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[AD] PCB Mill kit for $700?  Dec 18th 1
[BUY]: looking for bluetooth module and serial L  Oct 16th 1
[EE:] How do you create and understand circuits? (  Jan 28th 1
[EE:] LED demo projects  Jan 28th 1
[EE:] Simple digital FM transmitter/receiver pair  Oct 13th 1 14th 65
[EE] a challenge!  Sep 28th 1
[EE] Advice on easiest WIKI  Aug 21th 1
[EE] Automating a pressure calibrator  May 5th 1
[EE] Cell phones, GPS and cost  Sep 13th 1
[EE] Cellular Baseband chips?  Sep 27th 1
[EE] Cheap / shareware / freeware PCB layout softw  Oct 7th 1, 34
[EE] Cheap FPGAs?  Jan 28th 1
[EE] DC-DC Converter - Critique needed  Aug 3rd 1
[EE] Gold capacitors  Aug 29th 1
[EE] Hanging file-folder parts storage  Dec 1st 1 3rd 202
[EE] How to organize a EE document library ?  Sep 6th 1 7th 122
[EE] MachXO was: Cheap FPGAs?  Jan 28th 1
[EE] Making PCB prototypes with laser engraving ma  May 12th 1
[EE] Mechanical activation of a keypad  Aug 11th 1, 5
[EE] Microcontroller programmer == terrorist devic  Oct 3rd 1
[EE] PIC-triggered flash  Oct 19th 1
[EE] Simple fuel-saver, so they say  Jun 28th 1
[EE] Simple fuel-saver, so they say lean mix  Jun 28th 1
[ee] Simple Power over Ethernet ?  Sep 10th 1
[EE] Speaker + Guitar amp setup question  Dec 29th 1
[EE] Very low power khz IR detector (  Jul 5th 1
[EE] voice decoding  May 24th 1
[EE] what could be a good FPGA evaluation kit  Nov 28th 1
[EE]: Advice on easiest WIKI  Aug 20th 1
[EE]: best material strength to weight ratio  Sep 21th 1
[EE]: Best place to weaken a beam  Oct 10th 1 11th 86
[EE]: Best place to weaken a beam kaboom  Oct 12th 1
[EE]: Best way to detect current flow in 110VAC c  Feb 22th 1
[EE]: Get your travel cases ready Time travel an  Aug 6th 1
[EE]: I am dissecting a Motorola TracPhone  Oct 10th 1, 77
[EE]: Is anyone doing an open source handheld DMM  Oct 17th 1
[EE]: minute honorariums  May 26th 1
[EE]: video to thumbdrive  Mar 2nd 1
[EE]: Voice recognition that actually works  Sep 13th 1 14th 186
[EE]: What would be best mini-web server  Jun 30th 1
[EE]: Where to get Atheros AR2317 datasheet  Jul 16th 1, 35
[EE]: WiBree: does it look like a wireless winne  Jun 19th 1
[EE]: 1986 Truck voltage regulator  Oct 12th 1
[EE]: a font that indicates the ASCII Hex code  Apr 30th 1 May 1st 116
[EE]: can someone identify this cell phone RF conn  Oct 10th 1
[EE]: Cell phones, GPS and cost  Sep 13th 1, 18
[EE]: considerations when winding a solenoid  Jun 27th 1 28th 78, 81
[EE]: considerations when winding a solenoid bra  Jun 30th 1
[EE]: duh I searched the archives for "bluetooth  Oct 15th 1
[EE]: Get your travel cases ready Time travel anno  Aug 6th 1
[EE]: Gyro versus accelerometer  Sep 11th 1
[EE]: Intel announces 40Mbyte per second flash  Dec 21th 1 22th 26
[EE]: Looking for LED bar that mounts on fan w/rem  Jan 28th 1
[EE]: Making a USB connection friendly to a Host C  Aug 23th 1
[EE]: PIC-based "DIY segway"  Sep 5th 1 6th 105 7th 226
[EE]: Quantum Dots used as infrared sensors  May 21th 1
[EE]: Replacement for Intersil ICL8038  Oct 4th 1
[EE]: Shining light in plexiglass  Sep 3rd 1
[EE]: state of art in electric motors 3-4 HP  Sep 21th 1 22th 102
[EE]: supporting 3 or more monitors from XP  Nov 20th 1, 14, 17 21th 101
[EE]: Theory of Wiegand Cardreaders  May 25th 1
[EE]: very cool product and very stupid manufactur  Dec 19th 1
[EE]: X-10, INSTEON was: What's a "smart home" i  Aug 25th 1, 15
[EE]: Yikes.. is the HS15P humidity sensor still a  Apr 30th 1 May 1st 113
[EE]:: Electrically operated valve - home made ide  Jul 3rd 1
[EE]:: Looking for an LED cionduction metaphor  Oct 7th 1
[EE]:: Mars Rover Sojourner 10th anniversary today  Jul 6th 1
[EE]:: New Li Ion battery technology claims 10 x c  Dec 19th 1
[EE]:: Standard Sun  Sep 19th 1
[EE]:: Superb LED technical resource  Sep 21th 1
[EE]:: Superb Varta Lithium Ion Polymer Poliflex b  Nov 27th 1
[EE]:: USB 3 plans  Sep 20th 1
[EE][PIC][AVR] Looking for a microcontroller  Aug 6th 1
[OT] Chance to win $1M ?  Nov 29th 1
[OT] Why do I only hear the bass drum?  Jun 27th 1 28th 72, 77
[OT] : A polite request .... I will survive if it  Aug 10th 1
[OT] About writing tests for employment interviews  Nov 14th 1
[OT] Boston mistakes LED lights in the shape of a  Feb 2nd 1, 3, 19
[OT] Boston mistakes LED lights in the shape of ac  Feb 1st 1 2nd 77, 122 3rd 156
[OT] Employment, resumes, and green cards: the bom  Jun 23th 1
[OT] Engineer/Doctor/Dentist as a profession  Oct 12th 1 13th 76
[OT] Google are on to Russell mob rule  Jun 12th 1 13th 82, 83, 146
[OT] How do you survive as an independent consulta  Sep 29th 1 30th 44, 47 Oct 2nd 335, 338
[OT] Interesting spin on a world clock  Aug 26th 1
[OT] Look out bloggers, Elton's miffed  Aug 3rd 1
[OT] Non-degree holders as an engineer  Oct 13th 1
[OT] OBD scanner  May 3rd 1
[OT] Open does not sell??  Nov 11th 1
[OT] Protection, Employment, resumes, and green ca  Jun 28th 1
[OT] Re: I am interested in improving my home cell  Nov 12th 1
[OT] Should [WOT] be allowed or not  Dec 8th 1
[OT] Universe Models - A Cosmological query  Dec 15th 1
[OT] Will you buy Apple iPhone?  Jun 19th 1
[OT]: Free Snappy video http://oh-god/FreeStu  Jun 25th 1
[OT]: phenolic part engulfed in diesel  Jun 20th 1
[OT]: shipping a board from the USA to Argentina  Nov 4th 1
[OT]: Best form of government, democracy , and why  Jul 5th 1
[OT]: Global Warming MMW has opportunity costs  Aug 30th 1
[OT]: Help with finding correct English word to de  Jun 22th 1, 5
[OT]: How to protect a device in public area from  Dec 3rd 1
[OT]: I understand what Russell is saying was:F t  Jul 5th 1
[OT]: Looking for a source for live Rhodiola Rosea  Oct 6th 1
[OT]: Looking for a source for live Rhodolia Rosea  Oct 5th 1
[OT]: Looking for rolls of white plastic  May 22th 1
[OT]: Oetiker Pex clamps make a tool ?  Feb 2nd 1
[OT]: Reference for Russell  Oct 8th 1
[OT]: thanks for all the help with my questions  Feb 2nd 1
[OT]: TYPO correction Free Snappy video http://oh-  Jun 25th 1
[OT]: US healthcare revisited  Oct 20th 1, 11
[OT]: US healthcare revisited (was: "[OT] Non-degr  Nov 18th 1
[OT]: Watch out suckers: was Yay! High efficiency  Jul 16th 1
[OT]:: Amazon "one click" patent largely voided by  Oct 18th 1
[OT]:: From another land  Dec 6th 1
[OT]:: Global Warming - it's real .... maybe  May 18th 1, 27
[OT]:: Total Lunar Eclipse  Aug 28th 1
[OT]:Cedric Chang : Survey about Heroes for presen  May 28th 1
[OT]:first amputee runner to compete in the Olympi  May 21th 1 23th 147
[OT]:Xenophobia: Free trade again (was [OT] Employ  Jul 3rd 1
[OT][EE] Let's design a PICLIST electric car conve  Dec 5th 1
[OT][WOT]:: Sperm donor forced to pay child suppor  Dec 6th 1
[OT]California wild fire  Nov 9th 1
[OT]PIC vs ZILOG  Aug 25th 1
[OT]Solar Ice Maker  Aug 3rd 1
[OT]Why 110v vs 220v  Aug 6th 1
[PIC] [EE] Signal Generator two nearly free samp  Apr 30th 1
[PIC] Advice needed for University Project: Blueto  Oct 7th 1
[PIC] Bluetooth solution for serial communications  Sep 10th 1 Oct 5th 2496
[PIC] PDA Ir interface  Jun 30th 1
[PIC] Speech recognition, PIC or otherwise  Sep 8th 1, 14 9th 34 10th 102
[WOT]: Global warming is here to stay  Aug 6th 1
[WOT]: a new iPhone spin Most horrific thing I hav  Jul 16th 1
[WWOT][OT][WOT[WOOT]:: Sperm donor forced to pay c  Dec 7th 1
a Poll : Who uses ( for work ) Windows , OS X, OS  Jan 25th 1
Colorado (Was: Re: [OT]: US healthcare revisited)  Oct 21th 1
Fwd: [EE] How to organize a EE document library ?  Sep 6th 1
Fwd: [EE]: PIC-based "DIY segway"  Sep 8th 1
Fwd: [OT] calendars, was Re:{EE} job opening in NE  Jun 19th 1
I am interested in improving my home cell phone si  Nov 11th 1
Open letter to Russell M  Oct 15th 1
OT: Biodiesel (well,salad oil) motorbike conversio  Feb 1st 1

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