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[Fwd: Re: PC-Based Oscilloscope OR Logic Analyzer]  Mar 6th 1
16c84 data EEPROM use  Jan 25th 1
93C66 EEPROM  Jan 22th 1
code problem  Mar 20th 1
COM84 programmer  Feb 2nd 1
electronics education (was Horrible Newbie...)  Jun 5th 1
i2c  Jan 22th 1
info pal,gal  Feb 9th 1
inforeq  Jan 1st 1
ISP GAL  Jun 5th 1
Off Topic - PC Add-on card based oscilloscope & lo  May 5th 1
P16PRO (ver 3.01b) Low cost Pic programmer  Feb 9th 1
PC-Based Oscilloscope OR Logic Analyzer  Mar 6th 1 9th 100
power up state of 68hc11 ports  Feb 1st 1
Pulse Width Modulator Program  Mar 23th 1
Push down CALL stack and emulation thereof  Apr 25th 1
REFLECTION ?  Mar 24th 1
Robot Lawnmower  Nov 24th 1
SPI vs I2C  Apr 4th 1, 2 6th 24
Surplus component pinout needed!  Jan 22th 1
The (AVR and ) COP800  Jul 4th 1
UV erasable CP bit  Jan 1st 1

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