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[AD] Looking for work  Oct 11th 1
[avr:] AVR ISP  Jun 6th 1, 7, 11, 14, 18
[AVR:] ATtiny11s group buy list -- Interested peop  Jun 29th 1, 67, 68
[AVR:] Ext RC ocsillator porblems  Nov 5th 1
[AVR:] Re: Dual USART ?  Jul 19th 1
[AVR:]Look up Table  Jun 11th 1, 6, 7, 87
[AVR:]Wanted assembler code to set up TWI (two wir  Jul 10th 1
[AVR:]What is wrong with this TWI code?  Jul 15th 1, 6
[AVR]AVRISP Entering programming mode ..FAILED!  Sep 20th 1, 4
[EE:] Power metering at 5kv  Aug 26th 1
[EE:] 2km UHF transponder ideas  Jan 10th 1 11th 67, 71, 72
[EE:] 3-D tracking. Was: Fastest logic family  Mar 26th 1
[EE:] 5 kW windturbine using standard 3 phase indu  Aug 17th 1
[EE:] adding to sinosoidal signals  Jun 30th 1
[EE:] Analog signaling  Jun 24th 1
[EE:] Clock Date IC  May 26th 1
[EE:] Current Transformers  Feb 20th 1
[EE:] Electronics Magazines  Mar 28th 1
[EE:] Firmware friendly chip-level design techniqu  Mar 23th 1
[EE:] Flow sensing (fwd)  Aug 19th 1
[EE:] Harmonics in a Generator - attachment added.  Jun 29th 1 30th 55
[EE:] Harmonics in a Generator.  Jul 8th 1
[EE:] How measure the HFE of BJT?  Jan 3rd 1, 14, 15, 16
[EE:] Inductance and capacitance  Jul 15th 1
[EE:] LM324 as schmidt trigger  Jan 1st 1
[EE:] Motor start capacitor.  Aug 19th 1
[EE:] PCBs in Dsub hoods  Jul 1st 1
[EE:] PIC + GPS + RF = problem?  May 7th 1, 58
[EE:] Statistics  May 12th 1
[EE:] terribly unstable line voltages  Aug 29th 1
[EE:] Vast list of Windows tasks *** Superb  Jun 25th 1
[EE:] Vibration sensor?  Mar 8th 1
[EE:]Eagle - How can I  Jun 15th 1
[EE:]Eagle Library  Jun 19th 1 20th 11, 31
[EE:]PCB Making  Jun 22th 1
[EE:]Source chips with I2C 2x16 or 1x16 LCD displa  May 31th 1, 2
[EE] 4-20mA -> 0-5V + comparator  Dec 22th 1
[EE] controlling optoisolator in light dimmer  Sep 15th 1
[EE] how to measure oil flow  Nov 30th 1
[EE] Interesting PCB manufacturing technique from  Nov 3rd 1
[EE] What does "WV" stand for on capacitors?  Oct 25th 1
[EE]: PCB design guide  Nov 20th 1
[EE]: water level detection, how?  Jun 9th 1
[EE]:What is the purpose of the circuit  Nov 21th 1, 15, 56
[EE]H Bridge motor drive  Dec 31th 1
[EE]Pilot remote model P1655Y instructions wanted  Sep 10th 1
[EE]Single Phase motor speed control  Dec 29th 1, 15
[OT:] "Black helicopters  Sep 10th 1
[OT:] CRC ???  Nov 6th 1
[OT:] curious Live wire experiment  Feb 21th 1
[OT:] Deleting a read-only file  Jun 28th 1
[OT:] Dinosaur spotted in New Zealand  May 25th 1
[OT:] More stupid electrical tricks...  Mar 5th 1, 6, 158
[OT:] Nuclear waste storage - arguments on design  Aug 24th 1 26th 182
[OT:] Opportunity rover - Neat RF stuff during lan  Jan 25th 1
[OT:] Perpetual motion machines and more  May 5th 1
[OT:] RS232/Pic controlled washing machine project  Jun 1st 1
[OT:] Sewer Line Robots (was Potting epoxy)  Jul 9th 1
[OT:] Stirling engines  Jan 28th 1, 4971
[OT:] Wanted - screen capture ftrom DOS  Jul 10th 1
[OT:] Why ate Ifrared LED receivers shown back to  Mar 31th 1, 87
[OT:] Windows XP intermittent performance  Jan 29th 1
[OT:]Accidentail FIRE  Jan 19th 1
[OT:]Eagle - Print Bill of materials?  May 24th 1 25th 104, 106 26th 171
[OT:]Eagle help  Jan 31th 1 Feb 1st -360
[OT:]How do you sort explorer Favorites folders?  Jul 2nd 1 4th 120
[OT:]How to stop word defaulting to US English spe  Jul 8th 1
[OT:]Induction Motor as a generator  Feb 11th 1
[OT:]New AVR tag?  Jun 6th 1, 5 7th 40
[OT:]Radioactive Boy Scout  Jan 6th 1
[OT:]Spa Pool Chemicals  Feb 12th 1, 43
[OT:]State Diagram fro PIC's  Jan 30th 1
[OT:]To PICLIST hostTemporery mail suspension  Apr 2nd 1
[OT] : Challenging...(another thought)  Jun 25th 1
[OT] Acoustic damping of vehicle exhaust noise  Dec 14th 1
[OT] Big Explosion in N Korea  Sep 14th 1
[OT] Perspectives on the Earthquake  Dec 29th 1
[OT] Pliable Plastic Pipe  Aug 28th 1
[OT] Ragnarok cometh?  Dec 26th 1
[OT] X-43a going cheap  Nov 20th 1
[OT]: IR communication II  Oct 25th 1
[OT]: Olin YES  Feb 16th 1, 481
[OT]: Re: Horowitz... On-the-fly design  Jan 20th 1
[OT]:If it has a label it must be OK.  Mar 4th 1
[OT][WOT] Social perspectives.  Dec 4th 1 5th 30
[OT]How do I transfer Outlook Express files *.dbx  Sep 2nd 1
[OT]SpaceShipOne Wins $10 Million Ansari X  Oct 5th 1
[OT}: Assorted techy videos  Oct 27th 1
[PIC:] 12F675 GPIO won't pullup  Feb 18th 1
[PIC:] Migrating code from 12c671 to 12f675  Feb 6th 1
[PIC:] MPLAB IDE v6.41 Interim Release Software is  Jan 8th 1
[PIC:] Poor man's USB  Jun 15th 1
[PIC:] Process  Jan 29th 1, 86
[PIC:] was OT, Help MMC SPI Mode  Jan 17th 1
[PIC] Current measurement using PIC  Sep 13th 1
[PIC] Microchip vs Atmel vs other MCU companies -  Nov 26th 1
[PIC] MPLAB IDE v7.00 is released  Dec 2nd 1
[PIC] Noob's weird problem with I2C bit-banging im  Dec 1st 1
[PIC] PIC uP EEPROM Array Refresh  Dec 30th 1
[PIC] Recommended programmer / debug tool to buy  Dec 9th 1
[PIC] triac driving a monitor  Mar 28th 1
[PIC]: 628 vs 628A  Jan 16th 1
[PIC]: ADDWF PCL,F  Jan 6th 1
[PIC]: Calibration of 12F675  Jan 9th 1
[PIC]: CLRW give compile error  Jan 16th 1, 5
[PIC]: How come relocatable asm code seems so unco  Mar 2nd 1
[PIC]: ICD Support  Dec 25th 1
[PIC]: Include file and header management  Feb 21th 1, 17
[PIC]: PIC programmer pricing?  Dec 22th 1
[PIC]: PIC tools in the educational sector.  Jan 19th 1
[PIC]: Problems with ds1820 in a 1-wire network  Sep 3rd 1
[PIC]: Trouble assembling code for 16F84A  Jan 23th 1 26th 355
[PIC]: uDev version 0E1 (several major bugs fixed)  Jan 28th 1, 4774, 5067
[PIC]: Using The DIYK128 In An ICSP App  Feb 8th 1
[PIC]:Example of 18F452 Indirect addressing for a  Dec 3rd 1 4th 5, 41, 44, 51
[PIC]Circular buffer  Dec 23th 1
[PIC]Constants  Dec 27th 1
[PIC]El Cheapo PIC Programmer  Dec 13th 1
[PIC]MPlab hangs when makeing DB  Dec 6th 1
[PIC]Warp 13 for sale?  Dec 22th 1 23th 161
] Freescale Zigbee contest  Dec 1st 1
] Measuring Current in a High Voltage Circuit  Mar 12th 1
] Quick 1N400? question  Jan 26th 1
] Workshop organization  Nov 20th 1
BALUN  Jan 22th 1
Can you get single phase AC from a three phase gen  Jun 5th 1
Coin detector circuit  Feb 19th 1
DC current measurement (100 A) with a transformer  Apr 8th 1
Dealing with technology  Jan 4th 1
FW: [PIC]: PIC18F8720 insuccesses  Feb 15th 1, 478
Help with DEBUG..  Jul 5th 1
Help with first time circuit  Jan 13th 1
Help with using capicitance to vary voltage to A/D  May 11th 1
Power Supply question...  Jan 25th 1
RF Transmission Line PCB Routing  Feb 20th 1
Supressing fast transients  Jun 22th 1
What is MPASM's version of Parallax's instruction  Mar 27th 1

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