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Calculating the exponent with PICs  Nov 4th 1 5th 6
Cheap Sonar Sensor?  Nov 4th 1
Controlling Resistance with PIC  Dec 21th 1
Controlling voltage with PIC.  Dec 27th 1
Detecting temperature at a point  Nov 27th 1
Digital Compass  Nov 4th 1 5th 2
Help! How do I make high power Ultrasonic waves?  Sep 22th 1
Help! Need help finding parts!  Nov 13th 1
identifing electrical waveforms  Sep 16th 1, 3 17th 5, 6
Measuring frequency using pic  Dec 21th 1
Need source for light sensor.  Dec 16th 1, 2
please help me with Polaroid ultrasonic ranging  Sep 16th 1, 3
Please help with basic problem!  Dec 31th 1
Please help with math/logic operators!  Oct 10th 1
Privacy film  Nov 14th 1
ultrasonic waves  Oct 1st 1
Warnings with MPASM  Aug 12th 1 13th 2

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