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"BAJ" 16F84 to TAIT code UPDATE  Mar 19th 1
*wanted* PIC Programmer  Oct 12th 1
[OT] 6502 question  Feb 21th 1 22th 41
[OT] Crimp headers and flat ribbon cable. Trick Qu  Jul 8th 1
[OT] OCIA protocol  Aug 19th 1
[OT] P16PRO Programmer  Feb 21th 1
[OT] Recycling PIC plastic tubes  Jun 2nd 1
[OT] Robert Beer Please reply  Aug 19th 1
[OT] Spanish translator required.  Jun 27th 1 28th 9
+5v from a PC parallel port  Jan 26th 1
12C508  Dec 1st 1
12c508 adapter  Sep 12th 1
12C509 fuses  Mar 4th 1
12c509 OSCAL read procedure before UV erase?  Sep 16th 1
14000 code - AAARRRGGG!  Jan 24th 1
14000: weird or wonderful?(was: 14000 headaches)  Jan 21th 1
16C54 vs. 16C54C in MPLAB  Mar 17th 1
16C557 released yet?  Jan 5th 1
16C63 - 16C63A  Apr 1st 1, 2
16C65x confusion still  Jun 25th 1 Sep 7th 5515
16C71-04/P status  Dec 1st 1
16C74A problem (dual Vdd,Vss??)  Sep 7th 1
16C74B  Mar 24th 1
16c773/4 programmer  May 31th 1
16F877 a real part?  Mar 13th 1
16F877 availability, config and programming  Mar 26th 1
16F877 Programming difficulties  Sep 7th 1
16F877 xt oscilator problem  Nov 12th 1
17C Series Programmers...  Mar 29th 1, 4
17c756 ADAPTER  Apr 12th 1
17C756 Programming  Mar 12th 1
18Cxxx  Nov 15th 1
4LAB, new, low cost MPLAB programmers.  Jan 8th 1
'73A vs '73B  Jan 28th 1
76001 chip  Oct 4th 1
Accessing configuration within code  Jan 20th 1
Accurate time delays  Jul 28th 1
another newbie full of questions...  Jan 6th 1, 2
Antwort: PICSTART PLUS firmware UPDATE  Feb 4th 1
boot loaders already installed?  Jul 12th 1
BRGH INFO (Was Which Microchip PICs have the BGRH  Sep 16th 1 17th 186
C84 vs F84 fuses  Apr 8th 1
CAD to create GIF (was: project uploading)  Feb 4th 1
cats! -Reply  Sep 10th 1
Ceramic resonator accuracy  Jan 8th 1
Cheap prices on PIC16C505's  Jan 7th 1
Checksum  Sep 19th 1
Com 1 and Com 2 PIC Programmer Problem  Dec 20th 1
Confusion on PIC part numbers  Jul 9th 1, 3
Dead parrot  Jan 28th 1
Differences between 16C54A,54B, 54C ??  Mar 29th 1
DIY-117 Programmer  Feb 19th 1
DOS program for PICStart  Oct 13th 1
EAGLE CAD PIC library bug  Mar 19th 1
Eagle CRACK!!!!!  Jan 17th 1
Engine programmer  Jul 28th 1
Equivalent PIC's?  Oct 23th 1
Erase 12c509 with Sun  Sep 24th 1
Finding a beginners PIC programmer  Dec 9th 1 11th 66
Flash Parts  Aug 24th 1
FLASH vs. EEPROM  Feb 14th 1
Free PIC to serial port debugger  Nov 14th 1
Free picstart plus driver.  Aug 9th 1
Get the Free TM4 HEX file going.  Apr 21th 1
GW-Basic (cheap/free developement tools)  Jan 21th 1
Heaps of new linux programmers  Sep 6th 1
Hello, am I here?  Jan 26th 1
Help beginner programmer  Dec 28th 1
Help with PicStart hardware  Nov 24th 1
Help with PIP-02 programmer  May 31th 1
HELP::Getting a 16F877 up and running  Jul 3rd 1
HEX Files and LCD contrast  Sep 22th 1
How do I prevent Code Protecting my windowed chip?  Aug 15th 1
I have the "BAJ" 16F84 to TAIT code  Mar 17th 1 Apr 12th 2098
ICSP for 16F877  Oct 12th 1
In circuit programming  Jun 18th 1
Increment/Decrement "w"  Jun 22th 1
Jim @ Newfound  Dec 7th 1
JW parts and erasing  Jan 2nd 1 4th 209
Large serial Rams  May 31th 1 Jun 1st 75
Linux PIC programmers, Beta testers wanted.  Sep 10th 1
LINUX TM4 code posted.  Sep 23th 1
LISTBOT error fixed  Jan 21th 1
Looking for an adapter for the PIC 17C756 (from 40  Jan 2nd 1
Looking for an In-circuit serial programmer for th  Jul 22th 1
Maxim  Feb 17th 1
Micro-controller NEC D8749HD (8048 family) - Info  Jul 28th 1
most reliable pic 16cxx programmer  Jun 21th 1
MPLAB programmers. warp-3, pp1 PICSTART 16C  Jan 17th 1
New MPLAB PIC programmer "REAPER"  Jan 24th 1
New upgrade Idea for PS 16C. Have your say.  Mar 28th 1
New Warp-13/MPLAB tool; Testers wanted  Dec 22th 1
New WinPSP and 16F87x support.  Feb 14th 1
New WinPSP, WinTM4 drivers, DosTM4.  Mar 28th 1
NEW WinTM4 with 16F87x support.  Mar 13th 1
New, viewable TAIT Circuit for free software.  Mar 19th 1
Ok, Ok, Thanks everyone (Was hello, am I still her  Jan 26th 1
Open Drain Pullup  Jul 5th 1
Output of your job "PICLIST"  Jan 26th 1
p16pro  Dec 30th 1
P16Pro Programmer xster, and pwer mosfet question  Jan 6th 1
PC Power Suply to PIC Programmer?!?  Sep 10th 1
PC to 16C74A Serial Hookup  Jan 10th 1
pic + usb  Sep 12th 1
pic 16c73a/73b and pic 16f873  Sep 23th 1
PIC 16C84 Bulk Erase  Jan 24th 1
PIC don't erase !!!!!  Jan 22th 1 23th 14
PIC help file posted  Dec 1st 1
PIC Programmer  Feb 17th 1, 139
PIC Programmer ?  Feb 5th 1 8th 179
PIC programmers  Jan 4th 1 5th 19, 32 6th 240
PIC12C508 code To PIC16C505 won't work  Mar 29th 1
PIC12C508A Gang Programmer / Service  Sep 14th 1
PIC16C/F84 A/D  Feb 5th 1
PIC16C620 with 16C84 code  Mar 15th 1
PIC17C43 Data Sheet  Oct 13th 1
PIC17C44 Start-up info.  Jan 26th 1
PIC18Cxxx Availability  Oct 4th 1
PICF877 pin 11?  Sep 5th 1
PicNPoke  Jan 10th 1
Picstart - MPLAB Bug  Aug 3rd 1
PICSTART 16B Software  Feb 11th 1 14th 189
PicStart 16B1 with Phoenix  Oct 19th 1
Picstart Plus  May 3rd 1
Picstart Plus (memory device programming)  May 4th 1
Picstart plus and 17c756  Jan 4th 1
PICStart Plus inconsistencies  Jan 17th 1
Please add http://  Oct 20th 1
Please Reload  Jan 7th 1
PP+ pinouts to program 16C92x  Sep 24th 1
problems with my PIC programmer kit  Feb 14th 1
Prog 16C73A with PSTART Lite  Jan 1st 1 2nd 42
Programmer drawings  Mar 24th 1
Programmer for PIC17C42  Feb 16th 1
Programming 16C505  Aug 28th 1
Programming 16F87's with PS+  Jul 21th 1
Programming 17C44 Configuration Word  Mar 12th 1 13th 105
Programming Info  Oct 9th 1
Programming problems - 16C73A/JW  Oct 6th 1
Protocol for PICS Start Plus  Jan 9th 1 11th 168
Prototype with 74JW , program with 64A  Jul 21th 1
PSF20100.HEX  Jun 23th 1
R: Re: OT PDF format and Word  Jan 18th 1
REC-80 IR protocol sample, not RC5  Jan 17th 1
Request for MPLAB project info  Dec 29th 1
RIP Dawn Elizabeth Payson 29-Mar-1999  Apr 6th 1
RLF, RRF  Jan 18th 1
RS232 possible using internal oscillator?  Aug 14th 1
RV: UM3750  Feb 3rd 1
Sale of Tait programmer to MPLAB converters.  Aug 16th 1
Scenix distributor (Australia)  Jun 4th 1, 2
Scenix Parallel mode programmer question  Mar 19th 1
Serial Problems w 16C77  Sep 7th 1
Simple In circuit programmer for PIC16x84  Feb 9th 1, 2
So here we go again.  Feb 5th 1
Sourcing 87x parts  Aug 17th 1
SPAM! 4LAB, new, low cost MPLAB programmers.  Jan 6th 1
STATUS & the 16f84????  Feb 3rd 1
Tait/Maplin Programmer (was Re: basic report ...)  Feb 12th 1
the relay circuit - 1N400X re 1N4148  Jan 7th 1
To C or not to C for PICmicro  Feb 8th 1
Troubles programming the new 16F877 FLASH parts.  Aug 8th 1, 31 11th 194
Wanted, preloved warp-3s  Jan 21th 1
Warp-13 and MacPIC  Oct 9th 1 11th 100 12th 300
Warp-3  Jan 9th 1, 2
WARP-3 and MacPIC  Mar 8th 1
What is PIC 18Cxxx?  Jan 27th 1
what to know before programming 12c671/JW  Dec 27th 1
Which chip?  Feb 26th 1

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