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[OT] small plastic cases  Sep 1st 1 2nd 10
[OT] The illusion of measurement.  Aug 31th 1
Re: FW: Ive to edit a circu  Sep 1st 1
4 digit auto-ranging frequency-meter.  Oct 7th 1
50 MHz Freq Meter  Aug 12th 1
EPIC Plus Pocket PICmicro Programmer  Jun 30th 1
epic windows and 12c672 OTP 10 MHz problems  Oct 2nd 1
Pic Basic PRO with 12c672 AD problem.  Aug 26th 1
PicBasic, I2C, DS1621  Aug 12th 1
using EPIC programmer for 12C672  Jul 21th 1
using PWM from PIC Basic  Aug 4th 1

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