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(off topic) Dolby Surround Sound  Mar 15th 1
[STAMPS] using a 74154  Aug 30th 1
12Cxxx  Nov 26th 1
16 Bit Timer on a PIC 84  Nov 12th 1
16C554-04/P Availability  Nov 14th 1
16C57  Sep 20th 1
16C84 sample program for a beginner  May 13th 1
16c84A - how to access RAM above address 0x2F ?  Aug 14th 1
17C44 in Microprocessor mode.  Nov 6th 1
20MHz clock problems  Apr 11th 1
256 bytes of EE  Jul 30th 1
32KHz Oscillator startup time.  Nov 13th 1
4 digits.  Aug 30th 1
8051 'C' Compiler swap for PIC 'C' Compiler.  Nov 14th 1
'84 to '620 trouble  Nov 12th 1
AC Adapter Substitute  May 26th 1
Accessing large memories with small PICs  Sep 26th 1
Actual Uses of Zero Ohm Resistor  Oct 11th 1
Ascii to binary conversion  Jul 12th 1
Atmel claims to have first 8-bit RISC processor???  Sep 18th 1 19th 34
Bit fiddling  Apr 16th 1
Burner for sale  Dec 6th 1
Buying PICs in the UK  Aug 28th 1
C84 EEProm write timing  Jun 25th 1
ceramic resonator  Oct 21th 1
Ceramic Resonator - how to use?  Jul 12th 1, 4
Ceramic Resonators  May 1st 1
coin recognition  Nov 26th 1
Concerned wether PIC 16C5X is adequate for my appl  May 13th 1
Current Version of MPLAB?  Jun 6th 1 7th 53
Decoding grey code with a pic.  Sep 4th 1
Detecting C84 or C61 whilst running.  Jun 20th 1 25th 92
detecting phone rings ...  Mar 19th 1
Differences between MPASM V1.11 & V 1.21  Nov 13th 1
Diffrence between C84 & C71?  Aug 5th 1
Digital Thermometer Package Available!  Sep 5th 1
Divide by N  May 29th 1
DJSA's Who's Who Guide  Mar 20th 1
Dongles  May 9th 1
Downloading from Microchip's site  Jun 5th 1
Drawing Schematics  Sep 9th 1, 3
dtmf wheel  Oct 14th 1
Dumb question on Application Note 521  Dec 6th 1
EEProm / Flash / FRam  Jul 30th 1
Efficient sqrt  Jun 3rd 1
ESD protection  Jul 8th 1
FET question  Dec 6th 1
Frequency Adjustment  Apr 4th 1
fuzzy logic -Reply  Oct 31th 1
Fuzzy re-visited  Oct 30th 1
FuzzyTech MP  Apr 10th 1
help  Oct 25th 1
help with keyboard encoder  Oct 3rd 1
How much($)to charge for development?  Dec 12th 1
how to backup my RAM+RTC?  Mar 25th 1
HTML @Mozilla & WWW trouble?  May 20th 1
I/R camera/imaging  Jul 22th 1
I/R camera/imaging OR Micropower Impulse Radar  Jul 22th 1
I2C device types...  Nov 29th 1
In circuit programming  Oct 10th 1
Initial MPLAB Comments  May 22th 1
Interrupt handling  May 16th 1
IR laser modem  May 6th 1
Large Serial RAM solution...  May 17th 1
MAXIM Power Supplies  Jun 11th 1
mc145436  Oct 15th 1
measure weather stuff  Aug 6th 1
Microchip discontinue policy (was 12C5XX - which  Dec 17th 1
Microchip discontinued programmers???  Dec 21th 1
MIR sensor -Reply  Jul 23th 1
More Frequency Adjustment  Apr 4th 1, 5
MPASM V1.11 & V1.21 differences.  Nov 19th 1
MPLab & Picstart  Jun 5th 1
MPLab & programming  Jun 4th 1
MPLAB downloading (any way to break the 1.9M to fi  Jun 13th 1
MPLab Simulator and tmr0 question...  Jul 29th 1 30th 26
Need help with PIC A/D (range setting,  Jun 10th 1
New Design:temperature controller  Jun 6th 1
No messages?  Nov 22th 1
Ozone Producing Bulbs?  Jun 3rd 1
pcb fabrication  Nov 17th 1
PIC - what does it mean?  Aug 15th 1
PIC <> modem chips  Jun 5th 1 7th 95
PIC 16C84 programmer  Jun 17th 1
Pic basic  Dec 2nd 1
Pic code protection alert!  Apr 5th 1, 59 9th 173 26th 447 May 2nd 570
PIC control of DC-DC converter  May 15th 1
PIC controlled freq generator  Aug 15th 1
PIC driven Linear CCD  Nov 19th 1
pic microcontroller discussion list  Nov 6th 1
pic programmer  May 10th 1
PIC Research  Oct 21th 1
PIC routines for Dallas DS19XX Touch Memories.  May 12th 1 13th 12
PIC simulator  Jul 25th 1
PIC16C622 & Analog Comparators  Aug 7th 1
pic16c84  Dec 10th 1
PIC16C84 Remote Frequency Counter Application  Apr 30th 1
Picbasic v1.20  Sep 23th 1
PIC's and rotary encoders.  Dec 23th 1
PID control  Apr 11th 1
Possible BUG in MPASM V1.4???  Nov 20th 1
Problems with PCLATH, Long Calls and Interrupts (P  Oct 28th 1
RC oscillator on a 16C61  Aug 10th 1
RC servos -Reply  Mar 12th 1
Re[10]: FuzzyTech MP  Apr 8th 1
Re[12]: FuzzyTech MP  Apr 9th 1
Re[2]: 20MHz clock problems  Apr 11th 1
Re[2]: Any thoughts on this one?  Aug 20th 1
Re[2]: Clarification - one dangerous typo and ? ab  Dec 5th 1
Re[2]: Clarifying PIC control of DC-DC converter  May 16th 1
Re[2]: Dongles  May 10th 1
Re[2]: FuzzyTech MP  Apr 5th 1, 61 9th 163
Re[2]: Interupts in MPSIM running under MPLAB  Nov 11th 1
Re[2]: IR laser modem  May 6th 1
Re[2]: MAXIM Power Supplies  Jun 12th 1
Re[2]: Mechanically Reading A Digital Display  May 9th 1
Re[2]: Microchip BBS Available thru Internet  Mar 14th 1
Re[2]: Power Brown Outs  Apr 4th 1
Re[2]: Problems with PCLATH  Oct 29th 1
Re[2]: Sampling Problems w/ 16C74 A/D Module, Help  Oct 9th 1
Re[2]: Strange components  Oct 11th 1
Re[2]: SuperCaps  Mar 12th 1, 10
Re[4]: Clarifying PIC control of DC-DC converter  May 17th 1
Re[4]: FuzzyTech MP  Apr 8th 1
Re[4]: Microchip BBS Available thru Internet  Mar 14th 1
Re[4]: Power Brown Outs  Apr 4th 1
Re[4]: SuperCaps  Mar 12th 1
Re[6]: Clarifying PIC control of DC-DC converter  May 17th 1
Re[6]: FuzzyTech MP  Apr 8th 1
Re[6]: Power Brown Outs  Apr 4th 1
Re[8]: FuzzyTech MP  Apr 8th 1, 4
Real Time Clocks (implementing)  Jul 26th 1, 6, 16
Reed relays  Dec 18th 1
Ref AC Current reading  Apr 10th 1
Reprogramming non windowed devices  Dec 31th 1
resonators  Oct 28th 1
RF digital communication with PIC. Any IC/Module r  May 20th 1
RF remote for a PIC project  Jun 18th 1 19th 37
RS232 bit timing  Jun 19th 1
Searching for high pass active filter  Aug 15th 1
serial memory  Apr 16th 1
Serial port(s) on PIC  Nov 5th 1
set piclist ack repro  Apr 4th 1
Shift right (or left) 4  Jun 21th 1
shure would be nice 16c84+  Jul 5th 1
simple D/A for 500W AC?  Apr 8th 1
Swap: CCS Compiler for Protel for Windows  Nov 20th 1
Telephone ring detector  Mar 12th 1 13th 36
Two wire I2C SLAVE code...  Dec 3rd 1
UK: Can anyone program a 17C4X for me?  Nov 1st 1
unsubscribe  Sep 26th 1
Using PIC to read barcodes.  Nov 14th 1
Using the Picstart Plus to program other micro's?  Sep 12th 1
Varying Vpp and Vcc when programming in-circuit  Nov 29th 1
Video capturing using PICs.  Dec 17th 1
Visiting ultrasonics, again...  Mar 25th 1
Weather Anamometer  Jun 4th 1
Which MPLAB?  Jun 6th 1
Windowed PIC16C622  May 3rd 1
Wishlist for future PIC  Aug 28th 1
X-ray inspection  Dec 17th 1

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