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16C52 WDT  May 2nd 1
16C554-04/P Availability  Nov 14th 1
answer = ULN2803, now, where to get it?  Oct 21th 1
Barometer using a PIC, ADC0831, MPX5100A sensor  Nov 5th 1
DTMF decoding  Jun 14th 1
dtmf wheel  Oct 14th 1
Found direct, inexpensive source for LCD Modules  Dec 5th 1
HD44780 based 16x1 LCD display probl  Aug 9th 1
How about detecting phone off hook status  Mar 19th 1 20th 22
initializing a 2x8 lcd  Dec 18th 1
LCD module  Jun 10th 1, 4
LCD module from Radio Shack ?  Jun 10th 1
Looking for a 2003 type but with 8 drivers  Oct 21th 1
Need 16x1 line LCD source  Jul 11th 1
Need an HPIB(GPIB) to Centronics convertor  Aug 6th 1
NOT crazy viewing angles for LCD's,  Nov 22th 1
Off topic: a question about Ni-cads  Dec 29th 1
PIC Programmers esp 16C84  Jul 8th 1
reading a mechanical display...  May 9th 1
Recommended Brounout Protection Circuit doesnt wor  Jul 29th 1
Saving PIC pins with a spare IC socket  Jun 25th 1
Sharp 16155 question  Jul 23th 1
Thnx for the Ni-cad help  Dec 31th 1
uPC reset chips for PIC for brownout protection,,  Oct 9th 1
Where to buy pic16c52?  Mar 14th 1
yet another LCD question  Dec 1st 1

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