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16 bit comparison - Critique please  Jul 11th 1
16 bit math routines  Aug 29th 1
16bit divide by 10  May 28th 1
16C73 PWM  Oct 2nd 1
16c73 questions  Jun 18th 1
16C84 Data EEPROM, Working!  Aug 25th 1
16c84 questions  Jun 19th 1
16C84 TRIS registers  Dec 3rd 1
27k too big for a pull up?  May 24th 1
2KHz pulse detection  Oct 21th 1 22th 25
62.5 Hz sine wave  Oct 29th 1 30th 73
About the 54/84 IO pins.  Jul 10th 1
Acceleration sensors as seismometers  Aug 25th 1 26th 23
Another math problem!  Jun 13th 1
Audio Spectrum Analizer  Jul 16th 1
base 10 log  May 29th 1
battery backed RAM  Jun 7th 1
better log 10  May 30th 1, 2
Bit reversal  Jun 20th 1
Board construction techniques  Dec 18th 1
Board construction techniques (was: Yet another LE  Nov 17th 1
calculating log base 10  May 29th 1
Capacitive isolated power  Dec 11th 1
Cheap UV eraser  Jun 5th 1
Check for page overflow (was Re: Dealing with 16C5  Oct 2nd 1
coil driver  Sep 19th 1
CRC calculations and related witchcraft.  May 29th 1
crystals and osc freq  Jun 18th 1
Defining registers  Jul 25th 1
distance sense  Oct 31th 1
Driving LEDs  Jun 6th 1
Driving LEDs (was: Suggestions for new PIC person)  Jun 6th 1
DTMF - results  Jun 23th 1 24th 23 25th 50
DTMF Decode using 16C6x  Jun 13th 1 14th 3 Jul 10th 532
DTMF decoding: Dattalo/McManis conjecture  Oct 10th 1 11th 12
DTMF etc. tone generation  Jun 11th 1
DTMF generation on digital output  Oct 15th 1
DTMF phone tones from a 16c84?  Oct 2nd 1
Efficient sqrt  May 29th 1
ESD protection  Jul 8th 1
FFT  Jul 14th 1
frequency calculation  Jun 23th 1
Fuzzy Logic  Oct 27th 1
H-Bridge  Dec 2nd 1 3rd 64
H-Bridge - Warning!  Dec 4th 1
H-Bridge question  Dec 8th 1
Help on many switches  Jul 14th 1
Help With 16C84 EEPROM  Jul 25th 1 28th 70 29th 87
How long PIC's life?  Nov 14th 1
I2C, PIC & PC Parallel Port  Dec 18th 1
Improving A/D resolution by dithering technique  Dec 9th 1
In circuit prog 16C84  Aug 12th 1
Info on Fixed Point Math [+freq. metering]  Sep 22th 1
Interfacing two PICs  Sep 23th 1
Interrupt latency  Sep 23th 1, 37
Interrupt problems with 16C74  Nov 17th 1
IR leds for remote ctrl  Aug 15th 1
IR receivers (was TMR0 "gotcha")  Jul 8th 1
Isochronous sequences  Sep 23th 1
Linux and PICs - do they mics?  Jul 8th 1
Looking for a 2003 type but with 8 drivers  Oct 21th 1
Looking for temperature control code.  Oct 29th 1
Looking Signal Peak detect circuit for use with PI  Jun 11th 1
Low dropout regulators  Jun 25th 1
Magic 12-bit ADC (was Re: PIC14000 and MPX5100A se  Nov 14th 1
Mass Storage  Aug 29th 1
Memory Suggestions  Sep 25th 1
Microchip vs Parallax assemblers  Sep 23th 1
More on Driving Motors  Jul 15th 1, 8
MP-C C-compiler. Is it reliable? How expensive?  Jun 19th 1
MPSIM vs 16C84 TMR0  May 24th 1
Need code to generate RC-5 infra red  Sep 24th 1, -1 25th 56
Need help controlling 12v fan speed with PWM outpu  Nov 5th 1
New Quiz  Sep 17th 1
Newbish questions on project & timer.  Jun 30th 1 Jul 2nd 30
no blip on portb please  Dec 18th 1
Output buffer of SPI  Jul 31th 1
PIC Queries  Oct 15th 1
PIC-Based Computer  Aug 20th 1
PIC's and rotary encoders.  Dec 24th 1
Prescaler Assignment  Jun 23th 1
Problems with PCLATH  Oct 28th 1
Problems with PCLATH,  Oct 27th 1
Problems with PCLATH, etc.  Oct 29th 1
Protel Schematic PIC library wanted  Sep 10th 1
PWM  Jul 25th 1
Q: Is there any controller with on-chip DAC?  Oct 7th 1
Quadrature decoding using 16C84  May 28th 1
Re[2]: 16c54  Nov 10th 1
Reed relays  Dec 18th 1, 4
Sampling Problems w/ 16C74 A/D Module, Help!!!!  Oct 9th 1
Searching for high pass active filter  Aug 13th 1
Shaft sensing monitor  Nov 11th 1
Shift right (or left) 4  Jun 21th 1
Simple I/R Interface: Myke's method  Oct 4th 1
So you got a problem?  Dec 3rd 1 4th 55
Standard 1% Tolerance Resistors  Jul 17th 1
Stick to the subject (was Re: PIC17C44 Programmer)  Jul 11th 1
Strange components  Oct 11th 1
Suggestions for a new PIC person  Jun 5th 1
Swapping registers  Jul 18th 1
Switch Debounce  May 28th 1
Technology transfer anyone?  Nov 12th 1
Thanks for the help  Nov 12th 1
timer1 on 16c65  Jun 11th 1
Touch pad sensing  Sep 4th 1
Two wire I2C SLAVE code...  Dec 3rd 1
UART Q: -Reply  Nov 17th 1
uPC reset chips for PIC for brownout protection,,  Oct 10th 1
Weather Anemometer  Jun 4th 1
What Emulator to buy?  Oct 31th 1
Writing to 16C84 EEPROM data memory  Jul 11th 1
Yet another LED project  Nov 14th 1

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