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16c71  Jul 27th 1
16C84 interrupts  Oct 13th 1
16C84 questions  Oct 25th 1
3D Scanner using PIC and CCD  Jun 2nd 1
Assemblers Moving from Parallax to Microchip  Aug 22th 1
Direct RS-232 Connect  Dec 8th 1, 2
Docs and schematic for closed caption decoder  Sep 18th 1
external rtcc....?  Jun 27th 1
Harvard bypass?  Sep 6th 1
interfacing surplus Sony 60-disc CD changers  Mar 16th 1
Microchip - Shift-Registers - Suggestion  Jun 2nd 1
Negative numbers?  Dec 8th 1 14th 5
New PIC Hardware tips and tricks on the web  Sep 14th 1
new URL for my PIC page  Sep 18th 1
PIC 16c71  Jul 21th 1
PIC and character generator  Nov 29th 1 Dec 3rd 2, 3
PIC bug  Aug 12th 1
PIC programmers  Sep 1st 1
PIC simulator feature request.  Mar 31th 1
PIC wish list  May 20th 1
PIC16C73?  Apr 19th 1
PIC-based Closed Caption Decoder  Aug 21th 1
Pic's and Floppy interfacing  Apr 18th 1
Protel library  Oct 25th 1
PWM synch to ac line  Aug 12th 1
SUBWF v.s. DECF  Aug 30th 1
uASM/MicroDialects (Mac-based assembler)  May 11th 1
Unsubscribe Suggestion  Dec 3rd 1
various (probably useless) source code available  Jun 7th 1

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