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16C74 and erratic FSR  Jun 6th 1
16C74 computed goto's / interrupt problem  Apr 30th 1, 8 May 2nd 57
16C74 SPI port to 93C56 - is it necessary to disab  Apr 8th 1
2 PIC's communicating via a modem with odd parity  Aug 23th 1
ANSI C compiler for PIC - beta available  Dec 3rd 1
Best way to connect 2 x 16C74's?  Sep 5th 1
Checksumming  Mar 15th 1 19th 65
Context saving in interrupts  May 22th 1, 26
Dataman S4 Eprom programmer  Apr 28th 1
Getting a 16C74 to talk to 2400 series eeproms  May 24th 1
Going from Intel Hex format file back to MPASM ass  Jun 5th 1
Help to identify one out of 128 sw's  May 8th 1
Interrupt problems with 16C74  Nov 17th 1 19th 51
PIC 16C74 BUG ? (BRGH of a problem)  Apr 19th 1
PIC versions and the SCI bug  Sep 26th 1
PIC16C74 taking incredible long to erase w/ dataer  Jul 31th 1
portE glitches and interrupts  May 14th 1
pull-ups  Jun 9th 1
Receive errors using BRGH=1 in 16C74  Sep 5th 1 26th 540
RS232 COMM QUESTIONS  May 28th 1, 15
Setting up TMR1, what am I missing?  May 16th 1
Software sent to the list  Jun 4th 1
SSP-compatible displays?  May 27th 1
Sync restoration (how) ?  Apr 10th 1
The BRGH=1 problem with the 16C74  Nov 21th 1
TMR1 still no luck!  May 16th 1
Vendors of Mchip 93C56 in the UK??  May 27th 1
Workaround for BRGH=1 problem with 16C74A  Dec 8th 1

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