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"GS" <gstr2005@gmail.com>
[AD] #65 drill bits
[AVR] About that CKOPT fuse..
[AVR] winavr assembler vs Atmel assembler...
[BUY] does any one have any extra PIC chips to sel
[BUY] Looking for circuit board from Peatman book
[BUY] Mike Hagen is the man
[BUY]: Free for shipping. INTEL -85 system design
[BUY]: Free for shipping. INTEL -85 system design.
[BUY]: shipping and handling charges...
[BUY]: USB device ID
[EE:] Wide gap slot interruper source?
[EE] 2.4 GHz over water???
[EE] 2 Stroke Ignition Module circuit diagram
[EE] 2.4 GHz over water???
[EE] 3 Wire Stepper Motor ???
[EE] A compendium od solar dish Stirling technolog
[EE] adding more tags...
[ee] ADS1216 does not respond via SPI during self
[ee] ADS1216 does not respond via SPI during selfc
[EE] Alarm Reporting
[EE] Any Alphanumeric Fonts 5x10 For Windoze?
[EE] Backup of live repositories
[EE] Battery draining problem
[EE] Battery Magic - improved NimH - 1 minute char
[EE] Battery suggestions?
[EE] BNC Connector distance...
[EE] calculator for PCB route thickness
[EE] car short-circuit
[EE] cctv 4 pin square connector - where?
[EE] Come to the Dark Side (tm) - Free Code Warrio
[EE] Come to the Dark Side (tm) - Free CodeWarrior
[EE] Controlling an RGB LED
[EE] Crystal capacitance
[EE] CVS for PIC development
[EE] DC motor connection
[EE] DC-DC Voltage Converter - How to start
[EE] Dodgy power supply design?
[EE] Drive/Control Coil?
[EE] Eagle hard question, who can answer ?
[EE] Eagle Question
[EE] Eagle SMD resonator libraries?
[EE] ELF radio wave data logger
[EE] email spamblock router?
[EE] EMI causing 12c508 glitches
[EE] Farnel or RS-Components ethernet transformer
[EE] Fwd: special-purpose electrical meter
[EE] Going with SMT
[EE] hipot tests for 48VDC bus
[EE] ICD 2 connection problem
[EE] ICD clone bootloader
[EE] Lead free soldering?
[EE] Low resistance - resistance wire etc
[EE] Low-noise/vibration stepper motor driver
[EE] Minimig: Amiga in FPGA
[EE] Need help with some thermodynamics concepts (
[EE] non-auto Lithium battery charging
[EE] PCB design guidelines manual
[EE] PCB Layout - Dos and Do nots
[EE] PCB traces as fuses?
[EE] PCB's, Olimex, Gerber ~~ et al
[EE] Perl 18F to 30F translator
[EE] Plugging a 28-pin dip into a 40-pin socket
[EE] Popular 16bit and 32bit MCUs
[EE] Power dissipation in a co^b^b switch
[EE] Power dissipation in a connector
[EE] Power dissipation in a connector KILL THREAD
[EE] Programming different systems
[EE] Re: Etch using wax printer
[EE] Re: Wide gap slot interruper source?
[EE] Receiving broadcast UDP packets
[EE] Receiving broadcast UDP packets - Update
[EE] Sealed Lead Acid =?utf-8?b?Y2hhcmdlcn5+?=
[EE] Sealed Lead Acid charger~~
[EE] Selecting a Power Supply
[EE] Simple to use 650nm (red) laser diode modules
[EE] Source for Magnetic Rotary Encoders ?
[EE] Space Suit Satellite
[EE] Spectrum Lab email list created
[EE] Split Emitter / Split Collector Transistors
[EE] Stereo -> mono conversion
[EE] Stirling Engine - V twin Outboard motor
[EE] stupid (learning) mistakes
[EE] stupid mistakes
[EE] Superb pinout resource
[EE] The mother of all future Digital SLRs makes i
[EE] Usefulness challenge ~~ Forced Beta < 1
[EE] Utterly superb ~~ "Essential Drugs - Practica
[EE] Utterly superb ~~ "Essential Drugs -Practical
[EE] Utterly superb ~~"Essential Drugs - Practical
[EE] Wireless networking redux
[EE] Xilinx Store in London, UK
[EE]: Infrared was : stupid mistakes
[EE]: Looking for best visual EE learning aids
[EE]: State of the Art artificial voice box A
[EE]: AC adapter spec lying
[EE]: Anyone with experience using minicom as seri
[EE]: Calculator LCD repurposing?
[EE]: Checking home wiring with a multimeter
[EE]: Circular- round pcb's
[EE]: Community ed class
[EE]: does anyone sell a cheap logic analyzer ?
[EE]: Eagle SMD resonator libraries?
[EE]: EMI causing 12c508 glitches
[EE]: INSTEON Smarthome Is anyone a developer ?
[EE]: LCD data bus with internal pullups
[EE]: Lifetime was Re: [OT] Is your oldest CD-R st
[EE]: Looking for best visual EE learning aids
[EE]: loran C
[EE]: Maxstream Xbee Zigbee radios
[EE]: Methane Sensor
[EE]: More fun with calculator LCDs
[EE]: op amp latch-up problem
[EE]: output oscilation problems
[EE]: Richard Feynman lecture videos
[EE]: snapshot video or slower update
[EE]: stupid mistakes
[EE]: USB VID/PID for a one-off device
[EE]: where could I find a datasheet for an IBM ph
[EE]:improving camera resolution AGSC
[EE]:improving camera resolution AGSC
[EE]:What electronic components get up to when you
[EE]; GPS tracking phone announced at CES
[EE]eagle alternative, maybe
[EE]Sealed Lead Acid Charger
[EE]stupid (learning) mistakes
[EE]Wiring high temperature sensor (aprox. 300 deg
[Fwd: Re: [PIC] SPI question] typo
[gnupic] RE: [PIC] [gnupic] noob's 1st ques
[OT:] Mechanical Strength of a Bolt
[OT] Listers
[OT] What electronic components get up to when yo
[OT] 1/8" thru-panel hose barbs
[OT] 10,000 year clock project
[OT] An MS-DOS equivalent to "whereis"
[OT] batch hex file similarity comparison tool?
[OT] C source code reformatting program?
[OT] Calculating torque
[OT] Changing the PATH variable in Windows XP
[OT] China will take in 5.3 million student in yea
[OT] Cool Star Wars ASCII Animation
[OT] DC-DC Voltage Converter - How to start
[OT] Dell power supplies redux . . .
[OT] Dell's skimpy power supplies
[OT] Disk imageing software
[OT] FreeBSD 6 release install problem
[OT] Going with SMT
[OT] Happy Lunar New Year!
[OT] happy new yaer 2006, in NZ comes first !
[OT] Inova microlight
[OT] irDA interface - UART required?
[OT] Is your oldest CD-R still readable?
[OT] LA Visit
[OT] Labeling Keycaps
[OT] laptop add-on touch screen [your experience w
[OT] Looking for PIC TCP/IP stack (100Mbps)
[OT] Low wake "hi tech" landing craft
[OT] Mechanical Strength of a Bolt
[OT] Medecins sans Frontieres doco
[OT] Mercury, was Re: Comments on keypad design?
[OT] Mercury, was Re: Comments on keypad design?
[OT] Microchip forums
[OT] Minolta Cameras are no more !
[OT] Need help with some thermodynamics concepts (
[OT] noob's 1st ques
[OT] Outlook:-
[OT] Overseas purchases (Was: discounted PICKIT2 p
[OT] Polyphasic Sleep ~~ a dream come true :-)
[OT] Posters with English as 27th language
[OT] Problem installing Intel 537EP Modem on UBUNT
[OT] RC electric boats & pics
[OT] Re: Richard Feynman lecture videos
[OT] Recruiters and contract-to-hire agencies
[OT] Russell will be out of the office ... :-) ~~
[OT] Selling a Web Address
[OT] Shipping outside the US
[OT] Source for servo gears
[OT] Strings in VC
[OT] The Retreat of Reason - PC backfires
[OT] Torvalds: No GPL 3 for Linux
[OT] Ubuntu 5.04->5.10 upgrade problem
[OT] Ubuntu 5.10 Breezy .ICEauthority problem
[OT] USB/Serial port question
[OT] USB/Serial port question, it works....
[OT] Wallflowers, was re: ENC28J60 PIC firmware dr
[OT] was Re: Sealed Lead Acid charger~~
[OT] what about "wiki"
[OT] What electronic components get up to when you
[OT] Whatever happened to....
[OT] What's with Russell? Rocket powered bicycles?
[OT] Wonderful GM plants
[OT] Writing a wmv file to a DVD disk
[OT] Yet another How to crack a PIC request.
[OT]: agency approval for battery device?
[OT]: All about Green cars
[OT]: Another one on Patents
[OT]: Mechanical Strength of a Bolt
[OT]: PICs export restrictions (was Re: [BUY] does
[OT]: pricing in on-line shops (was: USB device ID
[OT]: Scientists blog too
[OT]: topcoders: competition among coders
[OT][EE] I need this IC !!!
[OT][EE] mean lessons taught (was stupid (learning
[OT][WOT] 89MR2SC Tires ~~ final call for input :-
[OT][WOT] Kwestion for the Kiwis
[OT][WOT] Online 6x4 prints for 1 penny GB each
[OT][WOT] Pronunciation, was Kwestion for the Kiwi
[OT][WOT]Ebay WAS[BUY]: USB device ID
[OT]batch hex file similarity...
[OT]Going with SMT
[OT]low cost fire suppresion system WAS [EE] stupi
[OT]Non-Disclosure, Non-Compete, & Inventions Agre
[OT]stupid (learning)mistakes,was low cost fire su
[OT]Who is the ADC industry standard for ISA and P
[OT} Engineering recreations was stupid (learning
[PIC:] C18 / Java tool for those who want it
[PIC:] tblrd and interrupts
[PIC] A dsPIC30F programming question
[pic] [buy] pickit 1
[PIC] [gnupic] noob's 1st ques
[PIC] 16F505 and Sim HELP!
[PIC] 16f84 sine table app
[PIC] 16HV540
[PIC] 18F to 30F translator
[PIC] A dsPIC30F programming question
[PIC] a Logic Analyzer for Pic work - FYI
[PIC] ADC code generator
[PIC] ADC function on a 16F88
[PIC] ADC high current, no voltage
[PIC] Am I crazy? PWM on a 12f629
[PIC] Best way to program a OTP EPROM PIC
[PIC] C18 / Java tool for those who want it
[PIC] C18 Fun! :(
[PIC] C18 versus HiTech compiler?
[PIC] Can Anyone download MicroChip Specs?
[PIC] CCP Compare Mode Question
[PIC] CCP on dsPIC30 versus 18F - query
[PIC] Code Protection
[PIC] Come to the Dark Side (tm) - Free Code Warri
[PIC] Come to the Dark Side (tm) - Free CodeWarrio
[PIC] Come to the Dark Side (tm) - FreeCodeWarrior
[PIC] Come to the Dark Side (tm) -FreeCodeWarriorf
[PIC] Come to the Dark Side (tm)-FreeCodeWarriorfo
[PIC] Comments on keypad design
[PIC] Comments on keypad design?
[PIC] Comments on the Peatman book
[PIC] Community ed class
[PIC] Count 20M+ in EEPROM counter
[PIC] crockpot control
[PIC] crockpot control?
[PIC] crockpot control? -- thanks
[PIC] Current status of EasyISP ?
[PIC] CVS for PIC development
[PIC] Design Challenge: Find center of three value
[PIC] Detect PWM from an RC Servo
[PIC] discounted PICKIT2 programmers
[PIC] dsPIC development under Linux
[PIC] Easy Microcontrol'n where to buy
[PIC] EEPROM info in the HEX file and Wisp628/XWis
[PIC] FAE's, was ENC28J60 PIC firmware driver?
[PIC] Fine-tuning oscillator
[PIC] Fine-tuning oscillator. Only as good as the
[PIC] FTP-client
[PIC] Fwd: patches to build Debian C30 packages fo
[PIC] gpasm syntax problem
[PIC] How do you become a microchip certified cons
[PIC] ICD2 as a programmer under Linux now really
[PIC] ICD2 debugging without MPLAB and even withou
[PIC] Jal for 18F
[PIC] Java Serial Software for Windows
[PIC] Local FAE / Product line card
[PIC] Logic Analyzer for PIC related measurments.
[PIC] Looking for PIC TCP/IP stack (100Mbps)
[PIC] Looking to implement a correction table or o
[PIC] Macros wont work
[PIC] Macros won't work
[PIC] Math subroutines for download
[PIC] More CVS for PIC development
[PIC] More CVS for PIC development - snapshot back
[PIC] MPLAB C18 demo codes for PICDEM2+
[PIC] one week with FreeBSD: PIC related
[PIC] open source dsPIC bootloader firmware
[PIC] periodic ADC sampling
[PIC] PIC Development tools
[PIC] Pic Tutor
[PIC] Pic Tutor (Pic Micro)
[pic] pickit 1
[PIC] Pickit 1 is on sale
[PIC] PICkit 2 applet modification
[PIC] pics burn easily?
[PIC] Problem with 18F2620 and Tiny Bootlader
[PIC] Problems with RRF on PIC16F684
[PIC] Programming book by Myke Predko
[PIC] Programming book by Myke Predko...
[PIC] Programming C chips versus F chips
[PIC] Programming different systems, was Re: Come
[PIC] Protel PIC10F library
[PIC] PWM loading CCP1
[PIC] Re: [OT] what about "wiki"
[PIC] Re: [OT] what about "wiki" CHANGE TO [OT]
[PIC] Re: Microchip demo board schematic
[PIC] Re: newbie question - basic logic and a/d co
[PIC] Reloading Flash / EEPROM was [OT] Is your ol
[PIC] RF with TWS-434A / RWS-434
[PIC] RS422 and 32 LEDs
[PIC] rs422 LEDs...
[PIC] Securing A Bootloader ( was [PIC] Communit
[PIC] Securing A Bootloader ( was [PIC] Community
[PIC] snapshot backups
[PIC] Some questions about 18f4539 and ProMPT moto
[PIC] SPI question
[PIC] Stack underflow
[PIC] TCP/IP stack for ENC28J60 download
[PIC] techtrain.microchip.com goodies
[PIC] TEST only
[PIC] The perfect EduBoard for beginners (was "Com
[PIC] USART receive
[PIC] USB in a nutshell
[PIC] USB Keyboard Modifier keys?
[PIC] Wifi for PIC?
[PIC] xwisp2 version 1.8.2
[PIC]: 16F917 LCD controller
[PIC]: Embedinc's EasyProg and 18F4550
[PIC]: ICD2 protector/isolator
[PIC]: Logic analyzer for Pic work.
[PIC]: PIC based NiMH charger
[PIC]: PIC10F2xx series
[PIC]: Preemptive multitasking on p16 core
[PIC]: Problem with S bit in SSPSTAT in I2C slave
[PIC]: SHA-1 on PIC16 or PIC18?
[PIC]12f675 osccal
[PIC]18F452 interrupt service routine
[PIC]628 programming help
[PIC]Easy Microcontrol'n where to buy
[PIC]using pic's 12 i/o and r2r net, as DAC
[SX] (11) SX Ethernet Stack Kits and (5) SX Modem
[SX] (No Topic)
[SX] 1-Wire and SearchROM
[SX] 35 Free I2C / UART Evaluation Kits
[SX] 50mhz clock not default in Sx-Key?
[SX] 50MHz Murata Resonator
[SX] ADC frequency limit
[SX] Addressing Bit Positions in SX/B
[SX] Anyone use PCBExpress?
[SX] Are macros not permitted as a first line in m
[SX] Best way to address only 4 pins of a port
[SX] Bug in bit comparisons in SX/B
[SX] bug with SxSim ? skip
[SX] Button debounce
[SX] chip connection failed SX28
[SX] Connecting SX Controller to USB 1.1
[SX] Display code not working.
[SX] Dokumentation on Programming ETHERNET SX-STAC
[SX] Err on the side of fewer or more NOPs?
[SX] Error with SXSim
[SX] Floating Point in IDE
[SX] FM25256 Users?
[SX] Heartbeat
[SX] How does one read the WKPND_B register to det
[SX] How to test your SX-Key
[SX] I2C slave
[SX] I2C slave also
[SX] I2C VP for the sx28?
[SX] Incorrect wakeup - WKPND_B ?
[SX] Interrupt routine with SX-SIM
[SX] Is faster really more problematic?
[SX] Is it normal for interrupt initialization to
[SX] Is there a listing of code generated by SX/B
[SX] ISR Skipping
[SX] isrtreads 9600bps/19200bps
[SX] library development
[SX] Low clock speed
[SX] Multi LED with sx power question...
[SX] My new SX programer
[SX] need help
[SX] Need sx28AC/SS ANYONEF=3F=3F?=
[SX] Needing help with the I2C command to talk to
[SX] Newbie RETI question: can an ISR exit with a
[SX] Open Source SX Keyphone Project
[SX] Parallax SX Chip Prices to Decrease Between 6
[SX] Parallax SX Chips
[SX] Parallax SX Datasheets Available for Download
[SX] PSXM/GD book: NOP and Registers/Program windo
[SX] Radio Control Encoder from an SX
[SX] RAMTRON Hold and WP pins ?
[SX] Real Color Displays RC880
[SX] Request for help: variable related flow contr
[SX] RoHS and Leaded
[SX] Rookie SX/B question
[SX] serial out sx48 problem
[SX] Serout a variable or pin state
[SX] Shiftout/In VPF=3F=3F=3F=3F=3F=3F=3F?=
[SX] Shortening redundant code
[SX] simple SX/B example of timed use?
[SX] Soldering SX48 SMT
[SX] Suggestions for fast dual RS232 VP
[SX] SX Affected by Sparks
[SX] Sx and video capture.
[SX] SX Contest Date Extended - February 28th, 200
[SX] SX dead ?
[SX] SX Interrupts
[SX] SX resonators
[SX] SX to SX communication SX/B
[SX] SX/B Example: 8-bit ADC
[SX] SX/B Memory Map
[SX] SX/B mode question
[SX] SX_Key Debugging Session
[SX] SX28 Keypad used as a slave to a BS2px ?
[SX] SX28 memory back switching (2K to 2K to 2K ec
[SX] sx-48 interuppts
[SX] sx-48 timer puzzle
[SX] SX52 programmer dll & header files
[SX] SX52/75 with CF/HDD Examples
[SX] Sxkey and sx parts
[SX] SXKey Error - Communication failed
[SX] SX-Key v 3.0 Bug?
[SX] SX-KeyRing now shipping for $9.95: build a 3.
[SX] SXSim for MS Windows
[SX] Thanks for SX/B
[SX] the PC register PuzzleF=3F=3F=3F=3F=3F=3F=3F?
[SX] the PC register PuzzleF=3F=3F=3F=3F=3F=3F=3F=
[SX] toothpic + Sx
[SX] translating from 2p to SX
[SX] UART 115200 with x3 sampling
[SX] um-fpu coprocessor
[SX] Unable to upload files SX-ETH STACK with e2fi
[SX] Unicode processing for Chinese character set
[SX] Updating the IDE to invoke the New SXSim and
[SX] Upgrade CMUCAM2
[SX] Wanted: Fast Multybyte (32 bit) decrement, No
[SX] What am i doing wrong
[SX] What can you do with the SX?
[SX] What is the normal temp of the sx key?
[SX] Wiring a button on the breadboard of sx28ac
] Wide gap slot interruper source?
4x20 Generic display membrane keypad module
ADC function on a 16F88
Am I crazy? PWM on a 12f629
calculator for PCB route thickness
Calculator LCD repurposing?
Checking home wiring with a multimeter
EE: 74HC4046 loop filter calculations
EE: Sensors
Etch using wax printer
Farnel or RS-Components ethernet transformer suita
Help for a micocontroller choice
how to give deadband in between two phase
I need this IC !!!
Lifetime was Re: [OT] Is your oldest CD-R still re
Maxstream Modules
Mechanical Strength of a Bolt
Microchip demo board schematic
New datalogger memory option
newbie question - basic logic and a/d converter
OFFLIST: [PIC] Macros won't work
PIC] Port names on 16F505
PIC]: 10F200 TRIS
PIC16F628A composite video test
PIC16F877A and 18F series.
Re[2]: [EE] 2.4 GHz over water???
Re[2]: [EE] DC motor connection
Re[2]: [EE] ICD 2 connection problem
Re[2]: [PIC] Jal for 18F
Re[4]: [EE] 2.4 GHz over water???
RES: [EE] Alarm Reporting
RES: [OT] Shipping outside the US
Richard Feynman lecture videos
Seeking Enclosure for Pic Project
State of the Art artificial voice box AGSC
Stereo -> mono conversion
tblrd and interrupts
wonderful GM plants

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