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"Config fuses error" with Picprg32 on winnt4
"Position Desired" On my Resume
$15 VFDs
(no subject)
(OT) Hi from Bulgaria those anybody know about Rom
(OT) RAM Info
(OT) RC help required
(sin asunto)
[ OT ] pic based electronics for house
[APOLOGY] RE: Please spare a minute to read this m
[as twice as] [OT] Asian Companies - was PICLIST D
[OT ]contractor needed
[OT] Re: First PIC project...
[OT] Re: Subject sort tag
[OT] $25 Schematic Capture/PCB Layout/Router-Auto
[OT] 14-pin header connector cable for Hitachi 447
[OT] 300V Switcher
[OT] 300V Switcher and dealing with unrealistic sp
[OT] 6 way RCA socket panels
[OT] 6000V supply
[OT] 62256 PLCC
[OT] are ACE1101 or 1202 available in small qty? (
[OT] Are my posts getting through ?
[OT] Asian Companies - was PICLIST Digest
[OT] ATX. Just jumper the PWRSW pins
[OT] Building transformers
[OT] Calculating Current Consumption
[OT] Canadian PIC Suppliers
[OT] Cheap microcontroller <$0.50USD?
[OT] Check this out..
[OT] Check this out..WOW
[OT] chip assistance sought
[OT] CMOS setup for Grid 1720 laptop
[OT] continued questions from RC servo accuracy
[OT] dealing with unrealistic specs
[ot] Detecting overcurrent
[OT] Differential inputs (was how to.. (was :Handi
[OT] Differential inputs (was:Handicap Mouse &Comp
[OT] disable soft-powerdown switch
[OT] Does the size of the EPROM matter?
[OT] Eagle
[OT] Eagle PCB editor
[OT] FDA & rechargable medical devices
[OT] First PIC project...
[OT] Flash Memory
[OT] flash programmer
[OT] Flying pterodactyl project with servomotors
[OT] For Sale 16C57's
[OT] For Sale PIC16C57
[OT] Funny mnemonics
[OT] Fw: A Great Writer
[OT] Fw: new virus beware
[OT] GPS basic theory.-
[OT] Ground SpeedOmeter
[OT] Handicap Mouse & Computer Interface
[OT] have you tried basicX?
[OT] have you tried basicX? & others
[OT] Hedy Lamarr and Spread-Spectrum!
[OT] help for change PWM to DAC sin wave
[OT] Help wanted from legitimate owner of Windows
[OT] high power LASER source.
[OT] High-side driver questions
[OT] How to desolder old components?
[OT] how to.. (was :Handicap Mouse & Computer
[OT] how to.. (was :Handicap Mouse & Computer Inte
[OT] Human visual response (was: anode drivers for
[OT] I2C PCF8591 help needed
[OT] IC Package Reference
[OT] I'm Back with a "V" that also means "II" (Y2K
[OT] Inductor codes
[OT] Is it just me...
[OT] Is it possible to get MSOutlook to display th
[OT] ISD5008 - R&D Electronics
[OT] LCDs and ESD
[OT] Legal woes
[OT] Linux user, new to PIC
[OT] Lying to customers, was: 300V Switcher
[OT] Making circuit boards
[OT] My first PCB layout
[OT] NASA watchers - get it now or never
[OT] Need advice on part replacement
[OT] Not putting a subject line
[OT] Old Computers Y2K
[OT] Old parts have oxidized leads!
[OT] Panelizing a board
[OT] PC Boards - Question for someone
[OT] PCB trace current carrying capacity
[OT] PCB vias
[OT] peanuts for muscle.
[ot] Photoresists
[OT] PIC Sound to Light?
[OT] PIC to MOSFET to Battery Charger driver?
[OT] Plastic adhesives
[OT] Power / Weight ratios for Batteries
[OT] Power Control Relay
[OT] Power requirements of a mainboard and CPU
[OT] Pulldown size
[OT] Pulldown size - not now [OT]
[OT] Re: 4MHz OSC / 1 Sec Interrupt
[OT] Re: Difference between Echo'ing characters an
[OT] RE: eaglepcb patch
[OT] Re: Hi from Bulgaria those anybody know about
[OT] Re: PIC, check thyself
[OT] Re: Serial Code
[ot] Re: Subject sort tag. User configs
[OT] Re: the thermistor question
[OT] Reading a parallel port bit
[OT] relay substitute
[OT] Remote Control by Telephone [was: pic based
[OT] Remote Control by Telephone [was: pic based e
[OT] RS-232 port c/c++ routines needed
[OT] rs232 router (offtopic)
[OT] Seeking data of P8291(A)
[OT] Sensor/way to see if screw is missing.
[OT] Silent relay
[OT] Single Board Computers
[OT] software recommendation
[OT] some useful stuff for coding on small micros
[ot] Subject sort tag. USER configs
[OT] Surface mount codes
[OT] switching DC/DC converters (was capacitive sw
[OT] Talking about GPS...
[OT] Telemagic Y2k
[OT] Testing..
[OT] Thanks from Telesystems
[OT] Thumbwheel pots with visible position display
[OT] Toggling a parallel port bit
[OT] tunning a satellite dish
[OT] UDP protocol
[OT] Uh-oh, I2C
[OT] Video stabalizer
[OT] Wall Warts
[OT] Wall Warts WAS: FDA & rechargable medical dev
[OT] Web page Photos
[OT] Where to find Crystal's CS8900A Ethernet Cont
[OT] Which database to use?
[OT] Which database to use? Thanks!!!
[OT] Windspeed circuit?
[OT] Would it be weird?
[OT] Y2K--Has anybody heard of anything real?
[OT] ZN428E-8 ????? EMUF BASIC V2.1
[OT]: Hi from Bulgaria those anybody know about Ro
[OT][Fwd]: Beware of Detached Retina symptoms.
[OT][Sort of :-)] Nerd Test
[OT]color code for RF chokes
[OT]Good PCB Software (was:[OT] CRACK PROTEL 99 TR
[OT]More than 8 LED's from a single 8-bit port
[OT]Re: MeLabs charges for Epic Upgrades now...
[OT]Re: Pic and Pc keyboard
[OT]Re: Text to Speech
[OT]Speed control
[OT]Text to Speech
[OT} Water level Sensor for PIC project
[PIC] [ot] Duhhh too
[PIC's] Some Explanations please
[Re: Clock-In-A-Card idea]
[SOT] Currently limiting resistor location
[TO] 8259 interrupt controller
[TO] Mail from the future.
[way OT] Window$ interrupts for serial port in C/C
[WAY OT][MAYBE NOT]Mail headers in Outlook
[WAY OT][MAYBE NOT]Mail headers in Outlook[OT]
+5 -5V Supply v
+5 -5V Supply voltage
Válasz: PIC Finding LC Resonance?
12 LEDS on 4 PIC I/O
120v low-watt 16-output chaser board
12C508 vs 12C508A
12c508JW Oscal Value
12C509 OTP OSCCAL Overwrite Effects?
12c671 Latching up or what?
12V electric blower questions
16 bit divide routine.
16 bit version of 74ls573 for pic17 external flash
16-bit Loop Counter
16c5x parts
16c66 not operating...
16C73B to 16F873 conversion problems
16f84 - 16f873 convertion of pwm
16F84 - loading data in EEPROM
16f84 & 16f877 branching
16F84 memory?
16F873 PIC SBC
16F876 A/D getting started
16F876, 16F877 and 16F84A in Sweden
16x2 LCD LM16255: BF stays 1 after 8th col. [OT]
17C766 Programming
18F877 - Programming EEPROM
2 PICs on the same RS232
2 wire SPI interface- CAN I ?
24 bit division routines
32bit / 16 bit assembly divide routine for Scenix
4000 12C508A's needed -- street price?
4MHz OSC / 1 Sec Interrupt
877 and LCD Help needed. Was: Re: RS232 --> 16
A "Why?" question on PIC ports
A/D and PWM problems
A/D Conversion
Accessing Port bits
AD conversion
Adapters for programmer
ADC and voice sampling
ADC without integral ADC
Adding external memory
ADPCM question
ADPCM question [OT]
Adressing in I2C
Aisin GPS LCD display program - Version 2.0
Alternate Site for Plans for PIC Capmeter and Keyp
anode drivers for LED
Another CallerID / PIC question.
Another Test Message [OT]
apologies for html posting
Archives (oops!)
Asian Companies - was PICLIST Digest
ATA Flash Card (PC-Cards)
Audio Power Amplifier [OT]
Automatic register-bank handling (was: "Re: PIC St
Basic Stamp clone source code...
Baud rate for I2C
Beginner In Need Of Help - Again. How to Access P
Beginners Help Needed
Best Programmer for PIC16F84 and PIC16F87 ...
BIG OOPS! Re: MPlab wont talk to Picstart Pro--any
bin16 to BCD [TO]
BMP in LCD ?
book swap
BRGH in 16c74
Buffer Substitute for Driving Relay
Buffer substitute for driving relay
Buffer Substitute for Driving Relay (DTL)
Byte values
Bytecraft PIC C Compiler
C code example
C compiler for Amtel AVR line
C? - KEIL tools [OT]
cadsoft patch
Caller ID
Can we run a 4Mhz chip at 8Mhz
Can't get MPLab to re-build something after editin
Cant get rs232 working.
Capacitive sensor an PIC12C508
CCS C Complier
CCS Compiler and MPLAB 4.12
CCS under Linux dosemu ?
C-Flea Implementation
Cheap Serial ADC 50Khz Sampling
Circuitmaker & Traxmaker [OT]
Clock-In-A-Card idea
Comments and questions about DS1820
Comonent Suggestions needed
Comonent Suggestions needed [OT]
Compiling CCS C source in MPLAB
Component Suggestions needed
Computed GOTO in CCS (please, help me!!!)
Computed goto in CCS-PCM
constant power power supply?
constant power power supply? [OT]
Constants in ASM files ?
Contract opportunity - Offsite PIC development- te
Controlling voice chip outputs to different speake
Convert Code From Pic16c622 To Pic12c508/9
Converted RTF --> HTML
Copying the code from and exsisting chip
Correct Way to Set INTCON
Crystal Error [OT]
CVASM v5.8 - Missing EEPROM Bit Definitions
dataraseII w/timer?
DC Motor Control
Difference between Echo'ing characters and sending
digital sound: part deux
Does 16F877 A/D code work directly in 16F876?
Does anyone know a good snippet site?
Does the RETURN opcode affect the 17C7xx's PCLATH?
driving 9V relays with the pic 16C74A
Driving Relay
Driving Relays
DTMF Stuff
Dual Asynchronous Software Timers
eaglepcb patch
Easy pic ??
EEPROM endurance/error correction
EEPROM endurance/error correction (long)
Efficient code using PicBasicPro- Stamp-Pic
emulating disk drive...
EPic Programmer software
EPROM Progammer Suggestions
Erasing EPROM
Errors in my PIC table...
Ethernet LAN Part II
Ethernet LAN Part III
Even page breaks - II
External D/A
FCC Registration Number,etc. [OT]
FED C COMPILER : Any comments ?
FETs in OZ, was Re: Driving Relay
FET's in OZ, was RE: driving relay
FETs in OZ, was Re: Driving Relay (OT)
First PIC project...
First PIC project...[OT]
First post, a little self indulgence,
First Time
First time using MPsim
For Sale: programmer, eraser and micros
Frequency Counter project updated
FW: [OT] Excuses from Telesystems
Fw: ICD Specs
Fw: new virus beware
Fw: new virus beware *[OT]*
FW: P16pro40
Fw: Re: i2c help please
FW: Rejected posting to PICLIST@MITVMA.MIT.EDU
FW: TCP/IP, smallest server, blah blah
FWIW [OT] - The ultimate Corrective Services - pol
FWIW [OT] - The ultimate Corrective Services -poli
FWIW [OT] - The ultimate Corrective Services.
General walker stupidity
General walker stupidity: Divide and Conquer!
Getting old posts [OT]
Good gang programmer.
graphical lcd project
graphical lcd project [OT] (?)
Half duplex data via co-ax
Happy Thanksgiving
Hardware UART comms
Have any ideas on generating an Ethernet frame wit
Help -- Load Caps for osc
Help about phone keyboard
help for change PWM to DAC sin wave
help! fuse bits conversion
Help. On-Screen Display (STV5730)
Hex to ASM
Hex to ASM
Hex to ASM
Hi From Bulgaria
Hi from Bulgaria those anybody know about Rome Dig
High Power Op Amps: Roll Your Own
High speed IR or RF comms
HITECH PICC - Linker error - Fixup overflow in exp
Homebrew PIC Programmer (MCLR) question
How can I configure PIC17C756?
how can I generation the DTMF only use the PIC or
how can I generation the DTMF with PWM???????
How is MPLAB C17 or C18 works?
How to test a crystal?
How to test a crystal? Differences
How to use In-Circuit Debugger for 16F87X parts.
HTML Fixed
HTML Fixed [OT]
HTML Fixed [OT] Viking Server
HTML Fixed [OT] Viking Server + Compact Flash Adap
Human visual response (was: anode drivers for LED)
I apologize...
i2c help please
I2C vs SPI
I2C, what again!?
ICSP using NT?
illegal label message
I'm back Why does it not work part 2...
Image compression
Image compression (RLE)
Implementation of a coder RDS
Implementing a FIFO on PIC 16x67
In and Out of Sleep
In and OUT under NT
In Circuit Debugger....
In Circuit Debugging....
In Circuit Debugging.... 16F877
In circuit programmer for 17C756 (A??)
In line programmer for 17C756
In Search Of Reasonable Challange
In-Circuit Programming Woes
Inductive Loop Communications
Inductive signalling
Information sought on PIC - PC IRDAinterface
Infrared decoding... Remote's
interface a PIC with Hard Disk IDE
Interfacing an External Ram to 17c44
Interfacing pic16c74 with mains
Interrupt basics...
Is there another Chip with A/D
Is This Fuzzy Logic?
isd 4002
Jitter (Was: no subject at all)
JPEG on a pic?
Just testing - Not receiving posts... [OT]
Keeping pipes from freezing
Know of a good code browser, anyone?
landing code at even breaks
last of the 87x proto faulty boards
LCD Module connector
LCD VGA display
LCD with less I/O
LCD's again -EPSON EA-X200 25AR
LCD's again -EPSON EA-X200 25AR 18 connection mod
LEGO IR Remote Control
Light sensor (somewhat [OT])
Lightweight encryption...
Linux Hitech picc core dump?
LM629 - PIC
Ln or log
Logic analyzer
Looking for distributor of YAPP or WARP13 PIC Prog
Lookup tables
Low voltage 16F877 programming
LTC1298 + PIC16F84
LTC1298 A/D Converter
Mail Client Features [OT]
mains supply (zero x detect)
Making a ticking sound
Measuring Inductance
Measuring True RMS Value of AC signal
MeLabs charges for Epic Upgrades now...
Micro "Stuff" For Sale- OT
More eeprom endurance & error correction
More than 8 LED's from a single 8-bit port
Moto part obsolete...new choice OR maybe someone h
motor driver
Motor dyno?
Motor PWM (Was Re: PID control using PIC)
Motorola MC145026 Emulation for PIC?
MPASM macros
MPLAB - misbehaving
MPLAB annoyances fixed in new version?
MPLAB case sensitivity
MPLab complier texts
MPLAB help - stimulation with delay loops
MPLAB Misbehaving `Again'
MPLAB Pic Programmer
MPLAB protocols etc
MPLAB protocols etc [OT]
MPLAB sim IRQ gotchas...
MPLab texts
MPlab wont talk to Picstart Pro--any suggestions?
MPLab, PIcStart, COM1 problems--and Protel 99SE
Multiply and Square
My first PIC experience
Need another set of eyes on MOSFET switched capaci
Need help locating an old chip and company
Need help with MPLAB and HiTech C
Need help with Offline Switching Supply from uProc
need someone to compile code
New member (with an offering)...
Newbie Question
Nice Pic Overview
Old parts have oxidized leads!
Op Amp recommendatiuon sought
Op Amps (not rockets (use in rockets :-)))
OT Re: Clock-In-A-Card idea
OT Web page Photos
OT Web page Photos. New Micro 21" Heli.
OT: measuring megagauss
OT: pressure sensor -> PIC
OT: Re: Re: Re: [OT] Need advice on part replaceme
OT: Win serial app to test PIC USART
P16PRO programmer
p16Pro question
PBC and piclist question
PCB assembly in Johannesbug [OT]
PCB Dilemma [OT]
PCB Layout program..
PCB Prototype
PCB software - FREE & GOOD [OT]
PCB software [OT]
PCM Motor Control
Peak detector help
Peak detector help [OT]
Phone keyboard
pic + max521 dac
pic + usb
Pic 16F87X boundout Chip
PIC A2D and PWM problem
PIC and DL141x's (was [OT] switching DC/DC con
Pic and Pc keyboard
PIC based Phase-Locked-Loop?
Pic BasicPro
pic c compiler
PIC check thyself
pic cookbook 1
PIC Finding LC Resonance
PIC in circuit emulator
PIC 'n VB products here:
PIC packages ...
Pic programmer
PIC programmer from Microchip AN589
PIC Sound to Light?
PIC Startup Troubles
PIC Timing Routines
Pic Timing Routines
pic to thermistor interface [OT]
pic to thermistor interface [PIC]
pic trainer board no2 by m-jay
PIC, check thyself
PIC16C505 Emulator
PIC16C773...My Viewpoint and Feelings.
PIC16C84 Question
PIC16F87 or PIC16F84 with LTC1298 ...
PIC16F877 ORG's
PICLIST Digest - 22 Jan 2000 to 23 Jan 2000 (#2000
PICPRO Software - Software obtained, thanks to all
PICPRO Software anyone??
PicStart Plus for sale
PICSTART under Linux?
PicSTART Upgrade firmware
PICsters in South Africa
PID control using PIC
PID using F84
piezo (was Re: Making a ticking sound)
piezo gyros, etc.
plain text not html [OT]
Plans for PIC Capmeter and Keypad available
Please help...Is this possible?
Please spare a minute to read this ... Extremely [
Please spare a minute to read this mail. Thankyou.
Polling the serial port
power switch
Problem in Programming PIC16C74 using CHIPLAB [TO]
Problem with 16F877
Problem with 16F877 LVP bit
problems using PBP for interupt driven comms on a
Problems with 23/15 bits divide routines from AN61
Programmer circuit and software needed for 16C73A
programming the eeprom of 16F877
programming with Pic2.2 under Linux
PROTEL Easytrax help (OT)
Pulsewidth measuring
PWM and R/C
PWM Motor Control
Q: I2C vs SPI
Q: PS/2 Mouse emulation
Question re: goto
R/C speed control
R/C speed control with CCP
R: Re: WEB & PIC new mailing list
RC servo accuracy...
Re 16F8XX
Re P16Pro
Readin a programmed pic
Reading 68HC811E2 eeprom download to Port to Pic
Reading an already programmed Pic
Relay on a PIC
relay substitute
Remote Control
Remote Control by Telephone
Remote Control by Telephone [was: pic based electr
Request of information about Power Line Modems
resolution errors using built-in 16F877 A/D
Robotics for Father/Son Project? [OT]
Roger Thomas 'Pascal' compiler for 16c84
Roman numerals and silly rules
RS232 --> 16*84 --> HD44780
RS232 for PIC16F84 @4MHZ
RS-232 port c/c++ routines needed
rs232 router (offtopic)
rs232 router (offtopic) [OT]
RS232 using PIC
RS485 9bit addressing
RS485 Network - What hardware to use?
RS-485 Protocol
Running Power to a PCB [OT]
Sandisk MMC card
Searching for talent... you can win $26,500!!!
searching pic16c63
Second Attempt
Serial data transfer with PIC
Serial EEPROMs question
Serial EEPROMs question?
serial port
Serial programming - Please help.
Silent relay
Simple RF Remote control
Simplest program for printed circuit
slightly [OT]: RF assistance required (27-40 MHz)
Small PIC with serial port?
Software filtering?
Solid State Anemometer
Solid State Anemometer [OT]
Sorce code
speed control
SPI routine
SPICE for PICList circuitry. (*DRAFT* proposal V
SSP Module in 16F876
Starting out.
Stepper Motor Control
Sub microamp 3-pin uC Reset
Subj: Re: Lookup tables
Subject sort tag
Subject: Keeping pipes from freezing
Subject: Y2K--Has anybody heard of anything real?
Supercap for backup power
Table over 255 and the art of compact...
TCP/IP, smallest server, blah blah
TCP/IP, smallest server, blah blah [OT]
Tee Hee [OT]
Testing email
Text to Speech
Thank You
THANK YOU: Beginners Help Needed
This is a wierd one... 16f877 problems!
Tiny controllers [OT]
TINY switches?
TINY switches? [OT]
TMR0 interrupt
translating 68hc code to pic16f84
Translation of software
TRIS/OPTION opcodes (was: "Re: PIC Startup Trouble
trouble programming windowed 12C672 part
UMPS software???
unsubscribe piclist
USB ???
UV Erasable PIC?
UV Light Box [OT]
video overlay stuff
Video stabalizer [was OT]
Voltage & Current Measurement
Voltage and Current Measurement
wav player
Way [OT} !
WEB & PIC new mailing list
What assembler to use for PicBasicPro
what is a file.map?
What programmer can program 16F87x?
What would be on the perfect Development Board ?
Where to find Linux PIC tools
Where's Myke?
Why does it not work...
Windchill [OT] was Re: Windspeed circuit?
Windspeed circuit?
Windspeed circuit? [OT]
Windspeed Circuit? [OT]
Windspeed circuit? [OT]
Windspeed Circuit? [OT]
Windspeed circuit? [OT] Some examples
Windspeed Circuit?[way OT]
Win-NT Software for ITU PIC-1A Programmer
www.phanderson.com's "C" package.
Y2K--Has anybody heard of anything real?
Y2K--Has anybody heard of anything real? [OT]

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