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Thread: [PIC]: PIC controlled power supply ?
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I need to implement a DC power supply whose voltage is controlled
by a PIC (16F876). Ideally the power supply will provide 5 to 20 VDC
up to 4A but a more limited range of 12VDC to 20VDC may also work.

Also, a small power supply of about a size of a notebook 'brick' is
preferred but larger ones will also be considered.

This is for a limited series of commercial prototypes (about 5).

One way to achieve that is to have a D/A (e.g. PWM) controlled by the PIC
that generate the reference voltage to the power supply. Another approach
may use
a digitally controlled power supply.

Any idea how to implement it or where to get an off the shelf remote
controlled power supply will be greatly appreciated.



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