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2 PIC's communicating via a modem with odd parity  Aug 23th 1
A quick routine to clear all memory 16c74 ?  Oct 1st 1
A Rounder SQRT Wheel  Jul 16th 1
About the 54/84 IO pins.  Jul 11th 1
AC Adapter Substitute  May 26th 1
Acceleration sensors  Aug 21th 1
Activating timer1 module  Aug 5th 1
analogue reading  Aug 7th 1
Arithmetic shift right  May 25th 1
Audio Spectrum Analizer  Jul 16th 1
Automatic code generator  Jun 13th 1
Crystals vs. Ceramic Resonators  Jul 17th 1
Definition of slow ramp up power supply in pic dat  May 30th 1
Determining capacators required for crystal oscill  May 30th 1
Driving LEDs  Jun 7th 1
Driving Motors - Help!  Jul 12th 1, 13 15th 55
Driving Motors - Help! -Reply  Jul 13th 1
DTMF decoding  May 27th 1
EEPROM Pics  Aug 20th 1
FFT  Jul 13th 1
Fieldbus, CAN, LON  Aug 7th 1
Future of MPLAB  Jun 12th 1
Generating Random Numbers  Jun 24th 1 25th 36
Greetings and RS-232 questions  Jul 3rd 1 8th 55
Ham Radio related witchcraft  May 29th 1
HDLC  Aug 3rd 1 4th 10
Help on many switches  Jul 14th 1
Help these pic16c74's are not erasing! (using ITU  Aug 5th 1
help with crystal types  Jul 1st 1 2nd 13
High-Brightness LEDs  Aug 14th 1
How to interface a power rail to a I/O port for se  May 30th 1
impedence of the "weak" pullups of PORTB?  Jul 21th 1
Interfacing photodiodes  May 26th 1
LCD-Driver & Frequ. Measurement with 16c84  Aug 27th 1
Logic on Parallel Port  Jul 26th 1
Looking for 5-6 digit alpha numeric or 7 segment L  Jun 6th 1
Low cost accelerometer: $.1USD  Aug 24th 1
Low dropout regulators  Jun 25th 1
Mag Stripe Decode (about PC keyboard protocol)  Jul 18th 1
Mag stripe decode (was New Project)  Jul 16th 1
Mail failure  Jul 17th 1
Memory pages  Aug 14th 1
More on Driving Motors  Jul 15th 1
More on Driving Motors - Responses  Jul 16th 1
More on the PIC-Eval board  Jun 25th 1
MPLAB bug? HELP!!!  May 29th 1
MPSIM 5.20 Watchdog simulation  Jul 1st 1
Multiplexing stepper motors  Sep 1st 1 2nd 12
Multiplexing switches  Jun 29th 1
Need help with PIC A/D (range setting,  Jun 9th 1 10th 20
Need help with PIC A/D (range setting,  Jun 10th 1
Need information about PIC developement tools  Jun 29th 1
Newbish questions on project & timer.  Jun 30th 1
NT4.0 any problems?  Jul 31th 1
oscillator (Depew)  Jul 30th 1
Parrellax Emulator  Aug 14th 1
Period Measurement help  Aug 3rd 1
PIC - what does it mean?  Aug 14th 1
PIC 16c73 latch up.  Jun 29th 1
PIC Crystals  Jul 16th 1
Pick a PIC that can CAN  Aug 13th 1
Port b int on change  Aug 6th 1
port writes  Aug 4th 1 5th 15
prescaler 16c84  Aug 3rd 1
PWM driving H-Bridge  May 30th 1
Quadrature decoding using 16C84  May 28th 1
R/C Timebase  Jul 17th 1
Real Time Clocks (implementing)  Jul 25th 1
Searching for high pass active filter,  Aug 13th 1
Security  Sep 14th 1
Servos?  Jun 26th 1
Sharp 16155 question  Jul 23th 1
Software Modem  Sep 8th 1
SSP-compatible displays?  May 28th 1
Stepper Motors  Aug 25th 1 26th 26
Suggestions for a new PIC person  Jun 5th 1
Switch Debounce  May 28th 1
Tapping the Xtal Oscillator  Jun 12th 1
thermostat  Aug 21th 1
Two's complement  Jun 12th 1, 13
VoicePorts---Audio->A/D->UART->RS-232 TX & RX  Aug 23th 1
When is an external watchdog timer necessary?  Jun 12th 1
Wishlist for future PIC  Aug 26th 1

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