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[OT] EMC/EMI/ C tick for low volume Pic projects  Oct 4th 1 5th 63
[OT] Industrial applications - DOS or Windows?  Sep 21th 1
[OT] Interesting discrete device?!  Dec 3rd 1
[OT] PIC community vs magazines  Aug 8th 1
[OT] Pics in Space (was Second person plural)  Oct 8th 1
[OT] Robot motion control systems?  Jun 3rd 1
[OT] Tones on the Piano  Nov 3rd 1
[OT] Why to Kay  Dec 17th 1
[PIC] Measuring Analog Voltages w/o Sharing Ground  Oct 29th 1
[SOT] Shield or unshield RS485 link?  Sep 15th 1
<Way OT>free computers  Sep 20th 1
16A heater control? Triac? SCR?  May 14th 1
16c622A RC oscillator problems  Sep 10th 1, 27
18c452 users?  Nov 12th 1
4004 on PIC?  Sep 21th 1
7 -segment displays  Sep 15th 1, 2 16th 174 20th 419
A/D Challenge  Sep 11th 1 20th 729 22th 960 23th 1043
A/D channels affecting each other !!  Nov 9th 1
A-D on PIC 16C73B  Nov 23th 1
ADC converter for microcontrollers without ADC.  Nov 23th 1
bipolar A/D inputs  Jan 22th 1
bittest on W  Nov 17th 1
column of dots LED?  Sep 8th 1, 18
DMX Sender (have I use one or two PICs?)  Oct 27th 1, 39, 58 28th 103
DMX512 Break  Oct 26th 1
Doing percentage or ratio-Thanks  Sep 30th 1 Oct 1st 86
DTMF Tones? [Idea]How to produce sine wave  Nov 12th 1
E Clock  Nov 3rd 1, 2
Efficient way to reverse a byte?  Oct 29th 1
Email charges by the USPS?  Sep 23th 1
Embedded Systems Show [Long report]  Oct 3rd 1
FCC proposes to revise part 15 conducted emission  Oct 21th 1
floating point routine errors  Dec 3rd 1
Help on temperature sensor  Oct 6th 1
How to write bad code - was C vs. ASM  Nov 16th 1
ISD 4003 AND PIC  Jun 5th 1
just how fast is a PIC?  Sep 16th 1
Making Long Calls  Oct 7th 1
Maximum current draw from a given PIC  Oct 13th 1
mF  Nov 3rd 1
Microchip PSP port and ISA-bus communications  Jan 17th 1
Multiple PIC's, one OSC.  Oct 14th 1
NTC thermistor using...  Dec 3rd 1, -1
Oscillator startup trouble - where to look?  Oct 2nd 1
Oscillator Startup trouble-fixed!  Oct 4th 1
OT: Re: tones on piano  Nov 5th 1
OT: Wire audio recordings  Oct 5th 1
PIC and Rs-232  Dec 20th 1
PIC pulsed LED's  Jun 17th 1
PIC Table Read and Compare Questions  Dec 3rd 1
PIC18Cxxx Availability  Oct 1st 1
Polarity inversion protection  Nov 8th 1
Problems controlling portb  Nov 6th 1
Promate II won't communicate...  Jun 12th 1, 2
question on RETFIE instruction.  Oct 30th 1
RC Oscillator at 3V  Sep 15th 1
Re[2]: [OT] Spinning LED Display  Sep 8th 1
reflectometry.. measuring the length of a cable  Sep 20th 1
Replacement for Dallas RamPort?  Jun 8th 1
RS232 to DMX converter  Aug 31th 1
Setting bits with the bit number store in variable  Nov 11th 1
Setting configuration bits in 18c452  Nov 5th 1
Small motor controller  Jul 24th 1
Sound source angle detection  Sep 16th 1 17th 61
Standalone WAV Player ?  Jun 3rd 1, 32
Stepper Motors - Motorized pots  Sep 15th 1
Telephone use & time calculation  Feb 7th 1
Text companding / remote updates via email  Nov 17th 1
USART interupts; Why use them?  Oct 20th 1
Using ISD sound chip with PIC  Jul 24th 1
watchdog timer  Oct 26th 1

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