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(OT) - Sunrise and sunset calculation  Oct 6th 1
[OT] Comm Port set ups  Nov 28th 1
[OT] Cut the grass with a stationary laser instead  Nov 19th 1
12C508/509 ICP source  Feb 24th 1
15 KHz  Sep 1st 1
16C84/04 with Async. Serial TX/RT  Jul 3rd 1
A New Challenge  Jan 8th 1
Access Control - Proximity Tokens/ Touch Memories  Aug 18th 1
ADC+DAC  Jun 3rd 1 4th 43
AN513  May 21th 1
Batteries  Apr 8th 1
Battery Charge  Jun 2nd 1
BCD Thumbwheels  Aug 26th 1
Bulk Emailing - Revenge  Jan 13th 1
Capacitance meter  Jul 3rd 1
Cheap Accelerometers  Sep 24th 1
Cheap Temp Sensors  Mar 18th 1
Cheap, reliable PIC sources in the UK?  Mar 21th 1
Conversion to a newsgroup  Jan 9th 1
Counter + Timer  Apr 2nd 1
display output  Jun 30th 1
Geocities Web site [OT]  Oct 16th 1
Getting HiRes stills from a camcorder ?  Aug 11th 1
Heating strips  Aug 11th 1
Help connecting a microphone to a PIC  Sep 25th 1
Help-how to read data  Jul 14th 1
Human Safety  Sep 16th 1
IR Remote & rockets  Jan 7th 1
Laser range-finder  Feb 27th 1
Measuring Conductivity w/ 16c54  Jul 25th 1
Movement sliding on ice etc  Jan 13th 1
Multiple serial ports on PC -Reply  Apr 28th 1
optical rotary encoders with PICs  Jan 7th 1
Optoisolators or MOV's  Jun 2nd 1
OT - Off topic posts  Aug 28th 1
out of topic  Aug 18th 1
PCB & Schematic  Jul 24th 1
Peltier Junction  Apr 21th 1
Pic eraser (Project?]  Nov 26th 1
PICO oscilloscope [OT]  Nov 24th 1
Picstart programmer for production  Jul 17th 1
pin configuration question 16c84  Mar 25th 1, 19
Pinhole 9x12cm quest  Oct 14th 1
Plug-and-Play  May 6th 1
Programmer Idea  May 28th 1
R, 3R, 9R, 27R DAC  Mar 25th 1
random values on RAM at startup  Mar 10th 1
Real Time Clock  Jul 30th 1
Reliability thinking and risk assesment  Aug 12th 1
Rising/Falling Edges  Jul 8th 1
Robot Lawnmowers & goats.  Nov 24th 1
Serial RAM??  May 30th 1
Servo Question!  Feb 3rd 1
Sleep Mode Application  Apr 23th 1
small problem  May 13th 1
solid model proto-type fabrication  Jul 15th 1
SoNoboby knows  May 30th 1
stupid newbie  Oct 8th 1
Time warp.  Oct 28th 1
windowed PICs sensitive to light??  Jul 16th 1
zero crossing detector for mains ?  Sep 5th 1

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