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[EE] Adding an aux input?  Dec 22th 1
[EE] Benefits of an RPN calculator  Dec 9th 1
[EE] Esquire Magazine's E-Ink dsiplay  Sep 9th 1
[EE] Finding stepper-motor pin configurations  Mar 6th 1
[EE] How to destroy CDs & HDDs?  Jan 9th 1 10th 146
[EE] Legacy ports for people playing with electron  Nov 7th 1
[EE] Middle-out approach to software design  Dec 9th 1, 3
[EE] Self documenting code vs. Comments  Oct 6th 1 7th 79, 81, 80
[EE] USB Hub as AC Adapter?  Dec 1st 1
[EE] What to do with PC memory  Dec 17th 1
[EE]: Are astronauts tethered ?  Mar 3rd 1
[EE]: Making batteries idiot-proof ... questions  Jul 8th 1
[EE]:: ARES V update - NASA Moon Rocket  Feb 28th 1
[EE]:: Dell to factory install XP after June 30th  Apr 30th 1
[EE]:: Direct off AC mains LEDs  Apr 26th 1
[EE]:: Vista madness  Jan 30th 1
[OT] Apple Tax paid by Apple users  Oct 16th 1 20th 241
[OT] Spacesuit of the future  Apr 8th 1
[OT] Strange job requirements in NZ  Sep 3rd 1
[OT] Tips on not going short-sighted  Jul 2nd 1
[OT] Why minimum wage laws are bad  Aug 22th 1
[OT] Wii and accessories  Oct 7th 1, 3 8th 75 10th 258
[OT]: Tow Truck stories revenge ?  Apr 30th 1 May 1st 64
[OT]Just testing  Sep 5th 1
[OT]storage of bulk smt components?  Nov 24th 1
[PIC] small PSU for PIC devices  May 6th 1

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