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Thread: Y2K compliance
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On Tue, 7 Jul 1998, Bob Blick wrote:

> How do you answer customer's questions about year 2000 compliance?

I guess the following points should be checked:

1. The size of the year stored (2 or 4 digits)
2. Is 2000 leap year [ it should ].
3. What is the weekday of 1/1/2000? [ should Saturday, especially instead
of Monday which is assumed as the year is thought as 1900 ]
4. How old is a man born 1/1/1999 on 1/1/2000? [ exactly one year ]
  And in days? [ exactly 365 days ]
5. Which day comes after 12/31/1999? [ should 1/1/2000 ]

I think this is fair checklist as 1st trial.

I elaborated the solution with the `cal` command of Linux. Of course, it
IS Y2K-compliant!



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