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[OT] Game Port Pinout and I/O port  Nov 30th 1
{OT} Seven Segment Display Module.  Oct 28th 1
0 in file detection ?  Apr 8th 1
12c509 WDT Wakeup Problem  Dec 17th 1
16C71 fluctuating results ?  Nov 11th 1
16C84 - Headup display  Jun 12th 1
A programmer question  Aug 22th 1
About TV and VIDEO signals  Aug 21th 1
Accelerometer Project  Jun 27th 1
analog delay  Aug 15th 1
Battery charger  Nov 26th 1
BCD Thumbwheels  Aug 21th 1
Cheap Reset Circuit -- With slowly rising Vcc (Bat  Aug 20th 1
Cheap Temp Sensors  Mar 14th 1
Chip Data on Line?  Apr 30th 1
CODE re:Look-up table error  May 30th 1
Complementing Carry  Sep 28th 1 30th 164
Current Measuring  Jun 12th 1
dc flag  Aug 18th 1
decoding ir remote  Dec 1st 1
Display Driver  Jul 21th 1
Floating Inputs  Dec 6th 1
FSK CALLER ID Receiver, Need help!  Dec 5th 1
Graphic LCD display  Dec 12th 1
HD44780 LCD and 4-bit mode using 16F84  Dec 9th 1
IR article  Jan 9th 1
IR Programable Remote  Jan 6th 1
IrDA communication  Oct 2nd 1
Looking for a AC Current sensor  Mar 28th 1
magic sine waves  Mar 22th 1
Maxium 7219 serial display  Jan 26th 1, 2
PC Prototype Card. OFF TOPIC.  Aug 9th 1
PIC project - electronic speed controller.  Dec 30th 1
PIC16C84 & SLEEP Mode  Dec 5th 1
Pic16c84 input problem  Nov 21th 1
pic16c84 programming specs  Apr 10th 1
Polaroid 6500 sonar ranging questions  May 13th 1
precision navigation vector 2x code - ready !  Nov 18th 1
problem with incf (beginners ?)  Jun 25th 1
Protel library  May 28th 1
RC Helicopter control...  May 14th 1
RDS project  Apr 30th 1
Robot Lawnmowers  Nov 18th 1, 93
RS232 to multi PICS  May 9th 1
RTC (not directly PIC related)  May 13th 1
serial comms  Jan 17th 1
Simulating a mouse  Apr 9th 1
To Few Port Pins ????  Oct 9th 1
Very Fast RAM  Dec 12th 1
Video Distribution  May 25th 1

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