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[AD] Altium Designer 12 & Altium Subscription
[AD] Analog Help
[AD] FS/FT: Mega LaserStar A4 PCB transparency fil
[AD]: Need a PIC Firmware developer
[AD]: PIC Programmer Wanted
[ADMIN] Misplaced posting
[AVR] Re: Your first ATTiny13 project
[AVR] Your first ATTiny13 project
[Bulk] Re: [OT] Chinese electrical certification s
[Bulk] Re: [OT] What does electricity/gasoline cos
[BUY] Darlington Module KS524505 (Help)
[buy] EU suppliers of beaglebone
[BUY] Extruded aluminum enclosures?
[BUY] Need to hire a programmer - need ad copy hel
[BUY] stainless steel stencil
[buy] USB micro B plug with 5 wire cable.
[BUY] Wanted: wire wrap prototype board
[BUY]: Need a PIC Firmware developer
[EE:] Anyone know anything about galvanometers
[EE:] Anyone know anything about galvanometers?
[EE:] Brushless motor fun
[EE:] Communication protocol used by UTD2102C osci
[EE:] Looking for method to expand rubber cable bo
[EE:] 'Reverse' right-angle IEC connectors (and Fo
[EE:] Supplier of key switches
[EE] Questions about neon lamp voltage
[EE] Has anyone bit-banged out of a microSD slo
[EE] Can anyone confirm Raspberry Pi shipping ?
[EE] Choosing a cheap wireless M2M network appro
[EE] Help getting info for a soldering class
[EE] Many thanks to the lurkers who have given m
[EE] Pico-projector controller concept
[EE] need 5 mp camera
[EE] Slow Blow Fuse Sizing
[EE] visual indicator on a circuit board (non pow
[EE] "Black sun" effect in CMOS camera sensors
[EE] "Normal" Ethernet - quick question
[EE] "optional" center pad on QFN PIC packages
[EE] $300 Desktop 3D printer
[EE] : Recommendations for an easy to use system b
[ee] [ot] Harbor Freight (USA) free multimeter
[EE] [PIC] Automobile low battery warning
[EE] +3.3V LDO Vreg with integrated error-commande
[EE] 100V Synchronous Buck Regulators from TI
[EE] 24AA1025 / 24AA1026
[EE] 2n2222 Biasing current for Amplifier
[EE] 2N3819 Basing
[EE] 3 phase sine PWM chip
[EE] 32kHz RTC
[EE] 78xx regulator minimum load current
[EE] A question on linear vreg quiescent current
[EE] A simple question about LTSpice IV
[EE] Al Electrolitics and solvents
[EE] alternative to the lmnp-1004
[EE] Altium Electronic CAD software questions
[EE] amplifier for variable reluctance sensor
[EE] analog IC design book - free
[EE] Any experience using 2.4G RF transceiver BK2
[EE] Anybody familiar with FCM8201 or FCM8202 BLDC
[EE] Anyone know anything about galvanometers?
[EE] Anyone recognize this connector?
[EE] Arduino stuff
[EE] ARM Cortex eval board
[EE] assembling twin BNC cables
[EE] Audio input switching
[EE] Automated Testing
[EE] Automatic wire strippers
[EE] Automotive is ROHS exempt?!
[EE] Bipolar transistor base breakdown
[EE] Bipolar, FET or ??? for shorting-switch?
[EE] Boost regulator clicking
[EE] Bridge Rectifier Module Questions
[EE] BTL Circuit
[EE] Building/buying a server
[EE] Call it Safety, was: RE: Synchronous AC Motor
[EE] Cheap DDS signal generator
[EE] cheap pressure sensor for water pump
[EE] Cheap solar panels and NiMh batteries
[EE] choosing the correct RC filters for PWM DAC
[EE] Circuit Cellar
[EE] Coin Cells and Peak Current Draw
[EE] Comm protocol for Honeywell ASDX pressure sen
[EE] Communication protocol used by UTD2102C oscil
[EE] COMSOL conference CD
[EE] Connector on Plessey PS25014A demo board
[EE] Connector source
[EE] Constant Current Source for LED
[EE] Conversion of AC to DC using transformers
[EE] convert from 3.3V to 3.3V or 5V
[EE] Copper clad perfboard?
[EE] Creative use of LEDs
[EE] Creepage distances for PCB relay connections
[EE] Current limit for PWMed Brushed DC motor
[EE] Custom short length VGA ribbon cable supplier
[EE] DAC grounds, interfaced to a PIC
[EE] DAC Monotonicity vs DNL
[EE] Datasheet / Details for an SN2323P
[EE] DC controlled volume control
[ee] Decoupling capacitors proximity
[EE] Designer of the 555 dies
[EE] Designing a thermopile amplifier
[EE] Detecting frequency from a single audio sourc
[EE] DFN and other fine pitch SMT footprints in EA
[EE] Differential OpAmp circuit
[EE] Dimmer control for synchronous motor
[EE] Discrete parallels of modern non-volatile sto
[EE] DIY inductive charging
[EE] Double-row 1.27mm headers straddling PCB edge
[EE] Driving an automotive gauge
[EE] Eagle BGA package
[EE] Effects of tap watter on a LCD display ?
[EE] Electric bicycle controller
[EE] Electric Imp - $30 WiFi module in SD card for
[EE] Electromagnet query
[EE] Electronics engineering services
[EE] Electronics in clear resin
[EE] EMC Testing for China? (resend with EE tag)
[EE] EPI-800 instrument system
[EE] external memories vs internal ?
[EE] Fastest Gate Response
[EE] FFT for Windows
[EE] For LED designers ...
[EE] FPGAs that plug directly into the motherboard
[EE] Freescale app note on balancing cells in batt
[EE] front camera from nokia N95
[EE] Fuel and pressure sensors
[EE] Ground return of the caps of a Xtal
[ee] Harbor Freight (USA) free multimeter
[EE] Harmonics
[EE] Has anyone bit-banged out of a microSD slot ?
[EE] Has anyone tried to use an ISM band clock xta
[EE] heatseal - anisotropic or monosotropic?
[EE] high frequency adder
[EE] High Side Shunt Amplifier
[EE] how a fire may curb solar panel and car produ
[EE] How do I calculate dielectric strenght of a m
[EE] How to receive submarine signal?
[EE] How to remove Adobe DRM from eBooks ( was Re:
[EE] How would you ensure fast power ramp up rise
[EE] How would you ensure fast powerup rise time?
[EE] I2C
[EE] i2c current sensors
[EE] I2C slew rate limiting
[EE] Image scanning
[EE] Importing Com Port to Open Office Calc
[EE] Importing Com Port to Open Office Calc - Fina
[EE] Importing Com Port to Open Office Calc - upda
[EE] increasing sensitivity of a thermistor
[EE] Induction motor ID
[EE] Interesting app note on PCB layout for precis
[EE] Interview with Microchip's CEO
[EE] iPod dock connector
[EE] Is this a scam?
[EE] Is this a simulation error
[EE] ISM band xtal for lower RFI noise emissions?
[EE] Laser power output required for burning ?
[EE] LED Drivers
[EE] Let's Build a Compiler, by Jack Crenshaw
[EE] Li-Ion Battery Logistics
[EE] line level ?
[EE] Looking For a Book Detailing the MP3 Codec
[EE] Looking for a multi-digit LED 7-segment displ
[EE] Looking for a switch...
[EE] Looking for adapter to drive LCD panel remove
[EE] Looking for decent but small camera
[EE] Looking for info on ATS2300 MP3 decoder
[EE] Looking for low-temp multiplexed LCD display
[EE] Looking for method to expand rubber cable boo
[EE] Looking for motor help
[EE] Looking for potentiometers for thick panels
[EE] Looking for simple text editor (Windows) with
[EE] Looking for sourcing buffer
[EE] Looking for VMware Workstation 9 upgrade disc
[EE] Low Cost, Low Power POE Device?
[EE] Low impedance coin cells
[EE] Low-corrosion/oxidation solder
[EE] LTC2945 power monitor chip
[EE] LTSPICE plot variables
[EE] LTspice transient analysis of rising voltage
[EE] Major project, advice on the implementation s
[EE] Mercury coulometer
[EE] Mfr and Populate ~ 50 8.5" x 10" PCBs
[EE] Microchip grid Connected solar Microinverter
[EE] microchip new touch interface packages
[EE] Microchip Switching regulators
[EE] Micron mass produces Phase Change Memory
[EE] MK802 as RPi alternative (was: Raspberry Pi R
[EE] Motor wiring/controller help
[EE] Mouser
[EE] My First Raspberry Pi Boot!
[EE] need 5 mp camera
[EE] Need a cheap power supply
[EE] Need fairly quite Boost DC-DC converter
[EE] Need help deciphering a motor controller
[EE] Need help recognizing contact pin
[EE] Need inexpensive mold material
[EE] Need leaded solder-paste suggested
[EE] need low power RTC with non-inverted interrup
[EE] Need low-cost & small display
[EE] Need low-power 32KHz oscillator module
[EE] Need solder-paste advice
[EE] Need switch with low acoustic noise
[EE] NiMH batteries with spring clips
[ee] Ni-Mh Cell Characterization
[EE] No more USB flug pumbling
[EE] Noise from very high tension/current cables
[EE] Normally closed reed switch
[EE] Noticable error LED with 4K7 resistor?
[EE] Numerical averaging of angles
[EE] NXP releases new small schottky diodes
[EE] Omron absolute position encoder info needed
[EE] Ooooooh Yes Please
[EE] Opamp help needed
[EE] Oscilloscope LCD replacement
[EE] Part search help
[EE] PCB arc tracking
[EE] PCB design and LGA 4x5 28L IC: routing beneat
[EE] PCB Manufacturer
[EE] PCB software
[EE] PCB source?
[EE] PCB traces for conductive rubber switches
[EE] PCB Universe
[EE] Plated Through-Hole PCB's
[EE] PLL for 25 MHz?
[EE] possible ways of dealing with noise on a seri
[EE] power supply
[EE] Pressure Transducer location
[EE] Pro stencil and SMD equipment
[EE] problem with SSR
[EE] Programmable Oscillator
[EE] Programmable R Load
[EE] Proximity Sensors
[EE] PSU interference with Velleman 4001 audio amp
[EE] PWM to DC level
[EE] Quality breadboards
[EE] Questions about neon lamp voltage
[EE] Quick question - does a SEALED lead acid batt
[EE] rail-to-rail LM358N alternative
[EE] Raspberry Pi challengers
[EE] Raspberry Pi getting Icecream Sandwich
[EE] Raspberry Pi has started deliveries
[EE] Raspberry Pi in manufacture
[EE] Raspberry Pi Juke Box
[EE] Raspberry Pi Mark 2 now being shipped.
[EE] Raspberry Pi RAM doubled
[EE] Raspberry Pi sales limits lifted
[EE] raspberry Pi SoC drivers open sourced ...
[EE] Raspberry Pi used as flight computer aboard b
[EE] Re: 1-wire networks and DS2409
[EE] Re: Can You Identify the Mystery Protocol?
[EE] RE: Need tiny logic dual buffer with i/p & o/
[EE] RE: Synchronous AC Motor Speed Control?
[EE] Re: Tips for hand routing boards?
[EE] Really awful 5V Chinese power supplies
[EE] recommendation for simplest LCD display/drive
[EE] Recommended wire gauge
[EE] Repair mother boards??
[EE] Repair mother boards?? Finished :)
[EE] Replacing a NiCad battery with a lithium batt
[EE] Reverse log pot
[EE] 'Reverse' right-angle IEC connectors (and Foo
[EE] RF Filters
[EE] RF Filters - datasheets?
[EE] Routing a differential pair
[EE] RS232 Switch Box. Ideas are welcome!
[EE] RS485 interfacing
[EE] Safe way to connect solar panels
[EE] SD card best practices?
[EE] Seeking dirt cheap optical fiber source
[EE] Seeking MCU suggestions
[EE] Self-monitored alarm system?
[EE] Sensor ideas and implementation question
[EE] Serial over Ethernet options
[EE] Servos sources?
[EE] ShapeOko CNC
[EE] 'Short' locating
[EE] Silicon Chip site upgrade
[EE] Simple D/A converter?
[EE] Simulator or circuitry flaw?
[EE] Single Board Computer
[EE] Single board computers for embedded applicati
[EE] single point tracking inverter for solar pane
[EE] Small Board Connectors
[EE] Small pulse capacitor
[EE] SMD Fuse identification.
[EE] SMD package - what is it?
[EE] Snubber capacitor
[EE] Snubber for boost switch-mode power supply
[EE] Solar Panel costs (was Safe way to connect so
[EE] Solar power: concentration of indirect sunlig
[EE] Soldering Station
[EE] Soldermask and vias?
[EE] Solution for slow Vcc rising on PIC321xx
[EE] SPI OLED CS signal
[EE] SPI serial shift register from NXP
[EE] Spy video camera for cars?
[EE] steering of universal motor
[EE] Step-up regulator chip for 1602/HD44780 LCD?
[EE] Strain Gauge amplifier selection
[EE] Suggest a transistor please?
[EE] Suggestion for 3.3V PIC to 5V device?
[EE] Suggestions regarding IPCJ-STD-001 training
[EE] Supplier of key switches
[EE] switch wetting current
[EE] swithc wetting current
[EE] System Level ESD/EMI Guide from TI
[EE] T6963 / RA6963
[EE] T6963c LCD Woes
[EE] The 6502 is still around
[EE] the joys of prototyping
[EE] The limited usefullness of RTP of the PIC32 P
[EE] Thermo-electric power generation done differe
[EE] Through Hole pad size?
[EE] thyristors vs triacs
[EE] TI Launchpad for $4.99
[EE] Transistor help
[EE] translucent (O)LED displays
[EE] TTL-RS485 conversion
[EE] TV Tuner Based Spectrum Analyzer
[EE] Two questions regarding telephones and mixing
[EE] Ultracapacitors
[EE] Understanding filters and resonator circuits
[EE] USB mass storage accessed by Android Phone?
[EE] USB scopes (ebay)
[EE] Use of the term "off-line" in SMPS
[EE] Useful paper for Telephone System design
[EE] Using FET Rds(on) as useful current-sense sou
[EE] VeroBoard softwark link?
[EE] Vertical PCB mount USB A Plug?
[EE] visual indicator on a circuit board (non powe
[EE] VME rear transition board drawing
[EE] Voltage for electromagnet
[EE] Voltage level for tape playback
[EE] Voltage to replace a handset's microphone req
[EE] vote your favourite EDN design idea
[EE] want cheap switching regulator IC
[EE] Waterjet cutting
[EE] Waterjet cutting 99tech
[EE] waveform distortion
[EE] Website automatic pdf generation with barcode
[EE] Website with useful Electronics & RF on-line
[EE] Weird MEMS accelerator behavior?
[EE] Well, that didn't take long ...
[EE] What SMD transistors to buy
[EE] What type of socket/connector is this ?
[EE] Which Circuit Simulator in Common Use?
[EE] Which inductors?
[EE] Which voltage does an audiosource need to rep
[EE] White noise detection?
[EE] Wind up Torch
[EE] Wireless Audio Suggestions?
[EE] Worlds shortest laser pulse
[EE] zener voltage slowly rising
[EE]: 1N5402 <- 1N5408
[EE]: AC/DC circuit breakers not tripping when exp
[EE]: Alternative parts for Sansui 2900 Audio Amp
[EE]: another temperature controlled application.
[EE]: Any good forum about ARM processors?
[EE]: Battery to heat What is the most efficient w
[EE]: capacitor replacement on a monitor board
[EE]: Car alternator as a bldc motor
[EE]: Chainsaw Ignition system
[EE]: Dust / Smog Detection?
[EE]: Extra instruction sets
[EE]: Finding a recent article on electronic failu
[EE]: FPGA external program memory
[EE]: FT2232H - what is the state of pins in chann
[EE]: Furnace warning sound
[EE]: Glove Battery to heat What is the most effic
[EE]: Google Samsung Nexus i9020 problem
[EE]: has anyone interfaced/tested a mpl115 freesc
[EE]: JTAG programmer review.
[EE]: LM723
[EE]: Microchip MCP1640 sometimes burns...
[EE]: Microchip's CAN bus analyzer
[EE]: NAND programmer
[EE]: PLCC32 EEPROM programmer
[EE]: Power Mosfet application Help :)
[EE]: serial LVDS to USB2.0, the simplest way
[EE]: Single power supply, true-AC-input analog to
[EE]: Single power supply, true-AC-input analog to
[EE]: Tiny bevel/miter gears
[EE]: USB article reference
[EE]: what is it?
[EE]:: AN Superber than usual circuits collection
[EE]:: "Interesting" LED flasher circuit
[EE]:: 15 trillion dollar man.
[EE]:: 39 cent ARM processor -> NXP announces LPC8
[EE]:: Body diode conduction insanity
[EE]:: Build your own LED
[EE]:: Camera chips and boards
[EE]:: Ceiling fan speed control using simple TRIA
[EE]:: CFL lifetimes
[EE]:: Converting all incandescent bulbs to CFLs w
[EE]:: Cornell ECE 4760 lecture videos now online
[EE]:: Data sheet wanted for itron DC329 G2 UCB VF
[EE]:: DIY electric motor construction - superb.
[EE]:: Do Honda use cycloconverters in their porta
[EE]:: ESD / Antistatic products
[EE]:: Free MPPT (Maximum power point tracking) pa
[EE]:: Inductive power transfer over 1 metre + at
[EE]:: Levitating digital scales.
[EE]:: Levitating wireless powered LED light.
[EE]:: Magnetic susceptibility as a means of batte
[EE]:: Manufacturers of brands of lead acid batter
[EE]:: Olde and DIY Core memory & technology of yo
[EE]:: Radio hat
[EE]:: Solar Trackers
[EE]:: Squiggle Motors
[EE]:: Steep learning curve PCB program wanted ...
[EE]:: Superb "Yuasa sealed rechargeable lead-acid
[EE]:: Superb paper - Review of Power Cable Standa
[EE]:: Superb "Yuasa sealed rechargeable lead-acid
[EE]:: SWER - Single Wire Earth Return power trans
[EE]:: TI deals - Metawatch - Bluetooth in a watch
[EE]:: Vacuum tubes for sale
[EE]:: Xenon flash tube design
[EE]::Bulletproof power up/down micro-controller w
[EE]:MCP3905EV - MCP3905 Energy Meter Evaluation
[EE]:MCP3905EV - MCP3905 Energy Meter Evaluation B
[EE]:Satelite tuners
[EE]Element 14 Web live demonstartion of Eagle CAD
[EE]Lithium battery charger with balancer proof of
[EE]Re: GPS Modules
[EE]Soldering iron with solder dispenser
[EE]Some useful design software
[EE]transistor dies open circuit
[EE]Why Arduino became so popular?
[OpenOCD-devel] Memory address range and JTAG
[OT: Sticky Stuff
[OT:] : In your dreams
[OT:] Another audio con
[OT:] exploding light globes
[OT:] What to do in Orlando
[OT] This design is so cool
[OT] Question about StackExchange
[OT] RaspberryPi as the next great thing
[OT] Wikipedia is being encouraged to go dark
[OT] Can anyone confirm Raspberry Pi shipping ?
[OT] I am waiting to order a RaspberryPi
[OT] Is there a TSA in China ? in OZ ?
[OT] RaspberryPi could have some economic gotcha
[OT] Reseachers claim advanced *flat* lens
[OT] Raspberry Pi has bad mags
[OT] thoughts about RBPI
[OT] Vintage stuff available
[OT] "yielding" to the operating system
[OT] 0-10V 100mA supply
[OT] 3D printable electronics
[OT] 3D Printer on IndieGogo
[OT] 50 years on...
[ot] 60s Google
[OT] 60s Google
[ot] 60s Google
[OT] 60s Google
[OT] 99.99% sure Higgs Boson exists
[OT] Air-con advice wanted
[OT] Annoyance with emails
[OT] Another audio con
[OT] Anyone else here using Diptrace?
[OT] Anyone from San Diego, CA?
[OT] apc android dev board kernel released
[OT] Apparently it should be Tau not Pi
[OT] Are there any good residential LED ceiling fl
[OT] AT&T uverse scam?
[OT] Automatic is more fuel efficient than manual?
[OT] Automatic wire strippers
[OT] besides MillMax who makes spring loaded pins?
[OT] Best way to sell surplus components?
[OT] BP SOLAR online auction March 6th 7am EST - M
[OT] Building/buying a server
[OT] Bypass chrome/avast/whatever warning for cust
[OT] C/C++ pointer syntax
[OT] Camera import SD vs. USB connector wear
[OT] Can anyone confirm Raspberry Pi shipping ?
[OT] Can't delete files
[OT] Cheap Ferrari
[OT] Cheap stacking bins for parts storage?
[OT] Chinese electrical certification standard
[OT] CMOS Terahertz chips for "X-Ray Vision"
[OT] Component suppliers in Asia?
[OT] Core i5, Core i7, AMD FX-8150
[OT] Database encryption
[OT] Datasheet / DIP S/W settings for a Fujitsu M2
[OT] David Blaine is at it againe
[OT] DIY Laparoscopy kit
[OT] DNSchanger virus
[OT] Does anyone know where I can find this LED
[OT] Doxygen
[OT] Driverless trucks ...was:Matternet - "Interne
[OT] Driverless trucks ...was:Matternet - "Interne
[OT] Driverless trucks ...was:Matternet -"Internet
[OT] Earthquake events compilation
[OT] Element14 and Raspberry Pi update.
[OT] Element14 and Raspberry Pi update. (RussellMc
[OT] Engineer's predictions from 100 years ago
[OT] EPE Magazine going to proprietary electronic
[OT] EPS viewer. Was: Re: [OT] My Raspberry Pi ha
[OT] EPS viewer. Was: Re: [OT] My Raspberry Pi has
[OT] external backup drives
[OT] Firmware patched in space on the Mars rover
[OT] Free Old PC Magazines
[OT] Freeform Arduino
[OT] Full system backup
[OT] Gentoo
[OT] gesture-based surface using contact microphon
[OT] Giant redder LED displays
[OT] Good luck with Sandy
[ot] Harbor Freight (USA) free multimeter
[OT] Hard drive surface test/bad block scanning
[OT] Has Apple developed the concept of iPad 3 23
[OT] Help me save my email please
[OT] Help picking an SSD
[OT] How does this device work?
[OT] How not to engineer...
[OT] I am waiting to order a RaspberryPi
[OT] id of a PTC
[OT] if you can't wait for Raspberry Pi
[OT] Inside Google's server farms
[OT] Interesting newish embedded programming langu
[OT] International Move - What materials are banne
[OT] Is there a TSA in China ? in OZ ?
[OT] jumpstarting takes a few minutes of "charging
[OT] Just found this by accident
[OT] latching relay control
[OT] LED bulbs
[OT] Legal status of improved source code
[OT] Life-sized Hotwheels
[OT] Light painting
[OT] Lighting
[OT] Looking for an Autocad "like" program - free
[OT] Looking for decent but small camera
[OT] Looking for donations for educational organiz
[OT] Looking for Linux expert
[OT] Lots of development boards for ST ARM Cortex
[OT] Low memory, open source Java VM for embedded
[OT] MacOS X network share vs. WPA2
[OT] Maths fun
[OT] Matternet - "Internet" for transporting mater
[OT] MCM Electronics
[OT] Mechanical Principles
[OT] Modbus ethernet software?
[OT] More Rasberry Pi delays
[OT] Mouser
[OT] Multi CPU MP3 encoding
[OT] Multi track sound playback
[OT] Multi track sound playback
[OT] Multi-port gigabit network card for server
[OT] My Raspberry Pi has arrived.
[OT] My Raspberry Pi has arrived. (pictures)
[OT] New server comming, Request For Comment
[OT] No more USB flug pumbling
[OT] Noise through the walls
[OT] Obfuscated code
[OT] One laptop per child
[OT] Oops that is not what I meant.
[OT] OpenVPN forwarding
[OT] Oscilloscope LCD replacement
[OT] Panopticlick
[OT] PC on a stick for 74 USD
[OT] PC recommendation for gaming?
[OT] PCB-trace-routing game
[OT] Penrose challenges inflationary cosmology
[OT] PIC based IMU
[OT] Piclist.com is dead! long live piclist.com!
[OT] PID controllers with autotune
[OT] PIR curtain lens
[OT] PLC programming environment for embedded solu
[OT] Ports, VPN, etc (continuation of Database Enc
[OT] Quadrotors play James Bond theme
[OT] Question about StackExchange
[OT] Raspberry Pi has bad mags
[OT] Raspberry Pi received, random thoughts
[OT] RaspberryPi as the next great thing
[OT] Recommendation for good "universal" AC --> DC
[OT] Recommendations for controlling battery conne
[OT] Reflow oven recommendation?
[OT] RFM70 where to buy?
[OT] Robotic bees (R2B2 ;-) )
[OT] Rubber band cooling and thermal imaging
[OT] Safe temperatures and voltages for graphics c
[OT] Saving the world by consuming more fuel?
[OT] Server donations: was New server comming, R
[OT] Server donations: was New server comming, R
[OT] Server donations: was New server comming, Req
[OT] Server monitoring
[OT] shipping samples overseas
[OT] 'Short' locating
[OT] Signing your messages
[OT] SmartDeblur
[OT] Solar-Charging Comments
[OT] Spacex delivers a Dragon to ISS
[OT] Speed-of-light experiments give baffling resu
[OT] spi driver LED display
[OT] Spinach protein boosts solar panel output
[OT] Staring into an infrared LED
[OT] Stencil printer
[OT] Suggestion for a good but reasonable priced m
[OT] SuperPuTTY
[OT] Tektronix 2445 Scope
[OT] Template for coding and compile C++ network a
[OT] test equipment rental places (US only)
[OT] Test message, please ignore
[OT] test, ignore
[OT] test2 - ignore
[OT] Texas Instruments watch get 'em quick $25
[OT] 'that exciting little hint of danger'. Hmmm
[OT] The mighty Commodore 64 turns 30
[OT] The Pi of Raspberry has been baked
[OT] The relative size of things
[OT] the sales pitch for 7.5amp mini blade fuses o
[OT] Things to see in Germany
[OT] This *is* a Scam
[OT] thoughts about RBPI
[OT] TI Chronos
[OT] TI Launchpad for $4.99
[OT] TI MSP430 watch half price w/ free shipping -
[OT] TLS/OpenSSL network client
[OT] Totally OT - Guitar and Wish You Were Here
[OT] Transit of Venus photos
[OT] Tropic of Capricorn...
[OT] USB typewriter
[OT] Very small batteries
[OT] Washing Balls
[OT] Web hosting?
[OT] Well Earthed
[OT] What *will* they have thought of next
[OT] What do people think of the Google Nexus 7?
[OT] What does electricity/gasoline cost around th
[OT] What to do in Orlando?
[OT] When you've learned the manual off by heart .
[OT] Windows 7 striped volume boot
[OT] World's oldest original working digital compu
[OT] ZFS Filesystem (was Building/buying a server)
[OT]: BAC Strikemaster for sale - About $US100,000
[OT]: CFL & Safety again..
[OT]: Datasheet needed
[OT]: exploding light globes
[OT]: eye yi yi I can see where this is going
[OT]: eZdsp USB kit (TI)
[OT]: Hard drive partitions
[OT]: HTML based GUI for C/C++ program
[OT]: Invasive EAB was Steam Dream Car
[OT]: mikeselecticstuff
[OT]: Raspberry Pi
[OT]: RFID Catflap - Tyre pressure readable remote
[OT]: Steam Dream Car- was Audi buys Ducati
[OT]: Stickey Stuff
[OT]: TV Streaming
[OT]: what is it?
[OT]:: "Access is denied" - XP Pro / DOS woes
[OT]:: "OK Go" / Sonic / Chevrolet ... bring you a
[OT]:: "Refurbished" Hard Disk in new PC
[OT]:: And you think the universe makes sense. Don
[OT]:: Annoying monitor problem
[OT]:: At last the Nikon D800 :-( :-( :-( :-( :-(
[OT]:: Audi buys Ducati
[OT]:: Bilateral Vogon torsion clamping bifurcator
[OT]:: Christmas 46hr-45min greetings
[OT]:: Earthquake Northern Italy 20 May 02100 UTC.
[OT]:: In your dreams
[OT]:: Information needed re Japanese NEC FC-9801V
[OT]:: It's that date again ...
[OT]:: JBL EON Power 15 Powered speaker dismantlin
[OT]:: Last Train to Shuangalong - Random meanderi
[OT]:: LinkedIn - major security breach
[OT]:: Motor runs generator runs motor - with powe
[OT]:: Museum piece
[OT]:: Nerd sniping
[OT]:: New toy
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[OT]:: Tyre pressure readable remotely using RFIDd
[OT]:: Tyre pressure readable remotely using RFIDd
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[OT]New Zealand and Tonga - slip sliding away
[OT]New Zealand to confuse the unconfused, but the
[OT]New Zealand to confuse the unconfused, but the
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[PIC:] battery check with low quiescent current re
[PIC] 18F secondary oscillator
[PIC] How capable is the PIC18 ?
[PIC] "how staff works" when using ICP &PIC
[PIC] 10F322 NCO - undocumented errata
[PIC] 12F509
[PIC] 12F675 question
[PIC] 12F675 rs232 ground problem
[PIC] 16F287 power connections
[PIC] 18F secondary oscillator
[PIC] 18F4550 and OSCCON and Tcy
[PIC] 3.3V to 5V interfacing
[PIC] 8 pin version of 10F322?
[PIC] A few questions about crystals
[PIC] A newbie wanting a cheap programmer
[PIC] A/D TAD on 18F23k22
[PIC] ADC interface to hiZ source
[PIC] ADC problem with PIC18F2458
[PIC] ADC source impedance
[PIC] Allocating large buffer in linear memory are
[PIC] Another CLC app note
[PIC] Anyone using MPLABX yet?
[PIC] assembly code for FIR filter
[PIC] Automobile low battery warning
[PIC] battery and ICSP
[PIC] Best packet based protocol for non error-fre
[PIC] Bit operations in C -- shift?
[PIC] C new users guide
[PIC] C18 comparison bug?
[PIC] C18 library issue
[PIC] C18 table stuff
[PIC] C18 timer question
[PIC] calculate Fosc and Baud rates
[PIC] Can't include p32xxxx.h on C32
[PIC] Can't include p32xxxx.h on C32.. ***SOLVED**
[PIC] CLC peripheral...
[PIC] Compiler Micro C review
[PIC] counters
[PIC] cycle counts for BZ
[PIC] DDS in PIC asm? It has been done on AVR in 2
[PIC] Debugger Frustrations
[PIC] Dev board recommendation
[PIC] difficulty making external rc osc work
[PIC] direct-connect PWM outputs?
[PIC] Disabling interrupts.
[PIC] Do you use isolated GND pour for osc?
[PIC] Doubt on RAx pins
[PIC] ECCP/CCP with an 18F4550
[PIC] External Serial Flash Programming How to ?
[PIC] Extra current after sleeping
[PIC] Extraneous retlw files in mplabx
[PIC] Fast 32 bit by 32 bit divide in a dsPIC30F
[PIC] Finger Print Reader with RS232 output
[PIC] GPasm question (probably gplink)
[PIC] Happy Thanksgiving
[PIC] Has anyone used a Picstart+ on a USB convert
[PIC] Having problems with 10LF322 going into brow
[PIC] Help using interrupts in High Tech C & 12F68
[PIC] help with adc on dspic30F4011
[PIC] HI-TEC C interrupts question
[PIC] Hitec C looping output pins
[PIC] HiTECH ASPIC example
[PIC] How capable is the PIC18 ?
[PIC] How do deal with RAM bank warnings?
[PIC] How reliable is PIC10F322?
[pic] How to prevent relay chatter
[PIC] How to use GLOBAL and EXTERN with flags?
[PIC] I2C with PIC
[PIC] ICD3 Comments
[PIC] IPV6 support in embedded network chips?
[PIC] Is 18F452 Document Outdated ?
[PIC] Jallib version 0.8 released!
[PIC] Learning styles (was: New(?) way for rotatin
[PIC] Masters 'Guest' Attendees...
[PIC] Masters Meetup!?
[PIC] Masters?
[PIC] mcc18 creating a library (.lib) ressource
[PIC] mcp2200 configuration lock option: missing
[PIC] Microchip open source repository
[PIC] Microchip Solutions Newsletter
[PIC] Microchip USB library
[PIC] Microchip XC8, MPLAB C18 and PICC18
[PIC] Microchip XC8/16 v1.10 install error
[PIC] Microchip's website
[PIC] MIPS (core for PIC32) for sale?
[PIC] MIPS (core for PIC32) sold
[PIC] Moving Faders
[PIC] MPLAB 8.73
[PIC] MPLAB 8.80, Real ICE, and hardware stack win
[PIC] MPLAB C18 optimized printf. Was:{OT} Legal s
[PIC] MPLAB problem
[PIC] MPLAB Versions Released
[PIC] MPLAB X 1.10 Released
[PIC] MPLAB-X Copying Source (Object) Files
[PIC] MPLABX Unable to locate .h
[PIC] My PIC-based DC light controller project
[PIC] Need help with CRC cost/benefit for new boot
[PIC] need to shave off half an instruction
[PIC] New USB PICs...
[PIC] New(?) way for rotating a variable numberof
[PIC] New(?) way for rotating a variable number of
[PIC] New(?) way for rotating a variable numberofp
[PIC] New(?) way for rotating a variablenumberofpo
[PIC] New(?) way for rotating avariablenumberofpos
[PIC] Nifty experimental wireless/OLED system
[PIC] NV counter in flash
[PIC] Older ICD2's under Windows 7 in XP mode
[PIC] On CODs and COFFs
[PIC] or others... Are there any DIP microcontroll
[PIC] peripheral/application libraries for XC8 ?
[PIC] PIC classes in the Boston Area?
[PIC] PIC with Java
[PIC] PIC16F916 Error [474] compiling assembler f
[PIC] PIC18F13K22 port A issues
[PIC] PIC18F4553 Oscillator and USB
[PIC] PIC24 Filtering code (FIR)?
[PIC] PIC24EP tri state pins
[PIC] PIC24F; dump external OSC?
[PIC] PIC32 ipl7 not working correctly
[PIC] PIC32 Maximite upgrade
[PIC] PIC32 peripheral library function: can I dec
[PIC] PIC32 running a program entirely from RAM
[PIC] PIC32MX120F Errata on ADC: missing codes = ?
[PIC] PIC32MX575F512H SPI 8 Bit Slave Mode
[PIC] Pickit 2/3 and windows CE... possible?
[PIC] Pickit 3
[PIC] PICkit2 - MPLAB reset
[PIC] PicKit2 device support
[PIC] PICs with 'K' or 'J' in the part number
[PIC] PMBUS implementations
[PIC] possible gpasm bug
[PIC] possible gpasm bug: workaround works
[PIC] programing configuration memory of PIC16F6xx
[pic] Programming a PIC12C671
[PIC] Programming new PICs under Linux
[PIC] Proper use of topic tags
[PIC] pulse counter, pulses lost
[PIC] PWM as a switch mode
[PIC] PWM continuity problem
[PIC] PWM tutorial example ideas?
[PIC] QQ: Accurate clock w/o T1OSI/T1OSO?
[PIC] quality of data sheets
[PIC] RBPU mystery
[PIC] RC oscillator calculation
[PIC] Re: Can't include p32xxxx.h on C32
[PIC] Re: GPasm question (probably gplink)
[PIC] Re: Mplab-x eeprom read
[PIC] Re: PIC18 jump tables
[PIC] RE: Problem on PIC18F87K90 about IO pin RG2
[PIC] Re: Programming new PICs under Linux
[PIC] RE: Read Flash of PIC16F916
[PIC] Read Flash of PIC16F916
[PIC] Really old pic chips
[PIC] rfPIC family of devices ?
[PIC] RPM count ideas
[PIC] RPM Count ideas
[PIC] RPM count ideas
[PIC] RPM meter article error clarify
[PIC] Running a PIC from a pulsating DC supply
[PIC] Running plain TTL level cables vs. RS-485 be
[PIC] Samsung -> PIC Retrofit?
[PIC] SD card & FAT
[PIC] Searching for documentation and software K15
[PIC] Segmented LCD
[PIC] Servo motor speed control using PIC12F675
[PIC] software for PICDEM FS USB board
[PIC] SPI SS2 pin PIC24EP512GP806
[PIC] Still can't find anything better than the PI
[PIC] Strange issue with writing to SFR (18F45K22)
[PIC] Strange mplabx behaviour - reply Microchip
[PIC] suggestions needed for my PIC website
[PIC] Test and Set/Clear bit in Bank 1
[PIC] Trainer Wanted!, Reward is offer
[PIC] Trouble Programming PIC16f1503 with PicKit3
[PIC] Trouble programming with ICD3/MPLAB-X
[PIC] Undocumented instruction used by jal
[PIC] USART not working on 16F1783
[PIC] USB Bluetooth/WiFi for PIC32
[PIC] USB on 18F4553 sending us mad
[PIC] Useful looking app note using CLC for deboun
[PIC] using a counter in R-2R D to A converter
[PIC] WDT confusion
[PIC] Why doesn't the assembler automatically gene
[PIC] WiFi communication over SPI bus
[PIC] Writing "library" headers
[PIC]: 18F26K22 and Timer 5 problem
[PIC]: ASM include files, there must be a trick to
[PIC]: ASM30 include files, incorect linking.
[PIC]: DDS Generator
[PIC]: defining pins in c
[PIC]: dsPIC33 issue "inputs do not read when I pr
[PIC]: gpsim gtkwave compatible output?
[PIC]: Home Automation Kits
[PIC]: I2C sequential read issues using MSSP modul
[PIC]: More on relocatable code and using UDATA di
[PIC]: Not able to step out with ICD3
[PIC]: PIC Programmer Wanted
[PIC]: PIC32 for camera capture
[PIC]: PIC32 I/O question
[PIC]: Servo motor control - 12F675
[PIC]: Using EMUD Pins With Pickit3
[PIC]:: PIC18F4580 EEPROM Problems
[PIC]:10F322 and Pickit2
[PIC]:Difference between BOR and LPBOR
[PIC]:Filter harmonics from a 60 hz signal
[PIC]:PIC12F675 Servo motor wobble problem
[PIC][OT] Crappy doc, software, assumptions
[PIC][PIC16F] Is it real, that 16F1507 can't work
[PIC][PIC16F] Is it real, that 16F1507 can't work
[PIC]Errors in early 18F26J50 datasheet.
[PIC]how to use external 24C02 on pic 18----thanks
[PIC]Interrupts with 18F4550 and C18
[PIC]Linker error
[PIC]Re: Programming new PICs under Linux
[PIC]toggle output pin from CCP module in 12F/16F.
[PIC]What IDE and compiler should a PIC-programmin
[PIC} ADC source impedance
[TECH] How does TI mouse pointing technology w
[TECH] CFL vs incandescent vs LED
[TECH] 1.1 TeraHz xmtr
[TECH] James Bond QuadroCopters
[TECH] Looking for a nano-projector that accepts
[TECH] Nuclear Power plant additions approved
[TECH] Scary like angry birds , or something
[TECH] Seemingly slow backup over network
[TECH] Where socks go to emigrate
[TECH] Experimental wireless link claims 20Gbps o
[TECH] Is there a virtual networked USB module ?
[TECH] Looking for low cost web/message package f
[TECH] 1.1 TeraHz xmtr
[TECH] Amother minute laser story
[TECH] Board house questions...
[TECH] Broadcom and NDA
[TECH] Can anyone explain?
[TECH] Cellular modules
[TECH] CFL vs incandescent vs LED
[TECH] Data over Power Lines (AC)
[TECH] Designing torch nozzles?
[TECH] Experimental wireless link claims 20Gbps ov
[TECH] How does TI mouse pointing technology work
[TECH] how to find out SPI address
[TECH] Invent medical tricorder and win $10M
[TECH] Is there a virtual networked USB module ?
[TECH] is there any sample (source) code available
[TECH] Isolated High Speed USB
[TECH] Laser eraser
[TECH] LED produces 2.3x more light energy than el
[TECH] Measure your RAM in atoms.
[TECH] Memory address range
[TECH] Nuclear Power plant additions approved
[TECH] Orbital angular momentum, or ways to WiFi t
[TECH] PC motherboard help/suggestions
[TECH] PC motherboard help/suggestions - And the s
[TECH] RaspberryPi now on sale at Farnell and RS
[TECH] Reprogrammable OTU Credit Card
[TECH] SAW touch screens
[TECH] Scary like angry birds , or something
[TECH] Seemingly slow backup over network
[TECH] Speedy 3D-nanoprinting record.
[TECH] Trouble programming for a STM32 ARM MCU
[TECH] Using low-level printer commands to perform
[TECH] Wake on Lan from Linux
[TECH]:: CODE.NASA.GOV !!! :-)
[TECH]:: Commercial & open source DIY gasifier
[TECH]:: DIY mechanical television / GE Octagon TV
[TECH]:: Light/Exposure meter collection, Camera &
[TECH]:: Plane blades
[TECH]:: Prey Project - laptop & smartphone remote
[TECH]a methode nouveau de la travel a travaille
[TECH]Fwd: [Raspberry Pi] Ladies and gentlemen, se
[TECH]how to find out SPI address
[TECH]NXP - Solar powered LED street lights
=?Windows-1252?Q?Re: [OT]:: The Mayan Doomsday=92s
A newbie wanting a cheap programmer
about PIC's EMI interface and Rio LCD driver
AW: [PIC:] battery check with low quiescent curren
Calculus question
Dataasheet Needed
EMC Testing for China?
Fwd: [buy] USB micro B plug with 5 wire cable.
Fwd: [EE] visual indicator on a circuit board (no
Fwd: [EE] LEDS on AC
Fwd: [OT] Automatic is more fuel efficient than ma
Fwd: [OT] Element14 and Raspberry Pi update.
Fwd: [OT] Just found this by accident
Fwd: Re: [EE] Importing Com Port to Open Office Ca
Fwd: Trying to source odd plug...
How to use GLOBAL and EXTERN with flags?
MPLAB 8.73
Need help with CRC cost/benefit for new bootloader
Need thin (small) leaded 2n4401 equivalent
Need tiny logic dual buffer with i/p & o/p clamp d
PIC18 jump tables
PLC Minutes
Request for posting
Robotic bees (R2B2 ;-) )
Saving the world by consuming more fuel?
Severinada on-line e ao vivo (Montagem em grupo do
Tips for hand routing boards?
Trouble programming with ICD3/MPLAB-X
undodcumented opcodes (used by jal?!)

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