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 Jul 25th 1
$15 WayFinder compass  Aug 2nd 1
[OT] 8 pictures of piclisters  Oct 17th 1
[OT] Electrostatic sensing (was PIC-based angle se  Dec 10th 1 11th 90
16 i/o lines with eeprom?  Feb 3rd 1
16c84 reprogram cycle life?  Jan 27th 1
16C84/04 with Async. Serial TX/RT  Jul 15th 1
Aghhh Code Protection Bit Problem .... (fwd)  Feb 12th 1, 0
Anyone been sponsored?  Apr 13th 1
Arc welders for eprom erasure [OT]  Sep 28th 1
Art of Electronics Answers (Off topic)  Jul 27th 1
backlighting LCD's  Sep 1st 1
Battery charger  Nov 26th 1
Bookmarks + PIC site lists  Jan 7th 1
British PIC university courses  Jan 9th 1
BS1 Programming Challenge  Nov 26th 1
Bulk Emailing - Revenge  Jan 12th 1
Busted c74?  Feb 7th 1
C  Feb 2nd 1
Capturing IR Remote Codes  Nov 27th 1
Carbon Monoxide Detector  Oct 30th 1
Casio Calculator Serial Port  Jan 8th 1
casio interface  Jan 13th 1
Cheap Accelerometers  Sep 26th 1
Chip life cycles and COM port discussions  Jan 24th 1, 2
Code error  Feb 20th 1
Coil Manufacture  Oct 3rd 1
Command Interpreter / OS  Feb 26th 1
Complements (no not thanks)  Jan 20th 1
Complements (no not thanks) PART II  Jan 21th 1
Decoding MSF Rugby (England) standard time transmi  Aug 14th 1
Delivery  Feb 11th 1
DTMF decoding  Sep 10th 1
Easy pic'n  Mar 19th 1
Easy PIC'n and PIC'n up the pace  Mar 3rd 1
esd protection  Dec 15th 1
ext clock in RC mode  Mar 16th 1
FFT width PICs  Jan 28th 1
Floppy Drives and pics  Aug 5th 1
Fluxgate Compass  Jul 15th 1 16th 37
Fluxgate Compass and Dinsmore  Jul 17th 1
Help for PIC beginners!  May 21th 1
Important Search -Programmers, basic,C, simulators  Feb 7th 1
In-circuit prog. and other matters.  May 10th 1
IR Programable Remote  Jan 6th 1
IR Remote & rockets  Jan 7th 1
Joysticks and other connectors  Jan 24th 1, 2
LCD FOR PIC16C84 IN C  Jan 29th 1
LCD problem  Feb 3rd 1
Microchip Technical Department.  Jan 30th 1, 2
Micromouse  Feb 10th 1
Midi on C84  Feb 20th 1
Mind Machine - Electronic Hypnotism with a pic  Jul 15th 1
Model Rocketry Acceleration Sensor & Dataloging  Jan 6th 1
more scope questions  Dec 4th 1
Moving message display  Feb 10th 1, 24
MPLAB with HP Palmtop windows CE  Aug 2nd 1
My pic web site - send me your projects  Jan 11th 1
My web pages  Jan 8th 1 23th 634
No more bulk mailing - please  Jan 25th 1, 2
Off Topic (Modem to speaker/mic)  Aug 20th 1
On patenting software (in the U.S.)  Jan 4th 1
On the ethics/legality of reverse engineering  Jan 2nd 1
Parallax Stamp  Feb 7th 1
PC Keyboard Details  Apr 18th 1
phone interface  Feb 3rd 1
PIC Book  Mar 14th 1
PIC ICE recommendations?  Feb 24th 1
Pic Programming (The Start)  Feb 16th 1
PIC Scale -  Aug 25th 1
PICs in model rocketry  Mar 10th 1, 21
Pocket Protectors (was: "Re: [OT] 8 pictures of pi  Oct 19th 1
post script -Reply  Mar 14th 1
Programmer Idea  May 25th 1
propeller clock update  Jan 26th 1
Psion PIC Programmer  May 6th 1
Psion PIC Programmer - Psion Details  May 7th 1
Quiz on detecting lateral movement  Jan 10th 1
Random number generator  May 13th 1
Re[4]: MIDI implementation. using C84  Jan 28th 1
Recommend Simulator  Feb 21th 1, 5
Reprogramming non windowed devices  Jan 7th 1
Revenge - Now on web site.  Jan 13th 1
RS232 and PIC  Dec 11th 1
Serial Sonar Unit (SSU)  Nov 16th 1
Servo Laser Control  Dec 10th 1 11th 90 14th 197
Smart cards  Aug 20th 1
Spam and how to combat it  Feb 8th 1
SSU unit: Cheap Sonar, transmitter  Nov 18th 1
Surplus component pinout needed!  Jan 22th 1
The PIC in Scotish Schools  Mar 5th 1
The PIC Pages are back  Jan 24th 1, 2, 5, 6
Transistor circuit for programming  Jan 7th 1 8th 80
Urgent: Random No Generator Needed  Jan 7th 1, 3 8th 73
Voice Synthesis  Feb 8th 1 9th 19
Volume Control  Jan 20th 1
What does PIC actually stand for?  Mar 7th 1
What does PIC stand for?  Jan 8th 1
What does PIC stand for? - PIC  Jan 10th 1
'White' LEDS ...? [OT]+  Nov 26th 1
windowed PICs sensitive to light??  Jul 15th 1
Your PIC page(s)  Jan 23th 1

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