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[OT] Pushbutton toggle  Oct 29th 1
[OT] Sales weirdness question  Dec 14th 1
[Very OT] dreams, dreams... Was:GSM modem pricing  Apr 28th 1
6 ways to make her want you [OT, OT, OT, OT]  Nov 13th 1 19th 412
Also!: looking for CUSTOM equipment housing [OT]  Nov 24th 1
Binary to BCD Conversion  Apr 30th 1
Controlling a PC, from a PC, using a PIC  Jul 14th 1
Cracked  Nov 17th 1
Editor Survey [OT?]  May 19th 1
FW: I«ve to edit a circuitry in a PDFfile.  Sep 1st 1
ITU Tech  Dec 21th 1
Programmer for sale  Mar 24th 1
QWBASIC or QBASIC??  Dec 22th 1, 30 26th 241
Senior Project  Feb 16th 1
Sun Tracking  Dec 24th 1

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