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[OT] Atmel 8051 type processors  Oct 17th 1
16C84 as I2C Slave  Mar 25th 1
another q from the stupid newbie  Oct 8th 1
Application controlled reset ???  Feb 17th 1, 3
ATMEL AT90S1200  Oct 25th 1
ATMEL Prommer (fwd)  Sep 8th 1
ATMEL Prommer (fwd) http:// locations  Sep 8th 1
basic interperter  May 29th 1
BASIC STAMP1 Software Freeware?  Sep 8th 1
BS-2 SERIN/SEROUT syntax  Apr 1st 1
CBLOCK  Mar 18th 1
Challenge: Reverse 7 bits  Oct 29th 1
Challenge: Reverse 7 bits/score= 126  Oct 29th 1
Chip Programming Problems  Feb 15th 1
Classic Programmer  Aug 18th 1
Code protection and LCDs  Oct 12th 1
Dallas 1990A  Mar 7th 1
Datasheet for PIC16F84 wafercard  Aug 21th 1
Difference between 16C84 and 16F84  Aug 31th 1
DIY GAL Programmer Project source/schema uploaded.  Jun 6th 1
DMX-512 receiver (Transmitter)  Feb 21th 1
eprom programmer  Mar 28th 1
FPGA's  Feb 24th 1 25th 51
Fw: Dumb Question [PIC vs AVR for begginners]  Sep 4th 1
GALs  Mar 31th 1, 20
Help - I2C eeprom & write protection.  Aug 18th 1
Human Safety  Sep 16th 1
i2c bus  Mar 16th 1
In Circuit Programming  Mar 11th 1
ISD2500 Chips  Feb 14th 1
LCD <==> PIC Error ^Please Help  Feb 26th 1
Looking for ATMEL discussion list  May 16th 1
Looking for ATMET discussion list  May 16th 1
Looking for Bob BLICK/ Scanned LED Clock  Mar 12th 1
Measuring Time on the PC  Feb 26th 1, -10
Monitors  Sep 1st 1
MPASM accessing middle bytes...BUG???  Mar 26th 1, 21
New PICs and Architectures  Aug 10th 1
No more Plugging please[ UMPS ]  Mar 20th 1
Orcad library to Protel library  Feb 17th 1
Other MicroControllers  Mar 19th 1
OTP erase  Aug 14th 1, 26
PAL & GAL software (bit of topic)  Jun 9th 1
PGM84 MSDOS 16C84 pgmr under WIN95\MPLAB312  Mar 20th 1
PIC "C" Compilers......against BASIC??  Oct 6th 1
PIC Development Tools  Oct 23th 1
PIC on ethernet  May 18th 1
PIC symbols  Feb 21th 1
PIC to PC lpt port passthrough  May 23th 1
PIC Video Digitizer./DCFDG/ cheap CCD  Mar 19th 1
PIC12C508 EMULATOR. Free beta available.  Feb 11th 1
PIC16F84 and DIY programmers  Sep 1st 1
PIC16F84 COM84 programming again...  Feb 25th 1
PIC16F84 COM84 programming?  Feb 25th 1
PIC17C42 Programmer  Feb 11th 1
PicBasic compiler performance?  Feb 11th 1
PIP-02  Mar 26th 1
Power Off PIC Happenings  Feb 20th 1, 20
Programmer Idea  May 28th 1
Programming of 12C5xx  Feb 7th 1
Programming serial I2C EEPROM's  Oct 13th 1
Protel Libraries and Schematics  Feb 9th 1
Protel library  Feb 7th 1
SCENIX  Oct 16th 1
Serial comm MAC -> PIC  Mar 7th 1
simm memory chips  May 16th 1
Simplfying Code ?  Mar 10th 1
Single PIC Computer(tm) SPC-1  Feb 28th 1
smart card  Feb 25th 1
Software for PALS/GALS  Aug 25th 1
Source code for PIC.  Sep 4th 1
The PIC in Scotish Schools  Mar 5th 1
The Servo Code/corrupt zip or not  Mar 12th 1
The Zero Status bit  Mar 19th 1
two MIDI programs for PIC: Keybaord and Intsrument  Mar 25th 1
UK Elektor PLC Emulation Article using a PIC.  Mar 25th 1
Video character generators  Mar 18th 1
Vxd Driver question, off topic  Feb 26th 1
Wanted: Source code for COM84 programmer  Feb 9th 1
WIN ? JDM84 Programmer  Feb 18th 1
Yeeeeehah! - 50MHz 16C5X clones !  Aug 31th 1, -10 Sep 1st -47

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