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"New" optimizing PIC C-compiler:  Jun 7th 1, 9 9th 227
"Plant out of water project"  May 10th 1
(Kein Betreff)  Sep 14th 1
[maybe OT?] What is I2C? ][][  Jan 28th 1, 17
[OT] A final question about decoupling caps.  Jan 18th 1
[OT] Bypass capacitors  Nov 12th 1
[OT] Cricket  Jun 18th 1
[OT] DC-DC Converter  Nov 12th 1
[OT] Industrial applications - DOS or Windows?  Sep 22th 1
[OT] Interesting discrete device?!  Dec 2nd 1 3rd 79
[OT] Interlocked Pushbuttons  Apr 9th 1
[OT] Laser Show. It was [OT] Stepper Motors  Apr 26th 1
[OT] Lighting controllers  Dec 9th 1
[OT] Linux versions?  Aug 18th 1
[OT] Part identification  Aug 27th 1
[OT] PCB exposure unit  Apr 27th 1
[OT] Re: Adjustable Power Supply HELP  Nov 10th 1
[OT] RE: Beware : VIRUS ALERT !!! This is not a jo  May 17th 1
[OT] RE: Car LED lighting system  Jul 28th 1
[OT] Re: Car LED lighting system; PIC filament mon  Jul 27th 1
[OT] RE: I have probs. with monitoring debug info  Jul 29th 1
[OT] RE: Location of People on mailing list...  Jan 28th 1
[OT] Re: PCB design software  Oct 1st 1
[OT] Re: Reverse Polarity Protection for 3V PIC Ci  Jun 1st 1
[OT] Rejected Postings  Jan 28th 1
[OT] Remote Images / Frame grabbers  Jun 24th 1
[OT] second part of the linux question....TI DSP t  Jun 17th 1
[OT] Sound card scopes (was Re: pic o-scope)  Jun 21th 1
[OT] Speed Sensor  Jul 12th 1
[OT] Virus - Warning message  Jan 20th 1
[OT]? Lighting Controllers  Dec 7th 1
[OT]RE: Caps Question  Jun 30th 1
[OT]Re: Failure modes (was: wierd jump)  Feb 9th 1, 28
[OT]RE: Leak Detection...  Jun 29th 1
[OT]RE: Mis-Directed Message, SORRY!!!  Jan 19th 1
[OT]RE: Serious complaint about VIRUS ATTACHMENT  Jun 10th 1
[OT]RE: Traffic Lights (Was Car LED lighting etc .  Jul 30th 1
[PIC's] Some Explanations please  Oct 12th 1
<Way OT>free computers  Sep 21th 1
1 wire keypad  Feb 3rd 1, 18
12C508  Dec 2nd 1
12c509 OSCAL read procedure before UV erase?  Sep 16th 1
12c671 I/O problem  Dec 3rd 1
16F84 power consumption during RESET // Brownout d  Feb 26th 1
16F84 Tait-style programmer troubles  Jun 1st 1
1V to 1.8V 70A PSU Digitally controlled  Oct 21th 1
220volt lamp matrix  Nov 9th 1
2-wire serial communication  May 6th 1
509 flasher  Dec 8th 1
8 + 8bits variable  Nov 9th 1
Accelerometers and Gyros  Oct 6th 1
Accurate time delays  Jul 29th 1, 6
A-D Problem  Oct 27th 1
Adjustable Power Supply HELP  Nov 9th 1
Adventure in realtime: PIC and the lost register  Jul 29th 1, 15
analog switch  Jul 12th 1
Auto tach output sensing  Jun 10th 1 11th 140
BASIC STAMPS?  Nov 4th 1
battery/wall xfmr switching  Feb 11th 1
BCF and BSF on I/O ports  May 12th 1
Best path to advance from ASM to C?  Feb 17th 1
Best way to read a switch on the end of a long wir  Apr 19th 1
Car LED lighting system; PIC filament monitoring  Jul 28th 1
car window project  Jul 15th 1, 22
CCS and "Unused fragments" in code space  Jul 14th 1
change 2 i/o pins together  May 25th 1
Cheap Linear potentiometer  Sep 24th 1
COM84 and NT4.  Mar 31th 1
coming death of microchip?  Oct 27th 1
controller  Jul 7th 1
copybit protection  Apr 30th 1
counting at 150khz (pic16c84 -04)  Oct 27th 1
Creating a delay  Sep 2nd 1
crystal problem  May 18th 1
current (was Car battery power help)  Nov 5th 1
Delay routines in C  Jan 15th 1
digital audio again (less vague)  Jun 29th 1 Jul 13th 995
Digital PID  Apr 19th 1
Ding Dong!  Sep 16th 1
Doing percentage or ratio-Thanks  Oct 1st 1
Doing ratio or percentage  Sep 28th 1
Driving a 2N5192 power transistor from a PIC.  May 18th 1
DTMF decoder project  May 5th 1
Engine Managment Systems  Jun 11th 1
Engine programmer  Jul 29th 1
Failsafe Processors - was: (no subject)  Feb 11th 1
Finding a beginning PIC programer  Dec 9th 1
floating point routine errors  Dec 3rd 1
Funniest Y2K Joke; 640K limits and MS/IBM  Jan 13th 1
FW: HUD with LEDs?  Sep 16th 1
getting on  Jan 26th 1
GW-Basic (cheap/free developement tools)  Jan 21th 1 25th 258
Happy 99  Jun 8th 1
Help with C !!  May 27th 1
HEX Files and LCD contrast  Sep 22th 1
hitech optimizer munching inline assembler  May 26th 1
How to make high side switch  Nov 12th 1
HUD with LEDs?  Sep 16th 1
I have probs. with monitoring debug info via rs-23  Jul 27th 1
I have the "BAJ" 16F84 to TAIT code  Mar 18th 1, 2
I2C Dac's and Adc's  Apr 1st 1
In Circuit Programming question  Jul 8th 1
In System Calibration  May 4th 1
Increment/Decrement "w" - Zero Register  Jun 30th 1 Jul 1st 112
Intelligent Alarm Bus  Jan 29th 1, 11
interfacing pic16f84 to ADC and DAC  Dec 2nd 1
laser diode  Dec 9th 1
LCD and Schmitt/TTL?  Jun 17th 1
LCD Menu system  May 6th 1
Light chaser  Dec 14th 1
Limit fuel injector pulses  May 19th 1
Logic substitutes  Aug 4th 1
Long, accurate times...  Jun 9th 1
lotsa newbie questions  Jul 2nd 1
Measurement of a single CMOS gate switching or not  Mar 18th 1
Micro-controller NEC D8749HD (8048 family) - Info  Jul 28th 1
Mid-East Realities (are a pain)  Feb 3rd 1
mine too [was: led won't turn on]  Dec 2nd 1
Morse Code Modems  Aug 27th 1
MOSFET as a current limiter?  Feb 23th 1
MPLAB  Dec 9th 1
MPLAB desires  Aug 6th 1
NTC thermistor using...  Dec 3rd 1
NVM's, I'm a little bit in the dark here !  Aug 19th 1
Opto protected output?  Jul 2nd 1
Optrex-DMC 20434 backlit?  Mar 19th 1
OT: getting on  Jan 27th 1 28th 114
OT: Wire audio recordings  Oct 6th 1
OverClocking a PIC  Jul 5th 1
Parallax to Microchip mnemonic translator  Sep 7th 1
Parallel Pics  Aug 16th 1 17th 37, 38, 41 18th 113
PIC A/D, pre-amplify small singnal more than large  Feb 24th 1
PIC as a 1k bit banger buffer  Sep 2nd 1
PIC EEPROM(internal) access  Dec 6th 1
PIC project with lots of vibration - Best Sockets?  Sep 28th 1
PIC Table Read and Compare Questions  Dec 3rd 1
PIC to PC's Parallel Port  Jun 15th 1
pic12c508/9  Sep 9th 1
pic16c5x busting  Jun 30th 1
PIC74 / Basic Compiler / promate II  Jul 20th 1
PIC-based Barometer and other Weather sensors  Jun 9th 1
PID algorithms in PIC C  May 18th 1
Piezo beeper, volume too low  Jun 8th 1
pitot tubes  May 5th 1
power supply [OT]  Nov 1st 1
Printf in HI-Tech C  Jul 19th 1
Problem with 16F84. Help needed. delay routines  Jun 18th 1
Pseudo-random number generation.  Sep 1st 1
Quadrature decoder  Apr 20th 1 21th 79
RC_wait with a PIC  Sep 29th 1
Re : RS-232  Jan 29th 1
reading indivivual bits in a byte var  Nov 12th 1
read-modify-write problem, wat is it...  Jun 8th 1
RF Interface  Dec 9th 1
rs232  Jan 20th 1
SANITY CHECK -- Bit Manipulation of a 12C50x  Jan 11th 1
Self destruct schemes that thwart reverse engineer  May 4th 1
Serial interface problem  May 6th 1
Serious complaint about VIRUS ATTACHMENT  Jun 9th 1
Setting bits with the bit number store in variable  Nov 11th 1
Single pulse input and led driving  Jun 16th 1, 3, 8
Slightly [OT] Timing calculations  May 20th 1
Slightly OT - I ain't buyin' it...(long)  Jan 22th 1
Sound source angle detection  Sep 16th 1
SPI bus  Apr 20th 1 22th 153
SRAM for PIC rocket  Dec 15th 1
Standalone WAV Player ?  May 28th 1, 3
Stepper strategies--position control  Sep 17th 1
Suggestions for a Voltage controlled amplifier of  Nov 8th 1
Super Low Power Status Displays  Jun 18th 1, 5
Temporary Memory Storage  Aug 5th 1
test post  Jul 20th 1
The Best C Compiler  Mar 30th 1
Thermistors on a PIC A/D input.  Dec 21th 1
TIP - ZIF socket  Jan 28th 1
tmr0 vs. port for R measurement  Jan 28th 1
To Tris or not to Tris (was Re: CHANGE TRISB)  Oct 4th 1
Transistors [Not OT :^]  Dec 16th 1, -8
trapping serial data in W95  Dec 15th 1
Two PICS on one Max232  Dec 6th 1
Two pins joined: One input, other output  May 18th 1
Unknown 28 Pin Micro  Jun 23th 1
Using PICs to control Spark Ignition  Feb 11th 1
Variable gain amp using PIC - possible?  Oct 27th 1
voice direct  Dec 3rd 1
Weird, Wacky, Zany PIC applications  May 11th 1, 6
What is this?  Apr 28th 1
What's the easiest I2C PIC (Master) <-> PC Slave?  Apr 27th 1
Where can I find HI-TECH C compiler demo  May 21th 1
X10 & PIC  Sep 28th 1
X24C01 problem. Ever happened to you ?  Mar 18th 1

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