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2KHz pulse detection  Oct 24th 1
AC Adapter Substitute  May 25th 1
DAC with PIC  Dec 15th 1
floating scopes  Nov 2nd 1
H-Bridge - Warning!  Dec 7th 1
I/O Help Needed  Oct 3rd 1
I2C, PIC & PC Parallel Port  Dec 19th 1
IR -DE-coding  Sep 25th 1
Isolation Methods  Dec 13th 1
KW/hour meter  Aug 2nd 1
Low power RTC chip with serial interface  Nov 18th 1
Marketing Tricks (Re: fuzzy logic -Reply ) -Reply  Nov 2nd 1
non-pic [membrane keypads]  Aug 22th 1
Parallel port I2C control software  Dec 14th 1
PIC Spreadsheet  Nov 24th 1
PIC16C84  Nov 2nd 1
PIC16c84 programming problems  Oct 8th 1
Serial Video Display Module  Aug 22th 1
Simple Remote I/R Reading  Oct 3rd 1
Transitor radios (was Re: fuzzy logic -Reply)  Nov 1st 1
useless martian )*&&(%^ databook  Sep 19th 1
WDT? On Permanent Disability?  May 18th 1
Weather Anamometer  Jun 5th 1

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