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[OT] Needham Programmer  Oct 27th 1
[OT] Thermostat Wiring  Nov 18th 1
[OT] Old TV remotes that used ultrasonic?  Oct 7th 1
12C50x Watchdog timeout, and strange  Jan 28th 1
Application controlled reset ???  Feb 17th 1
Audio White Noise  Jul 28th 1
battery-operated pics...  Jul 29th 1
Can you read this?  Jul 28th 1
Driveway loop  Aug 26th 1
Fuzzy Control  Sep 3rd 1
Fuzzy Control Tool (was Re: PID Temperature Contro  Sep 2nd 1
Human Safety  Sep 16th 1
Interrupt problem  Apr 29th 1
IRDA Format  Mar 5th 1
Magic Sinewaves  Jul 21th 1
Marquee Display  Jan 29th 1
Moving message display  Feb 10th 1
MPLAB 3.22.00  Apr 7th 1
Noisy Keyboard & Mouse  Nov 14th 1
Op code Help  Mar 27th 1
Part for IR Remote (Somewhat off topic)  May 12th 1
PIC tips & tricks  May 16th 1
PS/2 Mouse  Jul 24th 1
Re[2]: [OT] Is Wordpad or Notepad ASCII compatible  Sep 11th 1
Re[2]: Aghhh Code Protection Bit Pro  Feb 12th 1
Re[2]: ATMEL Prommer (fwd)  Sep 8th 1
Re[2]: biofeedback  Mar 22th 1
Re[2]: Can you read this?  Jul 28th 1
Re[2]: Cheap Reset Circuit -- With slowly rising V  Aug 21th 1
Re[2]: HARD KEY  Nov 17th 1
Re[2]: LED Signboards  May 17th 1
Re[2]: PIC Development Tools [OT]  Oct 22th 1
Re[2]: Pic Osc Problems  Jul 11th 1
Re[2]: PICBUSTER=$0.40c [Was AMD186 mistake ]  Aug 6th 1
Re[2]: SMT  May 10th 1
Serial Port Driver  May 12th 1
Tilt Sensor 2  Jun 9th 1
UV Pic problem (use a hairdryer!!!)  Feb 4th 1
water thermomiter  Jul 28th 1

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