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$850USD Cash to be won in the next 2 weeks.  Oct 13th 1
(OT) Eagle Layout Editer  Oct 12th 1
*wanted* PIC Programmer  Oct 11th 1 14th 239
[OT?] Retro-Computer  Sep 26th 1, 6
[OT] AVR C compiler  Oct 15th 1, 15
[OT] Bill Gates increses dexterity  Dec 15th 1
[OT] Crimp headers and flat ribbon cable. Trick Qu  Jul 8th 1, 7, 9, 74, 75 9th 181 12th 304
[OT] hysteria about email  Dec 15th 1
[OT] Jim's on deck  Dec 15th 1
[OT] Max-232 clone?  Jun 29th 1
[OT] Melbourne Cup, was something completely diffe  Nov 2nd 1
[OT] Muscle contraction.  Sep 14th 1
[OT] Real time clock  May 15th 1
[OT] serial servo controller wanted  Nov 3rd 1
[OT] SimmStick Contest 99 results  Nov 21th 1
[OT] Spam from Telesystems?  Dec 20th 1
[OT] Suggestion please - FPU for PIC  Dec 28th 1
[OT] Unabashed plug  Nov 2nd 1
[OT] World's first flight was - A Remarkable Gift  Dec 8th 1
[OT][JOKE][L.S.M.F.T.][Ornaments]  Dec 23th 1
[OT]I'm back  Dec 24th 1
[SOT] Myke Predko  May 25th 1
`508 Grapevine  Jan 15th 1
~!@#$% Happy again  Sep 17th 1
~!@#$% Happy again (also [OT] Mchip f__k up)  Sep 20th 1
110,000 hits counter contest.  Jan 11th 1
12c508 adapter  Sep 12th 1
12C508 question & UIR  Oct 24th 1 25th 10
16C/F84 OTP version  Dec 14th 1
16F84 Asynchronous Communications  May 4th 1
16f84 in-circuit programming  Sep 4th 1
16f84 move to 16f873  Dec 1st 1
16f84/rs232  Sep 25th 1
16F876 04/SP  Nov 22th 1
16F877 and Tait Programmers  Jun 13th 1
16F877 Evaluation Boards  Jun 28th 1
16F877: PP : DT's Programmer  Jun 19th 1
16F87X  Nov 3rd 1
16F87X development board  Jul 14th 1
16F87X Series Evaluation / Training Board Spec  Jun 30th 1
22-Oct-99 Two new SimmSticks announced today.  Oct 22th 1
24LC64-P verses 24LC65/P  Nov 11th 1
38400/19200 baud two way RS232 serial routine for  Sep 28th 1
5 second delay  Oct 21th 1
87x in DIP Available.  Nov 5th 1
87x proto boards.  Sep 1st 1
9237-op lcd interface [OT]  Oct 9th 1
A PC USB Port on a SimmStick.  Oct 14th 1
Advice Needed. Which Chip?  Dec 15th 1
Another 16F877-20/P at eBay.  Sep 25th 1 26th 78 27th 198
Assembler Verses Pbasic  Oct 18th 1
Atmel, mcu's.  May 14th 1
AVR sources and PIC C Compilers.  Dec 23th 1
Basic  Oct 18th 1
BASIC and PBASIC  Oct 28th 1
Basic Stamp and Variables  Dec 15th 1
Basic Stamp Club's emulator,  Dec 8th 1
Basic Stamp divided by four source code  Dec 10th 1 13th 153 14th 182
Basic Stamp One commands converted to MicroChip co  Sep 8th 1, 3, 4
Basic stamps and clones  Sep 30th 1
BASIC STAMPS?  Nov 4th 1 5th 19
Biginners..  Jul 18th 1
C compiler  Oct 16th 1 17th 58 18th 125
C2C or P2C experiences  Oct 26th 1
Caller ID with 16F84 - Intended project.  May 2nd 1
Can anyone help with a French to English translati  Jul 7th 1
CCS C Examples  Jul 3rd 1
Charles Manning Programmer  May 14th 1
Christmas greetings from the start of the day [OT]  Dec 24th 1
Cockroach Detection and Y2K bugs.  Jan 3rd 1
Code differences between 16F84 and 12C508  Dec 11th 1
COM84 programer trouble  Oct 18th 1, 80
coming death of microchip?  Oct 26th 1
Consultant  May 4th 1
counting at 150khz (pic16c84 -04)  Oct 27th 1
David Tait mirror  Jun 11th 1
David Tait's PIC stuff  May 18th 1
Did I screw up?  Jun 13th 1
Digi-Key and the PIC16F877-20/P  Jun 15th 1, 19
Dual PICs one Xtal.  Jun 25th 1
Easy PCB¬s  Nov 4th 1
Errors with P16Pro and Programming 16C505  Sep 26th 1
F877 INFO  Dec 17th 1
F87x programming FAQ  Oct 20th 1
Finding a beginning PIC programer  Dec 8th 1
Flash Parts  Aug 24th 1
Frequency counter  Jan 9th 1
Fwd: Re: Basic Stamp divided by four source code  Dec 14th 1
HELP with 16f877  Sep 2nd 1
HELP::Getting a 16F877 up and running  Jul 3rd 1, 11 4th 51
I2C Realtime Clock Problem  Sep 30th 1
Info Please on P16PRO  Nov 9th 1
Introduction to PICs  May 16th 1, 5
Jim @ Newfound  Dec 7th 1, 24
Know of a Atmel Flash 8051 compat. programmer usin  Jun 16th 1
LCD contrast  Sep 22th 1 23th 172
LCD test program for PIC16F877 on a SimmStick.  Jun 14th 1
Looking for Pbasic  Oct 12th 1
Looking for RS232 implemented on a PIC16F84 10Mhz  Oct 6th 1
M68HC05  Sep 8th 1
Make your PCBs for free!!!!  Jan 13th 1
ME Labs EPIC and P16PRO  Dec 11th 1
MicroController Design Contest finishes in just ov  Oct 21th 1
MicroController Design Contest.  Sep 17th 1
Modchip for Pic16c/f84  Nov 27th 1, 13
More new SimmSticks coming.  Sep 22th 1
need help  Jun 20th 1
New Flash parts and ITU  Dec 6th 1 7th 62
New P16PRO PICmicro Products and Prices Announced  Dec 9th 1 13th 179
New Proto PCB for PIC16F87x family. SimmStick Comp  Sep 11th 1
New SimmStick and other matters.  May 28th 1
Newbie! Time Delays  Sep 30th 1
Newbie. JDM, PIP-02, Can program PIC16F84 ?  Jun 25th 1
Newbie: INTRO & PIC16F84 8 i/o controller Help Nee  Aug 27th 1
Next Step  Dec 10th 1
Only 3 weeks to go for the SimmStick MicroControll  Oct 5th 1
Open Collector, Buttons  Jun 13th 1
Over-clocking  May 6th 1
p16pr0  Nov 16th 1
P16Pro Programmer and Jim's Birthday.  Jan 6th 1
p16pro programming failure  Sep 29th 1, 21
P16PRO.... but what about 24cXX??  Nov 10th 1, 31
Parallax to Microchip mnemonic translator  Sep 6th 1, 39, 45, 46 7th 64
PC EPP interface to PIC  Aug 22th 1
PCB design software  Sep 29th 1
Pic 12c5XX between -5v and gnd?  Sep 28th 1
Pic Basic Tutorials, where?  Oct 17th 1
pic programmer for 16f84  Sep 21th 1
PIC programmers correction.  Jan 6th 1
PIC Project: Cable Testing Tool  Dec 24th 1
PIC RS-232 routines  Nov 11th 1
PIC16F84  Jan 8th 1
PIC16F876-04/SP  Oct 25th 1 26th 70
PIC16F877 has now been programmed in a SimmStick.  Jun 13th 1
PIC16F87x and 84 proto boards.  Jul 3rd 1
PIC16F87X In Stock!.  Oct 29th 1
PIC16F87x Proto boards and Scenix.  Jun 29th 1
PIC16F87x proto boards.  Jul 21th 1
PIC16F87x Proto boards.  Aug 24th 1 30th 447
pic16f87x proto boards.  Sep 3rd 1
PIC-BASIC nn.OBJ - PIC-TUTOR (TASM) conversion ??  Jan 8th 1
PICF877 pin 11?  Sep 5th 1, 14
PICMicro ring master /helper  Jul 21th 1
PicNPoke [sorry :-)]  Nov 30th 1
PicNPoke CD  May 26th 1
PICStart+ and NT  Dec 1st 1
Please add http:// [OT]  Oct 21th 1
programmer  Oct 29th 1
Programmer Recommendations  Nov 11th 1
Programmer Test Util  Oct 24th 1
Programming a 12C with a 16F programmer  May 2nd 1
Programming Info  Oct 9th 1
Programming PIC16F877  Oct 10th 1
Questions from a beginner...  Dec 10th 1
Ramsey programmer / 16c74  Oct 16th 1
RC 4MHz clock  Nov 15th 1
Remote keypads - which PIC?  May 17th 1
rs232 + 16f84 + 4mc  Oct 22th 1
rs232 routines  Sep 20th 1
RS232 Timing  Sep 1st 1
RS-232 to RS-485 convertor, who posted one?  Sep 30th 1
Sample routines for 16f84  Dec 2nd 1
Scott edwards Source code  Jul 21th 1
send DTMF tones  Oct 27th 1
serial com  Oct 25th 1
serial programming of the f84  Sep 5th 1
Servo control signals [OT] Was: to analogue voltag  Dec 27th 1
SimmStick Design Contest!  May 30th 1
SimmStick Power Supply and RS-232 Comms.  Sep 27th 1
Simple C for PIC  Oct 4th 1
Simple serial keypad/display  Dec 19th 1
Sound  Sep 7th 1
Source codes??  Oct 20th 1
Sourcing 87x parts  Aug 17th 1
Spark Ignition  Aug 29th 1
Stamp like software for AT89C52???  Dec 9th 1, 7
Starting with serial Tx and Rx.  Sep 10th 1
stupid question about sink/source  Dec 27th 1
Success for a Newbie!!!  Jan 4th 1
test routine  Dec 28th 1
The biggest tragedy since the Titanic sunk??  Jul 2nd 1 5th 226
The PICmicro PIC16F877 and the DT106 SimmStick!  Jun 13th 1
Two PICS/one clock  Dec 21th 1
uP with clock/calendar ?  Sep 12th 1
Using P16PRO with NOPPP style programmer  Oct 18th 1
Very new to PICS...need a little direction.  Oct 13th 1, 40
Was W&W, now bomb.html (AKA dt102.html SimmStick)  May 7th 1
Washington State - Seattle area reference  Jan 1st 1
WAY [OT], Atmel AVR mailing list please...  Jul 18th 1
weird and wacky pic apps  May 6th 1 7th 94
What has DonTronics been doing in June?  Jun 20th 1
Which C compiler to choose???  Nov 10th 1, 7 11th 143 12th 205
Windows 2000 stuffs P16pro burning Software  Nov 22th 1

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