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(OT) Serial Numbers  Aug 26th 1
[OT!] Re: A _FREE_ syntax-highlighting editor (thr  May 21th 1
[OT] gp2d02 IR sensor in oz  May 24th 1
[OT] 240V anywhere  Aug 19th 1
[OT] Buying a O-Scope  Aug 26th 1
[OT] FLASH (AMD 29F040)  Nov 9th 1
[OT] Help needed on parallel port  Sep 3rd 1
[OT] Implementing electric brake for a small DC mo  Aug 17th 1
[ot] International Power - BOLLOCKS - dangerous  Aug 24th 1
[OT] It ain't sheep any more!  Jun 5th 1 8th 138
[OT] Licensing/Ownership of Software?  Aug 31th 1
[OT] Re: RPM counter  Nov 9th 1
[OT] small plastic cases  Sep 1st 1
[OT] TC9246F PLL IC  Sep 13th 1
[OT] The illusion of measurement.  Aug 31th 1 Sep 1st 14
[OT] XT -> crystal  May 25th 1
[OT]BALUNS?  Sep 17th 1
[OT]Inverse Charaters on LCD  Nov 10th 1
16F84, surface mount, ICSP...  Apr 28th 1
16K pic and pic17c44  Nov 10th 1, 54
2. try! 12c508 prog. problems!  Jun 3rd 1
25 watts  Sep 4th 1
3fase ac power generator  May 19th 1
A bit off  May 24th 1
A game for graphical LCD [OT]  May 31th 1
A simple question .....  May 19th 1
async serial tolerances (was Re: ceramic resonator  Oct 29th 1
Atmel 89C1051  Aug 27th 1
Baud timing- How close do I have to be?  May 27th 1
C stuff  May 26th 1
Caps on PCBs  Aug 26th 1
clocking of TMR0  Jun 3rd 1
Coin count!  Sep 4th 1
Compiler Crash on Dhrystone Compilation...  Nov 4th 1
Conversion of moto chip to PIC?  Sep 1st 1
converter RS232- RS485  Jun 10th 1
Correct programming voltage  Aug 10th 1
Cracked  Nov 11th 1
Crystal Tutorial  Oct 28th 1
D.S.P  Apr 29th 1
decoding service  May 27th 1
Design of a cooling system using expansion of comp  Nov 11th 1
Differences between `55 and `57  Aug 19th 1
Digital filtering code needed  Nov 9th 1
dik head on the pic list  Aug 24th 1
dtmf routine  May 24th 1
DTMF signal generation with PIC, how ?  Nov 1st 1
DVP RF transmitter/receiver  Sep 6th 1
Emulator help  Aug 19th 1
FCC Approval  Sep 8th 1
FCC Consultant Request for Bid  Sep 9th 1
Got Problems with PIC16C5x and PIC16C7x instructio  Aug 26th 1
HCT Parts and stuff shift registers  Nov 1st 1
Help for telephone project  May 3rd 1
help needed with mpasmwin errors  Apr 16th 1
Help! Switching problem with PIC16F84 driving a tr  Apr 29th 1
High level language  Jun 5th 1
High temperature sensor  Nov 1st 1, 26
High-V Power Switches  May 10th 1
HiTech C compiler  May 27th 1
Hi-Tech C Compiler  May 7th 1, 143
How to prevent light bulb theft in airport runways  May 21th 1
How to simulate resistance?  May 6th 1
I/O Problem with 16F84  Jun 3rd 1
i2c on '73 and comments  Sep 8th 1
Interrupt triggered when intcon mask clear - help!  May 31th 1
Licensing/Ownership of Software?  Aug 30th 1
Lithium Batteries & PICs Question  Jun 1st 1, 19, 23
logarithmic ladder attenuators (slightly off toPIC  May 7th 1 9th 258 10th 293
Looking for information - telemarketing rejection  Nov 5th 1 8th 157 19th 1069
MAX232 equivalent (slightly OT)  Sep 8th 1
MCLR  Nov 10th 1
Measuring stuff with PICs  Jun 24th 1
MPLAB, bowman  Apr 27th 1
Network Question  May 19th 1 20th 62
Opto-isolator Question  May 26th 1
OT PICs and jobs  May 12th 1
OT: DSP  Aug 30th 1
OT: RE: PICs and jobs  May 11th 1
OT:modem back to back.  Sep 13th 1 14th 13
Parallax format code- What is "indirect"?  Jun 2nd 1
PBasic PRO compiler  May 29th 1
PIC "Smart antenna"?  May 19th 1
PIC & SMS GSM  Nov 3rd 1
PIC being reset by spikes from motors - any ideas?  Sep 6th 1 7th 12
PIC in Cars  Jun 5th 1
Pic Lamp Dimmer  May 3rd 1
PIC programming timing  Aug 11th 1
PIC14000 A/D timer silicon bug undocumented!!  Sep 13th 1
PIC16C73 over the M68HC11  May 15th 1
PICS and JOBS  May 12th 1
Possible un subscribe mechanism  Sep 3rd 1
Power Line Communication  May 6th 1
Power-on Reset IC's  Apr 30th 1
Pull-up in battery powered application  Jun 5th 1
RC oscilator vs crystal  Aug 26th 1
Re serial RAMS  May 12th 1
Re[2]: [OT] Water injection (was: Question for phy  Jun 17th 1
reverse-engineering,  May 28th 1
RMS to DC conversion  Aug 18th 1
RPM counter  Nov 9th 1
Running a PIC from batteries  May 7th 1
Scizzofrenia...  Nov 1st 1
Seeking Information  Jun 8th 1 9th 85, 84
selection of battery for power consumption of 300m  Jun 9th 1
Serial Blues Continued  Jun 19th 1
sin function  Nov 5th 1, 17 8th 198 20th 1194, 1211
Single step  May 24th 1
Single stepping  May 25th 1 Jun 1st 410
Sleeping sickness!  Aug 25th 1
SOIC V's PDIP  Nov 8th 1
Spark Advance Help  Jun 11th 1, 3
Spark Advance Help OT  Jun 15th 1 16th 19
SquareWave  Apr 23th 1
Still got the serial blues!  Jun 9th 1
Such a thing as serial SRAM?  May 7th 1, 2
TCP/IP  Jun 16th 1
TRISA Setting  Sep 2nd 1, 8
Trouble with EMI interfrence  Sep 6th 1 10th 193
UART examples needed, and RS232  Aug 28th 1
Version Control Packages  Sep 14th 1
VHF PLL controlled with PIC  Nov 8th 1 9th 132
Voltage Level On 16C620 or 16F84 Port Pins  May 25th 1
Water injection  Jun 14th 1 15th 85
Weldbond - Weird Problem with the 16C64A  Aug 31th 1 Sep 1st 87
What A/D converter to use with accelerometer? (ADX  May 1st 1
Where's the Zero (found!)  Aug 30th 1, 6

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