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 Feb 2nd 1
[OT] Was ITU problem, now email addresses.  Apr 14th 1
16C924 Programmer ?  Mar 19th 1, 17208, 644
30 Pin SIMM Memory Specifications  Jan 16th 1
508 Programmers.  Sep 23th 1
Advice on a simple 16F84 starter project.  Mar 25th 1
Another LCD Question  Dec 31th 1
Any Ideas to add more Ports ????  Jul 21th 1
Assembly code.  Mar 1st 1
AT Keyboard question  May 5th 1 6th 64
Atmel AVR mailinglist  Nov 5th 1 20th 1244
Atmel list  Sep 25th 1, 19
Back issues of PICLIST Digest  Mar 20th 1
Basic Stamp Divided By Four!  Sep 14th 1 15th 59, 123
Basic Stamp info  Sep 9th 1, 15
Better software for ITUPIC-1  Dec 30th 1
BS4 - corrupt file?  Sep 18th 1, 37
BS4 - how to make work?  Sep 15th 1 16th 84
BS4 PDF file  Sep 23th 1
C or BASIC for the PIC?  Feb 14th 1, 0
CHEAP PIC Programmers and other matters.  Dec 30th 1
Cheap programmer  Dec 29th 1
Choosing a LCD  Nov 8th 1
Code for DS1302.  Feb 8th 1
Command line software for serial programmer  Sep 18th 1
Comparison of C compilers  Jun 3rd 1, 26
Digest [OT]  Mar 15th 1
disassembler  Jan 26th 1
DOS software for ProPic?  Apr 13th 1
DS1302  Aug 19th 1 24th 5199
DS1302 Real time clock probs  Sep 28th 1
DT001 help  Sep 26th 1
DT-204 / DT-206 PGMR problem  Nov 4th 1
em87v1_3 it is  Sep 21th 1
Embedded Controller Handbook  Feb 25th 1
Foreign Magazine Subscription Agent [OT]  Jan 30th 1
Four free programmer kits.  Aug 18th 1, 22 19th 89 20th 141 Oct 10th 8578 11th 8587
Four new products announced in December, all PICmi  Dec 20th 1
Free Basic compiler?  Feb 5th 1
Help..!!!  Jun 6th 1
I need a supplier for BC547B transistors  Mar 14th 1
in-circuit assumptions and ZIF sockets.  Oct 21th 1
In-circuit programming  Nov 7th 1
in-circuit programming 16F84  Oct 17th 1
ISP for pic16c558  Mar 12th 1
ITU is No More for Now....  Dec 24th 1
Keyboards and PICs  Mar 21th 1
Looking for an easy ram buffer...  Apr 4th 1
MAPLIN PIC Programmer  Jan 6th 1
March 10th Digest truncated?  Mar 15th 1
Microchip Code Converted PIC Source Book Anyone??  Jul 24th 1
More facts on which PIC programmer, plus the 16-B,  Mar 11th 1
N&V  Apr 7th 1
negative voltage.  Dec 26th 1
New Page  Jan 4th 1
New PicNPost  Aug 30th 1
New Simmstick board released 28-Aug-98  Aug 28th 1
newbie  Apr 7th 1
Newbie -- DT001 Kit from Wirz Elect.  Dec 21th 1
Newbie: dt101 from WIRZ info needed  Dec 22th 1
Newfound PP1 Programmer, and Picstart-16B.  May 8th 1
Newfound Warp 3 and Picstart 16-B  Mar 22th 1
NJU6355 Specs?  Mar 19th 1
O.T. Pulse dialing  Mar 11th 1 18th 489
Offhand queries.  Feb 11th 1
OT: IC Sockets  Jan 17th 1
Page jumps in Pic BASIC Pro  Dec 21th 1
Parallax format code- What is "indirect"?  Jun 3rd 1
PBasic PRO compiler  May 29th 1 Jun 3rd 244
PC Controlled PIC Project Question  Sep 28th 1
PHOENIX-B and PICSTART B  Jul 23th 1
PIC 16C5x programmer  May 3rd 1
PIC BASIC  Aug 29th 1
Pic message archive  Jan 5th 1
PIC News. (2 items)  Sep 19th 1 20th 42
PIC programmer from ITU and Logo Contest.  Jan 29th 1
PIC16C84  May 18th 1
PicBasic list server  Jan 2nd 1
PICextern 4X by WF AUTOMACAO  May 22th 1
Pic'n Up the Pace Programs  Mar 8th 1
PicNPoke is Hot!!!  Mar 16th 1 17th 107 20th -67028
PicNPoke!!  Mar 6th 1
Picstart 16b  Aug 23th 1, 2 24th 133
Picstart 16-B Upgrade  Feb 27th 1
Picstart Plus as ISP programmer??  Mar 19th 1
Piezo speaker with PIC  May 30th 1
PINAPI  Apr 30th 1
Portfolio  Mar 15th 1
prog. connector  Dec 29th 1
Programmer and software  Sep 28th 1
Programming software for PIC16c715  May 28th 1
Protoboard Ideas  Mar 13th 1
RAM Buffer  Apr 3rd 1
Requirments for 16F84 programmers  Sep 16th 1
RS232 serial communication  Aug 28th 1
Schematics  May 3rd 1
Seeking serial advice/code  Sep 22th 1
Sensor for Pulse (Heart)  Mar 28th 1
Simmstick Data  Aug 18th 1
Simple programmer  Oct 21th 1
SiStudio server down ?  Nov 6th 1
SMT pics--How are they programmed?  Jun 3rd 1
Sony Playstation code  May 28th 1
Source for simple RS232 interface, yes, and lots m  May 15th 1
The PIC Source Book/Disk new price. Free!!  Apr 2nd 1
Time-Warp ?  Feb 11th 1
Updating Picstart-16B1  Mar 10th 1
Upgrades for newfound/picstart programmers  Jun 6th 1
Was: 12c50x - Change in Oscillator Spec?, now Date  Jul 22th 1
watching code process from one pin??  Dec 26th 1 28th 88
What is a DIY  Mar 20th 1
Where to get PIC chips?  Apr 8th 1
Windows 95/NT PIC16x8x Programmer Software  Jan 26th 1 Oct 3rd -51896

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