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Thread: [WOT][RM] Stopping accelerations and reaction times
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i dont know about you but it dosent take me 98 meters to stop from 50kph
v^2 = u^s + 2as
s = v^2/2a
s = (14^2)/(9.8*2)
s = 196 / 19.6
s = 10 meters

I regularly practise my 50kph emergency stop (when was the last time you
practised something that could save your life)
in my 1985 ford telstar i have it down to a bit over 2 parked car lengths
(well a car and a van, eh what can i say they always park next to each
other) now that is with the advantage that i know its coming and i begin
braking at the start of the first car.

that to me agrees fairly well with the "theory"

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Subject (change) [WOT][RM] Stopping accelerations and reaction times

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