Display and Controller
4066 (OT)
8 bit hex?!
A cry for help- Distance Meters with PIC 16F
a mpsim question about the PIC16c71
a mpsim question about the PIC16c71 revisited
A simple Question from a newby
A/D fluctuation
ADC Output? How to convert Digital to Analog?
Air pressure sensors
Air pressure sensors [OT]
An Idea....
ANNOUNCE gpsim-0.18.0
Another CallerID / PIC question.
Another MP3 idea!
another MPASM question
Any experience with IDT Dual-Port SRam ?
Anyone have anything they want to sell?
Anyone have experience with this programmer?
Arabic LCD display character set 2*16
Ascii constants
ASCII driver code for PIC16C73!!!
ASCII routines
Assembler Error
Async Comm
Async Comm inital conditions
AT Keyboard Encoder
AW: LATCH-UP, great problems...
Basic PIC Programming
binary to speech
Bipolar electrolitic C datasheet
Brookes and Gatehouse B&G 390
Brookes and Gatehouse B&G 390 [OT]
bus system
'c' code
C compiler comparison/review
C compiler that supports PIC16F873?
C Compiler with Double Precision Float
C++ for PICmicro
Calibration of NTC thermistor PIC based data
Caller ID Link for whoever wanted info on it
CBLOCK directive...
CC5X programs
CC5X programs?
CCP1 and CCP2?
CCS C vs PPBasic
CCS Compiler and Annual Maintenance Agreement
CCS I2C Help
Central Office Model (Subscriber Line)
Character generator file
Character generator table
Character generator table - lcdfont.h?
Character generator table--3x5 font revised
Cheap A2D Source Code??
Cheapest 12-bit serial DAC you know of?
Chicken PICin' [NOT OT!]
Chicken PICin' [OT]
Chickens [0T]
Chickens [NOT 0T!]
Chickens [NOT OT!]
Chickens [NOT OT!] Solution!
Chickens [Very OT]
Chickens [Very OT][OT][OT]
Circuit and TraxMaker from MicroCode [OT]
CircuitMaker 6 vs. Pro...
CirrusLogic - Crystal LAN CS8900A
CNC machine language
Code challenge: 16bit bin2dec w/ 1 temp
Code Protection/Internal Write
Code Protection/Internal Write - $85 Kit117 vs. As
Code wtd: Timer with DS1302
Comments and questions about DS1820
Comments for Newless Clubie Pse..
Communication Problems in Win NT 4.0 SP 5
complex trigger on 18c452 on ICE2000
Confusing timer results...
connect 2 phone lines correctly
Control Robot wirelessly
Controlling voice chip outputs to different speake
Could not access Dontronics website
CRC-16 for the PIC16C5X
Cripting an exe
Crystals and microcontrollers
Custom LCD Characters
CVASM's Future
Cyrrus Logic - Crystal LAN CS8900A
DAA circuits (phone)
Data Logger - Sleep / Wake up frequency ??
DC Motor and tachometer
DC motor and tachometer
DC motor control and PIC16F873
Debounce routine for 8-bit port
Decrement 4 byte variables
Decrement 4 byte variables, redux
Device Drivers
Difference between 16C621 and 16C621A
Digital camera
Digital camera - via a modem
Division on a PIC 16C84
DMX512 Transmitter
Does 16F877 A/D code work directly in 16F876?
Does 16F877 A/D code work directly in 16F876?[OT]
Does anybody have Hi-Tech C routines for the Micro
Does anyone know if PICs with onboard CAN support
Does this algorithm exist?
Doing ADC on Differential AC Data?
Driving UV-fluorescent tubes[OT]
DS1620 - total control! [OT]
DTMF receiver to telephone line without transforme
Eagle CAD[OT)
EEPROM endurance/error correction (long)
eeprom reads
Epson LCD
Epson LCD[OT]
Errors in code listing
Ethernet and PIC possible ?
External Modem Cable [OT]
F87x register aliasing
F87x register aliasing -> ICD
fast % routine
Feasibility design: Speed and Position ...
Feasibility design: Speed and Position ... [OT]
fi directive in mpsim is behaving oddly.
Finally 16F876 A/D works But now I have a question
Firing pulse error
First Project with PIC16F87x doesn't work
Floating point Routines:
Flow chart for Graphic LCD to PIC interface.
Fr. Tom's LCD Fonts are Ready for Downloading!
Fr. Tom's LCD True Type Font: Zipped Version
Free Borland C++ Compiler for Download
FSK decoder with 16f84.
Futaba VFD (OT)
Fw: [OT] Radio over telephone line
Fw: Does anyone know the phone no. of the UK micro
Fw: Need help about data sheet
Fw: Re: [OT] Radio over telephone line
Fw: Re: > < Problems
Fw: Re: ICD
Fwd: PIC12CE674 OTP problem-FOUND PROBLEM-
General calculation type question
General I2C CCS Routines
General question about PIC assembler programming m
General question...
Good data compression books
Got 16F876 A/D working...sort of....BUT.....
Graphic LCD Project
Hacked Email
Hard Drive Interface
Hardware Bracket [OT]
Heavy duty, reliable AC power control from a PIC.
Hello to the PIClist
Help Accessing Database files...
help finding data shhet
help me please!
help me please!! ..(MCLR Circuits)..
help me please!! ....
help me please!++ (more info on tests done...)
Help with CCS C, 16CE625 and EEprom
Help with CCS C, 16ce625 and eeprom
Help with number notation for MPASM
HELP: MPLAB/MPLINK linker text-file
Hi.Where can I download 6502 C language and source
High Power motor driver
High speed IR or RF comms
Home Automation with PICs (was: Internet Toaster)
Home Automation with PICs [OT]
Home Automation with PICs [OT] (was:
Home Automation with PICs [OT] (was: Internet
Home Automation with PICs [OT] (was: Internet Toas
hot gossip [OT]
How connect 5V I2C master with 3.3V slave?
How connect 5V I2C master with 3.3V slave? [Ramble
How connect 5V I2C master with 3.3V slave? Direcly
How do I hook up ADC Differential Inputs (ie do AD
How long?
How to connect a PIC16F84 to a Cell Phone ?
How to drive big led displays
How to measure rainfall (digitally)
How to measure rainfall (digitally)[OT](?)
How to read 2 inputs connected together?
How to unssubscribe pls!!!!
Humidity Sensors
I2c & 2-Wire
I2C 24LC256 on F877
I2c C SourceCode
I2C link or books
I2C on the 16C73A
i2c question
I2C slave routine for 16F84
ICD programming protocol
ICD question
ICE 2000 16F87* Processor Module
ICE2000 & 16C65B
In and Out of Sleep
In and Out of Sleep and Nightmares
inputs for the pic
insertion loss compensation
internal pullups & timing
Internal UART interrupts in PIC16F877
Internal UART interrupts in PIC16F877 [OT]
Internet Toaster
Internet Toaster [More OT]
Internet Toaster [Now firmly OT]
Internet Toaster [OT]
Interrupt Driven (Multiple) UART Receivers
Interrupt woes...
Interrupt woes... Update
Interrupts and Sleep
Interrupts on 16F876
IR or RF remote control
Jim Newton's Idea
Jobs in South Africa
Just thinking...
Just thinking...[OT]
key transmitters
Keypad Matrix Problem. BITs stay high?
Keypad Matrix Problem. BITs stay high?
Large arrays in CCS-PCM
LATCH-UP, great problems...
Lcd Pin-outs
LCD problem using pic
LCD TrueType Font for Hitachi HD44780 NOW AVAILABL
LCD, Keypad, RS-232 & temperature sensing code ava
Learning to Program PIC's
LED Matrix code??
List Directions
Logic level FETs CHEAP in OZ Found!!!!!
Looking for a Low-Cost Bare Board Supplier
Looking for inexpensive PIC programmer recommendat
Looking For Job.
Looking for Max808 Chip [OT] kinda.
Looking for some help...
Lookup Tables: Sine Converter
low loss voltage reg [OT]
Low Pass Filter - Implemeting on the PIC 16C/F84
Low Power Regulators
low-loss voltage reg [OT?]
LTC1298 A/D Converter [OT]
Macro Libraries
macro subroutines: was: Stepper Motor
Math, part II
Matrix Orbital I2C LCD problems
MCLR cap
MCLR was Re: help me please!! ....
Measure Voltage on digital input?
Memory registers invalid address??
Microchip ay0438 32 segment LCD driver data sheets
Microprocessor choice? (OT)
Migrating From 16C73A to 16F873
mining piclist.com [SPAM] [OT][ADMIN]
modems easy (and cheap)
More about fi directive in mpsim
More about PIC and CallerID
more online merchant account info [OT]
motor as tachometer
Motor Driver
Motor Feedback
Motorola M*Core
Motorola MC145026 Emulation for PIC?
MPASM Question
MPLAB 4.99 Problem
MPlab Bugs
MPLAB help
MPLAB Timer Simulation
MPSIM yet another gotcha
Multi-Master, half duplex protocol w/ collision de
Multiplying Floating Point numbers for pic16c76:
Multitasking serial code
Multitasking serial code - up to 3 UARTS on a 74 e
Multi-Transmitter PIC RF data collection
My 16F876 got damaged - Source of Damage?
Need help about data sheet
Need HELP with this input/output circuit (warning
New Project Suggestion - Voice Glove
Newbee Programing prob's (w/code)
NiCd Charge State
Nice little battery for PIC projects.
Non polarised Electrolytic Capacitors
NT/Fast machines & PICSTART+
Odd RS232 problem.
Off the top of your head, USART question...
Off Topic Ethernet Question.
Off Topic Ethernet Question. Transciever URL
off topic posts [ADMIN]
Online Merchant Account [OT]
On-Screen Display (STV5730)
operating system
Optimal Frequency for PWM?
Optoisolated RS485 input [OT]
Oscar the wannabe code protection violator
Oscillator [OT]
OT pcb coating
OT Help Look for ELAN website or software for prog
OT Scenic Chairman severely injured
OT: dc to ac inverters
OT: Help, Electrical noise problem!!
OT: Motor Feedback
OT: pressure sensor -> PIC
OT: Win serial app to test PIC USART
OT:Re: Internal UART interrupts in PIC16F877
overrun errors that never go
Parallel port
Parallel Port
Parallel Port access via C.
Parallel Port access via C. [OT]
Parallel Port access via C. [OT][ADMIN]
PCB manufacture
PCF8566 on PIC
PCF8583 (real-time clock) & voltage-dependend time
Phase Control
PIC 16C7x & 24c00
Pic A/D sampling a biased sine wave
PIC Archives - Raw Text Files
PIC Assembler directives ...
PIC Based smartcards
PIC Based smartcards.
PIC based spectrum analyzer
PIC Books
PIC chip prices
pic cookbook 1
pic fried?
PIC Math FAQ page
PIC Math FAQ page Payson 16bit Binary to BCD
PIC Networking.
PIC Newbie seeking Info.
PIC not turning off BJT
PIC Source book
pic source book
PIC thermistor monitors?
PIC to generate sync for VCR to record data
PIC12CE674 OTP programming problems
PIC12CEXXX Program EEprom and code at same time
PIC16C765 USB ?
Pic16C765 USB ?
PIC16F87X and ADFM bit
picbasic and pbasic
PicBasicPro code for PIC12CE67X CODE A/D AND OSCAL
PicBasicPro PIC12CE673 Register , variable mapping
PICc505 paging routine
PicList - Whats wrong
PicList - Whats wrong [OT]
PICLIST Digest - 4 Feb 2000 to 5 Feb 2000 (#2000-3
PICList Web Archive [SPAM][ADMIN]
piclist.com status [OT]
PICs and Servo motors???
PICSTART communication problems
PICStart Plus Problem (Power supply?)
PICStart Plus Problem (Power supply?){reply}
Please help me
Please share source code.....
power supply
Precision AC/DC converter [OT]
Pressure Sensitive Key
Pressure Sensor
prevent unwanted reset (used to be "Help me please
Price and availability of PIC parts
Price and availability of PIC parts (and other ICs
Price and availability of PIC parts [OT]
Price range of design/program services.
Problem changing the fuse setting in pip02
Problem setting the "fuses" using pip02
Problem w/Peripheral Interrupts on the PICDEM 17C
problem with code
problems with #undefine!!!!!
problems with 24C00
Problems with PicPrg2.2 (Brian Lane) under Linux 2
Program for Ludipipo ?
Programing Pic16F877 with MOD EMUP?
Programmer for 877?
Programmer for pic16f873
Programming 16F873 without picstart?
Programming PIC16F84-10/P
programming with Pic2.2 under Linux
Proposed Trial: Online PIC Discussions
Proposed Trial: Online PIC Discussions [OT]
Protel Documents
Prototypig with CNC machine or milling machine <OT
Proximity Sensors [OT]
PSX controller interface
Pull-ups on A/D pin?
Push-button Debounce !!!! [OT]
PWM help
PWM on F84
Q: PicStart+ and Code Protection
Q:[OT](sorta)Where to by LCDs???
Question re: counting & comparing over long gate t
Question regarding start up latch...
R.E. An Idea
Ram I/O Basics ??
RB Change Interrupts
RC Car FM Transitter Signal Information Needed!
RC oscillator frequency equation (rough estimating
RC Transmitter controlled by PIC
Reading a code protected PIC
Reading ternary inputs
Recording VCR or Camcorder needed.
Recovering code...
Replacing 16C84 with an 12C508
Reset and Brown-Out
retlw ..... TAKE #2 (*&%)(*&$)(*&$ - CUMP!
retlw ..... TAKE #2 (*&%)(*&$)(*&$ - CUMP![OT]
retlw behavior when 256 boundry is crossed
retlw behavior when 256 boundry is crossed TAKE #2
rms measurement
Roll Over and Play Dead
ROM Loader
rom loader
ROM Loader
rs232 in qbasic
RS232 routine for 12c5xx
RS232 routine for parallel port
RS-232 to SPI
RS232 works thanks to Rudy Wieser!
RS232 works thanks to Rudy Wieser! = Rain gauges
Sample code for I2C bus ?
saving/restoring state information
saving/restoring state information. Microchip ERRA
scope on CO line ?
Second Edition of "Programming and Customizing the
sensing at a small scale.
serial comm
serial comm (string out?)
Serial LCD Backpack flickers
Serial RAM chips
Serial RAM Connected to a PIC
Series R in Xtal line
Setting Port_D on PIC16C662
simple polling
Simple RTC & [OT] Dust Levels
Simple Servo controll?
Single Phase Fully Controlled Rectification
Sleep Mode Current
So long for now [OT]
Solar cell + battery design.
Solenoid driver - need a few good ideas.
Somewhat of an MPlab question
sound files!
SPAM watch TX head hunters [ADMIN][OT]
Spam? [ADMIN][OT]
Spasm assembler
SPDIF and SCMS (was Re: Another MP3 idea!)
spectrum analyzer
Speed on the I2C bus (16F873=Master) vs SSPADD
SPI and Microwire
SPI eeprom and 12c508
SPI sample code
SPI with PIC16F877
spike resets my PIC
square root added to Piclist FAQ math routine
square root added to Piclist FAQ math routine [OT]
SSOP to DIP adapter
SSP clock
Static Protection on PIC inputs
Stealth Advertising - was C++ for PICmicro
Stealth MOD chips
Stepper Motor
Stopping SPAM [OT]
Supercap for backup power
Switch Debounce Routine
Syncing to the prescaler (was: "Re: a mpsim questi
table setup
Talking of I2C bus code........
TC110G08 Modem
Tee Hee [OT]
Telephone line Coupling
Temperature sensing and the 16F876...
The best schematic capture and PCB router?
Thermister heating itself, how to resolve?
TI "next generation" DSP intro
TI "next generation" DSP intro [OT]
tiny motors
translator wanted holtek to pic
transponder design for Keeloq HSC410
uart, interrupt problem, retfie problem
unsubscribe [OT] OT [ot]
Updated Digital Thermometer Project
US Pic shortage
US Pic shortage--and tantalum caps
US Pic shortage--and tantalum caps[OT]
Used Test Equip. [OT]
Using cheap PC parts for use in embedded controlle
Using more than one A/D channel on 16F87x
Using sound card as signal analyzer [OT]
UV Tubes
Vehicle Automatic headlight controller
video chip
Video over internet
voice compression
Warp13 programmer ...
Watch Variables for PIC Debug
What are DNPs?
what is the cheapness voice DSP ???????????
what is the cheapness voice DSP???????????
where can I download the freeware ARM C and C++ an
where can I download the PIC source code about the
where Can I get the PDF about T6668 voice reocrd I
where to buy pics
Where to find 16f87x
which pic emulator
WTB Picmaster Emulator POD for 16C74
XMODEM Driver Code wanted (in C preferably)
zero cross over
Zero cross over detector
Zero Crossover Detector

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