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[OT] .COD files (esp Walter Banks)  Jan 25th 1
[OT] RF receiver circuits  Mar 27th 1
[OT] TV + speaker  Mar 18th 1
[OT]PROGRAMMING the PIC in C  Feb 6th 1
{OTish] UV Lamps  Jan 8th 1
16F84 equivalent  Feb 28th 1
Books on Programming the pic in C  Feb 9th 1
DC to AC inverter  Mar 22th 1
Flickering output PortA  Feb 23th 1
getting on->Z81 and PIC  Jan 26th 1
JW parts and erasing  Jan 2nd 1
logig probe(  Feb 18th 1
Mathias or Icepic ??  Mar 26th 1
Mouth operated switches  Feb 25th 1
MPLAB error "unable to find output file"  Mar 19th 1
need emulator advice ...  Feb 19th 1
Pic demo board w all the goodies  Feb 27th 1
PIC Programmer  Feb 17th 1
PIC12C508A programming  Jan 7th 1
PIC-Novice-0001/cheaper 16f84  Mar 15th 1
PWM from pulse  Mar 22th 1
Read Protected PIC  Mar 9th 1
RF application  Mar 17th 1
Robots with PICS  Feb 24th 1
SIMICE cheap Emulator ?  Mar 9th 1
Simulator or Emulator ?  Mar 11th 1
TIP - ZIF socket  Jan 27th 1

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