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[BUY] LCD Modules  Feb 16th 1
[BUY] SMT 4017 needed in NZ  Feb 11th 1
[EE:] 12V and 24V from a 18-36V input?  Jul 28th 1
[EE] Can you read a dead memory card  May 17th 1, 4
[EE] cheap FPGA/CPLD development board recommenda  Feb 27th 1
[EE] Abbreviations of units, was IBM laptop anti-d  Mar 5th 1
[EE] Combined bootloader hex file and the applicat  Aug 23th 1
[EE] Comparing PCB Layouts  Apr 18th 1
[EE] Design Challenge - A better H Bridge  Jun 29th 1 30th 26
[EE] Low power bi-di IO expansion  Nov 1st 1
[EE] Luxeon LD driving  Apr 13th 1
[EE] Molded Strain Relief on Serial Cables  Apr 8th 1
[EE] NZ Telecom plans to replace whole telephone n  Aug 29th 1
[EE] PCB's, Olimex, Gerber ~~ et al  Dec 28th 1
[EE] Rectifier bridge [again]  Jan 11th 1, 19
[ee] RS485  Aug 23th 1
[EE] Scope Noise  Feb 2nd 1
[EE] Stabilising an el cheapo IC driven alternator  Dec 8th 1
[EE] Surface mount Light Dependent Resistor?  Aug 23th 1, 68, 73
[EE] Telnet hex view  Mar 14th 1 15th 15, 14, 59, 63
[EE] USB to RS232 converter  Sep 28th 1, 79
[EE] Weight of blank PCB's  Jul 11th 1, 28
[EE]: .SCH file converter ?  Apr 3rd 1
[EE]: Ignition Coil Flyback Circuit (Was MOSFet Tr  Apr 5th 1
[OT:] X-cad 100.000 met  Aug 16th 1
[OT] 240-volt Power  Feb 15th 1
[OT] Google down ???????  Feb 8th 1
[OT] light cd player for winXP  Mar 22th 1
[OT] New type of hydrogen (hydrino)  Nov 9th 1
[OT] That day again ...  May 3rd 1
[PIC:] Flicker Free  Jun 8th 1
[PIC] how to prevent error "Can't find 0x833 words  Oct 25th 1
[PIC] RS232 vs RS485  Feb 13th 1, 31, 46
[PIC] Spring-loaded contacts for ICSP  Feb 1st 1
[PIC] STATIC anoyances..(?)  Apr 27th 1
[PIC]:4-20mA to PIC  Jul 14th 1

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