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Thread: My latest woes! (programming)
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I built Jim's programmer (uses 74HCT125 now)... anyway now I have the weirdest results yet (yay)!
Just as an example, I'll do some stuff riiiight now..:

* Turned on +12V, +5V (actually more like 3.6V - 3xAA rechargable), but programming datasheet says this is fine)
* Loaded FPP, checked setup (ok)
* Clicked read, ok
* Woo!  Screenfulla' 3F8C's code, 00 00 etc. data
* Clicked load, loaded FLASHLED.HEX
* Clicked program, ok
* "Failed to program code!" instantly
* Clicked read, ok again, for kicks.. got 2C24 followed by 8 0000's, then all 3F8Cs.  Near the end, 3FFF x4, 0000, then 3F16 09A5.  Data is now all 80's!  Config has also changed, from "####" to "2C24"
* Reset power supplies, clicked read, got 3FFF, load of 0000s, data all 0000s.
* Ooie, transistor is hot.. I'll try turning it round *shrug*.. nope, now it all reads as --Blank-- and still fails to program.. turned it back, reads 3FFF then 00s again.
* Doesn't work if I connect +12V connectly to MCLR either (with 100ohm resistor)

I have... no idea.. if anyone is recognising anything click that lil reply button :)  Thanks


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