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Thread: CD archiving
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All this talk of CD archiving brought to mind a problem I'd like to ask the
list about.  I have a Yamaha 4x2x? SCSI CD-RW and have successfully used it
for a few years without any problems.  In my opinion Yamaha is one of the
best brands out there.

The problem is this.  I normally use Verbatim CDRs (white top, blue bottom)
with no problems.  Recently CompUSA had a deal on 100 12X CDRs  (silver
top, green bottom) for $20US.  I couldn't pass it up.  When I use Adaptec
CD Creator Deluxe (version 4.5, the most recent) it says it recorded the CD
successfully, but when I try looking at it in the CD-RW drive or any CD-ROM
drive for that matter, I see nothing.  CD Creator says the CD is still
"blank recordable media".  If I physically look at the CD I can see the
ring where the burn stopped.

I'm trying to record the CD as an audio CD and I'm using disk-at-once and
closing the session, but still no good.  Has anyone experienced this
before.  Are the CompUSA CDRs just bad.  I now have at least half a dozen

My next step was to try recording a data CD, and then maybe try using a
different software package all together.

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