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(no subject)  Oct 2nd 1
[PIC]PortB Interrupt on change?  Apr 30th 1
10 bit maths  Nov 5th 1
16C57  Sep 20th 1
16c73 questions  Jun 18th 1
16c84 for serial coms using an555 or similar.  Jun 27th 1
16C84 Sinks 2 Amps and Lives  May 23th 1, 14
16F84  Sep 6th 1
2KHz pulse detection  Oct 22th 1
About the 54/84 IO pins.  Jul 11th 1
Are any of the 8 pin PICs (12C5XX) ready for prime  Oct 6th 1
Arithmetic shift right  May 29th 1, 25
Beginner needs help  Sep 30th 1
Bit reversal  Jun 19th 1
Bus model in VHDL  Jul 26th 1
Capacitive isolated power  Dec 11th 1
CCS use of incf/decf  May 17th 1 18th 5
Challenge  Apr 8th 1 9th 3
Code For Bourns ACE-128 Encoders  Dec 21th 1
CODE formatting....  Dec 8th 1 9th 27
Code question about saving and restoring W & Statu  Jul 22th 1
Concurrency Problem on a low power PIC 84  Nov 6th 1 7th 197, 198
Current sink & inductive loads  Mar 27th 1
Defining registers  Jul 26th 1, 10
Diffrence between C84 & C71?  Aug 5th 1
DTMF - results  Jun 24th 1 25th 27, 29 26th 38
DTMF generation on digital output  Oct 15th 1
EEprom write and read on a 16C84  Apr 29th 1
Embedded System Protection  Oct 5th 1
Erasing OTP Devices  Aug 2nd 1
Error rates for SCI pic16c74  Jul 1st 1
Fire alarms and 2 wires methode  Oct 7th 1
Flash vs EEPROM...  Sep 21th 1
fuzzy logic  Oct 25th 1
Generating Random Numbers  Jun 25th 1
Gray-code Mea Culpa (Maybe)  Dec 23th 1
Greetings and RS-232 questions  Jul 7th 1 8th 14
Groundhog Day  Oct 11th 1
Ham Radio related witchcraft  Jun 1st 1
Help to identify one out of 128 sw's  May 6th 1
Help With 16C84 EEPROM  Jul 29th 1
Help:RS232-TTL <-> RS-232-C  Dec 31th 1
How about detecting phone off hook status  Mar 19th 1 20th 16
I AM A FATHER !!!!!!  Nov 25th 1
I need some direction.  Apr 13th 1
I/O Help Needed  Oct 3rd 1
I2C EEPROM X24C01PI-3 on PIC16C65  Sep 11th 1
I2C sharing lines with Dallas serial  Aug 27th 1
I2C, PIC & PC Parallel Port  Dec 19th 1 21th 30
IIC and SPI questions.  Sep 16th 1
IIC Royalties?  Sep 17th 1, 17
Improving A/D resolution by dithering technique  Dec 9th 1
In circuit programming  Oct 9th 1
In Circuit Serial Programming (and apologies)  Mar 21th 1
initializing a 2x8 lcd  Dec 18th 1
Interrupt latency  Sep 23th 1
Interrupt on change  Oct 26th 1
Isochronous sequences  Sep 23th 1
Isolation Methods  Dec 12th 1, 5
It's a girl!  Dec 18th 1
LCD biasing  Nov 7th 1
LCD Contrast from PWM ?  Jun 17th 1
LCD Display  Jun 13th 1
LCD-Driver & Frequ. Measurement with 16c84  Aug 27th 1, 14, 15
LED mvong message.  Nov 2nd 1 3rd 47
Loudspeaker driving from PIC pin  May 21th 1
Low power RTC chip with serial interface  Nov 22th 1
Magic 12-bit ADC (was Re: PIC14000 and MPX5100A se  Nov 15th 1
Mask programming  Sep 30th 1
Mass Storage  Aug 29th 1, 17
math problem  Jul 11th 1
Mechanically Reading A Digital Display  May 10th 1
Microchip discontinued programmers???  Dec 21th 1 24th 88 28th 118
Motor Quadrature encoder adjustment.  Jun 22th 1
mpsim help  Apr 2nd 1
My 2 cents on OPTION/TRIS  Dec 2nd 1
Need code to generate RC-5 infra red  Sep 24th 1
novice oscillator questions  Apr 4th 1
Old PICS  Dec 21th 1
PIC (small)C compiler..  Oct 18th 1
PIC <> modem chips  Jun 7th 1
PIC 16C84 interrupts  Dec 23th 1
PIC Beta C compiler  Dec 4th 1 5th 61
Pic code protection alert!  Apr 26th 1, 19
PIC Laptop  Aug 24th 1
PIC light sensitivity  Dec 31th 1
PIC programming  Nov 7th 1
PIC Queries  Oct 15th 1, 13
PIC Spreadsheet  Nov 5th 1
PIC tables for TASM table based assembler  May 12th 1
PIC14000 and MPX5100A sensor  Nov 14th 1
pic16c5x programmer  Oct 25th 1
PIC16c84 programming problems  Oct 6th 1
PIC16c84 Serial I/O  Aug 27th 1
PIC16C84--Absolute max voltage on RA4?  Oct 9th 1, 31, 53
PIC-Based Computer  Aug 20th 1
PIC's power-on init  Apr 26th 1
PicStic performance  Jul 11th 1
Placing blame on IBM (RA4 inversion)  Dec 22th 1, 14 23th 21, 49
Power Brown Outs  Apr 4th 1, 35
printer port inversions  Dec 22th 1
Problems with PCLATH  Oct 28th 1
programming errors  Oct 2nd 1
Q: Is there any controller with on-chip DAC?  Oct 8th 1
Q:Current drawn by the 16C65  Mar 18th 1 19th 19
RB Port Change Interrupt on the '84  Jun 11th 1 12th 12, 13, 44
Re[2]: 16c54  Nov 7th 1
Re[2]: Query - Programming the FLASH PIC16F84-04 ?  Dec 11th 1
Re[2]: UV erasable CP bit  Dec 31th 1
Re[4]: FuzzyTech MP  Apr 8th 1
Re[6]: FuzzyTech MP  Apr 8th 1
Read Modify Write commands  May 17th 1 20th 66
Routine to convert 16-bit binary to decimal  Nov 7th 1 11th 91
RTC Clock  May 15th 1
safe port initialization 16c84  Dec 5th 1
Sampling Problems w/ 16C74 A/D Module, Help!!!!  Oct 9th 1
Security  Sep 11th 1, 31 12th 66
Serial Port  Jun 6th 1
Serial Video Display Module  Aug 21th 1
Serial, In-circuit programming  Dec 10th 1
Silicon Bugs (was: "Re: Serial Port")  Jun 7th 1
simple D/A for 500W AC?  Apr 6th 1, 61, 10, 69 9th 120
slagging 84's  Dec 9th 1 10th 11, 63
Square Root  Mar 15th 1
Standard 1% Tolerance Resistors  Jul 17th 1
Suggestions for a new PIC person  Jun 5th 1
switch (case) for the PIC  Nov 28th 1
Teaching a Class: Need comparisons to other popula  May 23th 1
Telephone Tone Detection  Dec 31th 1
Transitor radios (was Re: fuzzy logic -Reply)  Nov 1st 1
Two's complement  Jun 12th 1
UART needed for this application?  Aug 2nd 1
USART problems solved!  Jul 7th 1
using 74HC595 Shift Register with PIC  Dec 13th 1, 30 19th 222
UV Pic problem  Dec 4th 1
voice recongnition  Jun 10th 1
Von neumann VS harvard  Aug 3rd 1
WDT? On Permanent Disability?  May 16th 1
What is MPASM error code 302  Apr 10th 1
Where can I buy a 16C84 on a students budget?  Oct 9th 1
Where do PICs come from :-)  May 6th 1
Where to get ISD chip-recorder?  Dec 31th 1
Why does the PICs require 12-14V to program?  Nov 22th 1
your mail  Oct 14th 1

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