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 Oct 6th 1
[OT] DX1000 LCD display  Oct 8th 1
[OT] English name  Sep 5th 1
12C508: no interrupts.  Oct 22th 1
12c50x Smartcard  Dec 10th 1
16C84 Instruction Set Errata?  Oct 6th 1
4 digit auto-ranging frequency-meter.  Oct 6th 1
7406 buffer/inverter and programmer  Aug 26th 1
Auto-reset magic?  Oct 24th 1
Byte serial output through RA0  Oct 13th 1
how do i make money with the pic?  Aug 25th 1
Interfacing a static drive LCD, how?  Nov 13th 1, 12 17th 329
ITU Info Thanks + Advice Needed  Dec 11th 1
Little PIC project problem....HELP  Aug 26th 1
MPLAB Auto-increment on T0CKI  Dec 10th 1
Nogueira's programmer.  Sep 23th 1
NOPPP No parts PIC programmer.  Nov 17th 1
off-topic: NEC micro?  Sep 8th 1
Option & Tris instructions.  Oct 10th 1
OT: RS-232 to TTL levels  Nov 25th 1
PIC burn timing issues.  Sep 9th 1
PIC16F87X - The kick a** flash version!!!  Dec 11th 1
PICProg: Non-commercial PIC programmer designs pag  Oct 15th 1
Please, be reasonable.  Sep 4th 1
Porting code.  Oct 1st 1, 2
Programming clock speed.  Sep 10th 1
question  Sep 29th 1
R: Tait's Programmer flavours  Aug 25th 1
Simple RB0/INT setup question.  Oct 15th 1
Simple static drive LCD.  Dec 7th 1
stepping over the SLEEP instruction  Nov 5th 1
Strange behaviour on PIC insertion  Sep 3rd 1 4th 97, 170
Tait's Programmer flavours  Aug 22th 1
TMR0 increment.  Dec 16th 1
Turbo Pascal timing issues.  Nov 17th 1
Vpp from the phone line.  Dec 2nd 1
Waking up due to an external interrupt.  Oct 10th 1
Writing into EEPROM on a 16C84  Nov 18th 1

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